The Inland Seas Series

Safe Harbor
(The Inland Seas Series Book 3)
by Gwyn McNamee

He’s the Preacher man

I adored Preacher and Everly’s story, they are a wonderful pair of characters, whose broken pieces fit together to make a beautiful whole. Whilst it might be possible to read the book stand alone, the series really does need reading in order for maximum enjoyment. The first two books are amazing and I highly recommend reading them.

For some reason, and it could totally have been me, the start of this book seemed to drag a little, I felt almost as though the story wasn’t going anywhere. It wasn’t full of the same action that the previous two books held and I totally appreciate that it did need to be different and carve it’s own path. However within a few chapters I was totally hooked and loving every minute of it.

The obvious aspects of the plot turned out to not be obvious at all. The threats and peril came from some very unexpected sources and whilst some trouble was easy to solve, others were not such simple cases. This story will draw you in, both your mind and emotions will be caught up by the clever writing, the finely crafted characters and their complicated love story.

The very mysterious E is up next and I can’t wait to continue on this amazing adventure.


When it comes to firewalls, no one gets through my defenses.
For the past five years, protecting this band of f-ed up brothers has been my mission.
But Everly pulls me from my cave and does the one thing no one else ever has…
She makes me believe there’s a life outside the world on my screens.
Too bad actions have consequences, ones that threaten everything and everyone around me.
Including the beautiful tattoo artist who has managed to etch herself onto my heart.

The emotional upheaval of the last six months would be enough to break anyone.
And I can already feel myself cracking.
A tall, sexy, tattooed bad boy is the last thing I need thrown into the mix.
All I want is to keep my head down and pour my pain into my art.
But Preacher walks into my life and offers me safety in a world where I thought there was none.
Until our pasts finally catch up with us…

Preacher and Everly.
Fear and loss.
Hope and heartbreak.
This harbor may be their salvation.

Sinister Fairy Tale Collection #3

Sacrifice (Sinister Fairy Tale Collection)
by N. Isabelle Blanco

Release: November 7, 2019 (released early)
Genre: Dark Romance Fairy Tales


Whilst this is nominally set in the author’s Ryze world, unlike those books it very much read as a stand alone story. It’s more greek mythology than true fairytale but this story is far too good to ever hold a tiny little detail like that against it. Especially since the world building allows even those pretty ignorant of greek mythology (that’s me by the way) to understand who is who and what their history is.

Talking of history, Meg and Kles have it in spades and it’s not the good type. Certainly not after Kles abandoned her for fame, glory and godhood. A move he almost immediately regretted but by then it was far too late. Never once did I begrudge Meg her anger and hatred of Kles, he might not have known just what was going to happen to her but he didn’t choose her either. However not only has he regretted that choice for almost as long as Meg has, the more he learns about what happened to her, the more torn up about it he is.

I loved both these characters though I rather dislike the fates (or should that be author?) who made them endure so much pain, heartache and suffering as they battled the trials set before them.

Despite being very slow burn, the story fairly crackles with heat and the chemistry between this pair. The sexual tension oozes out of every scene and there is just so much action, adventure and story that I, for one, really didn’t miss the reduced ‘bedroom’ action.

This book is ideal for those who love a real action packed fantasy/mythology based romance, a good angry second-chance story, a well written and highly entertaining book. The series has proved to be a fantastic way to discover new authors, I can happily recommend all three books released thus far.


Releasing as part of the 2019 Sinister Fairy Tales Collection and part of the Dark Paranormal Ryze Series, but can be read as a Standalone!


We all know the story.

How it ended.

He survived and conquered each task.

Became the hero of all heroes.

And in the end he became a legend.

What no one told you is that I was there. I was helping him . . . and when he ascended, I was left behind to rot.

Herakles never knew I sold my soul for his success—he didn’t need to. Had I been enough on my own, he would’ve chosen to stay.

Instead, he rose to full glory.

I was dragged straight to Hades.




Eventually, mutated.

I lost track of him for nearly three millennia, but I’ve found him.

I will kill him.

He chose to become a god; I was forced to become a nightmare.

Now it’s time for us to meet again.


I abandoned my family mere moments before the Greek pantheon fell.

‘Till this day the whispers accuse me.

Had I been there, perhaps they could’ve been saved.

But I no longer gave a fuck.

Funny how vanity can blind a male to what really matters.

It took less than a year on Olympus before I began searching for her again.

I never found her.

Now, two-in-a-half-thousand years later, here I am.



An immortal ghost, simply getting by.

