Blog Tour & Review // Violence

Title: Violence

Series: Antihero Inferno #3

Author: Lily White

Release: July 29, 2020
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Designer: Lori Jackson Design
Photographer: Michelle Lancaster; @lanefotograf 
Model: Lawrence Templar; @Lawrence_Templar


Seventh Circle
Also Known As Ezra Cross

He’s one of a pair. Identical twin to Damon. And an enforcer for the Inferno if one is ever needed.
I knew better than to get involved with him. With his aggression. With the constant fights. With the games the twins were known to play with every woman stupid enough to fall for them.
We made a mistake when we met again as adults.
I fell in love. He fell in love. His brother fell in love, too. What used to be a good time is now a tragedy.
Our story is messy. It’s cruel. It’s forbidden. Despite all that, Ezra refuses to let go.

*** Each novel in the series depicts a unique romance, but the plots through each book connect in one world. For the best experience, read the series in order.

Nine Dangerous Men. Nine Unrepentant Sinners. Nine Irresistible Manipulators.

Mine is probably not going to be a popular opinion and I am perfectly fine with that because it is much more to do with me as a reader than anything else. I read most sub-genres of romance, but I’m not a huge fan of straight-up contemporary romance. Unlike the first two books, which I enjoyed because they had plenty of secrets, battles and mystery/suspense to whet my appetite, this read more like an angsty contemporary story. It just didn’t float my particular boat. There isn’t anything specifically wrong with this book, it just didn’t fit with my preferences. I know without a shadow of a doubt that for most readers this will be a 4 or 5 star read, so I do recommend giving it a try.

I found myself both questioning and frustrated by Emily. Controlled by her parents at 18 I could get but still under their thumb at 28? Really? I was told how tough she was, how brave to take on the Cross twins, what fire burned inside her, but all I saw was a little girl who allowed others to run her life. And the only conclusion I could draw was because she liked having access to her parent’s money too much to try and be independent. So whilst I liked her, it made it difficult to respect her.

At times I found the pace to be slow. After a couple of hours of reading, and only a third of the way through, I’ll admit that I started to skim parts of the book. This was because there didn’t seem to be a clear focal point for the story. Tanner needed Luca’s servers and Gabe wanted Ivy’s secrets (or at least her father’s secrets) but that was lacking for me with Emily and Ezra.

There was a lot of OTT angst, push and pull between the protagonists, which simply isn’t for me. If you love angsty reads then grab this book because Lily White is an amazing author, I have zero complaints about the writing. I did enjoy the final half/third of the book and am glad I read it so that I can continue with the series, which is still a winning one overall.

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Praise for the novel: 

‘CONSUMED! ADDICTED! OBSESSED with the Inferno Boys!!!’ ~ Keri Loves Books

‘HOLY ish!!! I thought I was in love with Tanner and Gabe…but Ezra…I love him and all his broken parts.’ ~ Boys in Books are Better


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Fraud (Antihero Inferno Book #2)
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Author Bio:

Lily White is a romance writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series, Target This, Wishing Well, and Asylum. In addition to dark romance Lily writes contemporary romance, taboo romance, and psychological thrillers. Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

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Review //\\ United

United by Karen Nappa

This writing duo have been highly recommended to by several different people, so when I saw an arc available I jumped at the chance to find out more about them. Maybe I was expecting too much but I have to admit that whilst I did enjoy this book, it did leave me disappointed at times. I enjoy BDSM in romance and am fine with F/f (as long as it is accompanied by some m/f action) but I am very much a character/emotion driven reader. This felt more plot driven, so I didn’t find the connection I needed to pull me into the story and make it a great read for me personally.

One issue I did have was that this felt quite short and, considering we have THREE characters to get to know, it needed to be longer for me. We had significant time jumps within the book, all very clearly delineated but it meant many events were told to us in a sentence rather than us experiencing them first hand. In fact a LOT of the book felt very tell and not show, I never found myself inside the characters heads, feeling their emotions.

Some of the BDSM/sex scenes were very hot and steamy but I found their first one as a triad at Club Indigo boring. Especially given that we’ve been told how much of a masochist Yvonne was. On the flip side I appreciated the realism of some other scenes, especially one showing that they didn’t always work as planned but that was OK. However, again, they just lacked emotion for me – the word that sprang to mind as I read this book was “dry”.

