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#BookReview #PNR #MagicalRealism // Teddy’s Boys by E.J. Frost

Teddy’s Boys 

Bad Boys of Bevington #1 

by E.J. Frost

Had the book not had EJ Frost’s name on it I would never have picked it up. I don’t usually care for NA, academy or bully romances and this one features all three of those tropes. However I do love this author’s writing, especially her ability to create multifaceted characters and portray credible emotions.

Whilst the romantic relationships feature too heavily for this to be considered UF, there is so much more depth and quality in the story than is found in the vast majority of PNR. The book is written entirely from Teddy (Theodora’s) point of view and there were times I would have liked to have heard Gabe and Charlie’s thoughts, just to allow me to connect with them that little bit more. However it’s always a balancing act with RH as too many voices can overwhelm the reader, resulting in a disconnection.

The are several different plot lines running through the book, which I will mention now ends on a mean cliff-hanger. We have Teddy’s attraction to all three guys, her troubles with her family, the murder of a student and Darwin’s interferences/manipulations in Gabe and Teddy’s lives. Speaking of Darwin, he very clearly has huge issues and, even though he doesn’t seemingly deserve it, I do feel quite sorry for him. I guess it’s because so often there is the mean guy who turns out to be very misunderstood and quite a sweetheart underneath it all. I’m hoping there is a good and genuine reason behind all his alphaholery because boy does he need a good slapping if there isn’t!

In Summary –
If I could have added a little extra something to the story it would have been a little more detail about the existence of magic, did everyone have it and if not how it fitted into the “non-magical” world.

This book was dead good, the absolute dog’s bollocks and it’s left me right gagging for the next one. πŸ˜‰

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Alternate Reality/ Reverse Harem/ Romantic Suspense


Three boys. Two murders. One terrible choice.

Twelve years ago, my mother climbed into a limo with a fae stranger and left without looking back. Seven years ago, my magic came in, marking me as an Earth-witch, the Element most feared by other mages. One month ago, my father exiled me to college in another country. I may be a stranger in a strange land, but no one will keep me down.

Charlie, Gabe, and Darwin. Three boys who are more than my match. My best friend. My new love. My worst enemy. Are they also killers?

When a fellow student is murdered, the finger of suspicion points at my boys. Can I prove their innocence? Or will I be their next victim? Meet the Bad Boys of Bevington …

Publisher’s Note: Teddy’s Boys is a college-aged, MMFM, reverse harem romance. Book 1 ends on a cliffhanger. This book contains elements of power-exchange and is intended for mature readers only.

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