I should’ve never left her.

The only thing I had was hoping the last of her mortal days, wherever she ended up, were happy . . .

Joke’s on me.

A darkened, twisted version of my female returns, demanding my head for every one of my sins.

And she shall have it.

But first, I’m saving her from her curse.

I’ll sacrifice every ounce of my sanity left to free her . . . right before I let her end me once and for all.  

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Author Bio:

N. Isabelle Blanco is the Amazon Bestselling Author of the Allure Series, the Need Series with K.I.Lynn, and many others. At the age of three, due to an odd fascination with studying her mother’s handwriting, she began to read and write. By the time she’d reached kindergarten, she had an extensive vocabulary and her obsession with words began to bleed into every aspect of her life. 

That is, until coffee came a long and took over everything else.

Nowadays, N. spends most of her days surviving the crazy New York rush and arguing with her characters every ten minutes or so, all in the hopes of one day getting them under control.

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Cold Queen (Sinister Fairy Tales Collection) by K Webster
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Windy City Series – Measha Stone

This is a re-release of a series. Each book has been reworked, updated and improved.

Overall I would rate this series 4.25 stars.

This first and foremost is a love story of two people who chose to include a power exchange dynamic in their relationship. The BDSM element is fairly tame but still incredibly hot and very well written. In fact it was perfect for the story, their play was private and didn’t involve dungeons, clubs and other people – it was abut what was right for them. Which nicely leads me into how very real and honest the play felt, there was some negotiation but this wasn’t a Dom collaring his submissive, it was a guy who liked to be the dominant partner in a relationship but didn’t want a 24/7 thing.

I found Jessica to be an incredibly likeable character and very easy to both connect and sympathise with. She didn’t regard herself as a submissive and had never had any leanings towards a D/s relationship but found something in Royce that enabled her to explore things and give it a try. Now that leads me onto where I had one struggle with the story. Jessica and Royce had only just met when he ‘pulled’ some Dom moves on her. Nothing too extreme and all above board and consensual, so there was no issue there. However I really couldn’t understand Jessica’s actions and response at that point. I wasn’t totally convinced of her following his instructions as she did, it seemed to opposed to her frame of mind immediately before that. Later in the book we hear her musing on how she is ‘choosing’ to follow his instructions and see where things take them, to try new things. I guess I needed more of that in the first scene where her behaviour was totally out of character.

At times through the story I felt like Royce teetered on the edge of being overbearing. BUT at the end, when I reflected back, I could see how his actions could equally be interpreted as demonstrating his care of and concern for Jessica. He totally put her happiness and wellbeing before all else. Hindsight turned some of his ‘bombastic’ actions into nurturing and caring ones – clearly he wanted more control than I could have given up to him, lol! Jessica is also one closed off, stubborn woman who needed his less than gentle pushing, because that pushing was done with respect and love.

There is so much I want to say about the ‘hiccup’ and ending, but that would include spoilers. So what I will say is that their ‘reconnection’ (and that word is important) was perfect and since neither of them had behaved perfectly anything else would have felt unfair and left a bitter taste. Instead it was everything I could want and hope for.


Royce Blandford follows a promotion to Chicago, because when he wants something- he gets it. He’s a man with determination.And after one evening with Jessica, he’s determined to claim her as his.

Jessica is perfectly content keeping relationships casual. She’d rather fall in lust than love. And one glance at Royce- she’s definitely in lust.

But Royce doesn’t kiss and bail. Jessica may try to hide behind a thick wall, but he senses the fires burning hot.

If he has to break through kiss by kiss, he will.

Having not read the original books I can’t comment on how they have been changed. What I am able to do is recommend the well written, steamy, emotion filled and action packed story that it now is. With each story Measha cleverly explores a new issue/concern/worry that faces those entering a long term power exchange relationship.

Kelly appeared as in book #1 as one of Jessica’s friends. From the representation of her in Hidden Heart I didn’t expect to like her very much, however we really get to know her in this book AND begin to understand that her friends may not really know the current Kelly as well as they thought. However she is very impulsive, which not only gets her into trouble but also causes her lots of heartache along the way.

Kendrick was really good at guiding Kelly into her submissive role. There were times, however, that I wanted to kick his butt or shake him. He demanded Kelly always give him her words, told her how important it was that she speak to him about her concerns. That was a plus, particularly since she was new to a PE relationship. However he didn’t always share HIS feelings with her. Communication is a two way street and for someone who insisted on complete honesty, he wasn’t so forthcoming with his own emotions and reasoning. I didn’t mind that he did this – no one’s perfect and I like my characters to have human flaws and foibles. It would just have put the cherry on the icing if he’d verbally acknowledged that he could have been more open with Kelly. The significance of the bracelet and the ‘cooling off’ period being two of the main events.

