Review // Fated For Her Wolves

Fated For Her Wolves by Tara West

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Can you jump into book 6 without having read books #1-5? The answer is yes, because that’s exactly what I did. The author provides just enough relevant background detail to allow you to understand the story, without totally spoiling previous books for you.

Would I have enjoyed this more had I read those 5 books? Possibly but it was still a good read, that I’m happy to recommend to anyone who enjoys PNR. I did have a personal dislike of the word “ribbon” being used as a euphemism for the vulva/labia area but as things stand that isn’t a biggie.

The book is written third person from several viewpoints, which is perhaps more typical of the urban fantasy genre, but I liked it and the way it allowed the story to evolve. I really liked Tatiana, even Dimitri won me over in the end. Out of the four brothers I really didn’t feel as though I knew Andrei at all. There seemed to be characteristics/traits that were inherent from the males birth order and their position within the quartet, however not having read the previous books I did struggle a little bit with that aspect.

The story was action packed, full of intrigue, danger and peril. I found myself totally caught up in it, enjoying the unexpected twists and turns of the plot. The ending was a little open, presumably setting up for the next book. My personal preference would be for it to feature this quintet as it’s heroes and heroine, because whilst this book does have a HEA their story didn’t feel quite complete. Even if it doesn’t I will still be continuing with the series and can’t wait for the next book.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Genre – Reverse Harem, PNR


Is fate’s bond strong enough to save their love?
For five long years, Tatiana Thunderfoot has longed for her fated mates, wishing she could complete the bond but feeling unworthy of their love; her cruel words had unintentionally sent their mother into a hunter’s crosshairs.
Pressured by her family, she agrees to complete the bond with the four Romanian wolf-shifter brothers, but after making them wait so long, she fears that bond may no longer exist, and she’s unsure how to win their love again.
Constantine, Dimitri, Andrei, and Dejan Lupescu have longed for Tatiana to return to them. No matter how many times they assured her their wicked mother’s death wasn’t her fault, she still hesitated. At their wits’ end, they can’t help the resentment that festers like a demon’s burn. When three powerful, angry demons try to take over their Romanian town, they realize they have much bigger problems, especially when the creatures set their sights on Tatiana. They need to save their fated mate before they lose her forever.

Review //\\ Maximum

Maximum (Cultivated #6) by Elin Peer

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Maximum is a story of personal growth, letting go of fear and love. Neither protagonist is perfect, in fact they both of issues that hold them back. However compromise, listening to one another and wanting to be a better person results in a unique and compelling love story. Maximum and Fleur are both likeable, down-to-earth characters – even though both had a far from normal upbringing. I adored not only them but also their story.

This book doesn’t follow the usual cliche of meet, get together, break up and reconcile. Instead we see a couple work through their issues together. Observe how persistence and respect are used to form a connection and watch as they fall in love. Nothing in life is perfect but it is how we deal with those bumps in the road that can make or break a relationship. Fleur and Maximum might not get it right first time, but they do persevere and endeavour to be better.

I loved the epilogue, who knows if it will pave the way for stories in the future. It was also great to “bump into” some very old friends too.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Maximum (Cultivated #6) by Elin Peer

Genre – Contemporary Romance

Goodreads –

What if your soulmate gave up on love before even meeting you?
I’ve lived my life trying to undo the evil my father caused in this world. With every penny I donate, and every orphan I help, I feel lighter, but it never lasts long. Always on the move, I’m restless and feeling more lost than I allow people to see.
That is, until I met Fleur. She is as grounded as Mother Earth and fearless around wild animals, but is she brave enough to take another chance on love? And if so, would she ever fall for someone as flawed and troubled as me?

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Review //\\ The Night and the Land

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The Night and the Land (The Deschembine Trilogy Book 1) by Matt Spencer

The Night and the Land introduces us to an intriguing alternative, or even “Could Be”, Earth. The tale unfolds slowly as we follow Sally Wildfire, Rob Coscan and those who want to use them, on what could almost be considered an Urban Fantasy retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Though in this case the protagonists are older and the ending, as yet, is not quite so tragic. However the book contains all the hallmarks of a great dark fantasy, with imperfect characters, epic world building and a riveting plot.

