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Her Montana Master (Stateside Doms Book 1) by Maren Smith

Reading this made me want to immediately one-click all the Maren Smith books I haven’t yet bought.

This was just – *swoon*,  sigh – quite simply wonderful. The whole book revolves very much around Maddon and Clover, with just a handful of scenes involving other characters. This allows us to really form a connection with both main characters, believe in them and understand them. The emotion, wanting and heart ache both crushed me and filled me with a sense of longing of my own. 

Clover is so vulnerable, so damaged by the men in her life and her constant poor choices, Maddon has his own issues but is the rock that anchors her world. The chemistry and bond the author portrayed between the pair held me spellbound from the first to last word. I may even have shed the odd tear, especially at the end. The only reason I didn’t read it in one go was that it got so late I fell asleep before I could read it all.

This was very much a book you never wanted to end, it was sweet, steamy, loving, happy, sad and troubled all in one well written package. Madden is such a caring, loving Dom, not perfect but perfect for Clover. Strict when he needs to be, recognising Clover’s needs and filling them. Whilst the BDSM content is fairly ‘light’ it was still extremely hot and fitted well with the story. I’m definitely looking forward to more books in this series.


He’s known her since she was two…

Abandoned by her father, ignored by her mother, Clover Harris has always fantasized about her brother’s best friend. He’s the only person in her life who’s always been there. The only problem: he’s never shown any interest in her as anything more than a little sister. Until the day she loses everything. Cast out of her home, with nothing and nowhere to go, Clover does what she always has. She runs… straight to Madden, only this time, he’s all done playing big brother.

He’s loved her since she was twelve…

A dominant man, Madden Briggs knows a submissive when he sees one, and in Clover he sees everything he’s ever wanted, but she’s kept him strictly in the like-a-brother zone for more than twenty years. That all comes to an end the day she shows up at his door. She wants a job; he hires her. She needs money; he’ll let her earn it. She dreams about a car so she can leave this town forever; he’ll even teach her how to drive. But it’s the lost and scared submissive inside her that he aches to touch, and her willingness to obey becomes his addiction. 

And in the end, she’s still going to leave… unless Her Montana Master can somehow change her mind.




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FORBIDDEN (Dark Necessities Prequels Book #3)

Book #2 ended with Lily in the boot (trunk) of Ethan’s car, kicking out the tail lights to try and grab someone’s attention. What follows was NOT what I expected, Ms Brandon did not travel the more expected (and cliched) paths with Forbidden. This led to a story that, whilst perhaps, not as filled with drama and angst as the previous two books, allowed us to really (re)connect with both characters, to fall in love with their love story and to understand the choices they ultimately made.

The epilogue, from Connor’s perspective, was rather a sucker punch to the gut. Not only that but it actually altered my perception of him somewhat. Would I have felt differently about him in his books had I read these first? Who knows, it’s a moot point. Very clever of you though Ms Brandon because I now desperately want to re-read his story!

Back to THIS book, and what a journey it took us on. There are some fairly significant time line jumps in this book, though excellent writing ensures you are always aware of WHEN you are in the story. It might have been nice to have had some missing events actually included in the story, though that would have been more for my own preference than it actually adding anything of true value.

The way Lily and Ethan strengthened their bond towards the end was at times scorching hot and yet also heart breaking. Even though the very first book pointed towards a very specific outcome at the end of this, a part of me was waiting – indeed hoping – for some ‘trickery fakery’ to occur. I’m not going to say if it did or not because *spoilers!*,

The emotion of this book, the strength of feeling, was brilliantly portrayed throughout. Did Ethan do enough to make me forgive him? I don’t think you CAN forgive a man for this heinous crimes he committed, but you can love him despite them. And love him Lily did. He in turn clearly worshipped the very ground on which she walked. He also, as much as he could, loved his two sons. Sons that were going to be hurt as a consequence of his actions both past and present. 

It goes without saying that Ethan was selfish, particularly when he ‘slipped’, but even then I couldn’t bring myself to hate him. Even when his actions would devastate those he loved, when the resulting ripples threatened to drown those around him, he still managed to stay wedged in both mine and Lily’s hearts. This was both the best and worst ending to their story, the conclusion I most and least wanted. 

