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#BookReview #DarkRomance #TBT // Isak & Red by Cari Silverwood

Isak & Red
The Possession of Red #2
by Cari Silverwood

A “blast from the past” review.

Wordless, and with her own eyes gleaming a strange darkness as if I’d infected her with my vileness, she trailed after me. It was just the night time shadows, although the idea of her joining me in my murderous, lecherous world was intriguing.

For those that don’t know, this is the conclusion to the story that began in Used, the book that made suitcases a trigger for me. Whilst this can read standalone, reading it definitely works so much better if you read Used first, imparting a clearer understanding of what went before. There are also references to what (I believe) was a fairly brief scene in Wolfe, but you definitely don’t need to have read that one to follow the plot of this.

Mesmers are men infected by a virus allowing him the ability to control the minds of susceptible women. It also brings out – enhances? – any darkness that resides in his soul, and boy does Isak have an abundance of that. I absolutely hated him by the end of Used, though thankfully he does travel the path to redemption in ISAK & Red. At the start of the book, he is still very much a monster, a man with no redeeming features at all. Even his obsession for Red is riddled with evil, with him not truly caring about her welfare at all.

I had taken Red and used her like a toilet roll to assuage desires, then thrown her away until I wanted her again. A human man was more than lust. Should be more. Yet the sadism called me. The blushing reds striping her ass. The minute trickles of blood. The straining of her mouth and her whimpers as I whipped her then made her come in almost the same second.

As the story progresses circumstances, and a concussion, bring Isak to a new awareness. A new consciousness and conscience – almost. Despite having free reign, the monster in him remains unsatisfied, feels discontent. The world is boring, bland, colourless, an amorphous blur even when he lets his most base, most deviant, most perverted desires run free. So Isak embarks on a journey to regain (some of) his humanity, but it’s a path littered with pain, fear and whippings, well it is if your name happens to be Red.

Don’t. This way lies death. Did it, though? Crux point. Pivotal point. Go this way or go that way. Is this what I wanted? I didn’t like the fear I saw in Red. Or the amount of fear to be precise. I liked fear, just not this stark intensity. I did not like the me that had made this happen. Stopping myself though was entirely different.

As some of the old –the real? – Isak emerges, Red finds herself starting to like him. And therein lies a conundrum, after everything he has made her endure – the suffering, the humiliation, the degradation – how can she ever forgive and forget? The scorching hot, kinky sex and mind-blowing orgasms go some way to persuading her, but even that isn’t quite enough to do the job. Red miscalculated in the past, she seriously underestimated the threat Isak posed to her very sanity and wellbeing. Thankfully this is a girl who has learnt from her mistakes, but untangling herself from the web she is caught in will not be easy.

Could the drug do this? Could it make him think like a normal-ish man? I did not know. He might by lying. I wished he wasn’t but wishes weren’t real.

I found myself as easily captured by this story as a woman entranced by a Mesmer. I didn’t want to put it down, mesmerised by the writing and curious as to what would happen next. And I wasn’t ever disappointed. We are given adventure, action, sex, kink and a bad, bad man who is so very good at certain things. Plus a pretty awesome heroine too. For those who don’t mind darker themes in their stories and kink, this is a great story.

Little did she know how close I had come to being bad. Being good was not easy.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Erotic Capture Fantasy


Red fell into my hands and I kept her. Full stop. Done deal.
I’ve been wading in a sea of crime, abduction, and depravity for so long that it’s nothing to me.
Until the day some men discover I can make most women do anything for me. These jerks want to use me to make them millions? They think they’re powerful? If they persist, I will destroy them. But the way they hurt Red… it makes me look at myself.
“I need you to help me become human again,” I tell her. “Do it and I will release you.”
Is this love? I can see her wondering, but I’m messed up. I’m dead inside. I’m stone.
Love is impossible, and I will never release her.

Guaranteed to contain dark themes, a HEA (happily ever after), and triggers.
This is the conclusion of the story of Isak and Red.
Part 1: Used
Part 2: ISAK & Red

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#BookReview #DarkRomance // His Keepsake by Cari Silverwood

His Keepsake
by Cari Silverwood

I slumped into the sofa once they released me, feeling all the small hurts multiply and flare. Those waned and merged into a sea of pleasant pain, as if I were an instrument recently played by an entire orchestra.