There is no huge information dump, we get a drip feed of small facts, ideas and hints that gradually allowed the bigger picture to emerge. Whilst it did leave the reader a little unanchored at times, that perfectly reflected the situation for Rob and, to some extent, Sally. Having grown up knowing nothing of his true heritage, Rob has always wondered why he didn’t quite fit in amongst the Earth-liners. Meeting Sally triggers a series of events that will change both of their worlds, and may just change the future of our world too.

The help of friends, the pursuit of enemies and the typical interference of politics, by those who never have to deal with dirty realities and resulting aftermaths, set Rob and Sally on paths not of their choosing. After all, most would hold to the belief that a Spirelight and a Crimbone were never meant to meet and fall in love. Rather theirs is to be mortal enemies.

It is by parts a violent and cruel tale, with slivers of hope and joy added in. I found myself developing a soft spot for Shelden, and an instant distrust (dislike?) of Puttergong. The pace was good, and despite almost feeling as though not a huge amount was achieved, the plot was packed with action, intrigue and peril.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Genre – Dark Urban Fantasy
Goodreads –

Among the local hippies and squatters of Brattleboro, Vermont, Sally Wildfire is on the run, hiding from her cruel, relentless family. She finds unexpected love with Rob, a bristly young man freshly awoken to alien sensations and ancestral memories of a long-forgotten realm…setting them both on a collision course with a brutal rite of passage, as the Wildfire family leaves a trail of mangled corpses on the road to Brattleboro.

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Review //\\ Renegade by Myra Danvers

Renegade by Myra Danvers

Well excuse me Myra Danvers but who the heck do you think you are leaving me stranded at that point of the story? 😉

 is the opening book in what seems to be one heck of a gripping series. Some elements of the story may appear familiar if you’ve read Hunting the Renegade Omega by M.D. Pentacles, as this is not only a reworking of that story but a major re-writing with plot added and nipples removed (it’s gone from 17k to 55k words). It’s in effect a brand new book, and one that I enjoyed.

The world is complex, the building of which is done slowly, so whilst there is no huge info dump there are times when you might be feeling a little “huh?” or “wassat?”. Keep going, keep reading because our little omega Renegade is so worth the time and effort. I loved that devious little minx and her shenanigans. The males we get to know to a slightly lesser degree with Sinadim and Balkazar standing out the most, though Micha and might just be my favourites at the moment.

This is an omegaverse story, with all that world entails. Our renegade omega goes into a natural heat attracting a small group of males, all of whom she mates with. This is a very steamy, and at times dub-con read, with lots of fluids leaking and splashing around, not to mention ruts and knots.

As my first line suggests, this ends on a cliffhanger. Whilst it’s not at a crucial point of the story, I was so invested that my first instinct was to scream in frustration. 

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Title – Renegade
Author – Myra Danvers

Genre – Omegaverse PNR

She is the key to his revenge.
What was once a treasured possession of his father is now the most valuable thing in the ravaged kingdom beyond the wall. A female boasting ancient bloodlines and a body which cries out to be mastered.
A rare prize many would kill to claim.
Defiant to the whims of fate, she dares resist, believing the wilds of the forest could hide and protect her. But nothing will protect her from him.
She will bow at his feet and birth him an army.
From her lips, he tastes vengeance… and soon, the Alpha will rise again to reclaim his throne.
But he is not the only contender…
And the hunt has begun.

Release //\\ Violence by Lily White

Title: Violence

Series: Antihero Inferno #3

Author: Lily White

Release: July 29, 2020

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Cover Designer: Lori Jackson Design

Photographer: Michelle Lancaster; @lanefotograf 

Model: Lawrence Templar; @Lawrence_Templar



Seventh Circle
Also Known As Ezra Cross

He’s one of a pair. Identical twin to Damon. And an enforcer for the Inferno if one is ever needed. I knew better than to get involved with him. With his aggression. With the constant fights. With the games the twins were known to play with every woman stupid enough to fall for them. We made a mistake when we met again as adults.

