// REVIEW \\ Yield by Cari Silverwood

(Pierced Hearts #5)
by Cari Silverwood

On the coffee table beside the sofa, there were stacks of books. Greedily I perused the spines, reading the titles.
“Pick one.”
My heart thumped harder. How silly, to get excited over a book or two, something that should be my right. How pitiful that I was reduced to this.

I’m starting at the end with this review because there are two possible endings to chose from. Both of them were equally wonderful and totally soul destroying. I need a third choice where everything comes up roses, rainbows and prancing unicorns rather than leave me torn between ecstatic and devastated. So I’m stomping my foot at you Cari and demanding you rewrite the book the way I want it, not how you want it. Not really, lol.

“Thank you. I love you when you’re honest. It pleases me. I want you to suck on my fingers whilst I make you come.”
Love. The word fell past me. He dared say that?

I know the author often describes Moghul as the most evil (baddest?) of her anti-heroes, but in some ways I felt Pieter pipped him at the post. Moghul was adept at staying one step removed from the truly bad and depraved stuff. I suppose that I might have had a very different view if he had been more actively involved in the sex slave business during the book, if we had seen him actively trading in innocent girls.

I’d lost my taste for ordering or performing homicide. Guess I’d never had one. With business… I’d just disconnected from what I’d told someone to do. It had been like firing an employee, necessary, nasty, but someone had to make the decisions.

Despite being a sadist with a willingness to ignore the law and any morals, Moghul generally treated Wren with the utmost care. He never really let himself go, didn’t seem to give in to his darkest most base desires, and made sure never to push Wren over her limit. His desire to keep Wren wasn’t normal, or acceptable, in fact it was more than a little sociopathic. However bound up in that very wrong action was a strong desire, a compulsion, to demand her submission but in a way that made Wren happy and content.

For a long time Wren was anything BUT this, and whilst I loved her refusal to give in, to “lose” herself, it did leave me wondering just how the story would evolve. I adored Wren with Glass, but then I also loved her with Moghul, and whilst Glass was a good man willing to do a few bad things, the bad man willing to do good things was infinitely more attractive.

Yield felt as though it delved into the minds of it’s characters a lot more, the focus was on Wren and Glass and Wren and Moghul. I loved Wren’s internal monologues, her soul searching, her pep talks and her justifications. She totally and utterly made this book for me, particularly since she was both innocent and yet complicit at the same time. Without a shadow of a doubt this is my favourite of the Pierced Hearts books.

I could be annoyed with Ms Silverwood because she offered two perfectly amazing endings but neither gave me quite what I wanted (because I’m totally selfish and wanted it all). I loved the dark ending, with the exception of what happened by the pool, just as I loved the other ending with the exception of Chris’s choice. Deciding on my preferred ending is definitely Hobson’s choice because I loved Glass and craved Moghul.

… this book had helped me to see that if I looked beyond the avalanche of his arrogance and sadism and immorality, there had existed a man who had something worthwhile to him.
I couldn’t sum up those qualities, or him, easily, couldn’t put them in a neat box and declare 
there it is, but there was something good beneath the monster.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre – Dark Erotic Romance


The final book in the Pierced Hearts series. This can be read as a standalone book.
Wren, the rich girl with a tainted past, is on a crusade to track down her father’s murderer only to find not one, but two, bad men.
Moghul is a sadistic businessman, with a finger in every kinky enterprise he can get his hands on and a jaded view on life. When his eye turns to Wren, he realizes how dull life has been. He hasn’t tried everything after all. When they can’t say no, things might be more…interesting.
Glass is the dominating ex-SAS soldier. Each man is determined to keep Wren for himself using methods that may be illegal, immoral, or likely to make somebody feel the pain for a long, long time. If you lie down with bad men, be prepared to get up on your knees.

The ending will be the reader’s decision. Give Wren to the dark or to the light, then read the other ending if you wish to.
Mindf**ks included free. This is a dark kinky story and some readers may find it disturbing.

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