Review //\\ Breaking the Chains

Breaking the Chain
(Stronghold Doms, #4)
by Golden Angel

The Stronghold Doms is a wonderful series about a group of friends who all attend (or end up attending) a BDSM club. In Breaking the Chain we get to know the story of Leigh, best friend to the heroine of Book 1, and Jared, an original member of the group. This pair connect through their mutual unhappy love lives. Jared having been in a fairly toxic relationship whilst Leigh’s ex had an early mid-life crisis. Having invested years of their lives in relationships that have recently failed, both are understandably cautious about jumping into a new one with both feet.

I found both main characters to be very believable, their reactions, their fears, their responses and decisions all felt very natural and realistic. It was very easy to buy into their growing connection and scorching hot chemistry. There is no unnecessary angst or drama in the story in terms of the main characters and their relationship. There’s plenty of upset caused by Marissa, a total drama queen who only wants what she can no longer have. However Jared and Leigh don’t let this impact on their relationship and I liked that the author demonstrated how a mature couple navigate the turbulence that life often throws into our pathways.

I maybe felt the pace was a little slow at times, though none of the story felt like idle filler used to add pages rather than content. Overall the writing is very strong, Golden Angel portrays very realistic kink relationships, even if the fact that they are all great friends, all into BDSM and have a club on their doorstep is a little stretch on reality. Leigh and Jarad’s was almost more of a DD relationship than a truly kinky one, the play never extending much past spankings and making it ideal if you are new or less enthused by the genre but want to sample this author’s work.

One of the real great strengths of the Stronghold Doms series is just how stand alone each story is. Sometimes there is a slight overlap in the timeline of books, and if you start with the latest there will definitely be a few minor spoilers for earlier books. This is a great series of reads that I am more than happy to recommend.

Come and meet the Stronghold Doms…

Jared and Leigh both know what it’s like to be trapped in a seven year relationship where they give more than they get, the question is whether or not they can move on from them.

Two steps forward, one step back. That’s how Jared’s life feels when it comes to his ex Marissa. Every time he thinks he’s escaped the vortex of her emotional demands, she ends up sucking him right back in; but for the first time, he thinks he might have the strength to pull free entirely. At least he hopes so. Right now it just seems like he’s hurting everyone around him and he doesn’t know how to make it right.

Leigh Douglas spent seven years with the man she thought she would one day marry, but she’s now realized that she needs him to fight just as hard for her as she always fought for him. Since he won’t, she’s working on getting over him and finding someone who won’t take her for granted. On the other side of the equation, she’s definitely falling for Jared, but he’s still entangled with his ex. No one can understand the hooks that Marissa has in him like Leigh can, but that doesn’t mean that she’s willing to take the back-seat again in another relationship.

As Jared tries to side-step his ex and Leigh takes her first steps into the domination and submission-filled world of the Stronghold club, their friends hold a collective breath as everyone wonders whose heart will be broken in the end.

This is a full-length character driven BDSM romance with hot scenes and a HEA. It can be read on its own, although is more fulfilling when read as part of the Stronghold series. Breaking the Chain is approximately 93k words long.

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REVIEW //\\ True Nature

by Willow Madison

Now I know how my friends felt after reading this. I’m not quite sure just what I want/need to say.

So I’ve seen rave reviews and scathing reviews, for this book, and I can see how both have merit, because this deals with a D/s relationship that verges on the abusive. The deciding factor for me was that Lucy chose Max, even knowing what might be instore for her (more on this later). There are a lot of things about Max to dislike, but none of that is due to bad writing or bad characterisation. In fact I’m pretty certain this is a deliberate move by the author and it certainly had me questioning both his morals AND my morals at times. You don’t have to like Max to enjoy this story, in fact I’m firmly in camp “toss his ass to the kerb” at the moment. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds and experiencing the journey it takes me on.

I liked Lucy, she was sometimes confused by her reactions, and struggled with her unexpected responses to Max. To quote her directly 

“My brain said to run, my body said to stay, my heart… my heart was afraid to decide.” 

There were times she felt a little weak BUT that’s from my perspective of knowing I could never be that submissive in a relationship. It was what Lucy craved, so if it was OK for her, who am I to judge? Between SSC, RACK and mind-your-own-goddamn-business, no one decides on someone else’s relationship.