Ms Stone cleverly blends the BDSM relationship with both a contemporary romance feel and a swirl of suspense. The book does have ‘play’ scenes, though these are all fairly tame and are ideal for those newer to the genre, or those not wanting too heavy a BDSM element. The punishment/discipline scenes were wonderful, I loved that it wasn’t the overused spanking scenario!

To sum up this is a well written and engaging story with two main characters that are not only likeable but also very believable. The growth of the romantic relationship, alongside the power exchange, felt very natural and was very consensual. Kendrick never felt overbearing or determined to push Kelly to do more and more, his say was final but he never assumed he knew her better than she did herself. The last half dozen or so chapters were absolutely packed, filled to the brim with both action and emotion. I really enjoyed this and definitely recommend it to others.


Kelly has been waiting for her knight in shining armor to ride in on his white horse and rescue her from her ordinary life. But he’s taking his sweet time. Taking matters into her own hands, she dives into a world she’s unprepared for.

Kendrick has never seen a woman more impulsive than Kelly. She wants everything, and she wants it now. And damn if he doesn’t want to be the one to give it to her.

But there’s more at play here than boy meets girl. Bad men linger in the shadows where fears are hidden and doubts hover.

Can they pull together to secure a future or will the darkness tear them apart?

Another well written instalment in this group of friends lives

Alex and Alyssa are both strong and determined characters who have one heck of a battle to find their form of a D/s relationship, as well as to overcome the baggage life throws at them. I very much enjoyed their story, especially the fact that Alex wasn’t all perfect and infallible, though personally I might have made him grovel a LOT more than Alyssa did. However that might just have led to cutting my nose of to spite my face!

I love how these books blend ‘real life’ alongside both the developing relationship of the couple AND the BDSM relationship. You end up feeling as though you should be out with the group of friends each Friday night, being an emotional support when needed and offering advice. Whilst each book is stand alone, I would advice reading them in order just to gain the maximum understanding and enjoyment.

The BDSM is fairly low key and only in the bedroom, so this is suitable for those new to the genre, those who don’t like too much BDSM play or those who enjoy any level of kink in their books. It’s well written, with great characters and an engaging plot and I’m more than happy to recommend it.


Alyssa Sanders spent her childhood raising her mother, but that’s all behind her now. She’s on her way to Chicago for a fresh start. No stranger to bad luck, she’s keeping her expectations low.What she’s not expecting is to find her severely dominant, extremely attractive boss is also the son of a close friend.

Alex Trebelli would do anything for his father, so when he’s asked to escort an old friend’s daughter to dinner he doesn’t hesitate to agree. Except she isn’t the small town, young woman his father described. She’s all grown up, full of beauty and curves, with a submissive nature begging his dominant side to emerge.

Alyssa’s never been good at relationships. But Alex is easy to be with, even when he’s being overprotective and bossy. So when he tells her he wants more than friendship can she put aside her fears of failures and give them a real try?

My favourite of the series yet. (These books have been rewritten/updated and re-released in October 2019)

After all the rules she’d broken, all the things she’d done wrong that day, he was trying to soothe her worries? Where had this man come from?
Despite being a real hard ass, strict and ‘mean’ Dom, I think Bradley came across as the most caring, patient and committed of the men in this series so far. So many times his words and actions not only supported Erin but reassured both her and the reader of just how consensual the relationship was, and how Erin held all the power via her safe words.

The next half hour would be trying for her, but she wouldn’t be alone, he would be with her every step of the way
I even loved that we were told his stern voice and demeanour was not anger but rather his way to elicit and facilitate Erin’s submissive mind set. It made a character, who could easily have been unpleasant and overbearing, an absolutely divine man who you couldn’t help but warm too.

Whilst I didn’t mind that Erin made mistakes – particularly since she is a newbie sub – I did get a little exasperated that it seemed to be the same ‘not talking’ mistake again and again. However without it we (a) wouldn’t have had a story and it (b) felt very ‘real’ and natural, particularly given the ‘dynamic’ of her only other serious relationship.

Whilst there are several detailed BDSM scenes, including a couple of punishment scenes, there was plenty of story to balance these out. I never felt like there was an excess of sex scenes and didn’t find myself skimming them either. The chemistry between Erin and Bradley was palpable, they had an intensity to their relationship that was easy to believe in.

