REVIEW //\\ The Russo Saga Collection

Russo Saga Collection by Nicolina Martin

The Russo Collection is a set of interlinked stories, all with high heat levels, great characters and captivating plots. Several of the stories contain some violent scenes and there are also elements of dubious consent in some of the books. I can barely slide a cigarette paper between these books to choose my favourite, each has it’s own amazing heroine and redeemable bad boy, each is so full of emotional, so packed with feels that you will be transported into another world. However I do think the duet, Redemption and Absolution just pip the others to the post.

These are the type of stories that, once started, you simply can’t put down until you have read every word and reached the HEA. There is plenty of suspense, angst, anger, danger and scorching hot steam along the way. Heat is probably the lightest story out of the 6, with less violence and no dub-con elements. This has been rewritten and greatly improved on since it’s original release and the stories just seem to get better, and darker, from there.

Although there are 6 books there are 5 separate stories, all of which are fantastically written and an absolute pleasure to read. I cannot recommend this series/box set enough, both to those who love mafia romances, those who love darker reads and those who enjoy an excellent contemporary romance.

I’m a monster. Violence, pain, and power is my life. Nothing soft, nothing pure. My work as a mafia enforcer demands it. In my world, everything soft and pure dies.

She’s innocent. I have no business dirtying her with my touch.

But I can’t stay away.

Discover the entire collection of six, dark mafia romances and hot troubled bad boys featuring Heat, Ruin, Shame, Redemption, Absolution, and Capo.

BOOK REVIEW //\\ Myth of Omega Books 1-3

Crave to Conquer (Myth of Omega #1) by Zoey Ellis

4 Stars

I read this, and the second book, when they first came out, and despite buying book 3 a hectic arc schedule meant I never got around to reading it. This is my year for reading books I already own so I’m going to read that third book, but leaving it two years and more than a few hundred books later meant I needed to do a re-read of this and Crave to Capture. My original plan was to skim read, just flip through and remind myself of some key points that I’d forgotten. Ha! That idea soon dissipated into the ether because within minutes I found myself totally engrossed. So much so that I didn’t put it back down until I’d read the whole thing.

Cailyn is a my sort of heroine, feisty, strong, determined and clever. Drocco – well the jury is still out for him. He was arrogant, conceited, assuming and overbearing. His initial treatment of Cailyn, when he discovered her true dynamic, was horrific. He used some extremes of torture to try and break her down and, as with most M/f omegaverse stories, there was a considerable element of dubious consent. Many would argue that it veered into non-consent, and whilst that becomes an argument of semantics, the book definitely contains a few scenes that might trigger some.

Whilst Drocco did earn back some of my respect and affection when he made an effort to learn more about Cailyn, to try and understand what he had done wrong (duh, big stupid alpha male that he was) and to rectify some of his actions/decisions, his motives for that were still questionable. How much was because he wanted Cailyn to be happy and how much was his obsessive desire to ‘own’ an omega mate? The fact that they could be soul mates only added another layer of complication to the whole situation.

I really enjoyed how this omegaverse incorporated an element of magic, though I’ve loved the fantasy genre since my teens, when I’d read Anne McCaffrey, David Eddings and Katherine Kerr. The world building was good, the author created an interesting setting for her story and managed to develop our understanding of it without a huge information dump, but also in a way that never left us adrift in this new world.

I’m jumping into book 2 today, and find myself still only too happy to recommend this to those who enjoy darker Mf omegaverse.

Crave to Capture (Myth of Omega #2)

4.5 Stars

A fantastic read

My second read of this book, in preparation for finally reading book #3 and completing it. And I’m wondering how I ever left this incomplete. I’d forgotten just how amazing this series is, the writing has me gripped from start to finish, I’ve read the two books in less than 24 hours and will be starting the third book as soon as I’ve finished writing this review.

Drocco, Drocco, Drocco. What am I going to do with you? You travel half way around the world to recover your fated mate and then treat her like crap. Oh you foolish, foolish alpha. So many times I wanted to throat punch him. But then we get those scenes in the cottage where he goes all out to win Cailyn’s heart. Oh and his anguish and heartache when he thinks he has failed – that certainly had me tearing up.

It could have been easy to dislike Cailyn, after all she stubbornly held onto her dislike for an alpha that was clearly bending over backwards to show her his feelings. But this woman has been fed misinformation and half-truths since she was an infant. Discovering those lies opens her eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

I am totally in love with this couple, they are such star-crossed lovers. Although Drocco manipulates the Talent to induce a Haze, and technically what results could be judged as dubious in consent, I still enjoyed every single moment. The writing is fantastic and the pace and complexity of the plot held me spellbound. I’m off to read book 3 now.

I know King Malloron is the hero of books 4 – 6. I’m wondering how Ms Ellis will convince me of that because I really, really dislike him at the moment.