The Dark Necessities Prequel is an amazing trilogy. It is one that will raise you high before sending you crashing to the ground, broken into many pieces, before gluing you back together and starting the whole cycle again. It is full of delicious darkness, compelling kinkiness, terror, angst and love. I have loved following Lily and Ethan’s story and do recommend this story to those who like their stories on the depraved side.


Once upon a time, I was a monster.

A predator who seized women just to get my kicks.
And then along came Lily. Lily–the light that chased my demons away.
Consumed with love for her, I finally put the sins of those torrid times behind me, until one dark day, everything changes.

I’m lured back into the shadows, the monster awoken again and now it will take every ounce of Lily’s submission to pull me back from the brink.
My betrayal sends our lives into a spiral of despair, and with justice looming on the horizon, it’s time we faced The End.

Forbidden is a gripping, powerful, and emotional page turner with a breathtaking climax for fans of dark romance with a twist of true crime. It is the third in The Dark Necessities Prequels trilogy.

This book contains dark and twisted scenes. You have been warned…




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REDEMPTION (Russo Saga #4) by Nicolina Martin


Wow this book is really good, REALLY good.

I read the first Russo Saga book and it’s clear that the author has grown and improved massively since then. Which means I need to go back and read the other 2 books I’ve missed! It took a few chapters for me to really get into the story, though that may have just been more where my head was at than anything else.  At that point though I was gripped and unable to put this down until I’d read every single word of it.

And oh my word how this story battered my emotions again, and again, and again. Goodness knows WHAT Christian will do to earn Kerry’s forgiveness in part two, but he’s going to have to pull out all the stops! This pair have such great chemistry but Christian made the biggest of mistakes, a mistake so bad that coming back from it is almost impossible. A mistake that is costing him again and again. A mistake that took the innocent, bubbly, gentle Kerry and destroyed her, leaving behind a barely function shell of a woman.

Christian is all things bad, yet somehow through his unrelenting misery and pain, the author gives us a glimpse of who he could be. She allows us to begin to forgive the monster who made the wrong choice and begin to love the man who will do anything for those he loves. Kerry is strong even when she is weak, her need to protect the innocent so powerful that she will go to almost any length to do it.

There is going to be a part two, and I’m already chomping at the bit waiting for it. Thankfully the author didn’t leave us on a ‘soap opera’ style cliff-hanger, choosing instead to end at a natural break point. I always find this makes it much easier to pick up the story, since you aren’t at the adrenaline fuelled emotional high the previous book left you at.

If you love your romance to have darker edges, if you love enemies-to-lovers then this is a duet to read.

Redemption: Part one in the Savage duet.

Killing her wasn’t supposed to be complicated.

Drug Kerry Jackson and get rid of her, that was his simple task, but he screwed everything up. Unable to resist the enticing young woman, Christian seduced her – and fell hard. Then it all went to hell. She beat him at his own game and disappeared without a trace.

No one crosses a Russo and gets away with it.

Night after night, their steamy encounters melted Kerry’s will and twisted her mind. Then Christian Russo turned out to be her worst enemy. He robbed her of her innocence, stole her trust, and made her life a living nightmare.

A second encounter would be fatal… for one of them. And Kerry was determined that it wasn’t going to be her.

Redemption is the first part in the Savage duet that will be concluded with Absolution. Redemption ends with a cliff-hanger, but Absolution has a guaranteed HEA. The duet can be enjoyed as a standalone, but the experience will be much more exciting if you have read the previous books in the Russo saga; it also contains a few small spoilers for Shame.


Book Review · Domestic Discipline

Suzie Q by Stevie MccFarlane

Well, wasn’t that a surprise?

I missed out on an arc of this via booksprout and as a new-to-me author I was a little reticent about purchasing a book that is at the higher end of my price bracket. However I just couldn’t resist that blurb and threw caution to the wind, and I’m very glad I did.

This is a very unusual story and very much NOT your typical spanking romance. Whilst it features two couples (and I need to check if Joy and JR/Jay have their own story) it focuses mainly on Suzie and Hunter. This is a couple who had it all until Hunter crossed the line and delivered a non-consensual and abusive spanking (this isn’t a spoiler as it’s in the blurb – we also only hear about it retrospectively). 

So we don’t get to see a couple meet and fall in love, we see a couple struggling to find the middle ground, struggling to compromise but also learning some surprising things about themselves along the way. I didn’t miss the ‘romance’ part at all, though there were romantic elements involved in this book. It might sound surprising but I also totally believed in the love and chemistry between Hunter and Suzie.

