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#BookReview #Omegaverse #PNR // The Alpha’s Salvation by Marlowe Roy

The Alpha’s Salvation
by Marlowe Roy

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started this book – particularly as I hadn’t read the blurb. Added in to that was that this is a debut book, and reading those is very much a win-some/lose-some situation. Thankfully this was very much the former, so much so that I was more than a little astounded by the high standard of writing and cannot wait to read more by this author. Not only was this a great story, it was a wonderful romance too.

Kess is an Omega-in-hiding which, along with slick, knotting, heats and nesting (though we don’t see the latter in this book), is almost de rigueur in OV stories. Hunter was a no-nonsense Alpha, in charge, tough and of the opinion that Omegas belong with Alphas. However he didn’t believe in making decisions for them and was willing to accept Kess was her own person. Both protagonists are immensely likeable, with flaws that only add to their appeal. Life hadn’t been kind to either one of them, and a lack of understanding leads to difficult times.

The development of their burgeoning relationship was so finely crafted, emotions were believable as were actions and reactions to situations. Both characters underwent growth, needing to let go of past hurts and reach a point where they could not only hear what the other said, but also believe in the veracity of it. Those scenes at the ocean – oh my they tore at my heart! They also convinced me beyond any doubt that this pair truly were meant for one another.

Set in a dystopian future where the world felt a little wild west and a touch Amish, with a sprinkling of tribal society thrown in for good measure. Little reminders were woven into the story to remind us that there had been technology, electricity, cars etc in the past. Kess wore pants, not a skirt and, due to having lived pre-disaster, Hunter used “baby” as an affectionate nickname. I liked how it kept the story future-dystopian rather than fantasy or alternate reality. The world building was carefully layered throughout the story, slowly revealing different facets of this new “society”. Extra points to the author for Old Tacoma, which perfectly answered the very few doubts/questions I had about the dystopian world.

The omegaverse elements are done with a very light touch by a gentle hand, so I would happily recommend this book to all romance fans, not just those who enjoy the sub-genre.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Dystopian PNR


Kess found a haven in this remote Beta town, but it would only last if she could keep her Omega nature a secret.

Abused by Alphas, unwanted by Betas, she scraped out a quiet, lonely life and tried to heal her broken spirit. But one fateful glimpse of a grizzled Alpha ended her fragile ruse forever. Catching an Alpha’s eye was a fate she had feared… Until him.

Hunt was tired. A holdover from another time, an Alpha with no family or mate, life had little joy or warmth to offer him.

But he was still the most formidable Alpha in these parts, and a sense of duty to his men kept him moving forward. He couldn’t have known a stop-over in a small Beta village would change the course of his fate, and certainly never pictured himself with an Omega of his own… Until her.

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#BookReview #PNR #MagicalRealism // Teddy’s Boys by E.J. Frost

Teddy’s Boys 

Bad Boys of Bevington #1 

by E.J. Frost

Had the book not had EJ Frost’s name on it I would never have picked it up. I don’t usually care for NA, academy or bully romances and this one features all three of those tropes. However I do love this author’s writing, especially her ability to create multifaceted characters and portray credible emotions.

Whilst the romantic relationships feature too heavily for this to be considered UF, there is so much more depth and quality in the story than is found in the vast majority of PNR. The book is written entirely from Teddy (Theodora’s) point of view and there were times I would have liked to have heard Gabe and Charlie’s thoughts, just to allow me to connect with them that little bit more. However it’s always a balancing act with RH as too many voices can overwhelm the reader, resulting in a disconnection.

The are several different plot lines running through the book, which I will mention now ends on a mean cliff-hanger. We have Teddy’s attraction to all three guys, her troubles with her family, the murder of a student and Darwin’s interferences/manipulations in Gabe and Teddy’s lives. Speaking of Darwin, he very clearly has huge issues and, even though he doesn’t seemingly deserve it, I do feel quite sorry for him. I guess it’s because so often there is the mean guy who turns out to be very misunderstood and quite a sweetheart underneath it all. I’m hoping there is a good and genuine reason behind all his alphaholery because boy does he need a good slapping if there isn’t!

In Summary –
If I could have added a little extra something to the story it would have been a little more detail about the existence of magic, did everyone have it and if not how it fitted into the “non-magical” world.

This book was dead good, the absolute dog’s bollocks and it’s left me right gagging for the next one. 😉

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Alternate Reality/ Reverse Harem/ Romantic Suspense


Three boys. Two murders. One terrible choice.

Twelve years ago, my mother climbed into a limo with a fae stranger and left without looking back. Seven years ago, my magic came in, marking me as an Earth-witch, the Element most feared by other mages. One month ago, my father exiled me to college in another country. I may be a stranger in a strange land, but no one will keep me down.

Charlie, Gabe, and Darwin. Three boys who are more than my match. My best friend. My new love. My worst enemy. Are they also killers?

When a fellow student is murdered, the finger of suspicion points at my boys. Can I prove their innocence? Or will I be their next victim? Meet the Bad Boys of Bevington …

Publisher’s Note: Teddy’s Boys is a college-aged, MMFM, reverse harem romance. Book 1 ends on a cliffhanger. This book contains elements of power-exchange and is intended for mature readers only.

