Ashes: A Dark Romance Love Triangle
(A Special Agent Novel Book 6)

by C.P. Mandara

An amazing conclusion to a fantastic series – I’m going to miss these guys so much

I already know I’m going to struggle to write a review that does this book justice without also throwing spoilers around like confetti at a wedding. Suffice to say Alain continues to terrorize with how twisted, evil and psychotic he is. Which means James, Lois and Adie continue to suffer at his blood stained hands.

The story is fast-paced and action-packed, venturing repeatedly into some pretty dark territory. It didn’t want to put this down, and when my thoughtful teenage son had me awake at the crack-ass of dawn, instead of being sensible and attempting to grab a couple more hours of sleep, I picked this up and read it until it was finished.

Strike that, I didn’t read it, I devoured it like the most delicious of meals, savouring every morsel and extracting every last drop of flavour that I possibly could from it. I want to say I loved every single word of it but the author, and those who have already read the book, will know that isn’t possible. There is possibly a tiny little lose thread that was left. It didn’t play out the way I expected, but I’m hoping against hope that the author possibly has plans for it. Please. Otherwise I may seriously fall out with her.

Written first person from Adie, James and Lois’ points of view, all 6 books must be read in the correct order, this isn’t a stand alone. (I made the mistake of attempting to start with book #4 and quickly found myself totally lost.) This, along with Ariana Nash’s Silk & Steel series, is my joint favourite series of 2019 and is without a shadow of a doubt my top BDSM/romantic suspense/dark read of the year.

All hope is lost. James has slept with me twice. When we arrive back at Lavande, Alain takes a great deal of pleasure in telling me I have two weeks to live. Two miserable weeks where he will torture me with his hands and knives until I am screaming for mercy. The worst part is that James will be forced to watch every second of it.

Why didn’t we run when we had the chance? It’s a question I will ask myself again and again over the upcoming days because Alain is rather inventive with his torture methods. At first, I thought we might stand a chance, but then he brings out the drugs. There’s a reason his nickname is ‘The Chemist.’ The man is truly evil in every way that counts.

This is a war we cannot win, fought against an adversary who is one step ahead of everything we do.

We desperately need to turn his dark and twisted games against him. There is always a way – I hope.

Publisher’s Note: The Sixth Book in C.P. Mandara’s intense, suspense-filled thriller ‘Special Agent Series’ is a Dark Romance featuring BDSM erotic romance, complete power exchange, violence and drugs. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.


Embers (Special Agent BDSM #5)
by C.P. Mandara

Embers? There are no embers, this is a raging inferno!

Talk about twisted plots and deception upon deception, just who is in cahoots with who? I’m fairly certain we can trust James, well most of the time, and Adie seems fairly sweet, in that twisted sadist way. Lois continues to be amazing, hard as nails but she is also so caring and warm too.

There is a lot of kink, some of it quite sadistic, along with the usual fast paced and exciting plot. Embers had me spellbound from the first page to the last, for me it was sheer perfection. Yes I’m impatient about getting to the end of the story, but then I always am, and if I’m totally honest I’ll also hate leaving this fantastic world and the hot, sexy and very kinky trio that inhabit it.

This is part of an ongoing series and can not be read as a stand alone, but it is well worth reading them all. Book #1 is the lightest of the bunch, it’s a very hot BDSM read, they all are, with subsequent books having darker and darker themes. (Though I wouldn’t call it a dark read per se). The suspense/peril elements have you on the edge of your seat and just as you get ‘comfortable’ another shocking revelation tips you off balance again.

I have LOVED this series, loved this book just as much and am massively looking forward to the final book, Ashes.


I did the unthinkable. I slept with James. It wasn’t as if I had a choice – but now that the deed is done, I am paying the price. One more mistake, and I’m dead.

At the moment, I’m doing my best to make sure he can’t stand the sight of me. It’s not working. Every day we spend together is torture, and the more I am around the man, the more I want him. We can’t get this close and hope to stay alive.

Our next assignment will push us to the limit in every way that matters. I’m not even sure we can work together after what I’ve done to him, but we have to rescue Adie, who is being held hostage.

Our goal is to kill Alain, but the chances of us achieving that are virtually impossible. I can work with those odds, though. There is no other option

// REVIEW \\ Fire

FIRE by C.P. Mandara


I’m just loving this series more and more. The only problem with it is the cliff-hanger I’ve been left dangling on! The intrigue, the twists, the shenanigans and the scheming leave you reeling, just when one character seems to make some headway the other two are dragged into the pits of hell.