Several scenes felt quite choppy, almost incomplete. We were told something was going to happen, then we were told it had happened but we didn’t see it happen and we didn’t know how it impacted on any of them mentally or physically. For example the scene where they met the lawyer was redundant, adding nothing to the story. A scene of them talking WITH him and showing how they FELT and learning what they faced would have been so much more valuable.

It also included the male character spitting on the female subs behind. They were in a sex club for heaven’s sake, so I’m sure lubricant was readily available, spitting was just stomach turning for me.

I hate that this review sounds so negative, because the book wasn’t bad. I read it through to the end, the story made sense and the characters were likeable and had clear personalities. A lot of what didn’t work was down to that telling not showing style of writing, which many readers still enjoy. It wasn’t a great read for me, though it was ok, but I’m sure many others will love it, so I would still recommend trying it.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title – United (Club Indigo Series #6)
Author – Karen Nappa
Genre FMf/ BDSM Romance

They’ve ignored their mutual attraction for years … until one night changes everything!
He is gorgeous, playful, and kind… and he is one of Kate’s best friends. She’s been admiring Chris from afar, but he is as domineering as she is.
After their one night stand, Kate tries to forget how good he made her feel and watches him at Club Indigo … until his play with Yvonne goes wrong, and Kate steps in. When more than love grows between the three of them, their lives will never be the same.
Starting a relationship between two people is hard; they’re about to discover living a threesome is even harder. Especially when they not only have to overcome their own misconceptions and difficulties. They also struggle with rules and regulations laid upon them by family and society.

Review //\\ Capturing Kate

Capturing Kate by Alexis Alvarez

This is a pleasant enough read where the punishments were consensual. The first one skated the line of dub-con but I gave it a pass as I felt that Kate didn’t really put up much of a fight to avoid it.

Whilst the book is written third person, the perspective is always Kate’s, so I did feel as though I got to know her more than I did Sloan. I liked them both, even though Kate’s behaviour was described in a very childish way a couple of times. I’m not sure if the author was trying to convey just how emotionally distressed and ‘off-kilter’ Kate felt but it didn’t quite work when she described her stamping her feet etc. Maybe it was to show she was a brat? shrug

The story was entertaining, the plot was engaging and the pace kept things moving forward. It didn’t have the depth that I need to give a 4 or 5 star rating, but it isn’t a bad book either. It’s a nice, low-angst, ‘spanking’ romantic suspense that fills a couple of hours

Title – Capturing Kate
Author – Alexis Alvarez
Genre – BDSM Romantic Suspense

Sparks fly when a feisty reporter and a dominant undercover FBI agent spend a week alone together.
Journalist Kate Klein knows reporting on a powerful businessman’s disregard for the safety of the local water supply was a dangerous assignment, but she is nonetheless shocked when she is taken captive, bound, and brought to a remote cabin.
Her gruff yet undeniably handsome captor turns out to be a man named Sloan Masters who claims he is an undercover FBI agent investigating the same organization she has been trying to expose. Kate is unsure whether Sloan can be trusted, but he makes it clear that he plans to do whatever is necessary to protect her, whether she likes it or not. If keeping her safe requires taking her over his knee for a stern punishment to ensure her obedience, then so be it.
When Kate keeps some critical information from Sloan, a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom quickly proves that his warning was not a bluff. To her surprise, however, the painful, embarrassing chastisement leaves Kate not only promising to be good but also yearning for Sloan to take her in his arms and claim her thoroughly.
Sloan’s skilled, dominant lovemaking is unlike anything Kate has ever experienced before, and she finds her desire for him growing more intense by the hour, but she cannot help wondering if she is just a means to an end for him. When something goes terribly wrong and the entire investigation is put in jeopardy, can Sloan prove to Kate that she belongs to him no matter what?

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Review //\\ Viking Raid

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Viking Raid (Replay #1) by Nia Farrell

This is a quick, hot read. I would place it more in the erotica genre than erotic romance, as it lacked development of any credible relationship between Gunner and Brianna. However it was steamy, easy to read and entertaining enough in a bubble-gum and candy-floss way, sweet and flavoursome at the time but not long lasting. I wasn’t convinced as to why a virgin would choose a public play scene with a man she really didn’t know as the place to lose said virginity.

