Sunday Wrap-Up

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Life Last Week

Busy…that is the only word to describe the last seven days that have felt like one never ending to-do list. I took on a new role in the alternative provision where I work, in previous years it’s been an important job and I thought I knew what I was taking on. However the school has decided to not only expand but also to move in a new direction, moves that I am very much in favour of but ones that also create a LOT more work. My physical daily to-do list ends up scrawled across the back of my hand because no matter how much I try to be organised I always end up leaving my planner in a different classroom or office to the one I’m currently in. It’s my own fault, I co-wrote the timetable and did all the rooming, so of course I’m the person that wanders like a lost nomad slotting into wherever is available at that moment in time.

The middle child, who is off to University this week started a part-time job on Wednesday. The older-by-a-minute son is still working the strangest of hours and desperate for more than just Sunday off work and the youngest has already started a regimen of revision and past paper questions in preparation for her A-Level exams next summer.

Books Read Last Week

I only managed to read the two books this week, and one of those was only 160 pages. Did I mention how busy work had kept me 😜 ?

Scales and Sensibility was a really fun story. Who doesn’t love a book with a dragon in it?

Currently Reading

I never quite finished the two books I was “currently reading” last week, one just isn’t holding my attention and the other I beta read to death. I will be coming back to that one because I do love it but I’m hosting a Buddy Read and so this is my current read.

Looking forward to…

…a family afternoon next weekend. My sister and parents should all be visiting and having a meal with us. It’s been a while since we were all together last so I’m really looking forward to this.

…hopefully more good weather, at least for the next week or so. I am enjoying the autumn sunshine and lovely blue skies.

On The Blog This Week

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2021 Reading Stats –
Books read in 2021 – 122 (120) including Phantom & Wraith and Restraining Reeba (x2) beta reads
Re-reads in 2021 –  7 (7)
Owned books from TBR list read – 20 (19)
5 Star reads – 29 (28)
DNF’s – 15 (14)

5 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap-Up

  1. I am totally a person who writes on her hand too. You can’t lose your hand, so it’s the best spot. The only thing I hate is that so many people seem to notice my hand notes and comment on them. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to stay organized. Hope this week is less hectic for you. ❤️

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  2. A boss wisely told me that I am a person who takes on more work than people can really do without stressing out, but I always continued to do that my entire working life. I just couldn’t seem to help it.

    Ah, Scales and Sensibility! How fun! And with a dragon.

    You have been very busy. It sounds like your family is doing well. I hope you enjoy your upcoming time with your family.

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  3. It does sound as if life is a bit hectic for you and your loved ones. Oh dear! But at least you have a fun weekend to look forward to!

    Good luck with your week and I do hope there will be some much deserved reading time as well!

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