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THE BOYFRIEND COLLECTOR, Book #2 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Young Adult

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes the STEAMY Part Two and conclusion of The Boyfriend Collector.

My name is Dr. Bex Hughes, and I’m in love with a woman who cannot truly love me back. Unless I help her as my patient, and that is forbidden—a taboo in the eyes of the world and the worst professional sin for a therapist.

But what else can I do? Rose was once a real-life Cinderella. Now she’s wealthy, single, and free. Except she’s convinced that love is used to hurt people, family tries to murder you for money, and no one can be trusted. It’s all she’s ever known.

So I’m bending every rule I’ve ever lived by and helping her find her way to real happiness. Only, my self-control wears thin as I hear the details of Rose’s dating adventures. Can I prove I will love her unconditionally before my jealousy shatters her trust in me forever?


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Author Bio:
MIMI JEAN PAMFILOFF is a New York Times bestselling author who’s sold over one million books around the world. Although she obtained her MBA and worked for more than fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dreams.
Mimi lives with her Latin lover hubby, two pirates-in-training (their boys), and their three spunky dragons (really, just very tiny dogs with big attitudes) Snowy, Mini, and Mack, in the vampire-unfriendly state of Arizona.
She hopes to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback for men.

MY REVIEW – 4 stars

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Book Review · Contemporary Romance


BUILD A NERD (AEON #2) by Wendy Smith – 4.75 stars

Wonderful characters, full of feels and just a truly great read

I can’t remember whether I liked Bridget or not in Game On , but I loved her in this. I really liked Tom too, which just goes to show male leads don’t always need to be all alpha and macho. One of my favourite things about this author’s work is how normal, everyday and real the entire story feels. You find yourself reading about a group of people who you would love to be friends with, living in a town you want to move to.

Bridget is the confident one, Tom is socially awkward but together they make a perfect pair. Their chemistry sizzled, their emotions squeeze your heart and their story will make you smile, ache and swoon in equal measure. The excellent writing just wraps you up in this story and holds you in the moment. I felt as though I could almost reach out and touch the characters. 

I found this easy to read, entertaining and very much enjoyed the time I spent within its pages.

She’ll build his confidence. He’ll make a nerd out of her yet.

Tom Jarvis is a nerd. He’s a programmer, project manager, and loves Star Trek.

Bridget Walsh spent years establishing herself in the male dominated world of construction. She loves her job, but recently had her heart broken by her long term crush. She doesn’t even know what Star Trek is.

But when opposites attract, can two people so different work?


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🔥🔥 Filthy Rich by Julie Kriss is LIVE! 🔥🔥

My Review

Julie Kriss has taken the age old office romance taboo story and turned it on it’s head.

Typically in an office romance the couple first try to fight their feelings and then try to hide their romance. Not Samantha and Aiden, no because they know that it would be too much risk, a jeopardy they are not willing to take. So the game is born. A game where two ‘stranger’ hook up for a few hours of hot passion, no strings, no ties. Well written and entertaining, this is a wonderful love story that feels fresh and exciting.

The book is surprisingly slow burn, taking quite a while to reach the ‘game’. I think in part this was due to world building for the series as a whole, as well as just allowing us to get to know these two as people. One of the thing I most enjoy about this author’s work is how real her characters feel. They aren’t prepared to throw a good working relationship into the wind because of their attraction.

Even though Aiden is now richer than Croesus he came from a poor and unloving home. He is a wonderful mix of intensely private and open book. A pretty simple man who struggles to trust and doesn’t know how to let go. Life has left Samantha with a ‘piece of her jigsaw puzzle’ missing, her quest for security and safety means romance and love are too dangerous. Two believable, likeable and humanly flawed main characters who you can’t help but adore.

There are so many ‘gimmicky’ genre’s out there at the moment, so many trends and fashions. Filthy Rich doesn’t need any of them because it’s a great story, with good writing and engaging characters.


A billionaire. His assistant. And a game that could cost both their hearts

Aidan Winters. Gorgeous, brilliant, ruthless, and filthy rich. He’s known as the Man in Black, because New York’s most sought-after bachelor is icy perfection in an all-black suit.