This story absolutely captivated me from start to finish, a few times near the beginning it felt almost like a spanking 101 guide but overall it was a great read. As already mentioned this is unlike the vast majority of spanking books, in fact only get 2 full spanking scenes and one truncated one, it is much more about the domestic discipline relationship as a whole. 

The use of contrast between Suzie’s view of DD and Joy’s need for it allowed the author to really demonstrate the consensuality of Joy and JR’s relationship. We have two pretty strong and determined women but Joy has always wanted a DD relationship whereas Suzie is horrified by the thought of giving up control. I really appreciated that the author didn’t have Suzie crumbling and losing all her personality and sense of reason just because she was in a relationship with a dominant alpha male. 

For me this is a spanking/Domestic Discipline story for those that don’t like/get that type of book as much as it is for lovers of the genre. Not once did I ever find myself getting annoyed by a situation, I felt the heroine both held her own and was fully in control of the decisions she made, rather than being railroaded into them. 

I’m really pleased that I took a chance on this book.



Running from him wasn’t her best idea.

Hunter made a slight error in judgement when he disciplined his girlfriend and co-worker, Suzanna. He went overboard and he’s been backpedaling ever since, trying to get Suzie Q to forgive him without renouncing his belief in a loving, domestic discipline relationship. 
Suzie’s not having it – no way, no how! She loves him but her first experience with over-the-knee discipline was horrible and it’s not something she’s willing to entertain again. When Hunter gets a promotion at work and becomes her boss, tensions rise. Oh hell, no! She’s not going to be under his thumb 24/7, no matter how much she adores him. 
Quitting her job and taking off for Montana to spend some time with their friends Joy and J.R. Everly might not have been her smartest move. Leaving Hunter without a word was asking for trouble and, in hindsight, she knows she probably has just put her heart and her hind-end at risk.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary Western romance contains elements of action, adventure, humor and power exchange.

Book Review · Contemporary Romance

MELODY (Beautiful Book #3) by Lilliana Anderson


A heart-achingly, angsty great read.

Well, just wow. This book sure puts it’s characters through the ringer and it dragged me through too. I’d not even felt in the right frame of mind to read a ‘straight contemporary’ romance. So colour my surprised when within a couple of chapters I wasn’t wanting to put this one down. This is one emotion filled stand alone read.

Whilst I guessed Theo’s secret fairly early on, there are also plenty of clues and hints made before it is revealed and the ‘surprise’ element isn’t necessary anyway. Personally I prefer knowing in advance because I love that feeling I get waiting for the big ‘Ta-da’ moment. I also appreciated that it wasn’t dragged out a ridiculous length of time in the book. I’ve read much poorer quality stories where the ‘big secret’ is the entire plot and you spend the whole book waiting for the reveal – I find those stories to be rather pointless.
(Indeed, plot-less might be a more accurate description.)

Whilst technically this is a love triangle, there is absolutely no cheating or sharing (I’m aware many readers have an intense dislike of either) and the situation only becomes sexual once a choice has been made. So in many ways this could be classed as slow-burn but there are enough scenes of sexual chemistry and tension to keep things interesting. 

The book is written 1st person, from all three main characters view point, allowing you to really get a feel for them. Neither guy is easy to like from his actions alone, but when you are ‘inside their head’, so to speak, you see the motivation and reasons behind it. This allowed me to connect with them on a much more emotional and personal level. I definitely had a preference for one of the brothers and admit to checking out who was the hero of the next book – yes I was one of those people who used to read the last few pages of a paperback once I got into a story.

The sign of a good book for me is not admitting it’s too late into the night to still be reading. This book definitely ticked that box. So I’m only too happy to recommend this wonderful, full of feels, contemporary romance.

****Included at the back is the story of Katrina and David’s wedding. They are the couple from book #1. This story also contains spoilers for book #2. ****





Marcus and Theo Bailey. 

Matiari frontman and drummer. Brothers. They’re on the cusp of rock star success. Then I show up…

We have history. 
Sordid history.
One of them hates me. The other claims to love me. 
Neither are allowed to touch me.
Band rules.
But working this close to them, the lines love and hate, business and pleasure are easily blurred. Now I have the power to fulfil their dreams or create their nightmare.
All it will take is a kiss…

Naomi enters the love triangle of the century when she falls for brothers she can’t have. She’ll be forced to choose love or fame in Melody: Beautiful Series, three.  Containing new and extended scenes from A Beautiful Melody and Commitment in one breathtaking novel.