I very much recommend this book to those who enjoy a well written BDSM romance.


As a devoted fiance with a house in the ‘burbs and friends she trusts with her life, Erin Stamper is living the dream. Until she finds the dream was just that, when her fiance announces he’s in love with another woman, shattering her entire world.

Just when she’s about to be crushed beneath the weight of the pain, she’s delivered another blow. A new BDSM club has opened in the city- and one of her own friends is the owner.

With so much sudden turmoil in her life, Erin decides to stop being the practical, dependable, and vanilla person she has always been and looks to explore this new world.

Dominant Bradley Sorenson promises to show her everything she wants to see, and more. But just as she begins to find contentment in her true self, she receives a letter which starts a chain of blackmail that could ultimately end her new relationship.

Can Erin fight the urge to retreat into the safety of her old life and work to liberate her heart?

Ryder and Samantha’s story is a wonderful read. The DD/lg element is written in a way that not only makes it accessible to those not into the kink but I found it opened my eyes to the thoughts and needs behind that type of relationship. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading about their style of relationship, Ms Stone portrayed it very sensitively and with great respect.

As with many of her books, there is an element of romantic suspense in Daddy’s Heart. It certainly added an edge to the story that was a nice counterpoint to the rather sweet and warm relationship developing between Ryder and Samantha.

Plot, pace, prose and characterisation are all executed to a high standard in the book. You can’t help but fall for these characters, as you fall into their world. A great conclusion to a wonderful series.


Samantha is starting over, this time in Chicago, and she needs a place to crash when she gets there. Luckily a family friend is hooking her up with a spare room.

The catch? The room is in the apartment of an insanely hot guy. To make matters worse, he has every mannerism of a Daddy Dom that sets her imagination ablaze.

Ryder doesn’t mind giving up his spare room to help out a friend. But, his friend didn’t explain how attractive Samantha was, or how easily Ryder would become consumed with her.

She’s a friend of a friend- making her completely off limits.

But Samantha crosses the line and pulls him with her, sending them both down a new path. There’s a past catching up to her, and he’s going to be certain she stays safe.

He’ll take care of Sammy and give her everything she needs. More importantly, with his stern ways, he’ll give her everything she deserves.

Sinister Fairy Tales Collection

Cold Queen (Sinister Fairy Tales Collection)
by K Webster

4.25 stars

I’ve only ever read contemporary work by this author so wasn’t sure what to expect here. I have to say I think she did a fantastic job of writing a twisted fairytale. For me it was more grey than truly dark, but the intrigue and fast paced plot was still hugely entertaining and well executed.

Very, very loosely based on ‘Frozen’ this tale of Fire verses Ice is one I can happily recommend. The chemistry between Elzira and Ryke was so powerful it exploded off the page, a violent and compelling attraction that made this book shine.

Rather than being one big plot idea that is gradually built up to, this is more a series of smaller story lines, that are woven into one amazing love story that will span the eons. It worked so well and gave a book that constantly provided the unexpected. Has K Webster written other paranormal/fantasy books I wonder, because if she has I definitely need to read them.

Release: October 29, 2019

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Romance Suspense




From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster, comes a dark, fantasy romance standalone novel!

In a cold, empty castle, a young queen is dying.
Weak. Fragile. Disgraced.
But Queen Whitestone is not alone in her final days.
She has her beloved sister.
Until a wicked king rides onto her land.

Arrogant. Insufferable. Demanding.
King Bloodsun has come with an offer…peace in trade for a bride.
He wants the princess.
The fiery king won’t take no for an answer.
He vows to keep the cold queen captive until she gives in to his demands.
A queen bows for no one, though.
Not even when she’s frail and fading away.

She’ll tap into her strength, protecting the only family she has left.
The king is about to learn why they call her the cruel one…

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Author Bio:

K Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author.  Her titles have claimed many bestseller tags in numerous categories, are translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks.  She lives in “Tornado Alley” with her husband, two children, and her baby dog named Blue. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and researching aliens. 

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Also Available
Venom (Sinister Fairy Tales Collection) by Dee GarciaBooks2Read:

5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.
4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.
3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.
2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.
1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.


Can their relationship ever survive beyond the castle’s walls?

Find out in Educating Ella by Katie Douglas … AVAILABLE NOW!!

4.25 stars

This is less Daddy Dom, more school master/school girl, and one incredibly hot read to boot.