As his executive assistant, I know his suit size, the security code to his penthouse, and the number to his private line. The only thing I don’t know is what would make him fall to his knees for a woman.

And then, one night, I discover Aidan’s sexy secret. And he discovers mine.

Now we play a very dirty game. By day, we’re all business. But by night… he’s not Aidan and I’m not me.

No emotions. No lies. Except for one.

If you think this is a story about a girl who hates her boss, think again.


The author is giving away a $50 Amazon GC on her FB page. Please direct readers to her page to enter for a chance to win.


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Excerpt :
He tasted like man. Like bourbon. Like pleasure. Finally. Finally. I slid my hands under his jacket and let him open my mouth. Incredibly, with the desire that was drenching both of us, he teased me, running his tongue along the inside of my lip, letting his teeth scrape my skin. His fingers pushed into my hair, his thumbs pressing just below my ears, the heat of his body radiating to mine. I ran my hands down his chest, his perfect stomach. God, he was so gorgeous.
He broke away, not moving far from my mouth. “You didn’t say yes,” he said.
I moved my hand further down, slid my fingers beneath his belt. “Yes,” I said.
His body tensed under my touch, his muscles flexing in surprise. I paused my hand. “You’re very forward,” he said.
“Do you object?”
In answer he leaned down and kissed the side of my neck, letting his teeth scrape the sensitive skin. I let out a breath and my eyes closed in bliss. Every nerve ending in my body was on fire.
“I think I can make you a little more obedient,” he said in my ear.


Julie loves reading and writing hot, sexy romances with awesome alpha heroes. Her favorite things are books, coffee, her perfect cat, and her husband, not necessarily in that order. She’s a writing addict who is always hard at work on her next steamy romance.


Book Review · Contemporary Romance

MELODY (Beautiful Book #3) by Lilliana Anderson


A heart-achingly, angsty great read.

Well, just wow. This book sure puts it’s characters through the ringer and it dragged me through too. I’d not even felt in the right frame of mind to read a ‘straight contemporary’ romance. So colour my surprised when within a couple of chapters I wasn’t wanting to put this one down. This is one emotion filled stand alone read.

Whilst I guessed Theo’s secret fairly early on, there are also plenty of clues and hints made before it is revealed and the ‘surprise’ element isn’t necessary anyway. Personally I prefer knowing in advance because I love that feeling I get waiting for the big ‘Ta-da’ moment. I also appreciated that it wasn’t dragged out a ridiculous length of time in the book. I’ve read much poorer quality stories where the ‘big secret’ is the entire plot and you spend the whole book waiting for the reveal – I find those stories to be rather pointless.
(Indeed, plot-less might be a more accurate description.)

Whilst technically this is a love triangle, there is absolutely no cheating or sharing (I’m aware many readers have an intense dislike of either) and the situation only becomes sexual once a choice has been made. So in many ways this could be classed as slow-burn but there are enough scenes of sexual chemistry and tension to keep things interesting. 

The book is written 1st person, from all three main characters view point, allowing you to really get a feel for them. Neither guy is easy to like from his actions alone, but when you are ‘inside their head’, so to speak, you see the motivation and reasons behind it. This allowed me to connect with them on a much more emotional and personal level. I definitely had a preference for one of the brothers and admit to checking out who was the hero of the next book – yes I was one of those people who used to read the last few pages of a paperback once I got into a story.

The sign of a good book for me is not admitting it’s too late into the night to still be reading. This book definitely ticked that box. So I’m only too happy to recommend this wonderful, full of feels, contemporary romance.

****Included at the back is the story of Katrina and David’s wedding. They are the couple from book #1. This story also contains spoilers for book #2. ****





Marcus and Theo Bailey. 

Matiari frontman and drummer. Brothers. They’re on the cusp of rock star success. Then I show up…

We have history. 
Sordid history.
One of them hates me. The other claims to love me. 
Neither are allowed to touch me.
Band rules.
But working this close to them, the lines love and hate, business and pleasure are easily blurred. Now I have the power to fulfil their dreams or create their nightmare.
All it will take is a kiss…

Naomi enters the love triangle of the century when she falls for brothers she can’t have. She’ll be forced to choose love or fame in Melody: Beautiful Series, three.  Containing new and extended scenes from A Beautiful Melody and Commitment in one breathtaking novel.