There are times when you don’t know whether to kiss James and Adie or thump them, and in the middle of it all is Lois, trying to save her men and kill the bad guy. There are some disturbingly hot and kinky scenes, some quite dark scenes and one complete and utter incarnation of evil trying to control/destroy James, Adie and Lois.

The push and pull, the ups and downs, the highs and lows are amazing. The story had me on the edge of my seat, alternately full of anxiety, hot under the collar, angry, sad and just about everything in between.  Ms Mandara has me utterly and totally hooked on this series, craving my next fix like a crack addict. All I can say is GET WRITING WOMAN, I need my next shot asap!

PS I’m also questioning her sanity or morality as surely no one should be able to dream up such a twisted story 😉 – but I love her for it and I’m glad she did!

I am the pawn in a twisted game of revenge. Two men want me, but for entirely different reasons. The one I love must avoid me at all costs. If he doesn’t, I’ll be slaughtered by his enemy – Alain Dumortier. If James Leveritt touches the same woman twice, she’s dead.
Do I fear death? No. Is it something I want drawn out over two weeks as my lover watches me slowly bleed to death? That would be another no.
I need to figure a way out of this mess that won’t end in pain, death, and destruction. I want my life back. It will not be easy – it might even be impossible – but if I go down, I’m going down fighting.


AMAZON US – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TFNLWNZ/
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// REVIEW \\ Flames

FLAMES by C.P. Mandara


I both love and hate Ms Mandara for this book (and series). She’s like a cat toying with a mouse, but in this case it’s her writing toying with my mind!!!! Half the time I’m a little confused about what’s happening. Not in a bad ‘this author can’t write’ way but in the good ‘Oh my word I think my mind’s been blown’ way. Reading Flames is like stepping onto the wildest of roller coaster rides – if you’re British think ‘Smiler’ only twice as fast and four times as crazy.


We get more answers but these are immediately replaced with more questions. We get some shocking revelations but they themselves lead to more unknowns. This book is less dark, more erotic than book 2, though it ends on a real nasty (in all ways) cliffhanger. I was totally mesmerised by this instalment and am pleased that book #4 has just release – though I’m already worried that I’ll be left on another nail biting cliffie because it’s only just live.

This is the book where we continue to fall more and more in love with Lois. God I either want to be her or sleep with her, even though I’m straight and have been happily married for almost 25 years! We eventually get James and Adie POV chapters, and what an amazing pair they are. I can’t pick a side, one minute I’m #TeamJames, the next I’m #TeamAdie. Mainly though I’m #TeamLois and can’t wait to see her kick some bad guy butt.

If you think you’d enjoy a kinky, thrills and spills, suspense filled well written, fast paced story then look no further than this series.

4.75 stars

I’ve been left in the hands of a monster. He’s beaten me up, torn my flesh to ribbons, and tried to steal my soul – but even though I crave death, my body refuses to die. 

Just when I begin to think that there is no God, an angel arrives to save me. Now it’s James Leveritt against Alain Dumortier with my life riding in the balance. I’m in love with both of them, but I’ll need to kill one if I want to survive.

The stakes have never been higher. 


// REVIEW \\ Smoke

Smoke (Special Agent BDSM, #2) by C.P. Mandara

This ends on a doozy of a cliffhanger, but thankfully book #3 is already available!

The book isn’t a stand alone read and currently there are 4 books in the series, with more to follow. If the rest of the books are as gripping and well written as this, then I will definitely be continuing with the series until the end.

Whilst I guessed one of the twists fairly early on, to be honest it didn’t make any difference to my enjoyment because it just added to the suspense of waiting for Lois/Thirty Eight to discover the truth! There were also still plenty of unexpected twists and C.P. Mandara’s writing fills your head with so many possibilities and ideas that it is impossible to predict what will happen next.

I seemed to get into this book more than I did Sparks , I think it’s because we got to the ‘Carte Blanche’ part that I was itching for. In a similar fashion to the Pony Tales series, this book is more along the lines of erotica. There are a couple of occasions where Lois is subjected to abuse, but as we don’t experience the scenes first hand the book didn’t feel too dark.

The best thing is that whilst I can picture how the series might end, I have zero idea of where the journey in between will take us. What I do know is that it’s a journey I’m 100% intent on taking.


I’ve been sold to Alain Dumortier. I was delivered to his doorstep naked as the day I was born, and two weeks later I haven’t got a stitch of clothing to my name. 

This should have been an easy assignment. Get in, have him fall under my spell, grab every little piece of intel I can find, and then assassinate him. They were simple instructions, and ones I’d followed countless times before. What could go wrong?

