#BookReview #Omegaverse #PNR // Desperate by Eva Dresden

The Cost of Desperation #1
by Eva Dresden  

I can happily report that Eva Dresden is back and she isn’t taking any prisoners. It’s been a little while since her last release and without a shadow of a doubt Desperate was definitely worth the wait.

Currently I hate Beau with a passion. Staking that man over a colony of fire ants before massively disturbing their nest is too good for him. May he perish in the most painful and drawn out of ways. The jury is out on Rey. He’s a decent enough alpha but the sheer fact that he allowed Beau to continue to abuse Devlin sort of soured my feelings for him. However I would be satisfied with applying a cheese grater to his skin before dipping him in a sack of salt.

Now Devin, I had to let go of despising her stupid-to-the-point-of-insanity independent spirit. Yes, I get that you want to make it on your own but girlfriend but we could ALL see how badly on a downward spiral your life was. So do you take a little bit of help from a friend? Oh no! That would be too degrading, instead you sell your body to two alpha’s because, yeah, that makes sense. Once I got over wanting to slap her even more than Beau did, I actually quite liked her. But I prefer my strong females to be clever and sensible, not so stubborn as to appear to have a death wish. Perhaps if we’d had a little more backstory that really explained why she was that way would have allowed me to accept it more easily.

This wasn’t quite so purple prose, though the sex scenes still have a hazy feel, focused more on emotion impact and snatched impressions rather than a clear sequence of events. Many of those scenes are very dubious in consent and quite violent in nature too. As with Dresden’s Omega’s Destruction series, this book is quite disturbing at times and readers should proceed with caution. This also ends on a cliff-hanger, though don’t let that put you off buying and reading this delightfully depraved omegaverse story.

Had I read this a year or two ago it would have easily hit 5 stars, but my reading tastes have changed, and despite this being just as good as Broken it didn’t quite tick every box for me. I’ve returned to my first loves of fantasy and Sci-Fi, and I felt that Desperate just lacked in the plot department. How many ways can the heroine be abused just wasn’t enough story, despite that having been more than sufficient in Dresden’s previous work. So that was entirely down to me and I won’t hold it against the book.

For those who love dark omegaverse then I highly recommend Desperate to you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Paranormal Erotica

Age 18+, dubious consent, violence, abuse.


The cost of desperation is steep.

A string of failures has brought Devin to her knees. Refusing to ask for help, even when she needs it most, she’s willing to do just about anything. Salvation comes in a newspaper clipping. A job at Wicked, the city’s premiere nightclub. Now she’s caught up in their games, caught between the two Alphas who are much more than mere owners. While one doles out cruelty, it’s the promise within the deep brown eyes of the other that keeps her from running.
They’ve offered her a choice. One that she can’t refuse. If she’s willing to pay the price.

Desperate is Book One in the Cost of Desperation series, a raw and thrilling dark Omegaverse tale. This full length novel contains dark themes and complete power exchange. Scenes are not glossed over, which may be distressing for some readers. This series is set in the same world as the Omega’s Destruction series with many events happening within the same timeline. While it can be read separately, reading both series will give a richer experience.

#BookReview #Dystopian #AlternativeReality // Madness by Paityn Parque

by Paityn Parque

Madness is an imaginative, and at times eerie, alternate reality debut novel by a young adult writer. I generally read adult books, which it wouldn’t be fair to compare this against, so I am slightly out of my reviewing comfort zone. On balance I would say this is a well written and very entertaining story, there were times when I couldn’t read quickly enough, when I was so caught up in the plot that the world around me ceased to exist.

There were other times where slightly confusing phrasing, or the repeated use of a word in quick succession, threw me out of the moment. There were things that were never really explained, such as why Speedy and Jack constantly called Ezra “new fish”. Why did she never question where food came from? However I am fully aware that this very much is judging as if it were an adult book, where world building and character development is very much expected to be complex and deep.

The book explores themes of trust, friendship, and integrity alongside examining some very moral dilemmas. Whilst the book finished at a natural end point in the story, I am hoping this isn’t the last we have seen of Ezra, Jack, Zak, Speedy et al. There is definitely more story to be told yet. Whilst I liked Shadow/Ezra, especially her determination to do good in a place where evil seemed to reign, there were times I wasn’t quite sure that I really knew her. Personally I needed a little more emotion and some inner monologue to round out the story and fill in some gaps. Some scenes felt disjointed and not all loose ends were addressed – though there could be plans to do so in future books!

