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United by Karen Nappa

This writing duo have been highly recommended to by several different people, so when I saw an arc available I jumped at the chance to find out more about them. Maybe I was expecting too much but I have to admit that whilst I did enjoy this book, it did leave me disappointed at times. I enjoy BDSM in romance and am fine with F/f (as long as it is accompanied by some m/f action) but I am very much a character/emotion driven reader. This felt more plot driven, so I didn’t find the connection I needed to pull me into the story and make it a great read for me personally.

One issue I did have was that this felt quite short and, considering we have THREE characters to get to know, it needed to be longer for me. We had significant time jumps within the book, all very clearly delineated but it meant many events were told to us in a sentence rather than us experiencing them first hand. In fact a LOT of the book felt very tell and not show, I never found myself inside the characters heads, feeling their emotions.

Some of the BDSM/sex scenes were very hot and steamy but I found their first one as a triad at Club Indigo boring. Especially given that we’ve been told how much of a masochist Yvonne was. On the flip side I appreciated the realism of some other scenes, especially one showing that they didn’t always work as planned but that was OK. However, again, they just lacked emotion for me – the word that sprang to mind as I read this book was “dry”.

Several scenes felt quite choppy, almost incomplete. We were told something was going to happen, then we were told it had happened but we didn’t see it happen and we didn’t know how it impacted on any of them mentally or physically. For example the scene where they met the lawyer was redundant, adding nothing to the story. A scene of them talking WITH him and showing how they FELT and learning what they faced would have been so much more valuable.

It also included the male character spitting on the female subs behind. They were in a sex club for heaven’s sake, so I’m sure lubricant was readily available, spitting was just stomach turning for me.

I hate that this review sounds so negative, because the book wasn’t bad. I read it through to the end, the story made sense and the characters were likeable and had clear personalities. A lot of what didn’t work was down to that telling not showing style of writing, which many readers still enjoy. It wasn’t a great read for me, though it was ok, but I’m sure many others will love it, so I would still recommend trying it.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title – United (Club Indigo Series #6)
Author – Karen Nappa
Genre FMf/ BDSM Romance

They’ve ignored their mutual attraction for years … until one night changes everything!
He is gorgeous, playful, and kind… and he is one of Kate’s best friends. She’s been admiring Chris from afar, but he is as domineering as she is.
After their one night stand, Kate tries to forget how good he made her feel and watches him at Club Indigo … until his play with Yvonne goes wrong, and Kate steps in. When more than love grows between the three of them, their lives will never be the same.
Starting a relationship between two people is hard; they’re about to discover living a threesome is even harder. Especially when they not only have to overcome their own misconceptions and difficulties. They also struggle with rules and regulations laid upon them by family and society.

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