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Mikaela @ Mikaela Reads
What do you think puts people off reading? If you had to recommend a book to someone that you think would turn them into a reader, what would it be? Have you every been a non-reader and then been converted??

Whilst I like this topic I have to admit that I do have some concerns too. If we are talking about someone who would like to read more but has yet to find their reading muse, then I have lots of advice and support. Where I draw the line is in trying to convert the inveterate non-reader.

I get it, I do. We bookworms enjoy nothing more than sharing our love of all things reading, but we need to accept that it isn’t for everybody. Being able to read AND understand what you have read is a fairly vital life skill, it might also be a necessary part of your job. However, reading for pleasure is a HOBBY and as such should NOT be foisted on everyone else on the misguided assumption that their life will be somehow improved by the experience. There are plenty of pastimes I would never choose to do as a hobby, including singing, contact sports and cliff-diving. And I really wouldn’t appreciate someone repeatedly trying to engage me in those activities.

This is a long-winded way of saying I wouldn’t WANT to try and “convert” a non-reader. I also don’t believe that there is one single book that can miraculously inspire all hitherto unwilling readers to metamorphose into avid bookworms. Honestly, as someone who hated both Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince (boring with an incredibly stupidly stupid heroine) and Jennifer L Armentrout’s Blood & Ash series (seriously the books are 80% pointless filler) why would I assume everyone loves the same books that I do? Particularly when I also don’t enjoy YA books, horror or a lot of thrillers.

That said I do try and encourage the young people I work with to read as a means of expanding their vocabulary and improving their essay writing skills. Both are important abilities required for good exam performance. What I do suggest to them is that they try a variety of genres, including non-fiction and graphic novels, before deciding that reading for pleasure isn’t for them.

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  1. Very interesting topic! Honestly, when i was younger i couldn’t understand why people do not like to read. For me it was like hey you didn’t try and don’t know what you are missing. But now i don’t stress about it and don’t try to convert non-readers, especially nowadays reading is less popular than netflix or video games. I can’t imagine my life without reading even if my life is busy. I would still read a page or a chapter. And I will gladly recommend books to people who ask for recommendations.

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    1. There’s a huge difference between being asked for a recommendation and “forcing” a recommendation. If it’s just that they haven’t found “their” genre then we should definitely support and recommend in whatever way we can.
      I’m never far from my kindle, like you it is a rare day that I don’t read at least a few pages.

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      1. Sure, never forcing a recommendation on someone but in general trying to show people that reading is great. Unfortunately, in most such non reading cases i failed to convince a person to pick up any book at all. The food thing, almost everyone in my surroundings reads so I am quite a happy person in that regard.

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  2. Such a great take on this subject. I have both readers and non-readers in my family and I can tell you, it’s refreshing when an avid reader will just leave the non-readers alone and let them enjoy their own thing.

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    1. Thank you 😊. A big part of blogging for me is to connect with other readers, I’d be wasting my time trying to convert my family. They all have their own hobbies they love, most of which aren’t for me. Happy reading and have a great 2022!

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  3. I really love your answer. I wasn’t a reader until my 40’s and then I found this whole (blogging) community and it’s wonderful but it comes with a lot of pressure at times.

    The idea that you have to read faster, more books, the right kind of books, the correct format etc. etc… It can be a turn off and I wouldn’t want to do that to a non reader. If I find something that I think will appeal to a non reader in my life, I recommend or gift it and then leave it at that.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

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  4. I totally agree! My husband has hobbies that are very different from mine,and we both respect eachothers choices….The only time he wants to pick up a book,it’s when he can learn something from it. Whilst i read to be entertained….😋
    Cycling i dó enjoy,but not to the point where i come home covered in sweat from the exercise 😂
    Music is something we both enjoy,however.😎

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