This book was amazing and will stay with me as a favourite read. I will have connected to the main characters, loved the plot, found it easy to read and definitely had my emotions touched by the story.
Not only would I recommend it, I will definitely re-read it in the future.
I really enjoyed reading this. It was well written, entertaining and I would recommend this to others who like the genre/tropes included in the story.
This was well written and overall I did enjoy it. There may have been one or two parts that I didn’t work for me, but that was down to personal preference so I would still recommend the book.
This was just an OK read. It wasn’t memorable and didn’t engage my emotions, but at least I finished it.
I didn’t enjoy this book and may well have DNF’d it. Either the writing was poor, making it difficult to read, the story line was too unbelievable or I didn’t care for at least one of the main characters. Not worth bothering with, in my opinion.