Just about everything. Alain’s kept me imprisoned and drugged up to my eyeballs. The mind games he’s playing are nearly my undoing, but it’s hard battling a body that’s full of barbiturates or opium. There’s one more problem, too. 

I think I’m falling in love with the bastard.

And that was how our story began. Little did I realise, but even though I was half in love with James back then, I would soon forget all about him in less than two weeks time. As unbelievable as it sounds, it was the truth. When the doors of Carte Blanche opened for me, they would strip my world bare, and I’ve never been a girl who was fond of black and white. Though James had tried his best to warn me, it wasn’t until I was on the road of no return that I realised I had made the biggest mistake of my life. All alone, and with no one to turn to, I’d made my bed, but lying in it was almost impossible. Alain Dumortier was out for blood.



// REVIEW \\ Sparks

SPARKS (Special Agent BDSM #1) by C.P. Mandara

An intriguing opening to the series.

There are a few points I feel I need to make before I get onto the actual review of the book. Firstly this ends in a cliff-hanger and I know there are at least 3 more books in the series. The romance aspect (hopefully) builds later through the series, though there is plenty of action and attraction in this book. However I would describe the content of this particular instalment as erotica, really, really good erotica with a few little mind-f**ks dropped in for fun.

The book is written first person and entirely from Lois’ point of view. Much as I love dual point of views, there are secrets being kept that necessitate the single in this case. ‘Lois’ (and is that really her name?) is a complex character, and whilst we know her surface motivations there are so many other reasons that drive her actions. Some we can guess at, others will no doubt be revealed at the relevant time. It was harder to get a complete picture of James, and again it is clear he has many secrets behind that rock steady facade.

I can understand why the author chose to end the book where she did, it does make sense to break the story at that point and it is possible to read Sparks as simply an erotic encounter and to take the story no further (though you would be left with questions). However, despite being engrossed by the story a couple of times I did feel as though we weren’t making enough progress. The vast majority of the book revolves around sexual scenes, mainly ‘training/preparing’ Lois to (pretend to) be a sexual slave. However the cleverness of the writing, particularly in the mental power plays and the inner thoughts of Lois, lifts this out of being simply erotic porn and into being a really good story.

On balance I thought this was a great opener and am itching to read the rest of the series. I do recommend this book.



“I am going to break you.

That’s the whole purpose of this exercise. From the moment the door inside that room closes, I am not going to be Mr. Nice Guy. I am going to do everything in my power to hear you scream, and I won’t stop until I hear you beg for mercy. Do you wish to proceed on that basis?”

Today my name is Lois Reeves. I have an appointment with my new boss, James Leverett, this morning because my next assignment requires that I assassinate one of the biggest gangsters in the world. This is a suicide mission that is almost guaranteed to get me killed, but I have to accept it. To refuse would mean death – and not just mine. This guy who I’m about to kill is lining up everyone I hold dear, and preparing to take them out one by one. This is every assassin’s worst nightmare, and this is the hell within which I now live.

At least the first task of the evening would be easy. Opening up my right palm to reveal the treasure hidden within, I grinned to myself. There nestled inside my hand was a set of car keys. Sporting the familiar three triangle emblem, they were the keys to a Mercedes saloon. When I landed on the floor, on my knees in front of him, I didn’t actually think he’d shoot me, but it wasn’t worth taking the risk. It also gave me ample opportunity to land heavily against him and whip his keys out of his pocket. I’d had a feeling I might need them, and my hunch had proved correct. Opening the car was going to be a cinch. Everything after that would be a bastard, but at least the car would be relatively painless. 
Pressing my ear to the door, I listened for sounds of movement outside. I gave it a minute, but in that time I heard nothing. Maybe James had decided I wasn’t much of a threat with my arms tied, and had finally gone to bed. It was time to find out. 
Pulling the door lever down sharply, to minimise the resulting squeak, I paused and listened intently. It was still deathly quiet. Good. Then I pulled back and… nothing. What the hell? My jaw dropped. He’d locked me in! How had I missed that? Geez, I was slipping. No wonder there wasn’t a sound to be heard. The man had nothing to worry about. I was locked in a room with my hands tied up. How much trouble could I be?
Urrghh. Next time I came on assignment I was going to hide my lock picking kit in an internal cavity. Honestly. Biting my lip in frustration, I did a few deep yoga breaths to get some perspective on the situation. In through the nose and out through the mouth. In through the nose, sod that. What was I thinking? Where did I need to be? Outside. Were there any other exits out of the room? Yes. There was a window. Was it locked? I ran over to check. No. Fan-bloody-tastic. This could still work.

C.P. Mandara is a USA TODAY BestSelling Author