I have certainly read books by adult authors that were no where near as well written as this one. Bearing in mind that not only is this the author’s first published work but also that she is only mid-teens, then I have to say I am very impressed with what has been produced. This is definitely a book I would recommend to YA readers, as well as the more mature MG reader.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

YA Alternate Reality

Age 13+, Contains some violence

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/58757838-madness

Death is not an escape.

One night Ezra Adkins is brutally murdered in her own home. As she was dying, she expects to wake up in the afterworld. She was wrong.

She loses consciousness and awakens into a horrific game of kill or be killed. Players can be killed an infinite number of times, but the only permanent way out of the game is their actual death by suicide.

Players in the game ruthlessly hunt each other for points, while others kill for fun. Most players have given up on finding an escape from the game and spiral into insanity, killing without reason. It’s mayhem.

Ezra soon learns who to trust and who to hunt down. But as she falls deeper into the game, she starts to lose herself as the bodies pile up. The line blurs between what she’s always known to be right and wrong.

Metal will clash. Blood will spill. Minds will break. And before it’s too late, Ezra must find an escape from the game before she becomes the real enemy.

REVIEW – Dystopian/ PNR Romance // Aeterna by Kim Bannerman


by Kim Bannerman

This got off to a shaky start for me, there was far too much info dumping at the start of the book, slowing the pace for a while. I also found some of the descriptions overly detailed and unnecessary for developing the story. However once we get to Bo, the story picked up and I found myself much more engaged by what is essentially a blend of paranormal, suspense and romance. Once I’d got through that first third the plot picked up in intensity and I found myself not wanting to put the book down.

It took me a while to understand Marcus’ motivation, he felt a little lacklustre at first but we really get to know him as the story progresses. There was also good character growth and I soon found myself captivated by him. Bo was a really fascinating character and I very much enjoyed seeing how the pair of them interacted together. I would rather have had more time spent on developing their relationship and less on the early over explanation. On balance, however, this was still an engaging read.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Fantasy Romance

Age 18+, Contains scenes of vampirism, torture and sex

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/58243911-aeterna

Vampires have conquered the living world, eradicated human society, and rule an undead empire from their underground palace of Aeterna. No longer forced to hide in the shadows, they build a luxurious metropolis of epicurean excess, savage rituals, and royal lineages, all existing in perfect eternal harmony.

Of Aeterna’s byzantine rites, the Bloodlet is the greatest: a spectacular hunt held once a century to choose which royal house will ascend the throne. But for Marcus Atreidae, the last vampire to be created before the annihilation of mankind, the Bloodlet offers a chance to explore the ruins of a dead city and learn all he can about those creatures of myth and legend: humans.

Barred from participating as punishment for his curiosity, Marcus sneaks to the surface but, when catastrophe strikes, he finds himself trapped amid the dystopian ruins with an unlikely ally — a beautiful and fearless clone named Bo. Together, they discover a web of lies that stretches all the way to Aeterna’s putrid core. Will the truth of Marcus’ own mysterious past set him free? Or will it destroy an empire?

In Aeterna, Kim Bannerman weaves an astonishing tale of intrigue, betrayal, mystery and adventure. From warrior kings to soothsayers, bio-engineers to slaves, ogres to phantoms, this sweeping epic is as rich and haunting as the undead who populate the city, and sure to delight fans of fantasy and dystopian fiction.

Aeterna is in development with a Hollywood production company and is soon to be a motion picture.

REVIEW – Dark Fantasy Horror // Flame To Frost by Myra Danvers

Flame to Frost
(The Last Triton, #1)
by Myra Danvers

So this is book #1 and the original version of The Last Triton albeit one that has been polished to a good shine. However just to really confuse you, the author rewrote the story and released it a few years ago, beginning with Ravenous Innocence. This version, which is hugely different, was released because fans of the Lit€rotica version refused to be silenced 😂.

I’m glad I read the rewritten version first because whilst this was a fast paced and entertaining read, it didn’t have the lushness, the incredible world building, the powerful emotions that I found in those books. It was still a gripping tale, more savage in feel with a plot that I would describe as dark romance with elements of fantasy. The pace is much faster, so is great for those who are impatient readers, and contained more erotic elements.