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#BookReview #PNR #Novella // Berserker by Kitty Thomas

by Kitty Thomas

This is a fun and very steamy read that I readily devoured in one sitting. It’s novella length but still managed to pack in plenty of story.

I adored Chloe, she was ever the pragmatist with reactions that felt totally believable. Cade the man would normally have been too sweet for my tastes, but he was the perfect balance to Cade the Berserker. The diametric contrast of those two extremes of personality provided a wonderful foil against which the emotional turbulence of the story shone. It isn’t easy to convey a believable depth of feeling in a shorter read, but the author did an amazing job of it here.

The story held my attention from start to finish and overall I really enjoyed it. The ending felt rushed though. The conflict barely started, and definitely not examined in any depth, was over in the blink of an eye and I didn’t find myself convinced by Chloe’s feelings. However it did lead to a very satisfying conclusion to the story.

The world building, whilst not complex, was sufficient to both add depth to the story and to leave the reader able to understand the setting.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Fantasy Fairy Tales


I have a special power: the ability to calm a berserker, but I’ve been warned never to use it. My mother said: “If you see a berserker in a rage… not your monkeys, not your circus. Get the hell away. They’re too dangerous, and you’ll lose your freedom.”

But the thing is… we’re flying 30,000 feet in the air in a speeding aluminum cage, and there’s a berserker raging out in the aisle beside me. Security won’t be able to hold him. They won’t be strong enough. They have no idea what they’re dealing with. And if he gets a taste of blood, he’s going to rampage through the entire plane leaving a path of death and destruction, including me.

I’ve never used my power before. I’m afraid it won’t work and he’ll turn on me, but I know all too well what these beasts are capable of. There’s nowhere to go, and he’s just getting started. I have one option: Calm him, and hope I can escape when the plane lands.

This is a standalone. No cliffhangers. HEA Guaranteed.

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#BookReview #PNR #RH // Three Trials by Kristy Cunning

Three Trials
The Dark Side #2
by Kristy Cunning

I’m really not quite sure how or why, but this series is really working for me. It doesn’t have the greatest world building or the most complex of plots, but I adore Keyla/Paca’s feisty, sarcastic and adorably sweet nature. Her banter, random comments and crazy attitude utterly pleases me and she is definitely one of my favourite book heroines.

I enjoyed the second half of the book more though hindsight, following some expected and unexpected revelations, helps to explain how our intrepid quintet were able to complete the task in hell so easily. We finally (and in that we I am definitely including Paca) got our long anticipated steamy moments. Kai definitely ended up as my favourite following that rather steamy not so little tryst.

Thank you to my fellow Buddy Readers over in the DE group – can’t wait to read book #3 with you all!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

**Contains sex scenes**


So, I’ve checked off some life goals and added a few new ones to my list.

Goal #5: Get out of hell’s belly without letting my ungrateful charges die.
Goal #6: Get a new name that’s more badass.
Goal #7: Stop wasting my breath on lectures and start annoying the quad hell squad every time they annoy me. Fight fire with fire. Ha! Another hell pun.
Goal 8: Find out who the hell killed me.

I’ll add more. I don’t want to overwhelm myself before I even finish checking off my old goals. But seriously, I really do need a more badass name, considering how much I have to keep saving my damsels in distress. I probably shouldn’t call them damsels, since they’re a little murderous and all.

Maybe I should add seeing a hell-certified psychologist to my list of goals.

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#BookReview #PNR // Four Psychos by Kristy Cunning

Four Psychos
The Dark Side #1

Kristy Cunning

I’ve not read the author before but this was chosen as our group PNR buddy read – possibly in honour of her recent passing. I was impressed by the quality of characterisation, the intriguing plot and the snarky humour demonstrated by our heroine Keyla, who’s sole perspective it is written from. Once picked up this book somehow buried itself under my skin and I didn’t want to put it down.

It doesn’t have the greatest world building or the most complex of plots and whilst it talked a lot of sex it didn’t really have much action for a reverse harem book. Yet somehow I thoroughly enjoyed every single chapter, paragraph, line and word. The only thing stopping me from immediately jumping into book #2 ( Three Trials ) is that it’s scheduled to be buddy read in September! I’m hoping we see the four anti-heroes develop distinct characters, I found Gage to be instantly forgettable and at times Kai and Jude felt too similar. However with three further books there is plenty of time for that to still happen!

I found myself laughing so many times and I absolutely adored Keyla and Ezekiel. Jude and Kai have some serious work to do in earning both of our forgiveness, but I trust with all their various skills and talents they will easily manage that 😉. I’m hoping my views won’t change as I continue with the series but based on this first book it is definitely one I would recommend, particularly to fans of K.F. Breene’s PNR/Urban Fantasy work and also Tara West’s Eternally Yours series.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Paranormal / Fantasy Romance

Age 16+ – Sexual situations, Reverse Harem, Dark humour, Language warning


I’m not so different from most people. Like everyone else, I have life goals.

Goal #1: Become a real girl instead of this invisible ghost thing I currently am.
Goal #2: Convince the four men I’ve been haunting for the past five years to pick me to be their new toy after goal one is complete.
Goal #3: Figure out who/what I am and why I can’t remember anything past the five years I’ve been haunting this quad.
Goal #4: Eat popcorn.

See? Perfectly normal. Sort of. Gotta start small, after all. It’s not like anyone else is perfect either.