Book Review · Humorous



by Lila Monroe

Poppy and Dylan are just so …… *swoon*

4.5 stars

I don’t know how Lila Monroe does it, but each new book has a fresh feel to it. I’ve read other rom-com’s where the characters and/or situations start to feel very ‘samey’, but I never get that feel with this author. I would have read Cupids Anonymous in one sitting if sheer exhaustion hadn’t made it impossible to focus on the plot. 

If I had one wish, I’d love to see the author shake up the standard rom-com formula of (see spoiler below). How, why and what happens after varies with each story, so it’s not a huge issue. Just a little bit of me would love to see it move away from that set path.

This was just such a warm hug of a story, yes there’s some angst, certainly there’s lots of lust and of course (since it’s a rom-com) there are plenty of laughs along the way. However whilst the emotions are there to feel and experience, you are not put through the wringer. Instead you are gently caressed by them as you take this wonderful journey of mis-haps, mayhem, love and romance.

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Rule #1 Don’t get hit by your own arrow.

I’m a professional Cyrano – minus the honking great nose. Need a love note, raunchy sext, or apology letter so epic that your other half will forget you hesitated a beat too long when you asked, ‘does this make me look fat?’? I’ve got you covered. But when my most frequent client, the annoyingly charming (or is that charmingly annoying?) Dylan Griffin comes to me with an unconventional new job, I discover that three little words can add up to one BIG complication…

Because Dylan doesn’t want help seducing another swimsuit model (for once in his life). He wants my help winning over his high-school crush (aka, his one true love) – and he’s prepared to make it worth my while. Throw in a summer Catskills trip that’s equal parts ‘Dirty Dancing’ and dirty-talking, and this Cupid is soon out of her depth – and head over heels with the last man I expected. But can I find the right words when it comes to my own heart? Or will this happily ever end in disaster? 

Find out in the sparkling new romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

That cliche of the couple breaking up over a misunderstanding before realising the error of their ways. I always know that with 35 minutes of reading time left, I’m heading for the break up.

BDSM · Book Review · Pet Play


TRAINING HIS PET (Owned and Protected #6)
by Measha Stone

4.5 stars for this red hot, pet-play book

Measha Stone sure does know how to write a hot and steamy pet-play book. If you’ve read any others in the series you will know what to expect, and this is another great addition to the series. Whilst some aspects are similar to the rest of the series because – duh! – pet play, each book has it’s own romantic suspense elements, the characters have their own back stories and the issues the couples face make each book very different. 

I loved how Erika struggled both with giving her submission AND with how her submission made her feel. The battle of the ‘independent career’ woman with the ‘getting off on kneeling at his feet’ pet. Most of the time Dax appreciated this conflict, and the times he didn’t were necessary to the plot. It was also good to see a dominant hero who wasn’t perfect or had it all together. Whilst the reason they had a blow up was a little cliched, Erika’s reasoning (or lack of) was nicely different from the norm. I liked that she hadn’t kept thinking how the hero would hate her if he saw it but then she ‘forgot’ to delete it (which I’ve seen used sooooo many times).

The ending of the book was pretty perfect for me, and then we had the epilogue, which was the cherry on top of the icing! I loved that epilogue and all that it implied, the support, the respect and most of all the love. Honestly it was just totally a *swoon* moment.

If you HAVEN’T read any books in this series there are two things to know. The first is that each one is a stand alone, whilst there are certain characters who appear in more than one book no ‘prior knowledge’ is required in order to enjoy this story. The second and probably most important thing is that pet play involves a certain amount of humiliation and, whilst all activities are consensual, it may push your boundaries.

I find it helps to remember that (a) both individuals are ultimately willing participants, agreeing to the activities and (b) it’s a book not a BDSM training manual, so some aspects won’t always reflect real life. There is also a (c) which is that whilst I would be saying “Hell no!” to some things Dax insists on I’m not Erika, plus it would be a pretty boring book if she refused to submit to his dominance!