Max knew exactly what type of relationship he wanted, it verged on a Master/slave one. He pretty much wanted to dictate Lucy’s entire life, at times it felt almost to the point of what she thought. And however much my modern, liberated woman brain screams against that, if it is what works for the couple involved it is no-one else’s business. We did get an insight into why he feels the way he does, and whilst it doesn’t excuse some of his behaviour, it does explain it and allow us to understand his motivations.

What did cause problems for me is that in that particular dynamic the welfare of the sub/slave should be paramount to the Dom/Master. Her needs should be met and her safety, both physical and mental, taken care of. Max was sometimes a thoughtless, selfish, ignorant ass and I severely wanted to kick his behind on more than one occasion.  If he wants total control of her he has a responsibility for her welfare, ones that he frequently seems to shirk. For example, despite knowing how overwhelmed Lucy is at meeting his parents for the first time, despite knowing she needs his support, he sends her to help in the kitchen and later on orders her around like his skivvie, despite her not having agreed to a “dynamic” style of relationship at that point. He also ignores her distress “I stand up and Lucy gives me a pleading look.” and her pain “I can’t… I’m too sore.” (for more sex). He is either totally responsible for Lucy or he isn’t, but it shouldn’t only be when it suits him.

I also struggled with how he revelled in her fear. She should fear a punishment but not because of the pain it causes but because of the disturbance to their dynamic. And should Max really enjoy her fear in those situations? Hmmmm……..

So getting back to the “might” from earlier. I did feel that at the end this did stray into the area of dubious consent, when Max punished Lucy before he had discussed consequences of her actions – particularly when she hadn’t been punished for it previously.  However when given the choice she DID decide to stay. Whether she is staying in a consensual relationship or an abusive one remains to be seen in the next book. Which I bought and read the moment I’d finished this one.

A warning comes with this book. It’s not a typical hearts and flowers romance. There are thorns and it’s not for the faint-of-heart.

Max, true to his nature, takes control right from the start. Lucy has no choice but to give in. As she fights to understand her willingness to give him everything, he pushes her for more.

Theirs is a journey with many a twist and turn, but isn’t love always? It’s the slow build that happens when sweet and shy meets determined and dominant.

In the end, the choice is clear. Stay or go. Love or leave. Be what is needed or turn away from True Nature.

This is the start of something darker. True Nature is the first book in a series that includes two alternative endings. See for yourself why fans are saying this makes all the other dark romances look like greyed out shades of fairytales.

NOTE: All the books in this series are available for purchase/download now, so you won’t be left wanting or waiting. This series involves a combination of Domestic Discipline, D/s, and Sm
Now Available in Paperback too!

Max is a gentleman. A very old fashioned guy. He explained to me. That previous girlfriends had claimed he was chauvinistic, misogynistic, a bully, possessive, antiquated, abusive. He used those words.

And he said he didn’t care if that’s how today’s world would view him. He only cared about being true to himself…and about how I viewed him.

Therein lies the problem…how do I view him? How do I reconcile the loving, gentle man who takes such attentive care of me, to the one who makes me wet ordering me around, to the one who scares me with how much he demands?! I don’t know what to think!


I lift Lucy’s chin to my face. She slowly raises her eyes. The most beautiful light blue, the lids a little red from crying. “Let me see you.”

She blinks the last of her tears away as I turn her face to the right. “You’ll have a mark.” She tries to jerk her head away, but I hold her in place. Only her eyes dart to me, the fear back in an instant. “You can look in a minute.” I let go of her face, putting my hand back around her waist. She’s still shaking a little. She sniffs and starts to lower her face again.

“You have one more thing to do before you can wipe your face and nose.” Her head jerks back up. I love how responsive she is…how open she is. Her eyes tell me so much…fear, hope, and that beautiful look of shame again. “You have to say you’re sorry for misbehaving.” 

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5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.
4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.
3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.
2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.
1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.

MISSING PIECES ~~~ Book Review

Missing Pieces series
by RJ Gray, Stella Moore and Rachel Blake

Finding Rowena by Rachel Blake


Adopted as an infant, Rowena Erikson has a nearly perfect life with wonderful, loving parents and her sexy, dominant husband, Octavius, who adores her.

She’s always wondered about her biological family, but never thought she’d actually meet them – until an extraordinary series of events reveals she has not just one, but two identical sisters.
She is a triplet!