The author managed to incorporate a fantastic mix of story, emotion, character development and kinky play. The two main characters, ‘Ella’ and ‘Idris’, really drew me into the story and I soon found myself rooting for them to forge a deeper connection.
I loved how the author meshed Ella’s strong personality from her everyday life with her submissive side. Both elements were cleverly portrayed and led to her being both a likeable and very believable character.

Whilst Idris was definitely a dominant character, he didn’t feel overwhelmingly alpha with it. In fact he was more like the nurturing and guiding school master he ‘played’ at the castle, which I found very refreshing and was totally on board with.

I have the book on pre-order and will review the remaining stories when I get chance to read them, but would happily recommend the book just based on this story alone.

Get it ONLY on Amazon as a part of Daddies of the Castle: A Masters of the Castle Anthology

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Welcome back to the Castle.

After almost a year of construction, the Castle looms on the cusp of its grand reopening. The only problem is, it isn’t ready. Something is up with the construction crew Marshall had hired to get them back to full working order. So when, two days before guests are due to arrive, the construction company bails, leaving Marshall with a Castle that is barely functional, he is forced to do the unthinkable. He calls in outside help in the form of any contract laborer who will answer his call.

In addition to Wanting Winona, a full-length story by Maren Smith, eight of the hottest authors have teamed up to bring you seven brand new novellas including:

Educating Ella by Katie Douglas
When mischievous Ella picks up the wrong phone by mistake, she finds herself under the watchful gaze of a stern British billionaire daddy, who intends to teach her how naughty schoolgirls should behave. But how can their relationship ever survive beyond the castle’s walls?


About Katie Douglas

USA Today and worldwide number 1 bestselling author Katie Douglas is the sort of incorrigible British girl you’d find at St Trinian’s. She recently quit her job as a school librarian in China to write steamy romance full-time, and loves reading and writing books filled with steamy alphas with hearts of gold. She prefers cozy diners to fancy restaurants, coffee or whisky to champagne, and sometimes she adults.

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5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.
4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.
3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.
2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.
1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.

Elemental Fae Academy – a reverse harem paranormal romance

Elemental Fae Academy: Book Two (Elemental Fae Academy #2)
by Lexi C. Foss & J.R. Thorn

Even more hot men!

Book 2 didn’t have quite the same pace and frenetic energy of book 1, though I hasten to add that it is not a criticism but purely an observation. There was less plot movement in terms of the unknown threat to the Fae world, and Claire in particular, the focus instead being on developing the male characters and their connection with our heroine. There was still plenty of action and story to go with this, but I really enjoyed seeing Vox and Sol come into their own, Cyrus learn that he couldn’t have everything his own way and Claire learn to embrace her Fae half.

To my mind the change in direction was incredibly important. So many RH books fail to build distinct male leads and never come close to convincing the reader of anything more than lust driving the protagonists actions. This took the time to deepen our understanding of three more recent additions to Claire’s harem, Cyrus, Vox and Sol. Each man had his own distinct feel, his own connection to Claire, his own issues to overcome. I really appreciated the fact that I could distinguish each of the men, loved that they had their own pet names for Claire and enjoyed seeing Claire come to terms with loving 5 men.

As we moved through the story the pace picked right back up, revealing the answer to some questions whilst adding new puzzles into the mix. Not only am I on tenterhooks for the final book but I’ve got absolutely NO IDEA of where this fantastic and enthralling story will take us next.

🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋

Titus’s mouth captivated me.

So smooth, perfect, and delicious. My tongue craved to meet his, to engage in a sensual dance that would lead to more. But he kept the kiss slow and teasing, his lips tantalizingly tender.

He smiled, the motion knowing. “You said you wanted to wait for Exos to begin our celebrations.”

“I did,” I admitted, my thighs clenching around his.

Climbing onto his lap and straddling his thighs hadn’t been part of the plan, but his smoldering green eyes had become a beacon I couldn’t ignore.

“𝘏𝘦’𝘴 𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘰𝘰 𝘭𝘰𝘯𝘨.”
🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋

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Someone wants me dead.
Worse yet, my link to Spirit is dying. Why? Because Exos has been taken by a new enemy. Now I have to rely on my other elements to find my missing link before it’s too late.
Oh, and I need a guard to protect me while I learn how to defend myself. No big deal. Master the elements, find my lost Spirit, and identify the bad guy.
Yeah. Easy.
Except Titus is tired of playing by the rules of others.
Vox just wants to be friends.
Sol is pissing everyone off.
And Cyrus, well, he’s a force of nature and very much in charge.
I’d better solve this puzzle quickly before my heart starts making choices on my behalf. Because all these fae are beautiful, cunning, and perfect in their own ways.
But how can I feel complete without my Spirit?
The hunt is on, and whoever is out to hurt me and mine will pay.

