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Do you tend to enjoy spin-off series? Or are you hesitant about them?

Hmmm…. I have to say that this depends on two things.
1 – The author and
2 – How long each series is.

There are a small handful of authors that are on my auto-buy/”read everything written by” list. For those select few I would read and love any spin-off series. As I’m writing this I have realised that they all tend to finish a series within a few books, the longest series of which was six releases. They generally leave me wanting more but also acknowledging that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

I am hesitant about starting a new-to-me series if spin-off books are involved. My concern is that characters and plots will become too similar, that it will be a case of wash, rinse, repeat rather than a story that brings something new and exciting to the table. I’ve found the former to be so often true for a series that runs beyond 6 or so books, which makes me wary of both long series’ and spin-offs.

Is there a series, with a spin-off, that you would recommend?

10 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday #TMST #Spin-Offs

  1. I think because I only read companion type series, I never considered that the spinoff could be repetitive. But, heck, I do love when my companions spawn new series, and crossovers!!! The best!

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  2. You know what’s coming,right? 🤪
    You know what i’m going to recommend….😇
    Aja’s Pure/Dark Ones and it’s spin-off Dragon Tails💖
    The spin-off may have those familiar characters,but the storyline is new.

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  3. I know you don’t care for long series, and most I read w/spinoffs are long. I do love Mercy Thompson series and the spinoff, Alpha and Omega. But they are so interconnected, that you should read both in order and not one then the other.

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    1. I feel there is a definite trend of spin-offs being about making money for some authors, which really is a shame when they write good books.


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