The great thing with this release is that you have a choice of this faster moving, darker, grittier story or the more complex and detailed fantasy based books of the Triton Evolution series.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Fantasy Romance



Sheltered in the lap of luxury, Mila is eighteen when her world dissolves in flames around her. War. A utopia swallowed in a single night.

Orphaned and alone, terrified of being captured, Mila flees the conquerors who have come to claim. To snatch up those gifted few called priestess―Tritan women born with magic in their blood. They are healers. Peacekeepers bound and chained, used as living batteries, they become the fuel that feeds the Caledonian army and creates unstoppable warriors.

The elite. Warmongers. Dogs of the state, they are the perfect soldiers―everything a Tritan priestess isn’t, wielding power that does not belong to them. But Mila is an enigma. A priestess hidden from her own people, hers is a secret her father died to keep. One Mila will use to fight from the shadows, striking against the empire in any way she can. An army of one, with the power of many…

Until she is betrayed. Captured. Sold. To Captain Asher Rawlings. Captor. Villain. Elite. Even without a priestess of his own, Asher’s power lashes at her senses. Dark flames lapping at her nape, whispering of untapped potential Mila didn’t think possible.

Helpless, subject to Asher’s every whim, Mila is made to obey his every sordid command. Left with nothing but her secret. That she is a Tritan priestess―the one thing he needs to seize a legendary power that could tip the scales of the war and ensure an everlasting Caledonian rule.

Now Mila must navigate a world of villains and political conspiracy, endure anything Asher throws her way, and above all else… never reveal what she is.

The Last Tritan is perfect for fans of the Grishaverse. Those who fell completely in love with the Darkling―a smoldering villain we wanted to see win…

REVIEW – Fantasy Romance // Midnight Fae Academy #4 by Lexi C. Foss

Midnight Fae Academy
Book Four
by Lexi C. Foss

This was a very enjoyable and satisfying conclusion to Aflora’s story, one that held my attention and had me wondering what would happen next. There are several shocking events in this book with Constantine showing just how ruthless he is, how willing he is to go to ANY lengths necessary, in order to gain more power and control.

I’m not going to talk much about the five main characters, since this is book #4 of a series that must read in order, but I do need to mention that I loved how we saw them growing both individually and as a mating circle. Shade in particular comes into his own in this book, whilst the alpha power battles between Zakkai and Zeph proved to be both amusing and hot!

I did find myself skimming several (ok most) of the sex scenes. My focus was on the ascension trials and whilst some of the sex allowed bonds to develop between the men, for me they detracted from the plot. At times it also felt as though those trials were resolved a little too easily, I like my battles to be epic, fantasy is the driving element for me, romance less so. However other readers will be more into the sex and love part and this definitely fulfils those needs extremely well.

At first there appear to be a few lose ends, but a rather intriguing epilogue promises a whole new “hell-fire” series to enjoy!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance


Welcome to the Midnight Fae world.
It’s bloody.
And led by an ancient vampire who needs to die.

My days as a pawn in this war are over. I’m taking over as queen on this board, and in my version of the game, everyone bows to the queen. Even Constantine Nacht.

He thinks he’s clever by roping me into these ascension trials, all meant to kill me and my mates. But I’m going to prove him wrong.
We’re stronger than he thinks. And we’re going to make him bleed.

Earth Fae are all about life. Midnight Fae prefer death.
I’m a mixture of both. So let’s see what happens when life marries death, shall we?

Hand over my crown, Constantine. It’s time for you to kneel for your queen.

Author’s Note: This is the conclusion to the dark paranormal “why choose” Midnight Fae Academy series. It’s strongly recommended that these books be read in order.

Acknowledgements –
Photo #1 by Fae Photography on DeviantArt
Photo #2 by Sakimichan on DeviantArt

REVIEW – Contemporary Erotic Romance // At His Mercy by Claire Thompson

At His Mercy
Masters Club Series – Book 1 
by Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson sure does know how to write a scorching hot tale and At His Mercy didn’t disappoint! Not only do the BDSM scenes in this have enough heat to warm a small city, they are also powerful, intense and boundary pushing. The author clearly knows one end of a flogger from another and writes with authority on this subject, always ensuring a well rounded read.