What happens when a girl who wants to be forced is taken by a man who wants to make her obey? You get His Keepsake. This book is twisted, wrong, scorching hot, sexy, dangerous and devastating. It was impossible to guess where the story was heading, whether Emme would ever discover Grayson wasn’t the man she thought he was and how two people who wanted, needed, to eschew free choice could ever hope to find a HEA.

Despite wondering if Emme was entirely sane, I adored her character, strength, determination, and brattiness, whilst I found Grayson utterly intriguing. His morals were so twisted but, despite taking what wasn’t his, he demonstrated a protective and caring attitude towards Emme. An attitude that was evidenced by his response to the CNC party. I found myself constantly wondering where the story would take Emme, Grayson and, possibly, Axl. After all, when your only desire is to be given no choice or to allow no choice, any possible relationship is bound to be fraught with danger and disappointment, this one was no exception.

She squirmed, and I propped my booted foot on her chest. “Do you like breathing, Emme? Move again and my heel will be on your throat, instead. Do you know how fragile a throat can be?”
Threats were easy. Threats were

The story is a strange dichotomy of scorching chemistry and excruciating terror, depraved debauchery and gentle tenderness. Lust oozes from its very pages, equalled only by the disquieting sense of wrongness. Yet nestled within the misdeeds is a strong sense of rectitude, a desire to do the wrong things for the right reasons amidst an inclination to do no permanent harm, at least not emotionally. There is also a delightful juxtaposition of snarky humour and dark misadventure that leaves the reader questioning their reading choices!

Grayson is just the right side of bad, well at least most of the time he is. He has a line he will not cross, though it’s open to negotiation. Axl is very much the bad influence in this story, with a desire to do some very bad things to our poor Emme.

“I’d return his toy dirty and slightly damaged. It was the least I could do. The chainsaw he’d borrowed last summer had ended up in the repair shop for a month.”

I shivered with delight at his relegating Emme to having no more importance than a possession, a boy’s toy.

The ending broke me a lot little, and then rather gently put me back together, before slapping my ass, calling me a dirty slut and rogering me senseless. Utter perfection.

I had put myself at his mercy and yet I knew nothing about the quality of his mercy.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Erotic Romance


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Some cravings cannot be denied. That was me with CNC. Going to clubs didn’t make me feel anything anymore. I wanted a soul-wrenching, destructive encounter with a stranger.
I wanted to be kept by someone… in a basement, or in a cage, like a bird or a treasured object?
I could pretend, couldn’t I? As long as we had a code, the beginning was SANE.
That would be fine. All good.
But when he didn’t say THE word… THAT word. I wonder if he is just messing with me?
Maybe this is a real abduction. If so, I should be scared.

Who knew that one day I would do what I had fantasized about for years? Or that my best friend would insist on joining me.
This is fun. Filthy. Darker than a grave with the hole filled in, except, she isn’t getting killed. I might keep her forever, though I’m not telling her that.
Or that I’m not the man she arranged to meet.I open my cellar door and study this precious creature I’ve caught, from her toes to those pretty, tear-filled eyes.

This story has a HEA but for some that will not be enough. There are more triggers in this dark tale than stars in the sky.

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#BookReview #Dark #PsychologicalSuspense // What Lies by Willow Madison

What Lies
Existential Angst #1
by Willow Madison

It’s not often I’m at a loss for words in a review, but Willow Madison has completely effed up my brain with this book. Every single moment of this book is wrong, wrong, WRONG, but also absolutely perfect in a disgustingly degraded and beautifully broken way. There is definitely something very wrong with me for having loved What Lies as much as I did.

Gut-wrenching, horrifying and disturbingly compelling I could NOT put this book down. I felt so many emotions whilst reading this, I railed against the injustice of Larissa’s situation, I begged her to fight to the bitter end (though it wouldn’t have made for a good story, lol), I rejoiced in her strength and understood her decisions. I wanted to stab Him through the eye with a rusty fork, yet loved how utterly devoted he was to Larissa. He’s as crazy as a box of frogs and I’m still reserving judgement on what I want to happen to him.

The intensity of the story left me with a massive book hangover and I cannot wait for What Love.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dark Romance


Taken without a trace. Held by a sadist intent on loving her.

He said I was the only perfect woman in the world. It’s why he had to have me.

“The game today, Larissa, is called pick your poison.”
He took me while I was sitting alone in my backyard. I had my feet cooling in the pool, face heating in the sun when his shadow eclipsed all happiness four days ago. I don’t remember any sounds or words, only waking up here…and his games.

“I expect you to either make a choice, or don’t.”
In this box of horrors, he wanted me to find my purpose. I thought I already had—to save my heart from pain and to hold out for freedom.