If the author had explored Brianna’s decision more, which on paper felt like a very impulsive choice that didn’t hold water, this would have improved the story. I got the impression that losing her virginity in public would not have been her ideal choice. So why did she? The reason given within the story was one that would quickly have been reversed in real life. Exploring the decision and Brianna’s feelings would have not only strengthened the plot, but would also have given this book real depth.

99 pages just isn’t long enough to do more than give the bare bones of a tale. A novella has to sacrifice something, and in this case it was getting to truly know our hero and heroine, so that instead we could have several very hot and heavy scenes. If you go in not expecting anything more than to be lightly entertained, then you will enjoy this. I got it free in A Taste of Submission, by Pandora Spock, so it was a win-win all round for me.

Title – Viking Raid (Replay Book 1)
Author – Nia Farrell
Genre – BDSM Erotica

Gunnar Falk portrays a Viking leader at Replay, a BDSM theme resort where patrons role play in the past. He’s the Dom everyone wants but no one has had…until the resort’s musical director Breanna Campbell makes him an offer he can’t refuse.
Gunnar isn’t looking for a permanent sub, but he’ll take what Breanna is offering—only because he can’t stand the thought of another Dom claiming the beautifu
l blonde harpist. Her music enchants him. Her innocence beckons him. She’s agreed to give him everything, but will one night be enough?

Review //\\ His Ranch, His Rules

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His Ranch, His Rules by Shanna Handel

His Ranch, His Rules is an easy to read, low angst, somewhat steamy read. Georgia is a hot mess at the start of the book, and I liked how brave the author was in writing the heroine this way. We saw growth in her character and, with one exception (which I will return to later) I liked how she grew in strength and resilience.

Whilst the hero spanks the heroine for the first time really soon after they first met, it was entirely consensual. However, the book really suffered from a very “tell not show” narrated style of writing, this then impacted on my connection with Brody, since the book is written entirely from Georgia’s point of view. However this is perfect if you’re looking for a light, sexy “beach read” with a side of spanking.

I loved Georgia’s uncompromising attitude when Brody messed up and let her down, especially regarding his lack of trust. Now here is where me exception from earlier comes in. Brody not trusting Georgia was what really upset and hurt her, yet this was never addressed. I felt that Brody didn’t truly earn his forgiveness. However I definitely enjoyed this book – hence the three stars.

Title – His Ranch, His Rules
Author – Shanna Handel
Genre – Erotic Western Romance

Georgia Hamilton has done her best to keep her life together since her boyfriend of four years left her broken-hearted, but if she were being honest, she’d have to admit she isn’t doing great. She’s getting tipsy–if not drunk–more and more often, and now she’s lost both her job and her apartment. So when an old friend sets her up with a position complete with room and board on a ranch run by a man who looks like he stepped out of a cowboy movie, she jumps at the chance.
But there’s a catch, of course. Brody Jenkins is an old-fashioned man who believes in hard work, clean living, and firm-handed discipline. That means no drinking, and when she’s caught with a bottle of alcohol, Georgia soon finds herself sobbing and promising to be good as she is very soundly spanked and then pouring her heart out as she is gently held in Brody’s strong arms.

Brody’s stern correction leaves Georgia blushing and sore yet deeply aroused, and she cannot help longing for him to make her his. Once he does, however, she soon learns the hard way that naughty girls can just as easily be punished with pleasure more intense than they can stand. But after a terrible misunderstanding creates a rift between them, will Brody prove to be the man Georgia has always needed, or will she end up leaving his ranch and his rules behind forever?

Review //\\ Bound in Sacrifice

This was a pleasant and fairly quick read that held my attention from start to finish. This is a great book for those who love a darker tale but do not enjoy dub-con and non-con in their story. It is a very lose retelling of Beauty and the Beast, though the Beast seemed to start of all evil and threatening but very quickly morphed into a pussy cat.

My personal preference would have been for a little more conflict between Master B and his little lamb. Rosabelle took to the whole submissive life too easily, quickly embracing and accepting the new experiences thrown her way. That said they were very tame and we didn’t get much detail. Don’t expect highly detailed or boundary pushing BDSM play – a light flogging and an outdoor adventure with a rose was as audacious as it got. At the very end we get the heroine reminiscing on a punishment scene – had the author included this in ‘real time’ in the book it would have added some needed depth and emotion. There were a lot of great plot idea’s but they didn’t feed into the story and help drive the plot or develop character depth. They could have been cut out of the story without altering it’s feel or flow.