However, her newfound family is nothing like she imagined. Each sister is struggling with her own heartache, and as Rowena has learned the hard way, perfect is just an illusion.

Publisher’s Note: This story contains elements of power exchange.

Review – 3.5 Stars

On balance Finding Rowena is an engaging and enjoyable read and one that I recommend if your looking for a lighter BDSM/ DD read. The characters are likeable, Rowena and Octavius are already a couple so whilst there wasn’t so much of a romance there is plenty of steam both BDSM and discipline wise. The pace was good and there are some great supporting characters.

There were a few minor issues that meant I wasn’t able to rate this any higher than “liked it”. The first is that it felt as if I’d arrived in the middle of a story or series of books, characters and situations were spoken about as though I already had knowledge of them. This proved to be quite distracting at times and left me floundering a little.

The book also felt a little more tell than show. Since Octavius/O/Bear/Daddy (perhaps one name would have been sufficient?) and Ro were already in a dynamic and married this didn’t prove too much of an issue in terms of believing in their relationship. However it DID impact on what felt like a very abrupt and slightly out of left field decision at the end. Because we didn’t hear their ‘mental thought processes’ it felt like choices and actions came out of nowhere.

The final thing was that I wasn’t quite sure what the actual main focus of the book was, which also played into me being a little surprised by the ending. I thought the story was heading somewhere else altogether! There are quite a few loose ends left at the end of this book, which I assume will be picked up and form part of both Teagan and Evelyn’s stories.

I liked this enough that I do intend to continue reading about them all.


Finding Teagan by RJ Gray


Will Teagan open herself up to be loved unconditionally by the new people in her life, or will she put up her defenses and shut everyone out once and for all?

Growing up as an abandoned orphan, Teagan Smith is determined to make something of herself while providing justice for abused women and children. As a ballsy, independent police detective, she does just that. Her career is fulfilling even while her personal life is nonexistent…
Until the moment she looks up and sees her identical twin sister on television, a sister she didn’t know she had. Using her detective skills, she discovers not one but two identical sisters. Triplets.

Teagan suddenly goes from having no family to an instant sibling group. Not only does she have two sisters to contend with, but her brother-in-law’s best friend is a dominant, nosy, and incredibly sexy former navy Seal who won’t take no for an answer. He challenges Teagan to love not only him, but herself as well. He makes demands that even her training could have never prepared her for.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.

Review – 4 Stars

This is a very pleasant read, maybe not the deepest of stories but it was both captivating and entertaining. Luca and Teagan were immensely likeable characters and I found it easy to buy into their feelings for one another. The book easily held my attention and I loved how Luca supported Teagan as she struggled, disciplining her but also treating her with respect and care.

This is a Domestic Discipline story, with elements of power exchange, but whilst it was discussed a fair amount we actually saw very few discipline scenes first hand. I felt the balance of plot, steam and discipline was excellent, the pace and story never dragged. Whilst I’m not sure that type of relationship would be for me, the author definitely portrayed it in a way that made it easy to understand and also to enjoy. I always wonder when the guy says “you’ll answer to me”, who exactly HE will answer to, but then he shows just how thoughtful, caring and dependable he is, so I let it pass!

I’ve not read RJ Gray before but I will make an effort to do so in the future.


Finding Evie by Stella Moore


New beginnings come at a price…

Adopted into a life of wealth and privilege, Evelyn Berkshire’s ivory tower has become her prison. Her fiancé, the charming, newly elected governor of Oregon, is a monster, and she is convinced she will never escape. That is, until she meets the sisters she was separated from at birth, and they refuse to abandon her to a life of hidden bruises and fake smiles.

Through her sisters, she finds the pieces of herself she never realized were missing, including the adorably nerdy former Navy SEAL, Jason Campbell. Evelyn is drawn to his quiet strength, and he quickly becomes the rock she clings to when her life spins out of control.

But when their carefully crafted escape plan takes an unexpected turn, her faith in her new family is put to the test. Can Evelyn trust them to do what’s right, or will she strike out on her own and risk the lives of everyone she loves?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, action-packed romance contains elements of power exchange.

Review – 4 Stars

This was. at times, quite an emotional read and I found myself not wanting to put it down. Most of the story is tied up in this book, with Evie finding the perfect man in her Daddy Dom, Jason.