The prose flows smoothly, and given that some of the scenes involve intense bondage the logistics of limb placement always worked well. It is a masterpiece of consensual BDSM play, well written with nicely rounded characters. I did struggle with Cameron’s weathervane behaviour, changing direction depending on which way the wind blew, though the author did account for this later in the story. I would have liked to have seen him have to work a little harder at earning Jess’ trust back, because his treatment of her was very hot and cold. He felt almost un-Dom-like a few times, but he does acknowledge this so kudos to the author for that.

For me there were times when the story lacked the emotional depth I wanted, but it didn’t prevent me from enjoying what is overall a great read.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

BDSM Erotic Romance


Intense. Exclusive. Invitation only. Do you have what it takes to be a pleasure sub?

Masters Club, a private BDSM venue for serious players, is perfect for Dom Cameron Lord, who gives the kink lifestyle everything he’s got—except his heart… When he witnesses a lovely sub girl enduring a botched scene at a NYC public club, he sees her potential. She’ll make an excellent addition to the Masters Club. But as he steps closer, he recognizes her…and all bets should have been off.

Aspiring young attorney Jess Cooper gets her release at the BDSM clubs around town, where she enjoys letting her inner sub fly. There’s nothing better than to be naked and bound, a stranger in black leather behind her wielding a whip. It’s the perfect anonymous relief from a stressful workweek. Until her worlds collide when Mr. Lord, the super sexy partner at her firm, watches her from the sidelines.

Any hope that he hadn’t recognized her with her clothes off vanishes the very next day at the office. No, he doesn’t say a word about what he saw. His invitation says it all…

At His Mercy is the first book in Claire Thompson’s new BDSM Romance series—Masters Club. If you enjoy powerful alpha men who aren’t afraid to take what they want, but give so much in return to the women they fall for, then this series is for you.

Then she’s faced with a choice…

REVIEW – Fantasy/ Alternate Reality \\ These Violent Nights

These Violent Nights
by Rebecca Crunden

Photo by Jovana Nesic on Pexels.com

This is a substantial book, with quite a number of characters and a pretty convoluted plot. The blurb on covers the tip of the iceberg referring to the first few chapters of part 1, with the book being divided into three distinct parts.

The classic tale of good v evil is totally spun on its head, with two parallel worlds that have very different power structures. Thorn and her best friend Thistle live on the Earth, where humans are being hunted to extinction by the magic wielding Suriia. Lucien and his pack live on an Earth where the Suriia, and their magic, are supressed, where they are second class citizens with few rights and fewer luxuries. The fact that one Earth wasn’t an exact inverse of the other really made the set up more interesting and the morality more complex.

The myriad of characters we meet and get to know was amazing, though my preference would have been to have had some of the “bad” guys as more prominent characters too. The main protagonists felt fleshed out, engaging my interest and readily drawing me into the story. The world building was good, with subtle exposition rather than obvious information dumps. It did mean that occasionally I was left a little perplexed, mainly around the different races of Suriians. I did read an arc copy of the book, so it could be that the published version includes a glossary of the Suriian terms used.

We experience Thorn’s Earth in part one, followed by Lucien’s in part two. The rather abrupt transition between the two proved to be quite jarring considering how emotionally invested I was in Thorn’s story. It did feel as though I was starting again from scratch, as part 2 introduced a new cast of characters. I can fully understand why the author chose to present things the way she did, though my preference would have been to have learnt of the two concurrently, so that my investment in the story held steady throughout.

The final third of the book was chock-a-block full of unexpected twists, turns and surprises. It ticked all my boxes and drew the story together into a very satisfying ending. The time spent on Salfar did feel somewhat very rushed though. Throughout the book there were periods of time that were skipped but the author always made clear that some time had passed. Something I would like to have seen was an examination of how time spent by Thorn in the Suriia section of Earth changed/affected her or how time in the castle on Salfar affected Lucian and his pack.

Overall I found this to be a well written, detailed and entertaining story with a good cast of characters.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Low Fantasy

Once upon a time, inhabitants of another world tore a hole through the universe and came to Earth. They called themselves Suryas, and rivalled humans in knowledge and skill with one great exception: they had magic.

War followed. Humanity lost. And three hundred years later, humans are on the brink of extinction.

Orphans Thorn and Thistle live in hiding. They are the last of their families, the last of their friends. They scrape by, stealing to survive and living on the streets or hiding in sheds. But even under the brutal regime of the Suryas, there are places where humans can mingle in secret with magical sympathisers, and one night Thistle gets an unexpected offer of marriage from a Surya with high standing and friends in all the right places. For Thistle, it’s a chance at safety and comfort; for Thorn, it’s a chance to find the ones who killed her parents.

