Review //\\ Sacrificed to the Sea by Cari Silverwood

Sacrificed to the Sea
by Cari Silverwood

Due to a complete and utter stuff up by Amazon, this book had to be unpublished and republished. How they made the decision that it belonged in Math text book categories I’m not sure, but when the author asked them to rectify the issue it took repeated emails until they did remove it from Math – and put it into the Religious category instead!

Hats of to Amazon – they really do take the biscuit at times.

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As delightfully dark and depraved as Mesmer.

I only have one dissatisfaction with this book and it’s that Ms Silverwood didn’t make it over 500 pages! I adored Raffaela, Wolfgang and all the things siren, kinky and dark, so much so I would happily have stayed in this world. What you will get, by reading Sacrificed to the Sea is a wonderful story. One that is sprinkled with kink and covered in darkness to provide a rich and tasty tale of immorality and perversion.

Given that the story contains a siren/mermaid, it had a very “real world” feel to it, which added in to the darkness of the story. In fact this felt very similar too, whilst being absolutely nothing like, Mesmer . To me it was fresh, different, captivating and amazing. It had emotions aplenty, an intriguing plot and was so hot you could fry eggs on it. I found myself sinking (pun intended) into the pages of this book from the very first paragraph, swept overboard by a ravening storm of epic proportions.

Whilst it didn’t have the humour that has been prevalent in recent work by the author, (nor required it) this was full of irony. It also carried quite an emotional impact, yanking at my heartstrings more than once. Raffaela’s loneliness and Wolfgang’s sense of loss both had me blinking back tears. The pain of having to sacrifice everything to get their heart’s desire, of doing that and still not being able to achieve their dreams…. oh boy did that stab me in the heart.

An eternity seemed to have passed since she’d truly conversed with a man. Loneliness had whittled away at her soul.

Some of you may (snigger) be shocked by a certain scene between Raffaela, Wolfgang and a firearm… it certainly takes kinky improvisation to a whole new level. It also epitomised the wild and feral connection this pair shared. And just how damn dirty the sex is! Not that one would expect anything different from Ms Silverwood , the crazy, filthy smut is why we’re here after all. Well that and those very unexpected plot twists that she throws in, that make you go “oh” that part was foreshadowing and smack your head.

“Tell me,” she said to distract herself. “What did you do that was so wrong?”
“I cannot say. I will not. But it was terrible. I lost sight of my humanity. Not sure I ever had any.”
She shook her head in disbelief.
“Sometimes…” Wolfgang lifted her hand and pretended to count her fingers, pressing each one upward, stroking them. “I think you may be more human than I am.”

Falling in that grey area of whether it is a long novella or a short novel, this is a fairly quick read but one that will stay with you way past reading the last lines. Whether out of shock or amazement depends on your tolerances but I certainly loved every single word of it.

This quote – there were tears!

He blew a last kiss into the wind. “Find the edge of the world for me, find dragons and whales. Pet the seals in Antarctica. Swaying palms, coral reefs. Everything I cannot see.”
His imagination went elsewhere for a while as he stood there, pants soaked, waves shushing against him.
This was the hardest thing he had ever done, and that was saying something. Such suffering and pain he had, once upon a time, seen and caused, and yet this was the hardest ever.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Genre – Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Goodreads –

A Dark Tale of Vengeance.
Wolfgang’s lover has been dragged into the sea by something that should not exist.
Stalking the beaches with night-vision goggles yields the answer to the mystery – a mermaid. He traps her and plans to dissect and kill her. Conflicted by unexpected morals, he releases her into his pool then leans on the glass to watch her swim. The undulations of her naked body fascinate him. When he takes her in his arms and she shifts to human form, revenge slips away…

Raffaela is the captive of a man who evokes a passion she thought lost to loneliness centuries ago. Can this truly be love? Yet nothing is what it seems to be. Wolfgang is not an innocent. He has done bad things. Many. Bad. Things.
When the Ravening calls and her craving to kill returns, which of them will prove to be the real monster?

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