So whilst Dax insisted on verbally having Erika’s agreement, there was no chat about a ‘safe word’ and only one mention of ‘hard limits’. That said, I always felt that if Erika had stood up and said ‘actually there is NO WAY I’m going to do that because….’ then Dax would have listened to her and allowed a discussion on the matter. Punishments are a separate issue, safe words are more for if one feels unsafe or at risk and not for getting out of trouble. These aspects need bearing in mind before buying this book. Otherwise go for it – it’s a great read.





Erika Devore is known for getting the stories nobody else can, but when she ends up on the wrong side of a mob boss she suddenly finds herself in the custody of a former soldier turned security contractor who has made it his business to keep her safe whether she likes it or not.

Dax Adams is determined to protect Erika, even if that means spanking her until she is sobbing every time her reckless defiance puts her in danger. But when she discovers that the cabin he has chosen as their hideout is part of a BDSM resort, Erika’s intrigue and arousal are both obvious, and Dax decides that the best way to keep her occupied and obedient is to train her as his pet.

Though Dax gives Erika no choice in the matter, her body’s response to his bold dominance is undeniable, and soon she is kneeling naked at his feet, blushing as she is fitted with a tail for the first time, and screaming in helpless pleasure as she is brought to one desperately intense climax after another. But when it is safe for her to return home, will that bring an end to her training?

Publisher’s Note: Training His Petis a stand-alone novel which is the sixth entry in the Owned and Protected series. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s and pet play themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Book Review · Domination/submission · Sci-Fi

The Most Shameful Game

(Beyond the Institute: The Future of Correction Book 11)

by Emily Tilton

This is one heck of an erotic story and very definitely NSFW in all the best ways possible.

Wow Emily Tilton has totally outdone herself with this incredibly hot and downright naughty story. We start of on the planet of Prosperia where we meet the submissive and very proper Pet, young wife to the masculine and dominant Robert. There is some very good world building at this point, along with the opportunity to understand and know Pet and Robert. We also develop an understanding of how their, and indeed all, marriages are governed by the male partner in accordance with planetary guidelines and laws.

The fun really starts once our protagonists arrive on the world (orbital station) of Ludia, where they will compete in The Game of Discipline. Well at least Robert will compete in the game, Pet is there as his game piece, his ‘cunnos’, to be used in competitions of dominance between the men. Trials that may include Pet being dominated by an opposing player.

Other than the epilogue, the game takes up the majority of the book and what an incredibly hot, erotic, panty-dampening experience it is. Both for Pet AND the reader!

I loved how Pet embraced the sheer depravity of her treatment. Whilst some of the scenes involve humiliation or pushing boundaries, Emily Tilton writes them to be both consensual and arousing. If you’re looking for a scorching read, with lots of heat but also a good story that doesn’t feel like pornography, then I highly recommend this book.

Please READ the publisher’s warning too.

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Though she is surprised when her husband informs her that they will be representing their planet in an ancient game during which his mastery of her body will be put to the test, Petronilla Lourcy cannot hide her helpless arousal as the rules of the context are explained to her. She will be led out onto the playing field completely nude and fully on display, and her beautiful body will be publicly punished, used, and enjoyed not only by her husband but by other competitors as well.

As the event begins, every moment proves more deeply shameful than the last, yet Petronilla’s need for her husband merely grows stronger with each new humiliation, each painful spanking, and each blushing climax. But when the game comes to an end, will they emerge as the victors?

Publisher’s Note:The Most Shameful Game is the eleventh book of the Beyond the Institute: The Future of Correction series. The books of the Beyond the Institute: The Future of Correction series are stand-alone novels which can be read in any order. The Most Shameful Game includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Book Review · Organised Crime


Twisted is just the perfect title for this tale of lies, betrayal and deceit.

Whilst this is a long book, well over 7 hours of read time, not once did I get bored, feel like the story was dragging or consider any of it to be filler.  AJ Adams has written a captivating, complex and convoluted tale that simply held my attention from start to finish. Its length meant there were times I HAD to put this down, at some points sleep and work just got in the way. But I didn’t WANT to stop reading. I was desperate to see what would happen to Jorge and Persia next.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I could very easily see this story being turned into a film. It has action, peril, sinister plots, lies and secrets, blackmail and the prerequisite romance all packed into it’s pages.

Talking of Jorge and Persia – wow what a couple! An in-charge, alpha hero with humility and a hard as nails heroine whose strength had been forged in the fires of hell. If you don’t fall in love with this couple then you have no soul!

