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REVIEW – Epic Fantasy // Hunted by K.F. Breene

The Warrior Chronicles #2
by K.F. Breene

I think this series is shaping up to be a top read of the year, if not my favourite fantasy series of all time. The book is just jam packed with plot AND great characters. Every single character is complex and layered, unique and wonderful. Shanti has been the hope of her nation almost since she was born and that pressure, alongside seeing so many of her people slaughtered so that she might live, has her riddled with self-doubt and insecurity. Not to mention a soul filled with pain, sorrow and suffering. Yet she still manages to strategize, plot, fight and kick ass brilliantly.

I enjoyed getting to know Cayan a little more in this book. He was still very much an enigma at the end of Chosen, and I suspect we will find out a lot more in Shadow Lands, book #3 of The Warrior Chronicles. I adored his quiet broodiness, his utter conviction of right and wrong and his sheer determination to support, defend and care for Shanti, even when she tries to stand in isolation.

You will not kill yourself if you get taken—you will wait for me to come and get you. In the meantime, you will need to be able to get yourself out from under someone bigger.”

“Is that right…?” Shanti said in a deathly quiet voice. “That’s mighty presumptuous.”

Cayan sat up. Blood dripped down his neck. “Yes. This is non-negotiable. I will protect you if the worst comes to pass, even from yourself, just as I have done since you were carried into my city. I will not lose you, Shanti—you should know that by now. Since they will not kill you, that allows me time. Xandre might be a battle lord, but he is only a man. If he harms you, he will be a dead man.”

“Poetic.” Shanti wiped her face from sweat and stood. “But you have no idea what you’re talking about. He’s not just a man, Cayan, he has elevated himself into a nightmare. One I can’t seem to wake up from. I will not let myself be raped and tortured so you can try to play the hero.”

“I will get my way,” Cayan said easily as he stood.

“In all things, I will get my way.”

Saunders, Rohnan and the Honor Guard boys all add facets to the story that I didn’t even know I needed. Their humour, their insight, their bravery in the face of terror and their love for Shanti made me laugh with joy, cry with sorrow and feel every just about every emotion between. I don’t know how she does it but K.F. Breene writes characters that feel so real you expect to find them standing next to you. It doesn’t harm that many of them have a wicked sense of humour, perfect for adding levity back to the story following some of the darker, more emotionally draining moments. And if all else failed then Shanti’s horse could be relied upon for a little comic relief!

“We can get through this place because we’re a team, Shoolan. And we have the Captain. These other people, they didn’t have the Captain.”

Leilius sounded so sure. The kid was the most trusting, positive person Shanti had ever known.

“Cadet, if you keep talking like that,” Sanders said in a voice that could cut through a monsoon and still reach the intended ear. “People are going to think God scooped out your brains and replaced them with rainbows and horse shit.”Since I know something of leadership,

Hunted is not a stand alone book and the series must be read in order for the story to be followed and understood. I’m totally kicking myself for not having read this series before because it absolutely kicks ass and is amazing. I can not recommend this series highly enough.

She turned in her saddle so she could see Leilius.
He rode like a sack of potatoes not properly tied on.
She really hoped she didn’t look like that.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fantasy Adventure


With a new Chosen coming forward, Shanti has lost sight of her duty. With her plans unraveling, she does the only thing she can think of– frees her brother and a mysterious stranger from a Graygual camp before heading back to beg for Cayan’s aid.

Unfortunately, that stranger was precious to the enemy, guarded by one of the elite. A Superior Officer known as the Hunter, this man always catches his prey, and his focus is now on the elusive, violet-eyed girl and the man she ripped from the his hands.

With danger mounting, and one of the best constantly on her heels, Shanti will learn that running will never be enough.

She will unite them with her suffering, and lead them with her love.

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