Note: This is a medium burn reverse harem paranormal romance, and book two of the Elemental Fae Academy trilogy.


TEMPTED (The Dark Necessities – Dalton’s Tale #1)
by Felicity Brandon

Genre: Contemporary Dark Romance


REVIEW – 4.25 stars

Whilst you don’t need to have read either of the previous trilogies to follow this story, there is some reference made to the events in those books and characters overlap. However this is the first of a three part story for Dalton and Delle (Delilah) so be aware that it ends on a cliffhanger.

Whilst not as overtly dark as some of the previous books, there was still some aspects of this story that pushed boundaries and blurred lines. Delilah is an incredibly feisty heroine, torn over her actions and the direction in which she is being pushed, resulting in some very contradictory behaviour. Whilst this could have been irritating – a heroine blowing hot, cold and everywhere in between – the author very cleverly placed us inside Delle’s head, we saw through her eyes, experienced her mindset and so ultimately understood her somewhat whiplash attitude.

Dalton walks a somewhat grey path. He follows societal norms more than his brother, consent is important to Dalton and he would never take a woman who was unwilling, but the man is still far from sweet or innocent in any capacity. I loved that he wasn’t the only one with an agenda in this story. There is no way either of these characters could be confused or replaces with any of their counterparts in the previous trilogy’s – not something that can be said of all authors.

This was just as twisty, well written and engaging as I’ve come to expect from Felicity Brandon, it had rounded characters, a well constructed plot but, best of all, it also had it’s own unique feel. The first trilogy took me from hate to love, the second took me from bafflement to understanding this has me enamoured of the hero and intrigued by the heroine – I can’t wait to see where their story goes next.


I’m obsessed with a woman who’s nothing but trouble.

She’s feisty and tempting.
And she doesn’t let anything come in the way of her mission.
I’ve dealt with my fair share of rule-breakers.
So, Delilah isn’t what I need.
But I can’t stop dreaming about having her in my arms.
She might be hiding a secret.
A secret that could destroy me and burn the city to the ground.
There’s only one question that remains.

Is she worth the destruction that she’s about to cause?

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Author Bio:
Felicity Brandon is a top 100 Amazon bestselling author. She loves the darker side of romance, and writes sexy, suspenseful stories, with strong themes of bondage and submission. You’ll find her either at her laptop, at the gym, or rocking out to her favourite music. 

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“So, you don’t want dessert, sir?” Delilah’s voice had taken on that soft purr again, and his cock stirred reflexively at the tone.
Dalton leaned toward her. “Oh, I want dessert,” he assured her in a low tone. “In fact, I predict we’ll both be enjoying a bloody big portion.”
Delilah’s eyes widened and she smiled. “Thank God,” she murmured. “I can’t wait.”
He grinned, rising from his chair while she grabbed her purse and shrug. Stepping around the table, she moved toward him. 
“How far is to your place, sir?”
Dalton’s arm snaked around her middle, drawing Delilah toward him. “Not far, beautiful. Hold on, I’ll have you there in a few minutes.”
She flicked her bob back with a mischievous smile, and he led her wordlessly out of the Italian restaurant and in the direction of the elevators. The place was the usual thrum of activity for this time of the evening, and numerous people acknowledged him as they wandered past the throng.
“Hey, Dalton!”
He turned at the sound of his name to find Manuel striding toward them. “Hey, man,” Dalton answered, his brow arching at the way his old friend’s gaze so overtly fell over Delilah.
“I was going to ask if you were stopping by the club tonight, but…” Manuel paused, smiling at the pouting expression Delilah was offering him. “It looks like you’re already taken.”
Dalton laughed. “Manuel, this is my friend, Delilah.”
He glanced down at her expectant face, her thoughts confirming how eager she was to know who Manuel was. “And, Delle, this is Manuel.”
Manuel thrust out a large palm in her direction. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Delilah.”
His gaze rose to Dalton, his brow raising as his thoughts confirmed his curiosity. Who’s the hot little redhead, Dalton? You’ve obviously been playing this card very close to your chest.
Dalton bit back on a grin as he guided Delilah in the opposite direction. “Great to see you,” he called back over his shoulder. “Have a good night.”
“Yeah, you too,” Manuel replied. You lucky sod.
“Friend of yours?” Delilah whispered as they entered the elevator.
There was only one other couple at the far end and with a nod, Dalton steered Delilah away from them.
“Yes, he is,” Dalton confirmed. 
He was about to illustrate his point by telling Delilah about Manuel’s position within the organization, but he stopped himself. He may really like the woman, but Dalton had to face facts. She wasn’t telling him the truth, so he needed to be careful with the information he made available. Dalton gazed down at Delilah. She was glancing over her shoulder at the other couple, her attention slowly returning to him.
“Are you okay?”
“More than,” she answered with a lascivious grin. “This is the part of the night I’ve been looking forward to the most.”
Dalton smirked. “I noticed,” he murmured. “You’ve been making those bedroom eyes at me all night.”
Delilah nibbled her lower lip, pressing herself up against him. “Guilty, sir,” she said softly. “What’s my punishment?”
His eyes widened at her provocative display, and at that moment, the elevator came to a pause, the chiming bell drawing both of their focus temporarily back to the sliding doors. Dalton pulled Delilah against him while the other couple left, his arm reaching to instruct the elevator to the floor they needed.
“I’m glad you asked,” he brooded, ensuring he had her full attention as the doors slid closed once more. Slowly, he spun Delilah’s body around, pressing her against the cool mirrored interior. “Based on how much you enjoyed your introduction to BDSM yesterday, I thought we could play another game?”
Delilah gulped, her pupils dilating. “Are you trying to frighten me, sir?”
Dalton’s cock roused at her question. “No, Delilah.” His tone was low and even. “Would you like me to?”


