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Review // I Am Eve

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I Am Eve by Nicolina Martin

This story is intense and so hauntingly beautiful.

Set in a dystopian near future, I Am Eve is the heartrending story of two damaged individuals. The outcast – feared, judged, tormented – and the lost one – hurt, angry, scared. A bonding of souls, a visceral fusing on the deepest of levels, forged by a loneliness that is painful to witness. I adored this lyrically poetic story of two broken halves fusing to form the most gloriously prepossessing whole.

He smells of strength and kindness, but also of a sorrow that eats at his insides and hollows him out.

Adam and Eve’s story is one of hope, of resilience, of trust and of love. They shared their screams, creating something wonderful and amazing from them. Most of the story features our two main characters together so, despite my intolerance for all things insta-love, I completely believed in the strength of their connection. I trusted the way that they completed one another and gave credence to how it soothed the bone deep ache whose existence had never been acknowledged.

As I lean in and plant a kiss on her hip, I realize that’s exactly what has happened. She has seen me. Our few short hours together have been cathartic. I’ve rarely experienced such a sense of peace with anyone.

Eve was easy to connect with, and love, from the start. She is a strong woman, despite a life filled with rejection and hate. The way she saw through her other senses was wonderful and I loved how she described in smells and emotions. Adam deliberately took longer to get to know, here is a man closed off from life, full of guilt, pain and sorrow, destructive and maybe self destructive. It takes Eve’s sightless eyes seeing him for Adam to find the man he once was, the man he wanted to be.

Or I can be who she thinks I am. The man she sees in me that I didn’t even know was still in there.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

I Am Eve by Nicolina Martin

Dystopian/ Apocalyptic Romance

I survived the fall of civilization, but I didn’t live… until I met him.
Adam is not a good man. He’s a criminal. A warlord. Someone who takes without asking. He is guarded and cold. But that’s not all he is. He’s also a father. A leader. A battered soul who refuses to stop fighting.
I’m blind, but I see the real man behind the wounded, world-weary façade, and I want him more than I’ve ever wanted anything. His touch sets my skin ablaze. He fills my house with laughter and light, and then leaves me with a gift that might bring life to a dying world.
It seems our love can save… everything.

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