A Tale Of Dragons and Elves

THE BLACK PRINCE by Ariana Nash Even now, his dragon prince didn't realise how special he was.Zane, The Black Prince GHARRRR! Ariana Nash stomped me into the ground with the story of Akiem "You think you're not worth loving" and Zane "The bright star in Akiem's darkness". She tore into me, giving me false hope before cruelly snatching … Continue reading A Tale Of Dragons and Elves

Silk and Steel #3: Blood & Ice

Blood & Ice (Silk and Steel #3)by Ariana Nash Five star rating - shiny golden stars "From the greatest of fires, the greatest of weapons is forged." Just - wow, this book is everything! Epic fantasy adventure with a sexy a.f. elf and a devastatingly gorgeous dragon, some amazing supporting characters and some despicable bad guys.The … Continue reading Silk and Steel #3: Blood & Ice