The writing, pace and flow are very good and create a very easy to read insta-love story. In terms of La Tour itself, this book very much stayed in “Le Cote Debutant” side of the club, along with the other newbies and tourists, never straying into the “Avace” side. 

Title – Bound in Sacrifie
Author – Murphy Wallace
Genre – BDSM Romance

Goodreads –

Once upon a time, a scorned Queen opened a box, unleashing horrible evil on the world’s heroes.
Instead of gallantry and chivalry, they now possessed much more perverse traits.
They’ve fallen victim to their darkest and most deviant desires.
This is one of their stories…

A regular at my club racked up a large debt that he couldn’t afford, so I sent my men to collect. Instead of delivering the money I was owed, they brought me her. Unable to fulfill her father’s debt, I told her he would pay for it with his life. When she begged to trade her father’s life for her own, I was intrigued. But she couldn’t hide the shiver of fear cloaked beneath the façade of strength and bravery she tried to portray.

Silly girl, you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into.
I’m going to snuff out your pride and stomp on your courage.

My father was a good man with strong values, who put his family above everything else. We weren’t perfect, but we were happy. Then, Mom died and took our happiness with her. Dad quickly got caught in a downward spiral that spun our world into chaos. The warm, caring man that I knew from my childhood was replaced with a complete stranger.

It sucked the light from my world. Now, I feel I will pay greatly for his transgressions. 

Release & Review //\\ Heart Thief

Title: Heart Thief

Series: Sinister Fairy Tales Collection

Author: Ker Dukey 

Release: June 8, 2020

Genre: Dark Fairy Tale retelling


Heart Thief is a captivating read with some dark sexual elements and violence. It’s the first Ker Dukey book I’ve read and it won’t be the last, the writing flowed smoothly and the plot was excellent, with lots of unexpected twists and turns. Mona was a headstrong young girl, barely an adult and terribly naive as a result of her cloistered upbringing. Desperate to fly free from the island before her wings were clipped permanently and servitude was her only future.

We don’t meet Cash and Cole until half way through the book, which is already a fairly quick read. This meant that I didn’t feel like I ever got to know either of them, and the ‘romance’ part was far too rushed. I just couldn’t connect with them and didn’t really buy into their feelings for one another. The focus was very much on the suspense element of what happened to Mona’s older sister, but this didn’t leave any time for developing and convincing me of their feelings for one another. I think if the book had another 8 chapters or so, where we got to know the men and saw them spending time with Mona, this would have been somewhere between a 4 and 5 star read.

Overall I would still recommend the book. Whilst it may lack the depth that I prefer a story to have, it is still an exciting and well written retelling of Moana.

3.5 stars


Monsters come in many forms.

Some want shiny new toys to play with—others want blood.

Mona Walters dreams of adventure, of a world beyond the shoreline she’s confined to. She yearns for vibrancy in her dull, mundane existence, but succumbs to the bleakness.

Until the necklace her sister wore the night she was brutally murdered shows up on her door wrapped in a neat bow, fueling her to run away and seek out the person responsible for stealing her sister’s life.

Mona wished for more—for color in her gray world.

What she didn’t realize was just how much more she would get.

And that the world outside her own was soaked in red—blood red.

The world she dreamed of is made of nightmares.

A rich, influential world of two brothers—and once they have her in their sights, they plan to keep her there.

Her father kept her secluded for a reason.

Be careful what you wish for.

There’s a thief out there, and he’s coming for Mona’s heart.

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Cold burrows into my marrow. My self-preservation to seek out warmth has my feet inching toward a roaring fire in a grand room lavished with furniture and rugs. This place is huge, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. We live a minimal life with only the true essentials. Everything else is considered an indulgence, and that’s sinful. Apparently. 

A graze scorching with pain to my knee makes me wince, the torn material of my dress rubbing against the broken skin. “Hello?” I call out, inching closer and closer to the roaring orange glow of the fire. Shadows dance down the walls as footfalls sound just outside the room I was deposited inside by the man who said he was security. 