Crave to Claim (Myth of Omega #3)

5 Stars

An outstanding conclusion to this epic and wonderful story.

I only have one regret, and that is how quickly I powered through this third book. I’m sort of wishing I’d forced myself to take me time, savour every word and stretch out the experience as long as possible. But I just needed to find out what happened next far too much to do that. Zoey Ellis has created a wonderful cast of characters and an amazing world for them to live in. The Myth of Omega series is a must read for anyone who enjoys omegaverse stories.

The lies, secrets and manipulations of the Mothers was astounding. What had started off with the best of intentions, a way to protect some of the most very vulnerable of females, had been warped by the bitter memories of an old woman. The last two books have very much been about Drocco’s growth, this time it was Cailyn’s turn, and boy did she have some making up to do to.

Great writing held me spellbound, had me on the edge of my seat with my emotions ricocheting all over the place! Oh my word do Cailyn and Drocco have to fight for their HEA, though thankfully it wasn’t against each other this time. I could feel every emotion, every hope and desire, every triumph and tragedy that beset the pair.

This books in this series have just gotten better and better. Looks like I’m going to be finding out more about King Malloron – even if he does seem like a complete arse.

Blast From The Past Review //\\ The Last Dominant


I read The Last Dominant in January of 2019 and it was my first introduction to the brilliance that is Eris Adderly. I still need to catch up on some of her back list, but then isn’t that entirely the story of a book addicts life? To many books, too little time.

Amazing world-building, an engaging plot, a dominant male and some hot, kinky sex.

Well if that isn’t enough to make you want to read the book, what’s wrong with you? To many dark sci-fi romances forget the whole sci-fi part of the story, they are virtually no different to a contemporary romance. This didn’t suffer from that failing. We had some really good world building and a love across the divide theme.

Quillian and Rushkah should be mortal enemies, their planets have been at war almost forever it seems. However they have more in common than would first appear, including some fairly rare DNA from which the title of the book originates.

I absolutely loved Rushkah and Quillian, neither was perfect and both battled their feelings for the other. The chemistry they shared was palpable and this is one steamy and kinky read. Quillian discovers a hitherto unknown dominant side and whilst Rushkah’s head rebels at the idea, her body, soul and heart have very different ideas.

The story is written third person from both POV’s, so I found it easy to connect to and understand both characters. The plot held my interest and moved with good pace. It had enough detail and thought put into it to satisfy the part of me that has read sci-fi and fantasy for over 30 or so years.

If I was to criticise anything it would be that some parts of the story could have done with a little more fleshing out. The book didn’t lack detail but this was one occasion where I think a few more scenes, or longer scenes would have actually added to the book. However that is very much a case of what I personally would have liked, this is still an excellent story and one I really do recommend.

“I can have whatever I want. I own you.”

Qillian Wehr is the last of his kind. A bloodline of unspeakable power.
To the Imbrian government, he is a weapon. A last resort in their age-old war with Rhyolus.
His leaders want insurance. They want an heir.
 They need a genetic match.
 And now, they’ve found her.

Exotic. Stunning. Lethal.
 Rushkah Ekhayl would murder Qillian in his sleep if she got the chance. She’s Rhyolusian. She is his enemy.

The Last Dominant is a scorching enemies-to-lovers romance where a taste of treason unlocks desires of submission and control. For mature readers only.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy sci-fi thriller contains elements of power exchange.




5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.

4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.

3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.

2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.

1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.

REVIEW //\\ Bind and Keep Me

Bind and Keep Me
(Pierced Hearts #2)
by Cari Silverwood

I read this without reading the blurb, so colour me surprised by where the story went. So, 4.5 Stars for this great, twisty, boundary pushing, somehow dark but not dark, dubious, yet non-consensual yet utterly consensual, rollercoaster of a read.

…shunting up and down, dipping a half-inch into me, while he kept talking in that deep and deliberate way that was as nasty as swallowing pure scotch. So good. So bad.

I was reading reviews for a book that popped up on my bookbub feed. It’s an older story so there were lots of comparisons to 50 shades. What has that got to do with this book, you ask yourself. It’s that Klaus and Jodie are every day people. Not only do they have normal jobs, heck Klaus is an accountant for Pete’s sake – no billionaires here -, they are down to earth, honest to god believable. And that includes the very drastic and unusual steps they take to solve a problem not entirely of their making.

I’ve read darker, more nasty, more horrific stories, but those books feel like stories, whereas Bind and Keep Me, well it held undertones of truth. Enough honesty that I’m wondering what might be found in Ms Silverwood’s basement. It didn’t take wild flights of fancy to picture yourself in a similar situation. Just where would you draw (or not draw) the line to protect your future with those you love?