Book Review · Contemporary Romance

CONVICT (Sin City Salvation #2) by A. Zavarelli

A well written and enjoyable read – 4.25 stars

Birdie and Ace really called to me in Confess, Sin City Salvation #1, and whilst I still loved them in this story, at times they felt like slightly different people to the ones I’d met before. However we viewed them both through the eyes of others, and their misconceptions were part of the explanation for that. I also thought Birdie and Ace’s story overlapped more with Gypsy and Lucian’s story, but we didn’t get to see any of that part.

Ms Zavarelli is the master of writing broken and damaged characters. Protagonists whose very existence is filled with darkness, whose innocence was ripped away far too early in their life. Both Ace and Birdie will make your heart bleed when you learn of their pain and suffering. A lot of the book deals with this pair trying to understand and accept their OWN feelings, never mind negotiating the minefield of forming a relationship with another damaged soul.

My attention never wavered as I read Conflict. There was never a point where I felt bored, was tempted to put it down and read something else or wanted to skim parts. The author writes with such practised ease and in a way that holds your interest. There were a couple of things I would have liked to be different, but these are more along the lines of personal preference than a criticism of the book.

Personally I wanted more of the ‘suspense’ element woven through the central sections of the book. That part of the story felt just a little shoe-horned in at the end, just a touch too rushed and easily resolved in some ways. It would also have stopped that same chunk in the middle starting to feel a little ‘ground-hog day’. Ace’s blowing hot and cold and Birdie’s misunderstanding of the situation was repeated just a few too many times with nothing of substance to dilute it down.

However neither of those made this a ‘bad’ story. It was wonderful to see these two get their HEA as well as getting some very brief glimpses of Lucian and Gypsy. Bearing in mind that 4 stars on GR does mean ‘really liked’ this is a book that I am only to happy to recommend to those who love a contemporary romance with troubled characters, a dash of suspense and some darker themes too.

Release Date: July 22nd

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From the shadows, I’ve tracked her every move.
I was just supposed to watch her. But now, I can’t stop.
She’s my obsession. My addiction. My poison.
Watching her isn’t enough.
The savage in me won’t be satisfied until I take her and make her mine.
One taste and I’m hooked. Too bad for her… I’m never letting her go.


 Stalked. Hunted. Captured.
He took me from my life and locked me away in his compound.
The ex-con. The big bad biker. Inked, bearded, and inhumanely sized.
And yet, every time he looks at me, I melt.
This broken beast hides demons behind those brutal eyes. I hate him… and I crave him. His touch, his words, his lips.
When my enemies come for me, he vows to protect me as long as I do what he says. I’ll be secure in this prison he created for me.

But who will protect me from him?


He dragged his nose through my hair, breathing me in. And then he pressed his lips against the shell of my ear, repeating the process all over again as he kissed his way down my jaw. When he finally got to my lips, I was hungry and wet for him. Dinner was scattered on the floor around us, long forgotten as his fingers grazed the hem of the silk robe against my thigh. He pulled it aside, then repeated the action on the other leg.

Leaning back, he studied my face before his eyes drifted to the part of me he’d exposed. I was open for him. Vulnerable to him. He could see everything, and I didn’t try to hide it. This was the broken, filthy part of me he needed to see. It was now or never. He could take it or leave it.

His attention drifted up while he tugged at the loose fabric covering my breasts. When he was finished, all that remained was the rope around my waist and the fabric pooling at my sides. I held my breath as I waited to see what he would do next. After everything that had just happened, more than anything, I wanted him to want me, and yet I was terrified he couldn’t. It didn’t make sense, but it was undeniable. He’d seen me at my worst, and I wanted him to tell me it was okay. It didn’t matter how fucked up I was, he wanted me anyway.

Just like with everything else, Huck did it in his own way. He reached for the zipper on his jeans, slowly dragging it down while his eyes locked onto mine. They were filled with dark promises and threats that reflected in his voice.

“Tell me to stop, Birdie. If you don’t, I’ll never let you go.”