One of the impressive things about this book is that the secondary characters still feel true even though this book was written by yet another author. The plot was really captivating, the pace held my attention from start to finish and I really, really enjoyed every moment of reading this.

Missing Pieces is a fantastic series and one I’m very happy to recommend.


Finding Forever by Rachel Blake, RJ Gray and Stella Moore


Three sisters, separated at birth, identical down to their DNA. For over thirty years, they lived without knowledge of each other’s existence until one fateful night changed everything.

Now, a new revelation is testing the bonds of their relationships. Hidden family secrets and broken promises threaten to tear them apart and destroy the family they’ve just begun to build. And it’s not just their relationships with each other on the line.

Can they work past their differences and face these trials together? Or will these three sisters once again become nothing more than strangers who happen to look alike?

Publisher’s Note: The steamy conclusion of the Missing Pieces saga contains mystery, secrets, and elements of power exchange.

Review – 4.5 Stars

After reading the first book I so very nearly didn’t complete this series, thank goodness I had KU and decided to give book 2 a chance because I have to say the stories have gotten better and better. I really, really enjoyed this tying up of loose ends, this securing of futures, this learning to love and forgive.

As others have said, the writing flows seamlessly and there is never a feel of certain scenes or chapters having been written by one particular author. It felt as though one hand had written this story. A story that captivated me from the off, took me down some very unexpected paths, nicely showed that the guys weren’t perfect either and was packed full of adventure. It was also stuffed to the gills with feels and emotion. I may have found myself blinking away tears on more than one occasion!

The epilogue is Hallmark-ly sweet. On paper it was overdone, far to sugary and impossibly perfect. However I loved every darn minute of it and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Bravo ladies on a great series of books.

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5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.
4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.
3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.
2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.
1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.


Zara’s Surrender: Wild Mustang Security Firm by Delta James is OUT NOW!

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Zara does not want a relationship with a dominant man.
Noah wants a sweet submissive woman.
What they get is the last thing either of them wanted… each other.

Zara Hughes had her life all laid out.  Find a great story, write it and win awards and accolades.  And if the story is dangerous, all the better.  Get involved in a relationship with another dominant man?  No way.  Not happening.  Not ever again.

Noah Taylor knows what he wants in his life — danger and excitement in his job; peace and quiet at home.  After seeing his friends at Wild Mustang deal with their feisty women, he wants a nice, sweet girl who will keep the home fires burning — a woman he can love and care for and who will never give him a hard time.

When a notorious arms dealer, puts Zara in the cross-hairs of a sniper’s bullet, the result is an explosion of adventure, romance and sensuality that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It will take you on a journey from London, to the coast of Wales, to the island of Mykonos and to the glittering principality of Monaco.

Contains a hot commanding alpha male, and a woman who is denying her need to surrender to his dominance.


“Coward,” he heard a feminine voice call with a hint of amusement.

Turning towards the sound, he found himself him looking at Zara Hughes.  He’d recognize her anywhere.  She was tall, with cascading dark brown hair, luminous blue eyes and delicate features.  Those eyes were laughing … at him.

“What did you call me?” he growled trying to banish the image before him.

“You heard me … I called you a coward.  Not that I think you are afraid of danger or are anything less than honorable, but you’re still afraid.”

“Of what?  You?” It was his turn to be amused.

“Not necessarily, but of a woman like me.  You tell yourself you want some nice quiet girl who will do as you tell her, spread her legs whenever you want, give blowjobs on demand and wait at home for the great warrior to return.”

“What if I do?”

Zara laughed.  “You’d be bored out of your mind within a month.”

About Delta James

Sinfully sultry romance – that’s the world that International and US best selling author Delta James inhabits and shares with her readers. A world where alpha heroes find true love with feisty heroines. Delta’s stories are filled with erotic encounters of romance and discipline. One fan suggested it was best to have a “fan and a glass of water” when reading Delta’s stories.

Delta has been a highly successful competitor both in horse shows (Arabians, Appaloosas and Paints) and in the AKC and International Kennel Club with her beloved basset hounds.

Delta is always happy to hear from those who enjoy her work – and even those who don’t. She can be reached at

Want to be in the know about everything Delta James?

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His by Command (Primarian Mates, #2) by Maddie Taylor


This is just as good, if not better, than Book #1.

