Sunday Wrap-Up ~~ 2022 Week #45 Dark Nights

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Life Last Week

Last week saw the ending of British Summer Time. The positive is that we have lighter mornings but it does mean that it is now dark by 5 pm. Commuting home in the pouring rain several times last week wasn’t much fun – especially as those journeys took almost double the usual time. We have now moved into our permanent work home and the students were amazed by how much it already looks like a school. It feels so different to the austere, empty shell I first visited.

My apologies for not visiting blogs last week, or replying to comments. Life at the moment means I not only have less time for blogging but also less inclination too. I guess I’m on a semi hiatus and will post/blog hop as and when life allows.

Last Weeks Books

I feel as though I’ve barely read anything this week, but I did finish Dante’s End, which I started last weekend, and also finished Legends & Lattes. I’ve included His Talisman too, which I’ve been beta reading over the last couple of months. The author has finally finished this and so have I.

Currently Reading

Madame Elinor Chalamet battles a ghost in the Beyond.

Trained as a medium by the elite Morpheus Society, Elinor Chalamet uses her skills to aid the police while she hunts for her father’s killer in the coastal city of Alenbonne. But a dead body found in the canal puts her in deep with royal matters. And she might even succeed in solving the mystery if Tristan Fontaine, duke de Archambeau, would stop getting in her way.

The first of a six-part gaslamp fantasy ghost mystery series featuring a strong female character in a slow burn romance.

This novella of about 42,000 words is friendly to ages 16+.

Looking forward to…

… better das ahead.

… seeing cheerful, twinkling Christmas lights on the drive home.

… learning more slow cooker recipes.

2022 Reading Stats
Books read –  122 (119)

Re-reads –  10 (10)
Owned books from TBR list read – 25 (25)
5 Star reads – 27 (25)
DNFs – 
26 (26)

7 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap-Up ~~ 2022 Week #45 Dark Nights

  1. One of the houses on my morning walk route put up their Christmas lights, inside and out, the day after Halloween. While I’m not ready to do so myself, it sure gives me a smile when I walk by every morning. Especially when she has the curtains open and I can see the tree all done up in there.


  2. Wow! The UK cover for Legends & Lattes is so different than the one here. I thought it was that book, but I had to check. It’s gotten buzz. I don’t know what’s worse, dark in the morning or the evening. I leave for work at 4:40 am, so it’s dark no matter what. I keep hoping Congress will do away with Daylight Savings. The state of Arizona doesn’t do it, and they are ok.


  3. Sounds like life has been a bit draining lately. I hope the hiatus gives you a sense of renewal. Have a wonderful week!


  4. Good luck to you! I hope things are okay, even though you are busy. And I hope you have some downtime soon. We ended Daylight Savings time this weekend and yep, dark so early. We must have similar daylight hours. I hate that it’s so dark.


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