 “Don’t stop.” I forced the words from my raw throat. “Don’t you fucking dare.”

About the Author:
A. Zavarelli is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.

She likes all things chocolate, books that come with warnings, and putting her characters through hell. Her tales have been known to flirt with darkness and sometimes court it unabashedly altogether. Revenge themes and tortured souls are her favorites to write and this gives her an excuse to watch bizarre and twisted documentaries in her spare time.
She currently lives in the Northwest with her lumberjack and an entire brood of fur babies.

Connect w/A. Zavarelli:

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Book Review · Contemporary Romance

WISH ON YOU by Amelia Wilde

A wonderful conclusion to the Bliss Brothers saga

Asher has been such a mystery throughout this series, often mentioned but never seen. He doesn’t have the answers to the cash flow mystery but he does arrive with one heck of a surprise for his brothers. Actually make that two surprises, one of which is his wife of one day, Everly.

We find out where he has been and what he has been doing and, eventually, the truth behind all those secrets. I really want to avoid spoilers so will just say that, for me, it fitted well with the overall background history of the Bliss family. 

I did feel that the romance element of this book felt a little rushed, I think, given all the story to get through the book perhaps needed to be a little longer. There just wasn’t quite enough time devoted to just Everly and Asher. The plot was really good, the twists, turns and discoveries very much held your attention whilst Asher and Everly were two very likeable and appealing main characters. 

The story is very ‘feel good’ and is a perfect beach or comfort read. The sexual content makes it suitable for 18+ but there isn’t anything else in the story that would offend or be a trigger. This is a wonderful story that provides a very happy few hours reading and is one I can happily recommend.





I need a husband now, or I’m homeless forever.

My late father’s will has me in a real bind: get married or lose the farm.

Technically, it’s a ranch—and the only property my sister and I have to our names. Without the ranch, we’re on the street.

I’m down to the wire when the mysterious Asher Bliss walks into my life.

He’s the perfect man to bail me out with a little white lie: devastatingly handsome, intriguing, and single.

We have to fake it for thirty days…but now that we’re back at Bliss, things are getting real!

✅Fake fiancé/fake marriage
✅Luxury resort vibes
✅A hint of that Western life
✅Family saga
✅Secrets revealed
✅HEA guaranteed

Book Review · Contemporary Romance


(Mershano Empire, #3)
by Lexi C Foss

Oh my goodness, I lost count of how many times this book made me ugly cry!

This has gone straight on the list of favourite reads of 2019, right up there in the top 10 – scrap that, definitely top 3! Avery, Wyatt and Jamie took me on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride, zooming me to the peaks and pinnacles before dropping me into the depths of despair.  Lexi C. Foss writes with such an unbelievable depth of feeling that my heart feels as though it has been caught up in a maelstrom, pounded by the violent forces contained within it and then left floating in the gentle eddies of current along the edge of the water.

On first meeting him I absolutely detested Wyatt, so much so that I wanted to cause him bodily harm! My pulse was literally racing and I couldn’t read quickly enough to find out what this despicable excuse for a man was going to do next. And do you know what he did? The goddamn rebel made me fall in love with him! He also made me want to slap him around the head a few times, and possibly kick his ass too, but my word this seemingly arrogant alpha-hole had a gentle heart and a caring nature not many got to see.

Avery is a wonderful heroine, the sort of woman you either want as your best friend or would even aspire to be! From the off I just couldn’t help liking her, which only increased my ire at Wyatt. At times her heartache had me sobbing, and I felt her pain, passion, anger, angst, lust and love. Thankfully Wyatt redeemed himself and provided Avery with the love, support and care that her life had been sorely lacking.

There was just so much good story in this book, so many feels and throughout it all was the careful dance between Avery and Wyatt, with neither sure who or what to trust. However the author wove a story that was both convincing and captivating. I believed in Avery and Jamie, I forgave Wyatt and understood why he acted as he did. I cared for these characters, wanting and needing them to find that HEA. Not only that but the chemistry was intense, resulting in some red hot sex scenes.

