Sunday Wrap-Up ~~ 2022 Week #38 New Ventures

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Life Last Week

We are two members of staff down at work, one of whom is my co-manager, so it’s been yet another incredibly busy working week and that looks set to continue for a couple more weeks yet. My apologies if it takes me a few days to respond to comments and come visit your blogs!

My youngest child started her first job today. She didn’t get a part time job whilst doing her A-Levels as first Covid and then undiagnosed-until-recently ADHD meant she struggled with her studies and prioritised those. She’s working in a care home to gain experience that will, hopefully, help her successfully apply for a paramedic sciences course at University next year. It was straight in at the deep end with three successive 14 hour shifts! She only gets 1 day off before doing 2 more shifts of the same length, but it does mean she only has 1 day of work the following week.

Last Weeks Books

An arc, a TBR challenge read and a library ebook made up this week’s reading material. I actually own another 3 books in the Ice Age Shifter series, based on this one I won’t be rushing to read them soon. It was very “candyfloss” in nature, sweet and easy to consume but soon forgotten.
The arc was a little slow at the start – it has a LOT of different points of view. However, once I got into the story I absolutely loved it.
Fractured was definitely my favourite book of the week and has inspired me to try and include MORE library books and maybe fewer arcs in my future reading.

Currently Reading

Only Anna knows the truth about Cinderella: The pauper turned queen wasn’t the victim, but the bully.
Anna fled when the castle guards came to arrest her mother and sister on Cinderella’s orders. But leaving them in bondage at the Fairy Godmother’s workhouse? Out of the question. Disguised as a young man and taking the name of Ansel, she’ll do whatever it takes to free her family and set the record straight.
Will, a former royal huntsman, was nearly killed for dissenting Cinderella’s rise as queen in the wake of the sudden death of the king and his son. He hatches a plan to take Cinderella down, and encounters Ansel, who wants revenge just as much as he does.
Drawn together by a common goal and burgeoning feelings neither can ignore, Will and Ansel enact a plan to assassinate the queen. But when that goes awry and buried secrets come to light, they’ll have to choose: continue running from their pasts or accept themselves in order to forge a new future together.

Looking forward to…

… autumn walks.

… making green tomato chutney.

… harvesting crab apples at work (they’re not quite ready yet!).

2022 Reading Stats
Books read –  103 (100)

Re-reads –  10 (10)
Owned books from TBR list read – 24 (23)
5 Star reads – 22 (22)
DNFs – 
24 (24)

22 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap-Up ~~ 2022 Week #38 New Ventures

  1. Fractured is definitely my cup of tea. Kind of sad to see Amazon does not sell kindle version in the US. BOO! Good for your daughter. Those are long days, but I guess it is practical experience for being an EMT.

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    1. Thank you – I’m hoping all the hard work pays off for her.
      I think Fractured is called Then and Always in the US, because why not confuse everyone with two titles for the same book!

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    1. I read the first book and loved it (totally unrelated to this, it was a Peter Pan retelling). I’m hoping this one is as good – that had a great mix of romance, story and steam.


  2. You weren’t kidding when you referred to your daughter’s start to her new job as being thrown into the deep in! I hope it goes well for her. I hope things at your own job ease up soon. We’ve been short staffed for some time now and it wears on a person after awhile. I love the cover of the Ugly Stepsister. I hope you are enjoying it. I hope you have a great week!

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    1. I’m enjoying the book so far – I do love a fairytale retelling. My daughter has survived so far, I just hope she can stick it out long enough to gain the experience she needs.


  3. I hope your work goes smoother soon. Your daughter is getting a bit of trial by fire, and hopefully it will help her to determine what she can do and wants to do. I always enjoy the photos. I’m an equal opportunity reader, gathering materials from every source.


  4. Sounds like a rough week! And good luck to your daughter with her job! That does sound like a hectic pace but I’m sure it will be good experience for her with her classes.

    I love a good autumn walk!


  5. I’m sorry it’s so busy at work right now. Even though it’s set to continue for a couple more weeks, hopefully the end is still in sight.

    Good for your daughter! 14-hour days doing such a demanding job would be hard. I’m glad she’s getting the experience, though.

    Your pictures are lovely. It makes me want to go on a hike (an easy one because I’m very out of shape). Have a good week!


  6. It sounds like a tough week for you and your daughter. Boy, the did throw her in the deep end right away, didn’t they? It’s good that she’s getting that experience though. Hope this week goes better!

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  7. First of all,i hope your daughter finds her way after everything she went through,and enjoys the direction she’s taken so far. Then,i hope work calms down for both her ánd you….Love the pics,and your choice in books!

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  8. I’ve seen crab apple trees and I had no clue you could eat them! What are they like? We have such huge “regular” apples all over this time of year. I used to make apple sauce and apple crisp, but I’m the only one who would eat it, so now I don’t. Sorry to hear things are strained at school. I hear similar stories for the schools around us – covid is everywhere!


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