You can’t read this book without questioning morals, whether that be of the characters, the author or yourself. I do love a book that makes you think and question, whilst simultaneously providing great entertainment. Oh and indulging in lots of dirty, kinky smut.

Klaus is a bad good man, sometimes more one than the other.

He waited. Patient as a fucking demon with a soul to harvest.

He was by parts scary, concerned, sadistic, gentle, demanding and loving. I’ve heard lots of fellow fans pick Klaus as their favourite Cari Silverwood hero and I can see why. The inner workings of his mind are fascinating, and deep down everything he does is edged with care and concern. It might also be nasty and pushing the dub-con boundaries, but it’s also understandable why others fall for his very particular brand of charm.

I’d thought I was a pillar of society. But now, I knew I was a thousand miles from that. And I wasn’t sure I cared anymore. My empathy waxed and waned with the tides of my sadistic desires.

I’d turned to the dark side. Apparently, they didn’t have cookies like someone had once told me, but they did have hot women.

There are incredible contrasts of hard and soft, dark and light, severe and gentle in the relationship. There may even be mentions of the ‘L’ word. Despite the questionable ethics and morality of it’s inception, the relationship that emerges in this book is both heartwarming and genuine. It’s also probably not totally healthy, but it’s ultimately one of choice, maybe not free choice, but choice nevertheless.

The sex scenes are mind blowingly hot. It is a kink that balances between pleasure and pain, a confusion of being unwillingly willing, all trussed up in the most carefully constructed bondage and satiated with soul crushing orgasms. And doesn’t she enjoy it all so very much.

The tiny drops welled up like water from a slow spring. Fresh and red on her paleness. Truthfully I’d exaggerated. This was a bit of a mindfuck. I’d scratched her repeatedly rather than truly cut her.

(Yeah and didn’t the author mindfuck me with that little scenario too!)

I’m going to finish with a quote that delighted the Biologist in me. If you know, you know.

Negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement. I was a self-aware Pavlov’s dog.

This book is part of a dark kinky fiction series and may disturb some readers.

How far would you go to protect your love and your life?

When two deaths turn his world upside down, Klaus must wrestle with a problem that goes soul deep. With Jodie it was capture fantasy but now he’s made the fantasy real, dragging her along as his accomplice. No one should feel so good about something so wrong.

Maybe his soul is darker than he feared. Maybe the rules shouldn’t apply to him.




REVIEW //\\ The Experiment (X-Clan #2)

The Experiment (X-Clan #2)
by Lexi C. Foss

I’m not usually the biggest fan of novellas. but this is an amazing story and I only wish it was longer!

We saw glimpses of Daciana and Elias in the first X-Clan book, here we get to see how they came to be a couple. Whilst you can read this as a stand alone, with it being a novella, I would recommend reading Andorra Sector first so that you fully understand the world and it’s inhabitants. It’s also a really fantastic omegaverse/shifter tale, just like this one.

Somebody really needed their behind kicking for not having explained to Daciana just how valued she was by both the Ash Wolves as well as those of the X-Clan. An omega deeply traumatised by the situation she had been ‘rescued’ from, it was no wonder her expectations were so low and she was prepared for the worst. Thankfully she got the best, in the alpha that is Elias. He is just so protective, so caring, so totally and utterly swoon-worthy that you can’t help but fall in love with him.

The Experiment totally drew me in and I couldn’t turn the pages quickly enough. It’s hot, sexy, full of feels and a sheer joy to read. I guarantee that once you pick it up you won’t want to put it down until you have finished the book. You will be captivated by Elias and his ability to heal the mental and emotional scars that Daciana carries. I’m also certain you will be cheering this pair on from the sidelines, desperate for them to get their HEA.

I’m an offering. A test. A pawn in an agreement I know little about.

Fly to Andorra Sector.
Allow them to experiment.
Mate an X-Clan Wolf Alpha.
Hope for the best.

Those are my orders. My fate. My current existence. There’s nowhere to run, and the moon is a clock I can’t ignore. One of these Alphas will claim me, assuming our genetics are a match. And if not, well, that’s a fate worse than death.

Tick tock.
Make a choice.
Your future depends on it.

The pretty little blonde wolf has seen too much pain for her young years.

It makes me want to fix her.
To adore her.
To show her there can be good in this world.
But our future is wrapped up in an experiment.

Either she’s compatible or she’s not. The moon will determine our fate, or perhaps my inner wolf will decide it for us. Because with each passing moment, it becomes harder not to claim the female who I know in my heart is very much mine.

Run, run, little one.
And don’t look back.
For if I catch you,
I just may bite.

Note: This is a standalone novella featuring characters from Andorra Sector, Book One of the X-Clan Series. It has Omegaverse elements and features a happily-ever-after ending.




