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#BookReview #Romance #Contemporary // Falling Into Us by Laura Riley

Falling Into Us
Stepping Stones #3
by Laura Riley 

Cole and Wren are on opposites sides of a land development argument. Cole is the construction manager who is overseeing the building of houses on land that Wren loves. Land that holds precious memories for her that are both beautiful and painful. The odds are already stacked against this pair, so the fact that both of them have secrets in their past, ones that affect their lives and decisions to this very day, really doesn’t help.

Despite their differences Wren and Cole are incredibly attracted to one another, their chemistry is burning hot and they soon find their hearts in battle with their minds, leading to fireworks, angst and misunderstandings. With great writing and an engaging plot I soon found myself totally absorbed by this story and very much enjoyed it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Contemporary Romance


Wren Richardson has hated me from the second I stepped foot on her precious farm. I offer an olive branch, which she snatches from me and uses to slap me in the face. Yet despite her stubborn, determined and infuriating ways, I am drawn to her like a worker bee to a queen.
There is so much more to the red-haired tree hugger than I first thought.
Will she stop being so damn stubborn and let me in?

He calls me ‘farm girl,’ and I call him a jerk. I hated Cole Crowley the second he stepped foot onto my land with his blasé attitude, sultry smile and ocean-blue eyes.
He has come to destroy my land, turn our beautiful fields into a housing estate, and that in my eyes is unforgivable. I hate the guy, yet the more time I spend in his company, my resolve is weakening.
Can I see past his job and let him in?


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Do you read 1 book at a time? or multiple? 

Recently, for a wide variety of reasons, I have been reading multiple (though rarely more than two) books at a time. However my preference is to read them consecutively, one after the other, I never consciously choose to read in any other pattern but the main reason for switching to another book is that the current one just isn’t working in some way. It might just be that I’m tired of that genre, it could be the characters haven’t grabbed me and occasionally it’s just that the author’s voice doesn’t work for me. However if they are arc books I will keep trying to read them.

Other reasons for juggling two or more books include fitting buddy reads into a tight schedule, last minute arc requests, beta reading and sometimes just getting bored with a book.

Book Review · Science Fiction/Dystopian

#BookReview #ScienceFiction // Stolen Earth by J.T. Nicholas

Stolen Earth
by J.T. Nicholas

Centred around the five person crew of the Arcus, Stolen Earth is a layered, engaging and fast paced read. The plot moved fluidly from one scenario to another, providing not only the expected action of a sci-fi story but also an opportunity to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the protagonists. The story is written third person from the perspective of three characters, two of whom have secrets they would rather keep hidden. All five characters felt well rounded, I could picture them, understood their motives and knew their personalities.

The world building was very pleasing and whilst the individual elements of the story were nothing new, how the author wove them together made for an absolutely fantastic story. I could imagine this on the big screen, it had a very focused narrative which also allowed for moral examination and the reader to make their own times. There were no tedious information dumps and I found this book held my attention from start to finish.

I really enjoyed the author’s writing style and was left wanting more of both the world and it’s characters. Always the sign of a great book.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Age 15+, Contains some violence and glossed over sex scene


Firefly meets The Expanse in a future where humanity has destroyed the Earth through ecological disaster and warfare, and a totalitarian state prevents any access to their home…

Environmental disasters and uncontrolled AI armies have caused the human population of Earth to flee. They lie scattered across innumerable space stations and colonies, overcrowded and suffering. The Earth is cut off by the Interdiction Zone: a network of satellites to prevent anything getting into or out of the planet. The incredible cost of maintaining it has crippled humanity, who struggle under the totalitarian yoke of the Sol Commonwealth government, whose rich grow richer while the poor are on the brink of starvation.

Many have been driven to the edge of society, yearning for freedom and taking any work offered, criminal and otherwise, in order to survive. The crew of the Arcus are just such people.

A client has come to the table claiming to have the codes necessary to penetrate the Interdiction Zone. Once through, a world of priceless artifacts awaits, provided anyone crazy enough to make the run can be found. They’ve all heard the rumors – ships that have set down, pilfered the ruins of a museum or private collection, and escaped with enough priceless works to retire. Arcus Captain Lynch knows better – he’s been on-world before, a brief and harrowing experience that he’s in no hurry to relive. But fuel is running low and cred accounts even lower, and the Arcus’ survival might depend on taking the job.

Yet on arrival on Earth, the crew discovers that what remains on their world is not as they have been told, and the secrets they find are big enough to bring the entire Sol Commonwealth tumbling down…


Sunday Wrap-Up

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Life Last Week

Busy…that is the only word to describe the last seven days that have felt like one never ending to-do list. I took on a new role in the alternative provision where I work, in previous years it’s been an important job and I thought I knew what I was taking on. However the school has decided to not only expand but also to move in a new direction, moves that I am very much in favour of but ones that also create a LOT more work. My physical daily to-do list ends up scrawled across the back of my hand because no matter how much I try to be organised I always end up leaving my planner in a different classroom or office to the one I’m currently in. It’s my own fault, I co-wrote the timetable and did all the rooming, so of course I’m the person that wanders like a lost nomad slotting into wherever is available at that moment in time.

The middle child, who is off to University this week started a part-time job on Wednesday. The older-by-a-minute son is still working the strangest of hours and desperate for more than just Sunday off work and the youngest has already started a regimen of revision and past paper questions in preparation for her A-Level exams next summer.

Books Read Last Week

I only managed to read the two books this week, and one of those was only 160 pages. Did I mention how busy work had kept me 😜 ?

Scales and Sensibility was a really fun story. Who doesn’t love a book with a dragon in it?

Currently Reading

I never quite finished the two books I was “currently reading” last week, one just isn’t holding my attention and the other I beta read to death. I will be coming back to that one because I do love it but I’m hosting a Buddy Read and so this is my current read.

Looking forward to…

…a family afternoon next weekend. My sister and parents should all be visiting and having a meal with us. It’s been a while since we were all together last so I’m really looking forward to this.

…hopefully more good weather, at least for the next week or so. I am enjoying the autumn sunshine and lovely blue skies.

On The Blog This Week

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2021 Reading Stats –
Books read in 2021 – 122 (120) including Phantom & Wraith and Restraining Reeba (x2) beta reads
Re-reads in 2021 –  7 (7)
Owned books from TBR list read – 20 (19)
5 Star reads – 29 (28)
DNF’s – 15 (14)


Friday Book Blogger Hop ~~~ Traditional verses Indie books

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Are you more willing to read traditionally published books than self-published (indie) books? Or do you not have a preference?

submitted by Julie @ JadeSky

When I used to buy physical books they were always traditionally published, but I’m talking late 90’s early 00’s. For those that weren’t alive back then, or are too young to remember, that was before the internet was a part of everyday life and when a mobile (cell) phone was the size of a house brick. The only indie published books were the ones tapped out on a typewriter, photocopied at great expense and sold or given to friends and relatives.

Raising a family seriously cut into my reading time, and I only read a few books a year. Books either gifted as a birthday present or borrowed from a relative. I only got back into reading in 2016 when I got my e-reader, and with a limited budget I discovered the joys of the freebie book. Most, if not all, were by indie authors and despite what some would think many are just as talented as the more well known names. I have quite a wide list of indie authors whose work I know I will enjoy and, given that there books are often half or a third of the price of traditionally published e-books, who and what to buy is a no-brainer.

So the TL;DR answer is that I prefer, and almost exclusively purchase, indie published books.