“Look what the tide washed in,” a deep rumble booms across the room. 

My hand wraps around my waist to ease the nerves. 

“This is private property. Do you want to tell me what it is you’re doing docking here?” The voice steps into the light, stealing my breath. 

He looks like a man from the stories Clara used to tell me at night when I couldn’t sleep. Dark probing eyes seek me out, making a quiver of excitement and fear ripple through my body. Powerful arms fold across a broad chest covered in clothes I’m not used to: formal wear, a suit. 

He has a confidence about him that commands the space he’s dominating with his size. He’s taller than me by a comfortable foot and a half. As he edges closer, the urge to run away sends a rush of energy to my legs. “Do you speak?” He narrows his dark orbs on me, bringing a hand up to loosen a tie around his neck. 

Moving toward a table set out with bottles full of liquids, he asks, “Drink?”

The dryness of my throat aches. A longing to quench a thirst I hadn’t realized I had has me nodding and pushing a meek, “Yes, please,” past my lips. 

The quirk of his lips doesn’t go unnoticed as he pours amber liquid into two glasses and hands me one. His fingers brush mine as I accept the offering, sending a spark over my skin. My eyes fixate on the contents of the glass. There are two mouthfuls at most. Maybe he can’t spare more. I smile a thank you and lift the glass, taking a sip. 

A harsh burn explodes over my tongue, making me gag. “Oh God, what is that?” I choke out, holding the glass out to give it back to him. A harsh laugh barks from his lips, making my stomach dip. 

“You’re one of them, aren’t you?” He steps toward me, closing in around me like a predator would prey. I shuffle back, bumping my hip against a couch. 

“One of who?” I frown. 

“Cult Island.” He scoffs, snatching the glass from me and throwing the contents into the fire. It hisses and snaps, flames jumping out in retaliation. “I should have guessed by what you’re wearing.” He smirks, his eyes lazily roaming down my body, making a blush bloom on my cheeks.

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Author BIO:

Ker Dukey is an International bestselling author based in the United Kingdom. 

Genres include: 

Dark Romance, Psychological Thriller, New Adult Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Erotic Romance. Ker, is an international bestselling author, with over thirty titles published. Her titles have held multiple #1 bestseller banners and have had rights sold to numerous countries. 

In addition to being an author, Ker is an annoying wife and a mother of three children + one dog (who thinks he’s human.) She has a passion for reading and binge-watching crime documentaries.

Find her on social media, where she loves interacting with her readers.  







REVIEW //\\ Reveal: Scorpio & Harlan

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Reveal: Scorpio & Harlan by Lilia Moon

Scorpio and Harlan’s story was engaging, quite sweet at times and super hot. It was a really easy, pleasant and light read, with a little bit of angst and a lot of steam.

Whilst I liked Scorpio and Harlan, I never really felt like I got to know them deeply. It’s not that they were one dimensional but I felt like we only skimmed the surface of them. I didn’t really care for all the “edge” references, I still couldn’t say with 100% certainty if it meant something good, something bad or just pushing boundaries. In fact there was too much talking in code and I think that was part of what prevented me from connecting with these particular characters.

That said, the story flows really well, the kink scenes, the negotiations, the actions and reactions felt very natural and real. I love the banter, the humour and the support between not only Harlan and Scorpio but also with their friends. It added a fullness to the story.

Things progressed quite rapidly between Harlan and Scorpio and it did feel very insta-love, which is somewhat of a soft limit for me. However I enjoyed them as a couple, and loved how they connected as much more than Dom and sub.

Title – Reveal: Scorpio & Harlan (Fettered #2)
Author – Lilia Moon
Genre – BDSM/ Erotic Romance
Goodreads –

Scorpio is a retired punk-rock singer and the baddest wedding logistics coordinator in the biz. She knows what she wants – and edges aren’t it. They make you bleed.
Harlan’s the big, tough floor manager of Fettered, Seattle’s best BDSM club. Which isn’t anything Scorpio wants, because tats-and-leather bad boys are all about the edges, and she’s done with those.
Except she’s having trouble saying no, and it’s not the tats and leather getting in her way. It’s the glimpses of what lives underneath.
And maybe inside herself, too.

5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.

4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.

3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.

2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.

1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.

