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When does it become too late to comment on a blog post?

As long as the blog is still active I don’t personally think there is a cut off time. I have certainly commented on posts that have been several years old when I’ve found the content pertinent, informative or just plain entertaining. If the blog has been inactive for a considerable period of time then I will admit to feeling less inclined to comment (and by that I mean feel very awkward about it.)

Most of my existentialist angst arises from trying to think of a comment to make in the first place. I feel that if I’ve read and enjoyed a post I should say something, but “loved this post” never feels quite right.

Do you comment on older posts?

2 thoughts on “#TMST Tell Me Something Tuesday ~~ Commenting on Blogs

  1. I agree. I don’t think there is ever a cutoff time as long as comments are open. I know I used to cut mine off at 6 months but I think I changed that to never having a cutoff. I wouldn’t hesitate to comment on an old post if I had something to say ❤️

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  2. I used to stop allowing comments on my blog posts after a year because I feel like by then, it’s a bit late. Not sure if that feature is still on my blog. But I can see your point – if you are looking up something older and find a post, you may want to give your own opinion.

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