REVIEW //\\ Take Me, Break Me

Take Me Break Me
(Pierced Hearts #1)
by Cari Silverwood

Is it really strange that my favourite line of this book is probably the following?

Semen reminded me of bad oysters.

I think it has a lot to do with realism and not sugar coating (every pun intended there) the truth of our sex lives.

I have had this unread on my kindle for far too long. Embarrassingly long when you consider that Cari Silverwood is one of my go-to authors. So amid the strangeness of trying to work-from-home I decided to use some of that extra time to plough through my TBR list.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a story quite like Take Me, Break Me. Consensual non-consent is a kink that does have it’s appeal, though only if it’s within a framework of agreed limits and with a safeword. Hyped up on reading capture fantasy but with no real idea of Sane, Safe & Consensual or even Risk Aware Consensual Kink, Jodie and Klaus set out on a very dangerous adventure indeed. I think what struck me most, other than just how debauched, degrading and dangerously filthy the play in the book is, was how honest and real the story felt. Even when they wandered into uncharted waters and risked either running aground on a hidden reef or being smashed against rocks along the coastline. This was an adventure, an exploration, a conquering of new lands that I simply had to be part of.

He hadn’t budged. While I’d run through the encyclopedia of my worries, filed them alphabetically, and then set them alight, he’d barely shifted an inch.

I’m going to be brutally honest and say that this book didn’t hook me from the start. It took a few chapters for me to get into the flow of the story, but once I did then that proverbial hook very definitely sank itself under my skin. And no Ms Silverwood, despite your apparent obsession with needles and all things sharp and pointy, that most definitely fits in the category of ‘your kink is not my kink, but that’s ok.’ Eek.

I haven’t read any other reviews yet, I like my mind to be fresh, my opinion to be untainted, so I’ve not idea what others may or may not have said regarding the following point. At first I doubted that Klaus had never had any kinky/dominant leanings prior to his role-play with Jodie. But then I realised that I actually CAN relate to that 100%, we aren’t all born knowing we desire certain kinks, many of us never saw, recognised or even suspected those desires resided within us. Not until we were well into adult hood, and possible hitting middle age! And no, before you ask, it wasn’t a 50 Shades of Gray inspired revelation. I’ve never even read the book, though Cherise Sinclair might have started the ball rolling – or should that be flogger swinging?

I digress, so back to THIS book, which is a veritable delight of kinky-fuckery, delving into some very sadistic acts, though thankfully Jodie is a huge masochist so is totally down for all Klaus can deliver. Watching the pair of them grow into their fetishes, uncover their darkest, most hidden desires and discover a whole new world of pleasurable torment, pain and power exchange was fascinating. The pleasurable pain was pretty darn good all on it’s own. And I giggled at the irony of this line “this scenario would have had me flipping the ebook pages one-handed.”. Touche, Ms Silverwood, you certainly know your readers well 😉😂.

This isn’t a “how to” guide, in fact it’s probably more of a “how not to” tale, though common sense prevails in the end, and whilst Ms Silverwood leaves it on more of a HFN note than a HEA, neither Klaus nor Jodie are soppy romantics, so anything else would have felt false at this point. As they embark on their adventure, this pair have no idea of the rabbit hole they willingly throw themselves down. Nor how much they will not only enjoy the fall but come to crave it in a “can’t-live-without-it” way.

Maybe if I was another man, I’d have been thinking about how to talk her into a relationship after the documentary ended. I would have been talking with her, full stop. But the opposite course of action drew me like gravity on a man falling from the sky. I was going down, down, down.

I’m supposed to be finishing one arc and reading another over the next 2 days, but am hugely tempted to indulge in reading Bind and Keep Me, the next steps in Klaus and Jodie’s adventure. It’s unusual but this does NOT end on a cliff-hanger and you COULD read it as a stand alone, though Klaus is just too delightfully dark and deviant to ever want to leave him behind – unless it’s for a little ass play of course!


Re-enacting an abduction in a documentary would surely rake in the money? I need that money. I’m knee-deep in debt.
My well-used eBook is packed with capture fantasies – of being made to kneel and obey a man because … because of a million reasons. Reading them makes me squirm and want to break out the vibe.
I’m terrified, fascinated, and tempted as hell.This will put me in the hands, and basement, of a man I never gave up on.

This idea could get her killed if I let another man help her. 
The problem is, the deeper we get into this role-play of hers, the more I see it as a sham.
We need to throw away the rules of the contract.Make that *I* need to throw away the rules.
Seeing her gagged, bound, and at my mercy stirs things in me I never thought I would feel.I like this too much.

Beneath the surface of an ordinary man dark, sadistic desires may lurk.

When he turns on the cameras it’s too late to go back. Will man and lover, or monster, win in the end?

