Let’s Talk Bookish ~ A Bookish Confession

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly bookish meme created by Rukky @ Eternity Books and is hosted by Aria @BookNookBits. Each Friday, there is a discussion topic for bloggers to write about, this week we will be discussing…



Prompts: Having physical books can be fantastic, but it can also be scary to have them damaged. If you have pets or children what is your experience with them and your books? Has your child ever torn pages out of a treasured classic? Has your puppy ever chewed on a limited edition? Cat claws in a leather bound? How do you protect books from destruction?

I think my brother would have been a better person to give this prompt to. I can still remember his childhood bookshelves, meticulously organised alphabetically by author. You couldn’t even tell when he had read a book because it’s spine remained pristine, it’s pages looked as fresh as the day they were printed and the cover remained undamaged.

On the other hand my books were bent and creased, the spines were cracked and there were numerous pages folded at the corner to track my reading progress. They might be found on the floor, under my bed, squashed down the side of a cushion on the couch, stuffed under a plate or buried in the bottom of a bag. I have a few books on a shelf more because it’s kind of expected of me, to be honest they could just as easily be shoved in a box in the loft. I’m not precious about books, my children – who admittedly are now all adults – and husband are what is important. Things can easily be replaced, people can’t. So my TL;DR answer is quite simply that I don’t protect my books.

It’s probably why I’ve found the transition to e-books so easy. I was never one to stroke a book cover, sniff a page, or revel in the perfection of a newly purchased book. I was more of a ‘crack it open and jump right in’ reader. Is it bad that I’m imagining most of you reacting like this…..

as well as thinking…

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  1. Louise, I’m very much like you-you can tell my physical books have been read and re-read, they’ve lived a happy life full of ‘unforgettable’ experiences 🙂 Now I mostly read ebooks, but I miss being able to lend them to my friends…

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  2. My physical books have never been damaged by my pets or my daughters, BUT when I was a teenager, my much younger brother and sister (they would have been toddler/preschool age) colored in a number of my books. I had a black typewriter/early word processor that they painted the keys with whiteout, too. Those two were very destructive. Lol.

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  3. The worst thing that can happen,is when someone damages your beloved books. In my case it wasn’t one of the kids,nor a pet. In my case it was something far worse…..my mother. She decided to create some space in our bookcase without consulting any of us. Throwing out four of my most favorite books!!!😱😱😱 To this day,i don’t know what made her do it,because we had plenty of space,and it was totally unnecessary,but that’s the kind of person she was…..🤬🤬🤬

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