I have to say that I love how the heroines in these books don’t go all doe eyed and lose all sense of self around their mates. Maggie remains strong and determined throughout and I definitely sensed that Roth, whilst not willing to meet half way, certainly made allowances for Mags, given her unfamiliarity with their way of life. As the story unfolded he also appeared to grow in tolerance as well as try to appreciate Maggie’s perspective.

I read this back to back with the first book, and am really happy to be able to say that it is very much it’s own story and that Roth and Mags each had well developed personalities, distinct from other’s in the series. The fact that it didn’t rehash a chunk of the previous book, and any overlap was either from a new perspective or, more commonly, of events not previously experienced. I had wondered if the author would have all the stories running concurrently, which can soon lose it’s appeal, but from this book it appears that each book will both move the story arc along as well as the overall time line.

His by Command is a great read, and a little longer than most other ‘alien romance’ books I’ve come across. It has good world building and a detailed plot that goes much further than capture, spank, submit! I’d go as far as to say that the submit part is never totally achieved nor, for a power-exchange story, are their really all that many punishments. Which is great as sometimes they end up distracting from the story whereas these ones enhance it. Instead time is devoted to allowing us to connect with the main characters and to believe in their relationship.

I’m definitely up for reading book #3 and very much recommend this series.

4.25 stars


Leading an all-female crew on a deep space expedition weighs heavily on Maggie Vohlmer’s young shoulders. Their mission, find a habitable planet to replace the dying Earth. While a landing party comprised of her best and brightest scientists is exploring a promising new world, they are attacked. Maggie is left with an untenable decision, pursue a powerful enemy who has taken eight of her own, or leave them to their fate while protecting those still under her command. 

Unexpectedly, their ship is seized by the same enemy, aliens who are gorgeous, human-like men, except for their incredible height, long glossy dark hair, and extraordinary gold, teal, and violet eyes. Maggie and her crew are further shocked when they are whisked away to the aliens’ world where the males make the rules and their women are expected to follow. 

As leader of the Primarian Space Fleet, Commander Roth is dedicated to protecting his people and planet from otherworldly threats. With so much at stake, he doesn’t have the time for a mate. But fate has other plans for him, sending him the perfect match in the form of the little Earth captain. 

As the Odyssey’s captain, Maggie will not give up the fight for their freedom, not while her mission to save the people of Earth is unfulfilled. Can these two dedicated and determined leaders find a way to coexist? And will Maggie, who tries her mate’s patience at every turn, find a way to rescue both of their worlds. 




Sometimes you come across a book (or series, or author) and you wonder what rock you’ve been living under to have missed all the delightful yummy goodness. Well that’s how I felt when I started reading this series by Maddie Taylor. I’ve read a few of her BDSM romances, which I found enjoyable enough, but for me these are on another level. One of the big things is that these truly felt like a sci-fi story. It wasn’t something that was paid lip-service too, instead it was an integral part of the plot. At no point did I feel as though the story could have been set on Earth, or as though it was.

A better breed of barbarian than most!

When I first started this book I thought I was going to get the usual ‘alien captive’ fayre. Yes it had some of those common themes, a patriarchal society, where misbehaving females are spanked, and a civilisation in danger due to lack of fertile women. It also has the women being captured and claimed without any say in the matter, along with the usual tall, handsome aliens.

However this story also offered much more. For starters it was a good length, allowing us time to get to know both main characters, see a relationship/connection develop and also to include a good plot and decent world building.  The Barbarian’s Captive has a well developed alien world on which a good chunk of the story is set. Additionally there were plenty of supporting characters, several of whom we got to know fairly well. There was plenty of communication/discussion (and arguments) between Eva and Kerr, and whilst it was still a case of ‘my word is law’, I did feel as though Kerr listened to Eva and wanted her to be happy. Thankfully he didn’t presume that he knew best what would make her happy either!

In my mind the author did a good job of demonstrating the connection between Kerr and Eva, being shown their feelings and not just simply told of them. It took a few chapters for me to realise this wasn’t going to be like so many others from the genre, so if you try it, do bear that in mind. This is a book I am happy to recommend, especially if you like sci-fi power exchange stories. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series and can’t wait to see what happens next! 

4.25 stars


(Image: © Doug Cummings, Caltech)

Light years from home, plant biologist Lt. Eva La Croix and her all-female exploration team land on a planet they believe is a perfect substitute for the dying Earth. They are set upon by huge alien hunters and Eva is captured by the barbarian leader.