I fell in love.
He fell in love.
His brother fell in love, too.
What used to be a good time is now a tragedy. Our story is messy. It’s cruel. It’s forbidden. Despite all that, Ezra refuses to let go.

*** Each novel in the series depicts a unique romance, but the plots through each book connect in one world. For the best experience, read the series in order.

Nine Dangerous Men. Nine Unrepentant Sinners. Nine Irresistible Manipulators.

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In the Series:
Treachery (Antihero Inferno Book 1)
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Fraud (Antihero Inferno Book #2)
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Author Bio:
Lily White is a romance writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series, Target This, Wishing Well, and Asylum. In addition to dark romance Lily writes contemporary romance, taboo romance, and psychological thrillers. Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

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Review //\\ Hunted

My Rating – 3.5 Stars

When we first meet Jared (and Harper) he is a really sweet, fun and caring guy, so his later transformation was really something else. His alter-ego is definitely sinister and poor Harper most certainly comes off worse when he’s around. Jared’s slow descent into “madness” was very finely crafted, and so terrifyingly believable.

I found it easier to connect with Harper, though that isn’t surprising since Jared wasn’t always quite himself. This meant I didn’t connect with the story with as much emotional depth as I prefer, but I still really enjoyed the story. With both characters being so adorable and cute at first, I was rather puzzled as to just where things were heading, though it quickly becomes clear that not all is well. The plot then rattles along at a rapid pace, with lots of darkness, lots of twists and lots of a very bad man.

Harper remains strong throughout, and I loved her resilience during her trial in the woodland. I did wish nasty things to befall not-Jared, and I had absolutely no idea how the situation would be resolved. Needless to say it was resolved in a very satisfactory way. Hunted is a good addition to the Dirty Heroes collection and shouldn’t be missed.

Title – Hunted
Author – Cassandra Faye (Jennifer Bene)
Genre – Dark Paranormal

“It doesn’t matter how far she runs.
This is my forest, and I always catch my prey.”

As a Loxley, I know the rules, I just never took them seriously. I only knew when I finally brought a girl here it would be special. She would be special. And Harper is… perfect. Now we’re out here, alone, and something’s gone terribly wrong.
I broke the rules, I’m losing myself, and I’m afraid she’s going to pay the price. I need to fight this. I need to protect Harper. We’re meant to be, and I know she feels the same. I don’t want to hurt her but… I have to claim her.
I have to make her mine. Before I do something I can’t take back.

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Review //\\ Darker

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Is this a good read? Yes it is. Is it dark? No, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I’ve not read a book by Vi Carter before but based on this I would read other works by her. I found this well written, engaging and read it pretty much in one sitting, so it definitely held my attention. I would describe this as a romantic suspense with elements of organised crime. In particular I liked that the heroine had entered the arrangement willingly and actually wanted to be married to the hero. This really gave a nice spin to the arranged/forced marriage trope.

Both main characters were likeable, Damien was actually a pretty honorable man, though his struggles with his desires did lead him to be a total idiot at times. Maria was a total spitfire, maybe a lot little petulant and immature at times, but I let that slide under the reason of her having been kept very sheltered her whole life.

There was definitely chemistry between Damien and Maria, with some scorching hot sex scenes to enjoy. I felt that generally it was more lust than love, though I certainly felt a very strong connection to Maria and her emotions quite a few times throughout the story. The book certainly made me feel!

Personally I felt the resolution was achieved a little too quickly. The ideas were great and it was well executed BUT I felt there were missed opportunities to add extra depth to the story. Nate felt like a loose end, his obsession didn’t quite fit with him working with King.  I would also have liked some more of Maria with her parents, some scenes of them getting to know one another.

Some parts of this were told rather than shown, yet most of the book didn’t have that vibe so it did leave me disappointed that the author didn’t add the same depth to those scene. The impression it gave was that the author had a word or page count and was paring those last few chapters down in order to achieve it. In fact this is an issue I’ve encountered with other authors and it does make me wonder if they write to “size” rather than “story”. If that is the case then Dear Author, please note that most readers can cope with a book that takes longer than two hours to complete. I also dispute the 339 page count – it was more like 200!