Smoke (Special Agent BDSM, #2) by C.P. Mandara

This ends on a doozy of a cliffhanger, but thankfully book #3 is already available!

The book isn’t a stand alone read and currently there are 4 books in the series, with more to follow. If the rest of the books are as gripping and well written as this, then I will definitely be continuing with the series until the end.

Whilst I guessed one of the twists fairly early on, to be honest it didn’t make any difference to my enjoyment because it just added to the suspense of waiting for Lois/Thirty Eight to discover the truth! There were also still plenty of unexpected twists and C.P. Mandara’s writing fills your head with so many possibilities and ideas that it is impossible to predict what will happen next.

I seemed to get into this book more than I did Sparks , I think it’s because we got to the ‘Carte Blanche’ part that I was itching for. In a similar fashion to the Pony Tales series, this book is more along the lines of erotica. There are a couple of occasions where Lois is subjected to abuse, but as we don’t experience the scenes first hand the book didn’t feel too dark.

The best thing is that whilst I can picture how the series might end, I have zero idea of where the journey in between will take us. What I do know is that it’s a journey I’m 100% intent on taking.

4.25 stars


I’ve been sold to Alain Dumortier. I was delivered to his doorstep naked as the day I was born, and two weeks later I haven’t got a stitch of clothing to my name. 

This should have been an easy assignment. Get in, have him fall under my spell, grab every little piece of intel I can find, and then assassinate him. They were simple instructions, and ones I’d followed countless times before. What could go wrong?

Just about everything. Alain’s kept me imprisoned and drugged up to my eyeballs. The mind games he’s playing are nearly my undoing, but it’s hard battling a body that’s full of barbiturates or opium. There’s one more problem, too. 

I think I’m falling in love with the bastard.

And that was how our story began. Little did I realise, but even though I was half in love with James back then, I would soon forget all about him in less than two weeks time. As unbelievable as it sounds, it was the truth. When the doors of Carte Blanche opened for me, they would strip my world bare, and I’ve never been a girl who was fond of black and white. Though James had tried his best to warn me, it wasn’t until I was on the road of no return that I realised I had made the biggest mistake of my life. All alone, and with no one to turn to, I’d made my bed, but lying in it was almost impossible. Alain Dumortier was out for blood.



5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.
4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.
3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.
2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.
1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.


His by Command (Primarian Mates, #2) by Maddie Taylor


This is just as good, if not better, than Book #1.

I have to say that I love how the heroines in these books don’t go all doe eyed and lose all sense of self around their mates. Maggie remains strong and determined throughout and I definitely sensed that Roth, whilst not willing to meet half way, certainly made allowances for Mags, given her unfamiliarity with their way of life. As the story unfolded he also appeared to grow in tolerance as well as try to appreciate Maggie’s perspective.