What really stands out for me is that straight forward contemporary romance rarely hits the mark for me. Add in suspense, BDSM, comedy, sci-fi, paranormal elements etc and I’m fine. But contemporary, especially one that includes the concept of ‘billionaire’ (a huge turn OFF normally for me) would usually have me running in the opposite direction. I’m glad the author’s name was enough to persuade me to try this, because if I hadn’t I would have missed out on an amazing and wonderful book.

This author continues to enthral and enamour me. I discovered her via a short story in an anthology and then read her first foray into romantic suspense with Scarlet Mark. If she hadn’t told me it was her first attempt in the genre I would never have guessed she hadn’t written in it before. I’m now off to go and purchase her entire catalogue of books, because I know I will love them.



Even rebels have regrets.
Mine has a name: Jamie.

When news of Jean Perry’s passing reaches me, I feel a moment of selfish relief and hope that I might be able to reconcile the most consequential mistake of my life.

There’s only one problem.
Her sister.
Avery Perry.

The moment I see the way my son looks at her, I’m reminded of a past I thought long buried. There’s more to this arrangement than meets the eye and there’s only one way to learn more.

It’s time to play house.

No feelings. Just observation. And maybe a little seduction along the way.

I am a rebel, after all.
And not all rebels are worthy of redemption.

Book Review · Contemporary Romance


3.75 Stars ⭐⭐⭐✨

Whilst this is a tale of never judging a book by it’s cover, this cover does do the story justice.

I very much enjoyed this tale of troubled Starr and confused Spencer. Both main characters were incredibly easy to like and empathise with, I could feel myself building an easy connection with them both. Even Starr blowing hot and cold felt understandable given recent events and a controlling ex.

There are quite a few sub-plots running through the book and, whilst they added a lovely depth and richness to the story, I do think they distracted from the romance element a little. I felt the chemistry between the couple, and we had plenty of confuddled feelings from the pair but I wasn’t 100% convinced I’d seen them fall in love. I needed just a touch more passion, I wanted to be swept away by emotion a little more. 

No Hearbreaker Required is still very much a full of feels book, in the main emotions and feelings were really well portrayed. JoAnn Sky is very much a talented writer who makes reading feel so easy. That might sound an odd thing to say but I’ve read enough books where it feels as though I’m having to put in effort to get through it. It is never an issue with this book, the story just flows really smoothly, carrying you along in its gentle embrace.

As mentioned before, there are several story strands running throughout the plot. I liked how it added colour to the palette, painting a whole picture for us rather than providing a sketched outline. It also allowed us to gain valuable insight into both Starr and Spencer’s personalities, to see them grow and connect as the story progressed.

Whilst there are some steamier scenes, not only is this fairly slow burn but it is also a fade-to-grey book. However that didn’t make it any less enjoyable of a read but is a plus for those who don’t enjoy graphic or copious sex scenes.



When an avalanche crushes her world, Olympic hopeful Starr Taylor loses her job, her boyfriend, and worst of all, her confidence. She’s working on getting her life back together and moving forward, and it certainly won’t be with Spencer Kensington, the far-too-attractive playboy lawyer she’s forced to play nice with at their friends’ wedding. Unfortunately, Spencer’s trip to Reno gets extended unexpectedly, and Starr suddenly finds herself way too close for comfort with the man she’s quickly realizing is more than he appears.

Spencer is a tough, no-nonsense New York businessman with a no-commitment rule in the bedroom. But a few days of living with Starr, feeding goats and helping her save troubled teens, has him feeling something he can’t identify. In fact, the more Spencer gets to know the surprisingly vulnerable and tempting woman, the duller his superficial life in the city starts to seem. But everything he’s worked for is waiting for him, and as Spencer’s flight back home grows closer, he’s left wondering if the life he has is really the life he wants.

Each book in the Biggest Little Love series is STANDALONE:
* No Cowboy Required
* No Heartbreaker Required

Book Review · Contemporary Romance · NA

STRUGGLE (BEAUTIFUL BOOK 1) by Lilliana Anderson

4 stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This book was formally A Beautiful Struggle and the novella Too Close. Consequently this makes it a fairly long read, but it is well worth spending the time on, as it’s also a rather wonderful story.