Deemed compatible, she and the rest of her team are whisked away to the barbarians’ world where they are matched to these powerful men. While pampered and protected, the women are expected to comply with the rules in this male dominant society.

Will Eva learn to adapt to their unusual beliefs and old-fashioned ways? Can she sacrifice her independence and surrender to this dynamic and commanding alien, or when escape is imminent, will she be able to set aside the claim he has on her heart and flee with the others, never to see him again?


WARLORD: A Dark Shifter Romance by Delta James

Warlord is a darker read, with non-consensual punishments, so reader caution is advised. It is set in a dystopian future, the same one as Virgin Tribute but this is set in the UK and focuses on wolf shifters. There are also links to the Wayward Mates series, though you absolutely don’t need to have read any other books to enjoy this one.

I really enjoyed this book, since the setting is dystopian/paranormal I can let go of societal norms and accept the patriarchal structure of the society. My modern brain doesn’t always agree with it but since the fiction isn’t mimicking ‘real life’ it is something I can live with. 

I adored Rowan, she is a feisty no nonsense heroine, raised to be a warrior and unwilling to bow to any man. Alaric is all alpha and determined to master his naughty mate. He is prepared to deliver non-consensual spankings and beltings when he feels she has misbehaved, and doesn’t mind displaying Rowan’s punished behind to his men. Conversely he also holds her in high esteem and takes great care to otherwise ensure her comfort and happiness.

Two such strong and powerful alphas are bound to clash, and their passion is scorching hot. I’m not really sure how Delta James managed it but she took me from wanting Rowan to kick Alaric’s butt, to being pleased with the relationship that unfolded. 

The story flows smoothly, the plot and pace combining perfectly to hold my attention throughout. By the end, I not only liked but also respected both main characters. I’m also hoping that we might get both Sloan and Arielle’s stories sometime in the future. If you enjoyed either the Wayward Mates series, Virgin Tribute, or like darker edged domestic discipline books, then I am only to happy to recommend this book to you.





He conquered her. Now he will claim her.

When Rowan inherited control of her pack upon her father’s death, she vowed never to marry, and many a suitor has since been sent home disappointed. But Alaric of Ravenscar is no suitor…

He is a warlord, never defeated in battle, and he has come to take what he wants. He means to conquer not just Rowan’s lands, but her beautiful virgin body as well, and her efforts to defy him merely result in her being mounted and claimed with her well-spanked bare bottom still burning.

Soon Alaric will mark her as his mate, but first she will be thoroughly and shamefully mastered.

Publisher’s Note: Warlord includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

BREAKING IN BELLA by Isabella Laase

4.25 stars

BREAKING IN BELLA, by Isabella Laase, is a wonderful mix of DD, BDSM and pure smexyness.

Sometimes I want a sexy, easy read, so I jumped into this, which was a free serialisation in via the Stormy Nights Publishing newsletter. I wasn’t expecting too much from it, so was pleasantly surprised with the quality of writing, the engaging story line and with just how much trouble Belle could get herself into.

Belle really was an unpleasant brat but as the story progressed we got to know the real her, and to see her grow up and mature. She was a very likeable character by the end and I was only too happy to see her get her HEA with Jack. The book is written third person but pretty much from Bella’s perspective – I would have liked to have had Jack’s too as I find this helps me connect with the character more. However it wasn’t a major issue for me, though he did feel a more distant character.

The book actually had far fewer spanking scenes than I expected, particularly given her bratty and rude behaviour for a chunk of it. From a personal perspective that was fine, I actually enjoyed that this focused on the characters and their lives more. However I would have liked some variety in the spanking scenes we did have, particularly in Belle’s reaction to them. 

Whilst perhaps not having the emotionally intensity of other similar books I’ve read, it is still a very enjoyable story. I ‘m happy to recommend this book to anyone who enjoys BDSM/spanking/Domestic Discipline stories.

Suzie Q by Stevie MccFarlane

Well, wasn’t that a surprise?

I missed out on an arc of this via booksprout and as a new-to-me author I was a little reticent about purchasing a book that is at the higher end of my price bracket. However I just couldn’t resist that blurb and threw caution to the wind, and I’m very glad I did.