If you’re not familiar with AJ Adams’ work then you need to know that she doesn’t just write a romance, she writes a story . And not just any old story but one that takes you on a non-stop, fast-paced journey that twists, turns and weaves into something huge and amazing. The writing is also excellent, her prose is so easy to read, the plot is easy to follow and their is a subtle warmth, at times almost humour, in the dialogue and thoughts of the characters.

This is a book I’m happy to recommend to a whole slew of readers. It’s got plenty of organised crime detail for the mafia lovers, it’s got a great romance for the contemporary lovers, it’s got masses of action for those who love a good adventure and it’s a fantastic book for those that just want something of quality.



Persia York has the face of an angel and a reputation that’s pure gutter but she will do anything for her family. Forced into debt-slavery to save her brother, things aren’t what they seem. No matter how hard she works, Persia can’t free herself. Worse, she publicly disses Jorge Santos, the leader of the Zeta cartel, and is catapulted into a turf war. Abducted and a helpless captive of the deadly drug lord, Persia decides she’s had enough. It’s time to fight back.

Dangerous, devious Jorge Santos doesn’t take shit from anyone. When a meeting with a rival turns ugly, Jorge goes to war. Determined on destruction, his first step is to abduct his enemy’s most prized possession, the beautiful but mouthy Persia York. But Jorge soon learns his victim is not as easy to break as he thought and to his shock, he falls for his adversary’s woman. As the war heats up, the cartel boss is forced to make decisions that may cost him his life – and his love.

A ruthless man on a quest to win no matter what it takes.
A woman intent on holding her own, even if it destroys her.

Twisted is a compelling tale of vengeance, murder, cartel violence and finding love in the darkest of times.

Warning: This bad boy dark romance contains explicit scenes of dubious consent and graphic violence.

BDSM · Book Review · Romantic Suspense


Masters and Mercenaries #5

by Lexi Blake

A fantastic blend of romantic suspense and BDSM.

I really enjoyed Ian and Charlotte’s story. We have been building up to it for so long and this absolutely EPIC story of betrayal, heartache, lies, distrust, forgiveness and love was just beyond words. I had to keep reading it in between arc commitments, but the story and it’s characters were never far from my heart and continually drew me back until I’d finished their tale. I really fell in love with the both of them, they have one heck of a battle to get to their HEA, both in terms of overcoming their past and because of outside forces.

Whilst this is a stand alone read, I would personally recommend reading at least the previous book in the series, if not all 5. There are quite a few spoilers for book #4 in here AND this one does ‘sort of’ continue the story, but with different main characters. 

Lexi Blake’s writing is dazzling, for me she has the perfect balance of action, intrigue, kink, heat and romance. The book sizzles with the chemistry between Ian and Charlotte, and we are treated to some decadently hot and kinky scenes. Her characters have real depth and they carve out a little space in your heart in which to reside, I really felt every single one of their emotions. The moment I read the last line of this – and BOOM what a hook it is – I needed to one-click the next book in the series (and the next and definitely the one with Chelsea and Simon!) 

I’m such a long way behind on this series but have every intention of catching up on it!

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A Tragic Love Story

Charlotte Dennis’s mission was clear: distract and misdirect CIA operative Ian Taggart by any means necessary. If she failed, she would never see her sister again. With her training, it should have been simple, but after one night in Ian’s arms, she knew that saving her sister would mean losing the man of her dreams.

Ian was tracking a terrorist when he met the beautiful American daughter of a Russian mobster. His instincts told him Charlotte was trouble, but his body craved her like a drug and his heart would not be denied. She took his ring and his collar. For once he was truly happy. But as he closed in on his target, her betrayal cost him his mission while her sacrifice saved his life. As she died in his arms, Ian vowed he would never love again.

A Dangerous Reunion

For five years, Charlotte has thought of nothing but returning to her husband, her Master. Working in the shadows, she has devoted herself to earning a chance to reclaim her place in Ian’s life. But forgiveness isn’t a part of Ian’s vocabulary. 

Nothing is more important to Ian Taggart than his new mission. But the information he needs is firmly in the hands of the woman who betrayed him. To catch his most dangerous prey, Ian will have to let Charlotte back into his life. As the hunt takes them to some of the world’s most exotic locations, the danger grows and their passion reignites.

Will Ian forgive his wayward submissive…or lose her again?