If you enjoy well written, steamy, romantic suspense, with some good plot twists and likeable characters then I do recommend this.

Title – Darker  (The Boyne Club Book 2)
Author – Vi Carter
Genre – Romantic Suspense
Goodreads –

A cold and arrogant criminal. A Billionaire’s Daughter. An arranged marriage.
Being the daughter of a billionaire you would think my life had always been easy. But no, not for one second has my life ever been easy. And now I’m being forced into a marriage with my father’s right-hand man, and if I refuse him I stand to lose my inheritance. And while I find him extremely handsome, it’s the darkness that I sense in him that both frightens and calls to me.
My boss wants to give me his daughter. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? If only that were true. His rivals have threatened her life and now he wants me to take her as my wife. To love, honor, and protect her for the rest of my days. I want her. But how can I protect her from myself? How can I honor her when the darkness inside me demands that I defile and break her?

REVIEW //\\ The Break-Up Artist


The Break-Up Artist is a fun and heart warming second chance rom-com. Katie and Wes were both very likeable, easy to believe in characters, and I loved that Selena was neither entitled or bitchy. The author created a cast of characters that together added depth and colour to the story.

Second-chances are a guilty pleasure of mine, some are better than others. In this one I liked that their original break-up wasn’t cliched. Both played a part in it and though Wes really hadn’t come out of it with any honour he DID acknowledge his mistakes and show contrition. In fact the whole plot line avoided the usual cliches and was very much about BOTH characters growth and learning.

The story is quite slow burn, which worked well with the plot line, but once the chemistry ignited this pair certainly burned hot. I found it easy to believe in their connection and emotions, and really enjoyed reading their story. A very pleasant way to spend a few hours.

3.5 Stars

All platforms – May 11th
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It’s a game of exes and oooohs! Enjoy the sizzling new standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

I’m an expert in break-ups. From the slow fade, to extreme ghosting, to, ‘but you never said I couldn’t send pics of my junk to your step-sister on Instagram’ – I’ve seen it all… and built a mini-empire along the way. My blog, the Break-Up Artist, uses my past heartache to help people move on – and avoid weeping on the floor at 3am consuming their body weight in spray cheese and Oreos. Ahem.

Now, I have a new job that could mean the big-time: helping a famous Hollywood it-couple navigate their tricky break-up. Except not everyone wants them Splitsville. The movie studio needs to keep them together to promote their big movie, and they’ve sent someone to make sure I fail in my first VIP gig.

Wes Baxter. Also known as my ex.

Also ALSO known as, the guy who broke my heart so thoroughly, I had to turn myself into a self-help guru just to get over him. 

I’m determined to follow my own advice (no drooling over Wes’s perfect abs, or remembering how he rocked my world) but being trapped together at a luxe country retreat isn’t helping things… And neither is Wes’s early-morning naked swim habit. Soon, love is in the air, the sparks between us are hotter than ever, and I’m seriously questioning my ‘no backsies’ policy. 

Wes swears he’s changed. He wants to try again, and he’s got an annoyingly sexy way of convincing me. But can second chances really work? Or has the Break-Up Artist finally met her match?

Cupids series:
1 Cupids Anonymous
2 What’s Your Sign?
3 The Romeo Effect
4 The Break-Up Artist
5 The Romance Plan

REVIEW //\\ A Savage Debt

A SAVAGE DEBT (Beholden Duet #1) by Zoey Ellis

An interesting start to the story.

This is a very pleasant read with a high heat level and lots of mystery. Whist it is part of a duet, the ending isn’t a dramatic cliff-hanger, more of a natural break point. The author also informs us that this break point is not midway through the story and #2 will be the longer book.

Whilst the story maybe didn’t grip me in quite the same way that the Myth of Omega books did, it is still a very enjoyable read. I didn’t feel my emotions were engaged in as much depth as when reading the trilogies, though I very much enjoyed the world building, character development and overall story telling.

