30 Day Book Challenge

Day #12 – Sci-fi with Robots

So I could talk about the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, along with The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe, Life The Universe and Everything and So Long and Thanks For All The Fish. I mean how cute was it that mice and dolphins had a supercomputer built that we called Earth? I could tell you that the answer is 42.

However I actually want to feature my co-favourite author, because in the world of SFR, far too many authors write about dominant blue/purple/red/”insert colour of your choice” humanoid aliens who capture/buy our hapless heroine and spank her bottom every time she doesn’t act in the way they desire. Frankly if you’ve read one of those books you have pretty much read them all, and whilst the odd one is fine for when you want a smutty read, they don’t really offer a great deal of meat to chew on.

One author who jumped onto that bandwagon is Cari Silverwood. Her SFR’s are sexier/kinkier versions of the stories I read back in the 90’s. One of her favourite things to include is a robot/AI of some description. The first one to capture my heart was the purple elephant-like robot in Acquired Possession. My favourite was the little mousebot in Condemned.

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