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I try not to set too many goals, just because if I don’t hit those self-imposed targets it messes with my reading and blogging mo-jo. It’s silly really because I am the only one making it into unnecessary pressure, but that’s how it is. I end up feeling very negative if/when I stray from my original plans, even if they clearly aren’t right for me. Much like my plan to read 3 or 4 Non-Fiction books this year. Blogging wise I’m just hoping to maintain posting several times a week, along with visiting other blogs regularly and commenting when I can.

This year I set a target of 150 books on Goodreads, I’m a couple of books off that so might reduce it to 140 next year. Much of what I read is around 200 pages long and takes anywhere between 2 and 4 days, depending on how much time I have, how motivated to read I am and whether the book is gripping or not. I used to read many more books each year. At the time I was so proud of having a stupidly high number until I realised I couldn’t remember 99% of those books – not even when I re-read my reviews for them. It was the result of belonging to too many author/PR company arc teams. Unlike Netgalley these arcs would need to be read and reviewed by a specific date and would often only appear on my kindle a few days before that said date. There were times when I had to read three arc books in three days – no one got a fair deal with that situation.

Generally, I try to think less in terms of “resolutions” and more of “hopes” – it feels less like a failure than if I don’t achieve/keep them up. I will carry over last years plan of reading books from my TBR list. In a bid to do this I’m joining in a monthly challenge so am hoping to clear at least 12 books from the list. It’s a start 🤣! There are also a couple of book series I would like to finish, though this means buying more books, so that decision is still being mulled over.

Something else I’m considering is re-reading several book series, though to have time for that I need to limit how many arcs I apply for. And therein lies the crux of my problems – an inability to say no to arc books. Whilst I HAVE reduced how many I read each year, it still dominates my reading time – around 80% this year. I would love to reduce this to under 50% in 2022.

The last plan I have for 2022 is to read at least one library e-book each month. The success of this will depend on being able to find books I want to read, as there isn’t a great deal of choice on Borrowbox.

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  1. I don’t really set goals either. I have things in the back of my mind that I want to do better at and I do set the Goodreads goal (but I have no idea why 🤣). But that’s about it.

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