And so the pair move into the capital city of Courtenz. An urban monstrosity of magic and might, false friends and flying cars, drones and death tolls, the new city promises a fresh start – and new love – for both.

But if there’s one thing Thorn knows for certain, it’s that dreams can swiftly turn into nightmares. 

REVIEW – Science Fiction/Dystopian // Evolving Elizah: Initiatum by C.J. Hall

Evolving Elizah: Initiatum
by C.J. Hall

Once I got into the story I did enjoy it, however the strange use of third person present tense was a little jarring at times. Every now and then it felt as though a narrator had interjected into the story, and I would find myself thrown out of my reading flow.

The main premise of the story was both interesting and imaginative and this was accompanied by really solid world building. There was plenty of conflict, intrigue, action and peril too. I’m guessing, from what felt like a rather abrupt ending, that this is the first book in a series, so this did seem to focus on painting the bigger picture and introducing us to the main protagonists. There were hints of romance between Seth and Liz, though it was all very PG rating.

I’m not sure if the author was aiming for the YA or the adult market with this, it seemed to hop between the two. Occasionally problems were overcome a little too easily and the plot felt a somewhat simplistic. At other times it had a more adult feel, posing moral dilemmas and having layers of depth to explore. I did like how the author began to blur the lines between the “good side” and the “bad side” in the story, I do hope this continues as a theme throughout as it’s a more honest reflection of humanity.

The book is mainly written from Liz’s point of view and we do see her undergo some character growth. I did struggle to follow the retrospective timeline (possibly because I took a break whilst reading this) and felt that Liz was very naïve and emotionally immature for her age, yet intelligent and with hidden strength at other times. However given the trauma and struggles of her youth it did feel fitting for her to be less self aware than a woman of her age should be. No man is an island, but Elizah has certainly held herself apart from others since being abandoned first by her brother and then by her mum.

I am definitely invested in the story enough to be committed to reading future books in the series. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Genre – Science Fiction / Dystopian Future

Elizah (Liz) Goeff was born into a world much like the one we know today, but she doesn’t remember it. It’s all gone now, covered in ash after a series of natural disasters threw North American civilization into a death spiral. Now Liz’s world is the Green Grow 3, a lush space farm orbiting Earth designed to feed humanity until the planet can heal itself.
The space farm was a brilliant plan that might have worked, if not for the terrorist group that calls itself the New Generation. They are intent on destroying the Green Grow dream, and Liz is intent on destroying them. They took everything that mattered to her – her home, her mother, and her older brother Jackson who has been missing for years. She won’t let them take the Green Grow 3 as well.
Cut off from the Green Grow Executive Council and abandoned by their former Captain, Liz will do anything to help her friend and now-Captain, Seth, to keep the ship and its inhabitants safe. They are her people now. Or are they? As Liz fights to save the ship and humanity, she realizes that nothing is as it seems – not the New Generation, not her brother’s disappearance, and not the war she assumed Green Grow was winning.
When New Generation spies are captured on the ship, they begin to reveal truths about Liz’s world and her family that she struggles to accept. As her illusions unravel, this fierce young woman must decide – who should she fight for now, and to what end? And is it really possible that she alone has the power to end to the conflict that has defined her entire life?

// REVIEW \\ The Lavender Phantom

The Lavender Phantom
(Club Lavender, #1)
by Lainey Delaroque

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Excerpt: Chapter 1 available HERE

Buy links: 

US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08NHRBZYQ 
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08NHRBZYQ 
CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08NHRBZYQ 
AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08NHRBZYQ
Available at all other Amazon marketplaces too.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre – Erotic Suspense

Sophie Taylor, 24, loves three things: her sister, tea and kinky pain. As the single guardian of 14-year-old Melanie, she works hard and plays hard, navigating being a good sister and a responsible adult every day.
When her sister returns home with a myriad of bruises and a single memory of club Lavender, Sophie feels like a failed parent– and itches to see justice done.
She infiltrates Lavender in search of the culprits and hard evidence to bring them down. Lavender unravels before her with its sumptuous drinks and lavish aesthetic but as she finds an attractive man tied-up in the basement, she uncovers the place has a vicious, depraved side, ready to suck her in.
Alone in a club full of enemies, Sophie struggles to keep sight of her goal. But someone has her back. The Lavender Phantom, an urban legend said to haunt Lavender and help those in need, has taken an interest in her. Can Sophie really trust this mysterious stranger, or is he another hook to drag her deeper into Lavender’s intoxicating danger?
When she learns the life of another child could be destroyed in Lavender’s extravagant rooms, she has to choose – save him or save herself. 