Take Me, Break Me, Book One of the Pierced Hearts series, begins the descent into dark romance. The following books in the series are far darker and more twisted.

All five books and novella in the Pierced Hearts series are available in a boxset: “The Complete Pierced Hearts Series”.

“…a brutally realistic portrayal of two people playing around with things they didn’t understand and getting in absolutely and completely over their heads.”




Review //\\ True Control 4.1 & 4.2

The True series, by Willow Madison, is one that very much polarises readers. I’m obviously in the ‘loved them’ camp since I don’t usually post reviews on here of books I didn’t like or books I DNF’d.

The series has been out quite a while now, I know the author and reviews mention editing issues but I can’t say this was a problem for me, which means I was either so caught up in the story I missed them, there weren’t actually that many for it to cause an issue or the books have been polished up at some point. I have no idea which of the three it is, and quite frankly it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to to let people know that the editing wasn’t atrocious.

Following reader reaction as she released the first three books, Willow decided to write two alternate endings to Max and Lucy’s story, thus allowing readers to choose their own conclusion to it. Personally I’m glad I chose True Control 4.1, Willow’s original ending, to read first. It’s a very dark story that finally opened my eyes to the true consensuality of the relationship that Max and Lucy are in. It is full of triggers, so I strongly advise readers to proceed with caution. However it is also the most perfectly imperfect ending and fits so well with what BOTH Max and Lucy want and need.

I read True Control 4.2 a couple of weeks after reading 4.1 and whilst the writing was top notch, with a story so full of incredible feels it left my emotions reeling, I was still left with a slight feeling of unease. It felt like the ending was a bit of a cop out, as though somehow Max and Lucy’s relationship was wrong, was unacceptable, that Max needed to change. It’s definitely the “morally easier” story to read, and if Willow Madison ever decides to write an angsty contemporary romance I’ll be buying shares in Kleenex tissues because boy did it pack an emotional punch to the feels. But without having read 4.1, which will forever by MY ending to the story, I think I would have felt robbed. The whole point of the True series was to push buttons and boundaries, have you questioning your beliefs and judgement and 4.2, whilst a brilliant book, felt like a sop to the unease of readers. It felt like an easy out, a get-out-of-jail-free card, it felt like a travesty of the truth.

TRUE CONTROL 4.1 by Willow Madison

So addictive I read all 4 books over 2 days – and nights *ahem*. Good job it was the weekend!

The beating I gave her once would be nothing in comparison to this amount of rage. It wouldn’t just be once. I’d have her black and blue for weeks for what she’s done.
I stop pacing though.

It’s no use to imagine. She’s not here. God help me, she may never be here again.

Max, True Control 4.1, True Series

Having taken the chance on the original, darker ending to Max and Lucy’s story, I’m not sure if I want to read the alternative. Though I am super curious as to what happens in that book, having bought 4 books one after the other I’m not sure my pocket can take the financial hit. If I had any sense I would have saved myself a few quid and signed up to KU for the month – ain’t hindsight a bitch?

Anyway, back to the important thing – my review of this dark beauty. So it’s difficult to truly do this book justice in a review without scattering it with too many spoilers. And you need to go into this book as blind as I did, because that allows you to truly understand the TPE dynamic that Lucy and Max share.

I know my girl. Lucy didn’t know her submissive side when I met her. I saw it in her. I recognized the signs, saw what she could be for me.
I broke her and made her mine quickly. I forced her to submit to me completely. I gave her only one choice, one chance to back away from her destiny with me. I smile thinking about that night.
She was so scared. And so yielding.

Max, True Control 4.1, True Series

So all those debates we’ve had over whether this pairs relationship was healthy, was consensual, was a TPE or abuse, were blown wide apart in this book. Because the author took us down a pitch black path of genuine abuse. There are some very traumatic and possibly triggering events in this book and it really is a proceed with caution read. However if you appreciated the first three books (I’m not sure enjoyed properly describes the experience 😉) then hopefully you are someone who is used to the difficult and troubling journey a truly dark read can take us on.

Lucy suffers in new ways, ways that make clear her true feelings, needs and desires. Suddenly we see that she isn’t the weak, doormat we all assumed her to be. We discover that her quietness is just her truth, her willingness to bend in order to please Max was her choice and her subservience was her pleasure. I owe the girl a massive apology, she is the strong one of the pair, the cement that secures their foundations.

I haven’t mentioned it before, which is very remiss of me “Sorry, Sir.” but Max had a very traumatic and difficult start to life. He suffered physical, emotional and mental abuse. It powers his need for control, and may well be the source of his anger. And I think it’s the author’s portrayal of that anger, constantly bubbling below the surface, that has concerned me most throughout this series. It wasn’t until this book that I truly believed in Max. Truly understood the depth of his feelings for Lucy and accepted his ability to control his anger.

