PAVO (Dragon King Book #1) by S Cinders

An exciting new spin off in the Lycan Mating Games world This particular book can be read stand alone without having read the other 'Lycan' books. There is no character cross-over and very little reference to the previous books either. Whether future books will need you to have read the other 3 I wouldn't like to say.I … Continue reading PAVO (Dragon King Book #1) by S Cinders


3.75 Stars ⭐⭐⭐✨ Whilst this is a tale of never judging a book by it's cover, this cover does do the story justice.I very much enjoyed this tale of troubled Starr and confused Spencer. Both main characters were incredibly easy to like and empathise with, I could feel myself building an easy connection with them … Continue reading NO HEARTBREAKER REQUIRED by JoAnn Sky


3.75 Well trained stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ✩ It's time to train!Marriage Training by Golden Angel is LIVE!!!GET IT ON YOUR FAVORITE RETAILER:Amazon → → & Noble → Play → → A very steamy, erotic historical romanceMarriage Training is the story of Gabriel, Earl of Cranborne, and the impoverished Vivian. Gabriel is envious of his friend's submissive but … Continue reading MARRIAGE TRAINING by Golden Angel

His Salvation – Claire Marta

Series: Cavalieri Della Morte SeriesGenre: Romance SuspenseRelease: April 25, 2019Goodread: Blurb:I’ve been betrayed. A hit gone wrong. I'm hurt and hunted. She helps me out of fear--an innocent snatched up in my bid to escape. I can’t let her live because she’s seen my face. No survivors. No witnesses. That’s a code I live … Continue reading His Salvation – Claire Marta