Top Ten Tuesday… Books That Made Me Smile

Top Ten Tuesday – Books That Make Me Smile

This weeks prompt was kindly suggested by Julia @ pagesforthoughts, with the meme being hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl.

Other than Terry Pratchett, I can’t think of many books that have made me really laugh out loud, but there are definitely plenty of books and authors who make me smile, giggle or just generally brighten my reading day.

1 Eternally Yours Series by Tara West

The first book of the series, Divine and Dateless, was a freebie. One which was good enough to have me buying the rest of the series about a fallen angel with perpetually bad hair and a sexy grim reaper. Lots of crazy adventures to be found in this wacky PNR series

2 Lucky In Love Series by Lila Monroe

In fact almost any book by Lila Monroe will raise a smile on even the dullest of days. Her characters are filled with warmth whilst the humour feels a very natural part of the story. This is an author whose work has never disappointed me.

3 Blue Balls by R.C. Boldt

I discovered the author through Clam Jam and then this book. The rest of her work is fair more contemporary in nature, which is a real shame because these two books are magnificent and very funny rom-coms.

4 Darcy Comes First for a Change (Love is a Beach) by Lilliana Anderson

Whilst not strictly a rom-com, between the heroine’s filterless grandmother and wiser-than-his-years son this is one amazing beach read. Lilliana Anderson is an amazing author, and her antipodean stories of love always warm my heart.

5 Immortal Matchmakers Series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

I’ve not actually read the whole series, but what I have read has proved to be hugely entertaining and great fun. Each book features a totally slightly madcap god (or goddess) and their significant other, with a story arc running through the whole series.

6 Modern Love Series by Piper Rayne

Piper Rayne are a writing duo that offer fun and flirty reads. One of the aspects I really liked are the strong friendships between characters, this series features a group of three women who are there for each other through thick and thin. Whilst I did feel that subsequent series became a little repetitive, the books are still very enjoyable.

7 Mated on Hades by Golden Angel

The author took two very cliched SFR tropes of fated mates and mail order brides, shook them up, added a wonderful dollop of wit and humour and produced a refreshing and wonderful story.

8 Home Run King by Stella

Stella is a joint pen name for Stephie Walls and Leddy Harper. In this book they created two very likeable protagonists and drizzled just enough angst into the story to balance the super sweet cuteness and funny parts.

9 Fool Me Twice by Lilliana Anderson

This is the first book in a series of linked stand alone romances. This one felt more like a rom-com, and definitely had moments of high humour. Subsequent books became a little more serious, though the whole series still maintained a lighter feel to it.

10 The Princess Tied by Cari Silverwood

This is based on The Princess Bride, so what more is there to say really? The humour is snarky, witty and snappy, with great dialogue, surreal situations and a quick-witted princess.

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