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Do you listen to author/book playlists?

Do you create your own?

No to both! I feel as though I buck the trend with this one but I’m not a playlist person at all and never have been. I only listen to music whilst I’m driving, and even then I’ll often turn the radio off or switch stations if the song begins to irritate me.
I find I can tune out the background hum of talking if my family are chatting or watching TV, but for some reason I find music to be distracting.

Do you love music or prefer quiet when reading?

14 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday #TMST

  1. I don’t listen to music while reading, but I have looked up specific songs when they seem to have significance to the story. But I don’t listen to it while reading, I just look it up for reference if I’m not familiar with it.

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  2. After this post went up, I”m seeing that a lot of my bookish friends don’t do playlists. So now I wonder who does… Probably Book-Tok and Bookstagramers. LOL

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