Mastered by Malone by Laylah Roberts

Mastered by Malone by Laylah Roberts - Now Available! Available Wide!!Amazon US → UK → CA → AU → BLURB: She’d seen one dead body too many…Mia Alcott was in a whole crap load of trouble. The only witness to a horrific crime, she’s on the run, trying … Continue reading Mastered by Malone by Laylah Roberts


Her Montana Master (Stateside Doms Book 1) by Maren Smith Reading this made me want to immediately one-click all the Maren Smith books I haven't yet bought. This was just - *swoon*,  sigh - quite simply wonderful. The whole book revolves very much around Maddon and Clover, with just a handful of scenes involving other characters. … Continue reading HER MONTANA MASTER


Release Date: May 20, 2019  Cami had one dream she refused to give up on:  Sawyer Knight.  “We’re going to the ranch. This Daddy is taking care of all his little ones.” Before she was twenty-one, Camille Hendrix had been lied to, cheated on, assaulted twice, forced into a loveless marriage, divorced, and left to fend for herself … Continue reading CAMILLE’S SECOND CHANCE by Alyssa Bailey