I’ve never felt helpless before, powerless. I always had choices. And I know that it’s choices that give a person control.
That’s why I don’t give Lucy any. I am in control. Of her. Of me.
But … not now.

Max, True Control 4.1, True Series

Within the first few chapters it became glaringly obvious that, however much Max’s behaviour pushed our buttons, however much it made us uncomfortable, made us frown and judge (and oh boy does this book make that judgement so very apparent) Lucy fully agreed, participated and welcomed it. And yes, he does love her. Not in a way many of us could understand, not in a way many of us would probably want, but he loved her with every fibre of his being. It’s a crazy way of caring, but it’s what they both want and need.

She tries to stall, talk back. Bad move, little girl. I slap her. Not her left side, this is still too hurt.

Max, True Control 4.1, True Series

Whilst this isn’t a conventional love story, whilst it isn’t a typical romance, IMO it does deserve both labels. Each couple are entitled to live and love in the way that best suits them, and that’s what Max and Lucy do.

Even that final chapter, where it could be assumed that Max took away every last scrap of Lucy’s ability to choose and decide. I was just getting angry at Max for not respecting Lucy’s wishes when I realised that he was doing exactly what Lucy wanted. If she truly hadn’t wanted that reaction from him she could have made some very different decisions earlier in the day.

I am a monster. And she just loves me. Always.

Max, True Control 4.1, True Series


Note from the author:

I’ve written two completely different, alternative endings to this series. See for yourself why fans are saying this makes all the other dark romances look like greyed out shades of fairytales.

This is the end one way or another.

There was only ever one ending for Max and Lucy, but I aim to please—or torture—however you wish to look at it. I believe in true choices, so I give you control of their fate to pick which ending you prefer.

This is the darker ending for Max and Lucy. The monster gets the girl. When love is lost, it may be impossible to find a way back to True Control.

NOTE: All the books in this series are available for purchase/download now, so you won’t be left wanting or waiting. This series involves a combination of Domestic Discipline, D/s, and Sm
Now available in paperback too!

I know my girl. She didn’t know her submissive side when I met her. I saw it in her. I recognized the signs, saw what she could be for me. I didn’t go slow. I didn’t have patience. I didn’t ease her into anything.

I broke her and made her mine quickly. I forced her to submit to me completely. I gave her only one choice. One chance to back away from her destiny with me.

She can’t be lost. I need her. Here with me. I’m lost without her.


He’ll kill me eventually. In a rage, he’ll do it without thinking. I start to cry again, but shout at myself to stop.

I look in the mirror again…I’m only getting more broken by the day…mentally and physically. I try to stand up, to take a deep breath. But I wince at my reflection.

I hear him shouting at me and I turn away from the girl in the mirror…I can’t be her today. I can’t be strong when I’m this weak.


True Control 4.2 by Willow Madison

I really enjoyed this, with all it’s emotional intensity, but I would still recommend 4.1 for the true dark romance lover.

I wasn’t sure if I would read this alternative ending because for me True Control 4.1 was the perfect ending to Lucy and Max’s story. This one I both loved and hated. I definitely loved the amazing story telling of the author, my word did she make me feel . So many emotions, so much pain, such sweet love. These more subtle emotions had been masked by the anger, fear and total domination in previous books. This book is worth reading just to recognise how incredibly skilled this author is at crafting complex characters and situations. Because I wasn’t distracted by my Lucy’s struggles with submitting to Max, my focus was less on being shocked, irritated, angry, surprised, horrified, awed and bemused and more on the beautiful nuances of the story.

On the other hand I hated it too. I won’t say what caused that feeling, because that would be a spoiler, though if you read the other reviews many of them allude to just why this made me feel both hurt and let down. I didn’t like the suggestion, or impression, that Max was somehow wrong. Max was never wrong, he quite happily told us that on many an occasion. Whilst his brand of domination wouldn’t be for many, he wasn’t wrong or bad, he was just a different sort of hero.

On the surface we see a much stronger Lucy in this story, however I still firmly believe that her true strength lay in her decision, her choice, to submit to everything Max demanded of her. Her ability to let go and acquiesce with every fibre of her being. There is a very judgemental part of me that believes if you needed this book as the ending of the story you should hand your “dark romance reader” card in right now. For chunks of this I felt as though I was reading an angsty contemporary romance. An amazing and well written one but one that wasn’t true to the rest of the series. A bit like putting a sticking plaster on deep gash, this was fantastic but not suited to the job of being the conclusion of a dark romance.

Thank you to the author for kindly gifting me a copy of this book, because my curiosity had me desperate to know what the alternative ending was. I don’t regret reading it but I’m really, really glad I read the other one first. If this is the ending you prefer that’s fine because we all enjoy and need different things from our reads.

