30 Day Book Challenge

This is a challenge running in a group I’m in on Facebook. It seems like a good one to share here on my blog too. I will give my answers each day, feel free to comment with your own. I should have put this up yesterday, so today I will do 1 and 2 so that I am back on track!

Day 1 – Made You Laugh

So the answer to this is Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett (in fact ANY of his books would fit the bill.) In the romance genre I would chose My Romance Curse by Cari Silverwood.

Day 2 – Sci-Di with Aliens

Two choices again, this time both by Cari Silverwood! Prey and the Beast Horde Trilogy both feature non-humanoid aliens. In prey he is the anti-hero, in Beast Horde they are the bad guys.

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