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Book cover love:
Share some book covers that you loved in 2021

My love of a book cover is often heavily influenced by my love of the book! Clearly, my preference is for people on the cover, though I’m not a fan of the naked male chest book covers. It would also seem that generally I love a dark, moody, atmospheric image too!

Book Review · Suspense/Mystery

#BookReview #MagicalRealism // A Spell of Rowans by Byrd Nash

A Spell of Rowans
by Byrd Nash

From the blurb, I was expecting something a little more paranormal, a little more fantasy, for want of a better word. It turned out to be a much more contemporary, a murder mystery with minor magical elements, and I was surprisingly very OK with that. I really liked the author’s voice and could connect with the main characters, so that their feelings were my feelings.

We experience the entire story through the eyes of Victoria (Vic) Rowan, a headstrong and impulsive character with a complex history. There are many truths to be uncovered in the town of Grimsby and at times it felt as though each time we discovered the answer to one question two more mysteries were spawned. The author had many different threads to weave into the story and whilst I loved the richness this provided some elements did feel a little underdeveloped.

In the story, Vic is joined by her siblings, Pip and Liam, as well as a couple of ex-boyfriends and several suspicious, and unwelcoming, town folk. The romantic element is very minor, a second chance from the protagonists teenage years. However, I felt there was a missed opportunity to convince the reader of the depth of Vic and Reed’s feelings, particularly given the huge time interval that had elapsed since they had last seen one another. Whilst I could find myself believing in the emotions Victoria was experiencing it was more difficult to imagine that those feelings had survived fifteen years apart.

I very much enjoyed the mystery element. There wasn’t a huge amount of foreshadowing, certainly no obvious pointers as to the culprit even with hindsight. We are aware of all the main players within the story, though some feature more heavily than others. All in all the story readily held my attention and left me wanting to read more of the authors work.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Paranormal Women’s Fiction


Raised by a narcissistic mother, the Rowan children’s magical talents were twisted to fit her needs. When Rachel dies, her children must confront the past to have a future.
Rachel Rowan could sniff out secrets and her antique shop, Rosemary Thyme, was a front to torment the residents of Grimsby. When she dies, her children are faced with the deadly fallout of blackmail, murder, and magic.
Victoria, whose empathic talent knows everyone’s hidden feelings; Philippa, whose glamour can bewitch; and Liam, the brother who touches objects to reveal their secrets, all find themselves in danger.
When her autistic brother is arrested, Vic needs to discover the truth to set him free.
A successful art restorer in the big city, Vic’s made a career of ignoring her past and hiding her strange powers. But with Rachel’s death, she must gamble away her secrets to face down forces determined to destroy her and her siblings.
And that hometown boy she dumped way back? He’s in Grimsby, and knows the truth about her.


Sunday Wrap-Up – November 28th

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Life Last Week

We visited the second Hucknall Food & Drink Festival on Sunday. The cookies and brownies were consumed before I managed to take any photos but they were absolutely delicious! We also purchased mustard and passion fruit curd, not that we plan on eating them at the same time! It was a gorgeous day, even if the temperatures had plummeted and we had to wrap up well.

Yesterday my daughter visited Staffordshire University’s Stafford campus. We set in a fairly heavy snow shower, there was even snow on the carriageway of the motorway! We made it there unscathed, though there were one or two worrying moments along the way – most notably a fallen tree across our side of the road and a very icy hill to navigate to the bottom of. I’m well aware that to most this is a mere smattering of the white stuff, but it’s such a rare event in the UK we just don’t know how to deal with it.

Books Read Last Week

I indulged in two Holiday reads – and absolutely adored both of them. A huge thank you to Netgalley for allowing me to read these – though both are currently 99c on Amazon so I’ve bought them too!

Currently Reading

Although this is another “seasonal” book, it’s a change of pace (and genre) to my last two reads. I’ve heard good things about this so I’m really hoping I enjoy it!

Looking forward to…

…enjoying these two treats from the Food & Drink market.

… a visit to the hairdressers next Saturday followed by another Uni visit – this time to Huddersfield!

… visiting the Christmas Market at Lincoln.

Blogs Visited

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2021 Reading Stats –
Books read in 2021 – 135 (133) 
Re-reads in 2021 –  7 (7)
Owned books from TBR list read – 20 (20)
5 Star reads – 31 (30)
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Prompts: How current is your reading? Do you tend to read recently published books or pick from the publishing backlog, and why? Is there any particular merit to keeping up with current releases, or is it all hype? How has book blogging changed your habits on this front? And, in the future, are you thinking you want your reading to shift either way? 

How current is your reading? Do you tend to read recently published books or pick from the publishing backlog, and why? The majority of my reading is very current and that’s because it’s a combination of arc and beta reads. By their very nature, these are upcoming or new releases! I do have plans to reduce the number of arcs I keep saying yes to, as I have a huge backlist of books to read on my kindle. However, on the few occasions I do get to choose freely then most of the time I will pick an older book as part of my “read your TBR list” challenge!

Is there any particular merit to keeping up with current releases, or is it all hype? To be honest I haven’t come across all that much hype regarding the need to blog about new releases. I see a mix of book reviews on the blogs I follow and whilst some choose mainly to focus on new releases, just as many feature books both old and new. How has book blogging changed your habits on this front? It hasn’t, mainly because I have no interest in being a big player in the blogging world.

In the future, are you thinking you want your reading to shift either way?  I do want to clear more of my TBR list, which consists of purchased books that I still haven’t read. There are also a few series I have started but not finished that are also on the list. To achieve this goal I am really, really, REALLY going to have to learn to say “no” when someone offers me the opportunity to read an arc. It’s definitely a work in progress.


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What is your favourite memory surrounding books?

submitted by Julie @ JadeSky

What a great question Julie has asked and without a shadow of a doubt, it has to be one from my childhood. My Dad worked long hours so we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him on weeknights. However, each night he would sit and read to my brother and me whilst we were in bed. My brother and I didn’t share a bedroom and, unsurprisingly, we both wanted him to sit in our room whilst he read. To keep the peace my dad took to sitting on the small area of landing between our bedroom doors, where he would sit and read a chapter, two if we were very well behaved and pleaded nicely, of whichever book we had on loan from the library.

I don’t quite remember how old I was when this nightly ritual stopped/ I have a suspicion it was linked to my little sister wanting books read that held no interest for my brother and me, along with us developing our own love of reading resulting in us doing the job ourselves. Of course, it was a tradition that my husband and I continued with our own children, only stopping when they grew out of wanting us to read to them.