There was only ever one ending for Max and Lucy, but I aim to please—or torture—however you wish to look at it. I believe in true choices, so I give you control of their fate to pick which ending you prefer.

This is the lighter ending for Max and Lucy. When destiny gets in the way, love may have trouble finding a way back to True Control.

NOTE: All the books in this series are available for purchase/download now, so you won’t be left wanting or waiting. This series involves a combination of Domestic Discipline, D/s, and Sm
Now available in paperback too!

I try to be still in Max’s arms. I’m too chilled by his words. So calm. So clear. “What if…what if that’s not what I want…what I need…?” I say this as almost a whisper, too afraid to say it…to afraid to keep it in.

He doesn’t say anything for a long time. I almost think he didn’t hear me until his voice answers in a whisper too, “You gave up having a choice when you became my wife, Lucy. What you want…what you need…I decide. You’ll take whatever I do to you.”

Even in a whisper, I know his final tone when I hear it. There’s no point in talking more. I swallow and still only speak in a cracked whisper, “What…what are you going to do to me, Max?”

And he waits to answer me again. His voice slides across the words, like he’s enjoying hearing the fear in my voice, feeling the shiver in my body. “Do you really want to know, little girl?”


I don’t really want to be cruel to her. I like hurting her, sometimes just for my pleasure…but I want to be loving and kind to her too. And most of the time, I am.

I give her all of my love. I deny her nothing. Within reason anyway. I’m not a fool though. I know what I demand isn’t for everyone. I’ve had enough girlfriends throw modern feminism and equal rights crap in my face to know that Lucy isn’t like any other girl.

She understands that she needs my guidance. She gets that all of my rules, demands, punishments are meant to help her, to help us. To be happy.

I know I’m a monster. I’ve come to terms with this. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I only care about Lucy. About her obeying and submitting to me.

True Control 4.1
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True Control 4.2
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5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.

4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.

3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.

2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.

1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.

Review //\\ Shadowlands Sector

My first read by this author and definitely NOT my last – especially as this one ends on a cliffie!

I came to this story via Andorra Sector by Lexi C Foss. We briefly met Dusan there, though Mila Young’s clever world building and dissemination of information means you don’t need to read that to understand and enjoy this. The small number of chapters in this did make me wonder how the author was going to convincingly write a reverse harem story in the available time, so I’m glad it isn’t stand alone. So despite being absolutely desperate to know what happens next, I’m glad that this is going to be a longer, more complex and developed tale.

I LOVED Meira. A strong heroine, who might have been inexperienced in terms of contact with others, but she sure knew how to look after herself. Dusan needed to earn her affection, after all he had ‘stolen’ her from her life, one that she was perfectly content with. I liked how the pair did forge that connection, and loved that Dusan ultimately gave Meira the ability to choose freely.

Another thing I really appreciated, was how the author wove a story and set of circumstances that, both for Meira as well as the other females, made their capture a blessing rather than a curse. It pushed dub-con boundaries but was definitely the lesser of two evils.

I couldn’t read the book quickly enough and was totally captivated by it, falling in love with both Meira and Dulsan. Personally I needed to see a little more of Lucien with Meira, that part of the story line felt just a little bit too rushed for my liking. However I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity to get to really know him, and Bardhyl who I suspect will prove equally important to the story. It was surprisingly slow burn, but when the flame did ignite boy was there a heatwave. SCORCHING.

This author’s fantastic writing, great characters and brilliant storyline has definitely found her a new fan.

They call me an outcast, weak.

I’ve fought my whole life for survival, running from an attack on my family I ended up hiding with the Ash Wolves. This one move might be my biggest mistake of all. And I’m the queen of mistakes…

I let them believe I’m broken, let them believe the lies. I let them believe anything they want…as long as it isn’t the truth.

There’s a monster inside me, one made of teeth and claws and terrifying need. I swallow it down, hiding under the pretense of being normal. But I’m not normal. I’m anything but.

Bonding is the only thing that will save us—me and the Ash pack. Only I need someone strong enough to fight the darkness inside me…and savage enough to stay.

Will the three ruthless alphas help me…when they find out the truth of what I am?

This is book 1 in a shifter paranormal romance story for those who love strong protectors, wolf shifters, and steamy scenes.

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5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.

4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.

3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.

2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.

1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.

Review //\\ True #4

True Choices
(True #3)
by Willow Madison

Am I ever going to actually like Max for more than a few pages at a time?

This was the book where for me the relationship between Lucy and Max seemed to slide slowly from consensual DD to abuse. MY boundaries were overstepped in the previous books, but that doesn’t mean it was wrong for Lucy and Max. However the more I read this the more I truly worried for Lucy. The way she took all the blame for his anger, his disappointment, even when she wasn’t really at fault. He criticises her parents for “not having raised her properly” (ie subservient to the man of the house) and reacts badly when this unsurprisingly upsets her.

