Sunday Wrap-Up ~~ 2022 Week #3

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Life Last Week

We started the week with the sad news that my husband’s aunt had passed away. It wasn’t unexpected but she was much loved and will be missed.
The rest of the week seemed to be going well until Wednesday when our washing machine developed a fault. It’s almost 6 years old and is used at least twice a day, so rather than spend good money seeing if it could be repaired we ordered a new one straight away. It won’t arrive until Tuesday but thankfully we have a washing machine at work, so I’ve been able to at least keep us supplied with clean underwear.

Last Weeks Books

Taken was a Netgalley arc and deals with how a couple survive and process the trauma of being kidnapped by sex traffickers. It was a gripping read though it missed some opportunities that would have made it an outstanding story.

A Shot of Sin was a Buddy Read, I had read the book before, many years back. This time around I was not so impressed – the story lacked depth, with too much telling rather than showing. Mastering Her Senses was a quick read that I picked because I just wanted something fairly mindless and easy to get through.

Currently Reading

I’m almost finished with this one and already looking forward to reading book #3 (sadly it’s not out yet but is due to be written this year)

Can’t live without them.
Can’t unsummon them.

I tried living without him. I lost my powers. I slogged through days of dust. I couldn’t do it.
I called him back and he rose through the Gate on wings of flame. Wings no fire demon has ever had before.
I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know who he is. But I know some very powerful entities do not want us to be together.
As above, so below. War is coming, to both our planes.

Publisher’s Note: Blood Yellow is not a standalone. Neon Blue should be read first for most enjoyment. Blood Yellow contains themes and situations that are for mature readers only.

Looking forward to…

… lighter mornings – we had 8 hours of daylight this week, roll on those lighter nights.

… only 20 more get-ups until my next week off.

… my new washing machine being delivered (fingers crossed!).

Blog Posts Worth Reading

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2022 Reading Stats
Books read – 5 (2)

Re-reads –  1 (0)
Owned books from TBR list read – 0 (0)
5 Star reads – 0 (0)
DNF’s –
1 (1)

14 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap-Up ~~ 2022 Week #3

  1. So Sorrry to hear about your husband’s aunt. Funny thing about washers and one of the reasons I dread owning a home one day. As of now we have this phone app system in our buildings laundry where we can pay for our laundry, usually ten dollars a month.

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  2. It’s so good you can get a washing machine so soon! I ordered one in stock and it still took a few months for it to be delivered. What a headache when something as used and important as the washing machine stops working.

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  3. It’s great you can get a new machine quickly. I also had to read and figure out the features I wanted and the reviews of which one was best and serviceable. I had a month because I was moving into a new place and I love what I got. My washer and dryer are different brands because I wanted certain features. I’m looking forward to more light hours in a day too!

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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  4. Oh no! And that’s a bummer about the washer as well- we had our dryer go on the fritz recently.

    I agree about the things to look forward to 🙂

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  5. So sorry for your loss. I wanted to tell you that I enjoy your photos, always so lovely. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for sharing a link to one of my reviews!

    My week was long – I have been sick (head cold), so I was running tired. Luckily I work from home and was able to take it easy. But I did NO exercise. Oh well. I did get some good reading time!

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    1. Thank you. Hope you are feeling better now – at least the cold gave you extra reading time so there was a small silver lining to the cloud. Have a lovely week.


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