Turns out, I wasn’t wrong. Only my perceptions were. And he’s giving me a chance to choose again.

“I’m going to hurt you.”
I’ve been a monster for him, a perfect version of myself, and I don’t think I can pretend that I haven’t liked it. Whoever said knowledge is power wasn’t chained up when they said it.

What Lies is a prequel to What Love and should be read first.

Trigger Warning: Contains explicit scenes, on-page violence, the dubiest of dub con, blood, a dark captor – captive romance, a jealous / possessive / obsessive antihero, and gripping psychological suspense. Also loads of angst (it’s in the title after all). No cheating. Author’s version of happy for now.

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REVIEW ~~ Dark Erotica // The Prey by Claire Thompson

The Prey
Claire Thompson

How can a book as dark, twisted and tormented as this is leave me on an incredible high with a sappy smile on my face a glistening tear in my eye?

Mara’s story is not an easy one to read, but her resilience, her strength and emotional fortitude left me with a feeling of empowerment, despite the dark themes that run through the book. I really liked her character and was so happy with how the book ended when she got the future she so very much wanted and deserved. There is a romance in here of sorts, though it isn’t a conventional one and we don’t really get to see much of it. The main focus is on Mara’s suffering and the cruel, erotic treatment she is subjected to.

This is a gird your loins, buckle in and pull up your big girl pants read that is not suitable for those with triggers around non-con situations, including sadism. It’s a somewhat uncomfortable ride at times, pushing boundaries and definitely not relaxing. The situations it describes leaves me on edge, uncomfortable, emotions taut and heart pounding. I love that feeling! Whilst this won’t be for everyone it is Claire Thompson at her darkly erotic best and I do recommend it to all dark erotica fans.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dark Erotic Romantic


Lured. Abducted. Trained. Hunted…

False pretenses brought Mara to the island, where she’s held captive. Forced to submit, brutally trained and harshly disciplined, Mara is determined to escape.

Dangerous, high-powered men claim her at their whim. Mara’s trainers demand far more than just her service as a pleasure sub to their guests. But nothing can prepare her to become… the prey.

Previously titled: Hunted

Warning: This Dark Obsessions novel is an edgy, explicit captive tale. Read only if you dare…

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REVIEW – Romantic Suspense // Disciplined by Sansa Rayne

(The Masters, #2)
by Sansa Rayne

Whilst I couldn’t quite give this the full 5 stars it was still a really good read and a great second instalment to the trilogy. I wasn’t quite sure where the plot would take us and I have to say that the author managed to surprise me more than once with her twists and turns.

Back in New York, back to her job, but things are most certainly NOT back to normal for Kate. She and Ingram have to tread a very rocky path as it is, and at least one of the Masters seems determined to throw obstacles in their way. Kate starts to question where her loyalties should lie and whether she is trusting foolishly. For me this gave more credibility to the story and was something I very much appreciated.

Ingram’s method of encouraging Kate to submit to the Masters’ instructions were a nice touch, but the execution of that was a little less convincing. It felt more like him indulging his kinks and fetishes rather than strengthening her resolve and ability to “play along”.

Personally it felt as though the first half lacked pace, with too much kink/sex and too little suspense for my tastes. I just needed the a little more forward movement on the plot, though I’m sure plenty of others loved all the steamy sex scenes. During their scene at the club Kate wasn’t given a safeword / gesture, given that she was firmly gagged and with no idea of what would transpire during the scene, I was left feeling a little uncomfortable.

Once that pace picked up I was hooked and really didn’t want to put the book down. In fact I didn’t until I’d completed the book, and I loved every frustrating setback, every shocking twist and even that nasty cliff-hanger ending. Book #3 can’t drop on my kindle soon enough!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dark Romantic Suspense


They let me live… but I’ll never be free.
I bought my way out of hell. I paid with my soul. From now on, they control me. Wherever I go, whatever I do, they’ll know. One wrong move and they’ll kill me… or worse.
Ingram swears he’ll free me from the Masters, but he needs time. Until then, I must obey without question. Instinct tells me to resist. I can’t ignore it forever.
Ingram’s love sustains me. His discipline gives me strength. But he needs my help as much as I need his. A specter from his past seeks revenge. Cunning and merciless, Ingram’s enemy has started a war.
And I’m the one caught in the middle.

If you’re a dark romance fan, Disciplined will grip you from start to finish. Grab a copy now and take a ride that will leave you breathless and begging for more!

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