Can their relationship ever survive beyond the castle's walls?Find out in Educating Ella by Katie Douglas ... AVAILABLE NOW!! 4.25 starsThis is less Daddy Dom, more school master/school girl, and one incredibly hot read to boot. The author managed to incorporate a fantastic mix of story, emotion, character development and kinky play. The two main … Continue reading DADDIES OF THE CASTLE


Second Chances by Anna Edwards Release: October 8, 2019Genre: Romance SuspenseGoodreads: Jered YoungbloodPhotography: CJC PhotographyCover Design: Charity Hendry @ Judged by the Cover MY REVIEW A book I'm happy to recommendThere were things about this book I loved and things that didn't work for me personally, but they were very much to do with … Continue reading RELEASE BLITZ


She gave him her heart.Now he will accept nothing less than her total surrender.Securing Her Surrender ★☆★Release Blitz★☆★ Only available on AmazonAmazon: Amazon UK: CA: AU: read for FREE on KU. BLURB: She gave him her heart. Now he will accept nothing less than her total surrender. Samantha was content to never … Continue reading SECURING HER SURRENDER


We are HERE for an alpha alien commander! Check out His By Command and the entire Primarian Mates Series by USA Today bestselling author Maddie Taylor!!! It's an Amazon exclusive:US → FREE WITH #KindleUnlimited!!! BLURB: Two worlds in crisis. Two missions that must be fulfilled by any means. … Continue reading TEASER SHARE


Her Montana Master (Stateside Doms Book 1) by Maren Smith Reading this made me want to immediately one-click all the Maren Smith books I haven't yet bought. This was just - *swoon*,  sigh - quite simply wonderful. The whole book revolves very much around Maddon and Clover, with just a handful of scenes involving other characters. … Continue reading HER MONTANA MASTER

The Most Shameful Game

(Beyond the Institute: The Future of Correction Book 11) by Emily Tilton This is one heck of an erotic story and very definitely NSFW in all the best ways possible. Wow Emily Tilton has totally outdone herself with this incredibly hot and downright naughty story. We start of on the planet of Prosperia where we meet the submissive and … Continue reading The Most Shameful Game