Overall I had a very positive experience reading this and on reflection would say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I liked the initial scene setting, world building and getting to know the main players. However I’m going to be brutally honest and say that there was a part of this book that dragged for me. From about 35%-45% I just wasn’t quite feeling it, the pace felt slow and the story line a little repetitive. Then **POW** it really kicked up a gear and I found the Lilliana Anderson I know and love. I found the emotional turmoil, the heartache, the feelings that I had only caught passing moments of, until that point.

This is ‘sort of’ a love triangle, with Katrina torn between her BFF David and her work colleague Elliot. David is the one who she has loved for a very long time but who has already said no to any chance of a relationship. The one man who has always been there for her and can be relied upon, too special to risk losing. Elliot is the hot guy in the office, the one all the girls lust after, but work have a no relationships rule. Is a relationship worth risking their jobs for?

There are times when neither guy deserves Katrina, at one point I even felt as though she should give Connor a chance. They both have baggage that ends up hurting Katrina, leaving the question of who will get their act together first and give her the HEA she deserves?

Since this is an update and re-release of both A Beautiful Struggle and Too Close, I already know who the hero of Book #2 Forever is. Which gave me a heads up of what to expect in this, without actually giving away any spoilers for how this plot would play out. Now in some ways I thought she forgave her ‘forever’ guy a little too easily BUT the heart wants what the heart wants. (view spoiler in my GR review)

The entire story is from Katrina’s point of view, though the author writes with such emotion and passion, that it was very easy to understand how other characters are feeling too. I loved how my feelings towards ALL the main characters altered over the course of the book. There were times I liked them and other times I loathed them, but never did I not care about them – a sure sign of excellent writing.

Katrina very much felt like the young adult she was, sometimes she was naive or foolish, sometimes just down right careless but always believable and real. I sometimes forgot David was the same age, he occasionally felt older, however when I did remind myself of the facts it made his behaviour so much more understandable. Whilst a little older, Elliott was still somewhere between boy and man, evidenced by his lack of backbone where his father was involved. I have to say, normally NA isn’t my thing, the fact that I enjoyed this is further evidence of how good I find this author’s writing.

I loved how the Too Close gave us a deeper understanding of David. It also altered my perception of Struggle, though I’m still undecided on whether I would have preferred to read it first or not. I do recommend reading this book for NA fans, those who love a good emotional contemporary romance and fans of the author. It’s a cracking good read.

“Are you dating him?”
I’ve been best friends with David since the beginning of high school, and that question has been asked about us a lot. It’s like people can’t fathom how a super hot, charismatic guy can be just friends with an overly tall, boyish-figured girl. Wait. I think they probably can, because the next question is always a hopeful, “He’s single?”

David is always single. But, he’s never wanting. 

Girls throw themselves at his feet like he’s some kind of rockstar. But not me. No. I’m just his friend; a fact he likes to remind me of at every opportunity. 

And I’m OK with that—I think—because he’s right. Our friendship is too important. And honestly, I don’t want to be one of David’s girls. I see the way he uses them to meet his needs then casts them aside when his interest wanes. I’m not about that life. I want something more. 

Something I don’t think David is capable of giving me. 

That’s not to say I’m immune to his charms. I’ve never been immune. 

delight in the way his eyes twinkle when he smiles at me. 

relish in the way his voice ripples beneath my skin when we share a secret moment. 

And I love the way his fingers feel against my skin when we touch… 


Yes, I’ve always loved David. Problem is, David has never loved me. Not the way I want him to, anyway. 

So, what’s a girl to do? Pine and hope for something that will never come? Or suck it up and move on? 

I’m choosing to accept my reality and move on, a choice made easier when I start a new job and the hot AF junior solicitor shows an interest in me despite our office’s ‘No Dating’ policy. 

David should be happy for me. Elliot is the first guy I’ve felt a deep attraction to in years. Despite the secrecy needed, he seems like the perfect distraction from my troubles, the perfect solution to heal my heart. He even likes David and doesn’t make an issue about my best friend being a guy. 

But David isn’t happy. In fact, he’s downright angry over my new relationship. He says he’s worried I’ll get hurt again. But I don’t know, it feels bigger than that. It feels like I’m losing my best friend. Even though I’m playing by his rules. 