Ana is a very pampered and sheltered Princess, very naive in the truth of life but not spoilt or selfish. Her struggles following the first night were well portrayed, though I personally needed more fear, more anger, more sense of injustice in Ana prior to those events. She felt a little like a characterless doll, and I don’t care how eager to please she was, where was her anger at her parents for failing to protect her?

I really loved the last chapter, from Maddoc’s point of view. I wish we’d maybe had a few more ‘mini chapters’ from him to balance the story a little more, though I can understand why we didn’t. Whilst there are some incredibly steamy scenes between Ana and Maddoc, my lack of emotional connection to him as a character made them feel a little perfunctory at times. They lacked a bit of chemistry and zing, but again I’m expecting that passion to explode once this pair get to genuinely know each other. I interpreted that feeling of slight removal as a reflection of the distance between them at the moment. That said the balance between the smut and the plot was perfect, and the story moved with good pace.

Ana really does undergo some growth in quite a short time, mainly due to the machinations and manipulations (or is it actually support and help?) of Maddoc. She clearly isn’t going to believe what he tells her, so he has to find ways to open her eyes and see for herself. We get inklings and foreshadowing throughout that all is not rosy in the garden (particularly Milly’s ‘fall’) and I’m really looking forward to discovering hidden truths along side Ana. Though that girl certainly needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

Roll on book #2!

3.5 stars

As payment for her father’s debt, he wants:
At his mercy
For three nights

Notorious outlaw Maddoc follows no rules.
When he walks into the palace demanding repayment for a debt no one knew existed, he wants only one thing.
The Omega princess.
Protected and revered, Ana struggles to find control in a life planned for her from the moment she was born.

When she is forced to give three nights to a dark, lawless Alpha, his primal touch turns her world to chaos.
But the more she tries to resist, the deeper she is sucked into the intense savagery he has saved just for her.

A SAVAGE DEBT is the first installment of the Beholden Duet, a fantasy Omegaverse romance that explores themes of justice, punishment, and dark, savage love. For fans of Alpha anti-heroes and sassy heroines. Cliffhanger included. This story features romance and situations of a dark nature.

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5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.

4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.

3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.

2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.

1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.

Review //\\ Filthy Deal (Anti-Hero Chronicles #3)

Filthy Deal by Mika Lane

A twisty, erotically charged and satisfying read

Nico and Rain’s story is one super hot read, with an action packed plot and two very likeable main characters. One heck of a dominant alpha-male, Nico is determined to protect his woman at all costs. Rain is also a strong character, I sometimes felt her choices were not thought through properly BUT given the situation (her sister missing and she is held captive) then I’m not sure I’d be any more rational either! Their chemistry is so sizzling hot I’m surprised my kindle didn’t melt, and I loved that Rain was so confident in her own sexuality.

As the blurb says, this is an over-the-top romance, not in a ridiculous “roll-your-eyes” way, but in a low angst, fun to read way. Whilst Filthy Deal contains some darker themes, including sex-trafficking and murder, we don’t witness any of it in intense detail and the events happen to secondary characters. It isn’t darkly gritty like some mafia stories, it isn’t full of emotional turmoil like many a romantic suspense, it’s a wonderfully written piece of escapism when you just want to enjoy a hot read about a sexy couple. It’s a classy, well written erotic romance that takes the time to also have a good plot.

Whilst I love me a dark, difficult, full-of-feels read I also enjoy something lighter, something less taxing on my emotions and psyche. This book (in fact this whole series) is perfect for those times and I’m happy to recommend it to anyone who wants a quick(ish) hot, steamy but still well written read.

A Las Vegas Mafia Romance

Let’s make a deal…
She saw something she should not have. That happens when you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. And when you meet the wrong man—me.
Her sister’s gone now, and her own life is in danger.
Not my problem I say…
But she was so… different.
So I made a deal to help.
And my deal was just as filthy as you’d think.

This hot, over-the-top romance includes sexy mafia hitmen with a penchant for pursuing and protecting the women who give them a run for their money. If you love outrageously naughty stories as a way to indulge your not-so-secret bad girl side, this is for you.

The Anti-Hero Chronicles series can be read in any order:

1) Dirty Game
2) Nasty Bet
3) Filthy Deal