Review //\\ Wine Hard, Baby

Wine Hard, Baby (OHellNo #6) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

I struggled with my rating on this, I mean it has the usual fun and quirky humour of the rest of the OHellNo series. It also has a sexy cowboy and a nerdy girl, lots of banter and plenty of crazy moments too. I read it all, I smiled and swooned, so it wasn’t terrible but I just wanted… more. The authors writing voice and quality is a 4 but the story was nothing more than an ok 2. In fact I would describe this as cotton candy, very sweet as it melts on the tongue, but ultimately there is very little substance to it.

The characters whilst pleasant were quite one dimensional, the funny moments more like random sketches in a comedy show and I’m not sure if I ever really found a plot in there. I wish I had liked it more, because on paper it had so much to like about it, but it just somehow missed the mark for me. I also have to question how they fell in love because there weren’t that many interactions between them, nor any genuine getting to know each other moments. The whole story was just one long rinse and repeat of nothing much really, too much deliberate miscommunication.

Maybe I was looking for too much from this book, it’s a quick, easy and very light read, and perhaps that’s all it needs to be.

Genre – Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Goodreads –

My name is Camila Clark. And that sexy cowboy right there? The one with the devilish smile, twinkling brown eyes, and tattoos on his muscular arms? He’s Jed, the guy I turned down flat back in Texas. He just showed up here in Oregon at the winery where I work.
The question is why?
Not that it really matters. I have my reasons for staying away from all that manly temptation. Reasons he can’t possibly understand but seems determined to punish me for.

But the more I fight him, the more I learn about this mysterious, hot-as-hell cowboy. I just don’t know how much longer I can keep pretending to hate him.
The problem is, I’m technically engaged to a guy I’ve never met.

Review //\\ Mafia Lullaby

Mafia Lullaby by Alta Hensley & Measha Stone

Whilst this deals with dark themes of captivity and sex slavery, it didn’t hit very high on my dark-o-meter.

Reading reviews on Goodreads, I was surprised at the number that mentioned finding the DD/lg theme disturbing, I thought it featured fairly minimally. Ariana’s co-captives had been regressed mentally to a 6 year old, via drugging, though if you don’t regress, well there’s no returning to your normal life, which leaves living out your days in a whore house, or not living at all.

To my mind the shock factor/ horror comes from the fact that these are drugged sex slaves being sold off to goodness knows what future abuse. The age play element was mainly calling their trainer Daddy, the reader being told they were colouring and the fact that they had ‘nannies’ who looked after them during the day. I was more concerned that we didn’t truly see much in the way of any credible training, if I’m honest.

The writing flows seamlessly and I couldn’t say author A wrote this part, whilst B definitely wrote that. The two voices were blended into a very easy to read writing style. The characters felt very firm and consistent, the story had good pace and, whilst it is similar to many other “captive” stories, I definitely found it to be an enjoyable read. Both Ariana and Costello were likeable characters and their story was quite sweet, if also a bit kinky and a lot ‘wrong’ (though NOT for the kinky element I hasten to add!).

It was all just a little too nice for my tastes, a little too gentle with its timely interventions and easy solutions. I like my captives to suffer and other than a few spankings/paddlings I didn’t really experience that. I didn’t feel enough fear, terror or despair from Ariana, nor menace and cruelty from Costello. In fact he was just far too nice and gentle a man, particularly considering he was involved in the abduction, torture and training of sex slaves. Acknowledgement was given to the fact that he was a “bad man”, and Ariana did challenge him over his attitude and regard of his previous trainees. I just couldn’t marry the man we saw in Mafia Lullaby with the job he was doing.

I would have enjoyed this more if they had both been a little bit fiercer, if there had been more fire and fight. However that’s because I like my captive romances on the pitch black end of the spectrum and I’m confident this book will be perfect for many readers who like a lighter shade of grey.  Mafia Lullaby is still a well written book and one that is definitely worth giving a try.

Genre – Mafia/Contemporary Romance


She’s a Lullaby girl. Her fate is sealed.
In a twisted, underground House of depravity, the women do not belong to me. But they are mine to train. To groom. To perfect in the most wicked of ways.
This dark House changed me.
What was asked of me, corrupted the man I once was. But the sickness did not break me. I remained in control regardless.
Until her.
Cloaked in secrets and lies, I have a new focus…
I want my own Lullaby girl.