Friday Book Blogger Hop – 11th to 17th June

Friday Book Blogger Hop

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What’s your opinion on love triangle plots?

submitted by Julie @ JadeSky

Love triangles are quite the contentious issue in the romance genre. I know some readers who absolutely adore them and others who won’t read them. My reading choices tend to be more author based than synopsis based, at least for romance, so if one of my go-to authors released a book with a love triangle then chances are I would read it.

However it isn’t a go-to trope for me in the way that second-chance is. From the ones I have read, I recall fewer that did it well though I’ve seen it done badly far too often. In particular I object to killing off one of the protagonists, to solve the triangle problem. This is just an easy out for the author and smacks of lazy writing. Love triangles can also skirt close to, and perhaps even cross the line of, that other hot potato of infidelity. Another opinion divider amongst readers and one that I have seen lead to lowered review ratings on dozens of occasions. One of the big problems of a love triangle is that someone always ends up out in the metaphorical cold. Unless we get an unexpected ménage of course! Lilliana Anderson got around this quite nicely in her Beautiful series by writing a follow up book for the protagonist who missed out.

As in all things the tenet that underpins all my thinking is that, whilst it might not particularly be a subject/trope/genre that appeals to me personally, it’s not my place to say what others should or shouldn’t read. Plenty of other readers out there enjoy this trope, along with many others that aren’t for me. Fiction is fiction, not a “how to” guide. The vast majority of people understand the difference between fiction, be it books, TV shows or computer games, and real life, so it’s not for anyone to dictate what is or isn’t acceptable.

8 thoughts on “Friday Book Blogger Hop – 11th to 17th June

  1. I hate live triangles because most of which I’ve encountered in books were terrible. But overall I am not opposed to the idea of reading a decent book with a love triangle.

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  2. I don’t usually hate them in fiction because…well, it’s fiction, real life is something different. They do provide the tension and make the reader engage more with the book trying to guess what the characters will do (their feelings are usually obvious – jealousy, hurt, hope, mistrust, anger, having enough of it all :-))
    Of course, they aren’t always real triangles. I’ve just finished one book with a really messed up one- two twin brothers and their childhood friend.

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  3. I guess since I don’t read any real romance – it’s why I don’t have strong feelings about triangles. I can go,with any trope as long as it is well-written and makes sense to the story.

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