This is a very unusual story and very much NOT your typical spanking romance. Whilst it features two couples (and I need to check if Joy and JR/Jay have their own story) it focuses mainly on Suzie and Hunter. This is a couple who had it all until Hunter crossed the line and delivered a non-consensual and abusive spanking (this isn’t a spoiler as it’s in the blurb – we also only hear about it retrospectively). 

So we don’t get to see a couple meet and fall in love, we see a couple struggling to find the middle ground, struggling to compromise but also learning some surprising things about themselves along the way. I didn’t miss the ‘romance’ part at all, though there were romantic elements involved in this book. It might sound surprising but I also totally believed in the love and chemistry between Hunter and Suzie.

This story absolutely captivated me from start to finish, a few times near the beginning it felt almost like a spanking 101 guide but overall it was a great read. As already mentioned this is unlike the vast majority of spanking books, in fact only get 2 full spanking scenes and one truncated one, it is much more about the domestic discipline relationship as a whole. 

The use of contrast between Suzie’s view of DD and Joy’s need for it allowed the author to really demonstrate the consensuality of Joy and JR’s relationship. We have two pretty strong and determined women but Joy has always wanted a DD relationship whereas Suzie is horrified by the thought of giving up control. I really appreciated that the author didn’t have Suzie crumbling and losing all her personality and sense of reason just because she was in a relationship with a dominant alpha male. 

For me this is a spanking/Domestic Discipline story for those that don’t like/get that type of book as much as it is for lovers of the genre. Not once did I ever find myself getting annoyed by a situation, I felt the heroine both held her own and was fully in control of the decisions she made, rather than being railroaded into them. 

I’m really pleased that I took a chance on this book.



Running from him wasn’t her best idea.

Hunter made a slight error in judgement when he disciplined his girlfriend and co-worker, Suzanna. He went overboard and he’s been backpedaling ever since, trying to get Suzie Q to forgive him without renouncing his belief in a loving, domestic discipline relationship. 
Suzie’s not having it – no way, no how! She loves him but her first experience with over-the-knee discipline was horrible and it’s not something she’s willing to entertain again. When Hunter gets a promotion at work and becomes her boss, tensions rise. Oh hell, no! She’s not going to be under his thumb 24/7, no matter how much she adores him. 
Quitting her job and taking off for Montana to spend some time with their friends Joy and J.R. Everly might not have been her smartest move. Leaving Hunter without a word was asking for trouble and, in hindsight, she knows she probably has just put her heart and her hind-end at risk.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary Western romance contains elements of action, adventure, humor and power exchange.

BEAR by Delta James

A Dark Shifter Romance

I very much enjoyed the unusual twist on the usual bear shifter type of story. It definitely added extra depth to the story, along with the excellent suspense elements. Overall the pace drove the story along well, resulting in a very satisfying read. I really loved the feeling of destiny and fate that ran throughout the book.

I did struggle to connect with the ‘romance’ for a little while, though I very much liked both main characters. For me personally I would have preferred a little more focus on building and developing their relationship and less on spanking/discipline/sex in the first half of the book. However that is a very personal preference and one could just as easily argue that the domestic discipline aspect IS a huge part of their relationship. Just as it began to feel a little repetitive, the pace picked up, the story took off and my attention was held until the very end of the book.

As always Delta James wrote a wonderfully strong female in Halley and a sexy, dominant hero in Cade. By the end of the story I was very much convinced of not only their connection but also their love. Charlie and Kaye were two very good supporting characters and I also felt as though I got to know Halley’s grandmother too. The author is very good at writing characters you would love to meet and this book was no exception.

This is a domestic discipline book which contains spankings that the heroine may not like but ultimately agrees with. As this is a dark romance it does take her longer to be content with the status quo and some of the discipline is dubious consent in nature, though all sexual activity is fully consented to. The publisher does provide a warning, these should always be taken note of if you don’t enjoy seeing the heroine spanked and disciplined (some of which can seem quite severe, depending on personal likes/dislikes).



For centuries he roamed the mountains, restless and wild. Then he chose me as his mate.

He was a man once, long ago. Now people say he is nothing more than a myth, a legend, a story locals tell one another around the campfire. The tale of the mountain man who became a bear.

But I know better. He saved my life, and he watches over me still. Because I belong to him.

The man in him is old-fashioned, from a time when a headstrong woman was taken over a knee, but the beast in him is as wild as this land itself, and when he claims me it will be truly savage.

Publisher’s Note: Bear includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.