I read this back to back with the first book, and am really happy to be able to say that it is very much it’s own story and that Roth and Mags each had well developed personalities, distinct from other’s in the series. The fact that it didn’t rehash a chunk of the previous book, and any overlap was either from a new perspective or, more commonly, of events not previously experienced. I had wondered if the author would have all the stories running concurrently, which can soon lose it’s appeal, but from this book it appears that each book will both move the story arc along as well as the overall time line.

His by Command is a great read, and a little longer than most other ‘alien romance’ books I’ve come across. It has good world building and a detailed plot that goes much further than capture, spank, submit! I’d go as far as to say that the submit part is never totally achieved nor, for a power-exchange story, are their really all that many punishments. Which is great as sometimes they end up distracting from the story whereas these ones enhance it. Instead time is devoted to allowing us to connect with the main characters and to believe in their relationship.

I’m definitely up for reading book #3 and very much recommend this series.

4.25 stars


Leading an all-female crew on a deep space expedition weighs heavily on Maggie Vohlmer’s young shoulders. Their mission, find a habitable planet to replace the dying Earth. While a landing party comprised of her best and brightest scientists is exploring a promising new world, they are attacked. Maggie is left with an untenable decision, pursue a powerful enemy who has taken eight of her own, or leave them to their fate while protecting those still under her command. 

Unexpectedly, their ship is seized by the same enemy, aliens who are gorgeous, human-like men, except for their incredible height, long glossy dark hair, and extraordinary gold, teal, and violet eyes. Maggie and her crew are further shocked when they are whisked away to the aliens’ world where the males make the rules and their women are expected to follow. 

As leader of the Primarian Space Fleet, Commander Roth is dedicated to protecting his people and planet from otherworldly threats. With so much at stake, he doesn’t have the time for a mate. But fate has other plans for him, sending him the perfect match in the form of the little Earth captain. 

As the Odyssey’s captain, Maggie will not give up the fight for their freedom, not while her mission to save the people of Earth is unfulfilled. Can these two dedicated and determined leaders find a way to coexist? And will Maggie, who tries her mate’s patience at every turn, find a way to rescue both of their worlds. 




Sometimes you come across a book (or series, or author) and you wonder what rock you’ve been living under to have missed all the delightful yummy goodness. Well that’s how I felt when I started reading this series by Maddie Taylor. I’ve read a few of her BDSM romances, which I found enjoyable enough, but for me these are on another level. One of the big things is that these truly felt like a sci-fi story. It wasn’t something that was paid lip-service too, instead it was an integral part of the plot. At no point did I feel as though the story could have been set on Earth, or as though it was.

A better breed of barbarian than most!

When I first started this book I thought I was going to get the usual ‘alien captive’ fayre. Yes it had some of those common themes, a patriarchal society, where misbehaving females are spanked, and a civilisation in danger due to lack of fertile women. It also has the women being captured and claimed without any say in the matter, along with the usual tall, handsome aliens.

However this story also offered much more. For starters it was a good length, allowing us time to get to know both main characters, see a relationship/connection develop and also to include a good plot and decent world building.  The Barbarian’s Captive has a well developed alien world on which a good chunk of the story is set. Additionally there were plenty of supporting characters, several of whom we got to know fairly well. There was plenty of communication/discussion (and arguments) between Eva and Kerr, and whilst it was still a case of ‘my word is law’, I did feel as though Kerr listened to Eva and wanted her to be happy. Thankfully he didn’t presume that he knew best what would make her happy either!

In my mind the author did a good job of demonstrating the connection between Kerr and Eva, being shown their feelings and not just simply told of them. It took a few chapters for me to realise this wasn’t going to be like so many others from the genre, so if you try it, do bear that in mind. This is a book I am happy to recommend, especially if you like sci-fi power exchange stories. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series and can’t wait to see what happens next! 

4.25 stars


(Image: © Doug Cummings, Caltech)

Light years from home, plant biologist Lt. Eva La Croix and her all-female exploration team land on a planet they believe is a perfect substitute for the dying Earth. They are set upon by huge alien hunters and Eva is captured by the barbarian leader.

Deemed compatible, she and the rest of her team are whisked away to the barbarians’ world where they are matched to these powerful men. While pampered and protected, the women are expected to comply with the rules in this male dominant society.

Will Eva learn to adapt to their unusual beliefs and old-fashioned ways? Can she sacrifice her independence and surrender to this dynamic and commanding alien, or when escape is imminent, will she be able to set aside the claim he has on her heart and flee with the others, never to see him again?