Book available at: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited


Publication date: February 9, 2021

Language: English

Print length: 278 pages

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56273412-the-lavender-phantom 


Lainey Delaroque is a 5ft writer who can’t stop imagining sexy worlds packed with action, danger and romance from the comfort of her equally tiny home.
She is passionate about writing productivity and mental health and has married the two in her podcast The Pen Garden.
She has no cats and dogs to include in this but hopes that the next bio she writes will have at least one.

Books available:

The Lavender Phantom (Club Lavender 1) – Feb 2021

Contact, author pages and social media:

Website: www.laineydelaroque.com 
Email: laineydelaroque@gmail.com 
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20968270.Lainey_Delaroque 
Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Lainey-Delaroque/e/B08NZSL8P8/ 
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lainey-Delaroque/e/B08NZSL8P8 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lainey-Delaroque-104439858165615/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaineyDelaroque 
Contact the author: Laineydelaroque@gmail.com

Photo by Inga Seliverstova on Pexels.com

// REVIEW \\ Terrestrial Magic

Terrestrial Magic
by Marina Ermakova

This fell between liked and really liked for me. There were some very good aspects but also some areas for improvement. The author had imagined a very intriguing world but parts of it needed a little more fleshing out. I believe that the author may have been trying to avoid an information dump, however some of the exposition came too late in the story, leaving me unable to build a clear mental picture, rather like trying to follow a TV show having missed one of the episodes.

I did find myself drawn quickly into this story, especially since it metaphorically started with a real bang. The story had plenty of unique features to it, and it didn’t feel the need to rely on tired and cliched tropes. Overall the pace was good, and I did find myself invested in the story enough to want to finish it. The heroine, Jordan, doesn’t come across as feminine at all, indeed at times I forgot I was reading a female character. She felt very genderless, which isn’t an issue and I’m very happy to read diverse characters, but I was never sure if it was deliberate or poor characterisation. It just wasn’t made clear enough.

In a similar vein, I also found Jordan difficult to relate to. Possibly she’s meant to be socially awkward, autistic or just plain lacking empathy, and whilst some of her internal monologue was enjoyable, there were occasions where it made her seem immature or emotionally stunted. Too often when emotions were portrayed it was in a telling not showing manner. For me to believe a character is feeling something, I want descriptions of the psychological or physiological effects of them. I’m very character driven, and I think the fact that I was very impassive about Jordan is why this wasn’t a better read for me.

On balance I enjoyed the writing, the author definitely has a pleasant “voice” and a good imagination, which she employed well in the creation of this book. Fleshing out of secondary characters was achieved to various degrees, though occasionally felt a touch repetitive – I got that Tony was grumpy the first half dozen times it was mentioned. It did feel as though this were the second book in a series, or a spin off book, because whilst the world building was colourful it was rather like a Turner seascape. You can see an amazing picture but none of the fine detail, however it is only the first book in a series, so I’m willing to allow that the author may have plans to paint in that depth of detail in future books.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Goodreads ~~ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43129773-terrestrial-magic

Genre ~~ Mythological Fantasy/ Alternate Reality

Most sensible people avoid fire-breathing carnivores that prey on humans. But Jordan has built a career out of studying such legendary animals, creatures thought mythological until their reemergence in the world three decades ago. She and researchers like her believe that knowledge is the key to reclaiming the land they’d lost back then, when humanity retreated into designated safety zones.
But when the humans moved out, the legends moved in. They were the descendants of mythical heroes, inheriting the powers of their ancestors, and they weren’t afraid of the monsters. Jordan never expected to run into a legend, but when a field expedition turns into a trap for her team, she realizes that one deliberately tried to kill her. It’s a diplomatic nightmare the Roman authorities might happily sweep under the rug. But if Jordan doesn’t figure out who attacked her and why, they could try again. Yet even if she does solve the mystery, what could one stubborn scientist possibly do to stop a powerful legend?

Photo by Edneil Jocusol on Pexels.com