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Do you belong to any book clubs?

No, though I am a Moderator in a Goodreads group and frequently host buddy reads. I’m all about the personal reading experience, the in-the-moment emotions that are elicited by a good book. My mind works in a very factual way – hence my favourite school subjects (which I missed sharing last week!) being Science and Maths. I take prose to mean what it says, rather than looking for allegory and have often wondered if the greats of literature truly did imbue their tales with hidden meaning or if actually they just wrote them to entertain and it’s us who have given it a spin it was never meant to have. Either way I don’t gain anything by discussing what a phrase or passage alluded to, I just enjoy it for what it is… a well written story.

5 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday #TMST

  1. I’ve been in quite a few over the years and have even joined a new one recently. I just like them because you get to get together with bookish friends and talk books.


  2. You crack me up! I also love that we both love math and science (my undergrad degree is chemical engineering, grad is science education – physics and chemistry cert). Yeah STEM! I actually do enjoy listening to those all out book discussions, however, I find most book clubs tend to read books I am not interested in. I guess I have to stick to my discussions with my daughter when our reading overlaps


  3. I read much the same way, however, I love discussing plot points, what I liked, didn’t like and see what others thought. I don’t go into deep meaning because I just don’t see it (we must have similar brains), but it’s fun to compare notes. I also love creating theories on where a series is headed. But alas, I’m not in any book clubs.


  4. I’ve never belonged to a book club. I find it very difficult to force myself to read a certain book within a certain time frame.

    I do buddy reads though – which almost always go off the rails for similar reasons lol

    I tend to discuss books after I’ve read them with close friends if I have strong opinions either way.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth


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