Sunday Wrap-Up ~~ 2022 Week #44 Covid

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Life Last Week

The week started with covid, continued with someone driving into the side of our car as they pulled out of a side road, and continued to get worse from there. It’s been a week I’m glad to see the back of. I hope yours has been better.

Last Weeks Books

Thankfully the week’s terrible fortune didn’t extend to my reading, which included two Netgalley arcs and a library book. The Christmas Wish was genuinely laugh-out-loud funny (well I thought it was!) and was just what I needed. Ocean’s Echo was quite a long read, perhaps longer than it needed to be but I still enjoyed every minute of this action-packed space opera. The Sky Beneath the Stone is the first middle-grade book I’ve read as an adult in a very long time, maybe ever. I read them as a child and read them to my children, but it isn’t a genre I’ve tried before. It won’t be my last foray since I really enjoyed this captivating tale.

Currently Reading

Monsters are made, not born…

Most called him the Jailor. Some called him a monster. If he had a name, nobody had survived meeting him long enough to tell it. They said he sat atop a mound of skulls and marked each death on his throne, like notches on a bedpost. Some tales told of how he had wings as dark as night, and of how he wore a crown of razor wire woven around four horns.

Dante had heard all the stories before.

The only tale he cared for was the one that said the jailor could bleed. If the jailor could bleed, then he could die, and Dante was going to be the one to finally kill him.

This is the story of how all those tales were wrong. And so was Dante.


Dark slow burn enemies to lovers.
For potential sensitive content, please see the paperback copyright page.

2022 Reading Stats
Books read –  119 (116)

Re-reads –  10 (10)
Owned books from TBR list read – 25 (25)
5 Star reads – 25 (24)
DNFs – 
26 (26)

7 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap-Up ~~ 2022 Week #44 Covid

  1. That is quite an unfortunate week. I hope this one is better. I agree, The Christmas Wish was quite funny. I always like seeing how authors will use a time loop (I am reading another time loop book right now).


  2. I’m so sorry you had such a rough week! The Christmas Wish does look good. I may have to get it for December when I’ve made some time to read Christmas books. Hope this week is much better and that you’re feeling better.


  3. Sorry to hear you were still dealing with covid – I hope you are better now. Do you know who hit your car or does it matter? I don’t know what the rules are / insurance is like over there.

    I had a good weekend. My daughter and I looked at college she’s interested in (she doesn’t go until Fall 2024, but it’s getting excited to look). We also had a group over to watch college football. Today (Sunday), I went to Boston to see a musical.

    Tomorrow is Halloween and I’ve got a party at work. I’ve got my candy ready for the kiddos.


  4. Sounds like you’ve had enough bad luck for the rest of the year! Let’s hope that was it for 2022…..🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
    Nice choice in books!😎


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