What am I supposed to do? While I’m torn with indecision, the choice could be made for me. And this time, I might lose everything… 

Katrina struggles with following her heart or following her mind in this gripping romantic drama featuring new and extended scenes from books A Beautiful Struggle and Too Close, republished as Struggle: Beautiful Series, one.


Contemporary Romance · Cowboy · Romantic Suspense


Release Date: May 20, 2019 

Cami had one dream she refused to give up on:  Sawyer Knight. 

“We’re going to the ranch. This Daddy is taking care of all his little ones.” 

Before she was twenty-one, Camille Hendrix had been lied to, cheated on, assaulted twice, forced into a loveless marriage, divorced, and left to fend for herself with one baby and another on the way. She had also been loved by a man she left without a word of explanation and missed every day of her life. Now, with a nursing degree and two preschoolers she was determined to return to her hometown and make a life, if possible, with the only man she ever loved. But was it too much to ask? Someone in town thought so.  

Sawyer Knight was the most sought-after playboy in three counties and probably more. Everyone knew the woman he loved had suddenly left town without a word. Since then, Sawyer could be seen most weekends at the Whet Whistle, kicking up dust, getting toasted, and going home with a different woman. No woman was permanent in his life and Sawyer made that known loud and clear, until Cami came back to town. She was divorced, a mother, and life weary but when he laid eyes on her in his brother’s house, she was still the most beautiful, feisty woman he’d ever seen. Maybe more than ever because her strength of character shone through the battle scars and his heart immediately yearned for her. If he claimed her this time, he wouldn’t let her go without a fight. It seemed the first opponent had already entered the ring. 

This is book two in the Clearwater Ranch series but can be enjoyed as a standalone. 

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary western romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, sensual scenes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase. 

Blushing Store 

“What have I always said about keeping the truth from me?” 

“I’m not. Honest.” She leaned into his t-shirt covered chest. He couldn’t really know. 

“Is that your last answer, baby girl?” 

“Yes, because it’s the truth.” 

 Her heart was beating faster, she knew it, and her head was beginning to pound as it always did when she lied to him. She wasn’t lying, she told herself, it really wasn’t anything. Normal stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

“I’m glad you have decided to be naughty, baby, because I’ve wanted to heat this bottom up for several weeks. From the first night you appeared at Piper and Jackson’s house, actually.” Camille attempted to step back but only her feet moved. Sawyer had her held tight to him. “Let’s get you into position.” 

“No, you can’t possibly believe that I’ll allow you to spank me like you used to, Sawyer. I’m an adult. I have children.” “No? Are you telling your daddy, no?” 

“No? Are you telling your daddy, no?” 

Camille heard the demanding words and her core clenched, her belly flexed, her mouth went dry. “Yes. I am telling you no way.” Her voice sounded like sandpaper. 

“I’ve missed your sass, honey.” 

Picking her up and sitting on the edge of the bed, he had her over his knee way too fast. He took some time to brush her hair out of the way and rub circles on her back before he moved down to pat her bare bottom. Camille could feel the chill raise bumps on her skin and the shiver that came with it uncontrolled. 

“We have some things to discuss, sweetheart. This is as good a place to do as any.” 

“Sawyer,” she rasped, “the children.” 

“Are asleep, did I not tell you that? The walls and doors are heavy. And before you bring up Walker or Belinda, they won’t be back for a while. And even if they were, Belinda’s bedroom is off the kitchen and Walker has moved downstairs so he doesn’t wake the kids up when he gets in the shower at five in the morning.” 

“Sawyer, please,” Camille begged him to change his mind although her contrary body was aching for him to continue. 

“As I was saying, we’re going to talk about a few things. The first is when you found out you were pregnant why didn’t you call me?” 

“I told you I didn’t think he was yours. I thought since we hadn’t had sex in two months, it was likely to be Aiden’s. Besides, my parents wanted me to leave town before anyone could figure it out. And I thought you wouldn’t want me.” His hand landed on her bottom, sizzling it good. “Please, Sawyer, that hurts.” 

“Then I haven’t lost my touch.”