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// Review \\ Faris by Shane Starrett

Faris (Dad Bod Doms #4)
by Shane Starrett

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Loved it!

Whilst Faris is book #4 in the series, I read this one first, so I can absolutely guarantee that it can be read stand alone! It does contain one smallish spoiler for Henry’s book, but the blurb for that book also hints at it. I loved that we got both point of views in this book, and Shane Starrett is one of those male authors who CAN write a woman’s pov accurately. He can also write scorching hot, erotic scenes – I never knew dancing at a club could be so hot.

There are so many things I loved and enjoyed about this story, but the main one was how humble Faris was. Well, once he’d stopped being a complete head-up-his-backside idiot. It’s no spoiler to say that Faris and Leyla have relationship issues and they were the sort of things that happen to ALL couples as the shiney newness wears off a marriage, as the birth of children and the pressures of life distract from what is actually important.

Too often in books containing some kind of PE dynamic, when things go “wrong” somehow it’s the submissives fault. Too often the Dom is a mind reading, all seeing, all knowing, omnipotent genius. Too often I get annoyed by that (even if unintentionally) misogynistic crap. So this got a gazillion kudos points for sharing the blame equally, for having a Dom that not only made mistakes but owned up to them. Admitted them not just to himself, but to his peers and his submissive, and that was not only refreshing but it just made the whole story feel so much more honest.

I found myself believing in Layla and Faris, they were characters living a real life, facing real problems and finding real resolutions to those problems. I would easily believe it, should I be told, that the author had drawn on his own experience, or the experiences of close friends. It had such an air of authenticity about not only the problems, but their feelings, their responses and their solutions. They were both absolutely perfect in their imperfections, totally honest characters – though not always honest with one another. I adored them, even when I wanted to shake them! These were so true to life they feel more like people than book characters.

Whilst this isn’t a romance in the traditional sense of “boy meets girl” etc, it is still a beautiful love story and one where the depth of that love is so transparently obvious. Both protagonists are prepared to sacrifice their own wants and needs for the happiness of their partner, it’s just a shame they take so long to find out exactly what it is that the one DOES want. I’m fairly certain anyone who has been in a live together relationship for a few years would relate to this couple. So hooray for fishing weekends and Dom’s waking up and smelling the coffee, because it makes for one amazing, sexy and full of feels read!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre – Erotic BDSM romance
Goodreads –

Four men… One challenge.
The Dad Bod Doms are ready to put the spark back in their relationships and prove their mettle.
He stalked her. Watched her. And took her for his own. Faris is domineering, possessive, and harbors a dark secret he never told anyone until her.
Leyla is sultry, seductive, and Faris’ secret is her deepest desire. They were a match made in heaven until things went to hell. Now they have one chance to salvage their love, their life, their family, their home. But it’s not going to happen in the boardroom or PTA meetings. They’re back to where it all began: in the dungeon where he’d first seen her on her knees, begging for release…

As he watched her.

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