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Cruel Idols by Sorcha Black


That’s me banging my head for not having listened to all those people telling me I needed to read a Sorcha Black book.

Why have I left it so long to read this author’s work? I absolutely, totally and utterly loved this book, which is like Bass-Ackwards older, kinkier, more depraved brother. The really edgy one that scares you as much as he turns you on. It’s so fantastically wrong in all the right ways, full of unexpected twists and mind games that send shivers down your spine. And the emotions, oh the emotions, they slashed through my body like the sharpest of knives and caressed like the softest of lips.

The use was fast and hard and looked horribly uncomfortable, and the vicious expression on Vandal’s face was absolutely mesmerizing.

Vandal is such a humongous asshole, and I absolutely adored him. I equally wanted to thump him too, but he is one of the best heroes I’ve read in a long, long time. Zero was the perfect foil to him, and was also amazing and utterly delightful in his own right. The ying to Vandal’s yang, the light to his darkness. Amazing writing gave us two finely crafted and distinct male characters. Their kinks blended seamlessly together, allowing them to push Sadie’s submissive boundaries whilst also supporting her. I spent a lot of the book being incredibly jealous of Sadie, though I’m not sure I would have coped with their brand of crazy as well as she did.

He had a gorgeous smile when he wasn’t being a psychopath.

At heart this is a story of consensual non-consent, though SSC and RACK went out of the window pretty early on! At times both terrifyingly believable and sensually scary, this twisted love story had me on the edge of my seat, turned on and alarmed in equal measure. I was gripped, spell-bound, enthralled and beguiled by every single word, sentence and paragraph. From the first word to the last I couldn’t put this down.

Why was I doing this without challenging them> Disobeying one of them was difficult enough – the double dose of dominance was overwhelming. It was also hot, which was really annoying.

Was Sadie mad for agreeing to what she did, insane in the flights of fancy her mind spun, or simply fanatical about her cruel idols? It was hard to know, but I’m pretty certain that girl was one sandwich short of a picnic. I wouldn’t say no to being her bestie though, so what does that say about me?

It was hard not to squirm, but it was easier to focus on how much I wanted him to touch me instead of dwelling on how much I wanted him to love me.

I have found myself a new favourite author to fangirl over and I really can’t recommend this book enough.

Title – Cruel Idols
Author – Sorcha Black
Genre – Menage Dark Romance

How can my favorite author be such a suspicious alphahole?
All I wanted was an autograph, but Vandal Stokes is livid when he finds me on his property. The sketchy contract he makes me sign traps me alone with him and his gorgeous friend, Zero, for months.
While we adjust to the awkwardness, Zero volunteers to be my writing mentor and assists me with my creepy research. Vandal can’t resist getting involved, and the tension between the three of us ignites.
Our situation feeds into my most sinister fantasies.
Two against one.
Twisted games.
A dark basement.
No neighbors.
One torrid summer could very well change my life—and me—forever.

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