// REVIEW \\ ISAK & Red by Cari Silverwood

ISAK & Red
by Cari Silverwood

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Wordless, and with her own eyes gleaming a strange darkness as if I’d infected her with my vileness, she trailed after me.
It was just the night time shadows, although the idea of her joining me in my murderous, lecherous world was intriguing.

For those that don’t know, this is the conclusion to the story that began in Used, the book that made suitcases a trigger for me. Whilst this can read standalone, reading it definitely works so much better if you read Used first, imparting a clearer understanding of what went before. There are also references to what (I believe) was a fairly brief scene in Wolfe, but you definitely don’t need to have read that one to follow the plot of this.

Mesmers are men infected by a virus allowing him the ability to control the minds of susceptible women. It also brings out – enhances? – any darkness that resides in his soul, and boy does Isak have an abundance of that. I absolutely hated him by the end of Used, though thankfully he does travel the path to redemption in ISAK & Red. At the start of the book he is still very much a monster, a man with no redeeming features at all. Even his obsession for Red is riddled with evil, with him not truly caring about her welfare at all.

I had taken Red and used her like a toilet roll to assuage desires, then thrown her away until I wanted her again.
A human man was more than lust. Should be more.
Yet the sadism called me.
The blushing reds striping her ass. The minute trickles of blood.
The straining of her mouth and her whimpers as I whipped her then made her come in almost the same second.

As the story progresses circumstances, and a concussion, bring Isak to a new awareness. A new consciousness and conscience – almost. Despite having free reign, the monster in him remains unsatisfied, feels discontent. The world is boring, bland, colourless, an amorphous blur even when he lets his most base, most deviant, most perverted desires run free. So Isak embarks on a journey to regain (some of) his humanity, but it’s a path littered with pain, fear and whippings, well it is if your name happens to be Red.

Don’t. This way lies death.
Did it, though?
Crux point. Pivotal point.
Go this way or go that way.
Is this what I wanted?
I didn’t like the fear I saw in Red. Or the amount of fear to be precise.
I liked fear, just not this stark intensity.
I did not like the me that had made this happen.
Stopping myself though was entirely different.

As some of the old –the real? – Isak emerges, Red finds herself starting to like him. And therein lies a conundrum, after everything he has made her endure – the suffering, the humiliation, the degradation – how can she ever forgive and forget? The scorching hot, kinky sex and mind-blowing orgasms go some way to persuading her, but even that isn’t quite enough to do the job. Red miscalculated in the past, she seriously underestimated the threat Isak posed to her very sanity and wellbeing. Thankfully this is a girl who has learnt from her mistakes, but untangling herself from the web she is caught in will not be easy.

Could the drug do this?
Could it make him think like a normal-ish man?
I did not know. He might by lying.
I wished he wasn’t but wishes weren’t real.

I found myself as easily captured by this story as a woman entranced by a Mesmer. I didn’t want to put it down, mesmerised by the writing and curious as to what would happen next. And I wasn’t ever disappointed. We are given adventure, action, sex, kink and a bad, bad man who is so very good at certain things. Plus a pretty awesome heroine too. For those who don’t mind darker themes in there stories and kink, this is a great story.

Little did she know how close I had come to being bad.
Being good was not easy.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56886195-isak-red

Genre – Erotic Romance with paranormal elements

Burn out the bad to get to the good.
Red belongs to Isak. She has survived and become his talisman, reminding him of what he once was – a vaguely good and normal man – even as he drags her around the world, using her.
He still has the big suitcase and sometimes he needs to see his toy in there.
Holding her hand will never make Red forget the killings, the depravity, the madness. Can a monster ever turn back into a man?
He must be f***ing joking.

Guaranteed to contain dark themes, a HEA, and triggers. The continuing story of Isak and Red from Used.

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