Yet as with the previous two books, two things shine through. Max does deeply care for Lucy, even though he is a selfish bastard, and Lucy craves the dominance that Max wields. Whatever one thinks about this relationship, however one feels about these characters, there is no denying the skill with which the author had written the book.

I want to please Max. I want to give him everything that he demands. I want to bend to his will.

Lucy, True Choices, True #3

You find yourself questioning if this IS abuse or not, you realise that you DON’T have the right to judge how anyone else chooses to conduct their relationship (as long as it is consensual), and if you’re like me you will see-saw back and forth on whether this IS a consensual relationship or not. He forces her into jogging and keep fit (so she can run with him) but also joins an Art Institute, which is Lucy’s favourite museum. Lucy has a desperate need to please Max and it’s hard to know if he is taking advantage of that or filling a need in her.

I still don’t like Max, I admire that he is driven, he is single-minded in his focus and he does what he says. My issue is that it is all about him. He is very narcissistic when all is said and done. He may do nice things for Lucy, but often it’s only because it suits him to. He enjoys hurting her too much, especially during sex. He revels in inflicting pain and in giving punishments, and whilst I’m not experienced in the M/s world, I’ve chatted with enough Dom’s to know that most of them don’t get this type of pleasure out of punishing their submissives. They don’t enjoy seeing them in true pain. A sadist might enjoy inflicting sensual pain that ultimately brings the masochist pleasure, but that wasn’t quite the vibe I was getting here. He gets hard seeing her bruises, his marks on her body.

“I know my cruelty excites her.”

“I want to take my time hurting her.”

“I need to see her tears. I need to hear her screams.”

“Something about how embarrassed Lucy is acting makes me want to embarrass her even more.”

Max, True Choices, True #3

There were many occasions when I questioned the validity of Max’s feelings for Lucy. Does he truly love her, or does he love her submission? Her willingness to go along with everything he demands? Her desire to please and do as he tells her regardless of her own needs and wishes?

I’d rather be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt on the water, but I don’t have a choice.
“You look great…but you’re still going to freeze. I’ll get a scarf and gloves for you from Mom.”

Whilst it’s nice that Max is concerned about Lucy being cold, it’s his insistence on her wearing girly dresses and skirts that puts her in that position.

And yet there ARE times he is very solicitous of her wellbeing.
“Lucy, are you cold?” Max saw me shudder and is raising the car windows.
“No, I’m fine.” I smile at his attentiveness. He always notices everything. “Thank you.”

Despite rushing her to get married, and not allowing her a say in it, he DOES want to know her wedding day dreams and plans. He arranges for her friend to be a support and shoulder to cry on when she packs up her apartment before they get married. He reassures her that she will still see her friends once they are married and he uses ice packs and gives her pain killers after a very severe punishment. To top it all off, Lucy gets turned on by his actions and reactions – so is it wrong?

But then the author reminds us of how on edge Lucy is.

“Her bright blue eyes, so telling. Fear.”

“She know’s she’s angered me. Her fear is electric.”

“I just smile up at him, hoing this won’t turn into an angry night.”

“I’ve never been more scared of him.”

Lucy and Max, True Choices, True #3

Then there is how quick to anger Max is, he “goes ballistic”, his “temper flares so quickly with her”, “anger is flaring back up”

Followed by just how very controlling Max is.

“We’re getting married next month and that’s final.” He turns and walks away. I wait before following him downstairs.
I know Max likes being in control, but… but this is our wedding. This is the rest of our lives together. Maybe I’ll try to talk to him again when we’re back in the city. We really need to make some decisions together.
But I know I’m kidding myself. Max doesn’t just 
like being in control. Max is in control.

“This ring means that you are no longer in control of 
anything. So when I tell you that we’re getting married next month…that is what we’re doing.”

Lucy and Max, True Choices, True #3

Whilst Max acknowledges Lucy’s feelings, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by them. As though Lucy’s emotions really, really don’t matter to him. Yet later he tell’s Lucy –
“I will always try to take into consideration how you feel about something. But you need to understand that in our marriage, I will make all the decisions.

He tells her that if she really doesn’t like one of his decisions she may ask him to reconsider it. Though he won’t (and doesn’t) allow her to express her thoughts/reasons/opinions on it because it is “tantamount with arguing.”

I think one of the most disturbing aspects is how Lucy is unquestioning in most of this, how she readily accepts the blame for the pain he inflicts. Though there are some doubts.

It all seemed to happen so fast. But that look…I didn’t know him.
I remember what I thought when I turned away from the terrace…that I had to get away from him.

Lucy, True Choices, True #3

True Choices is the third book in a series that includes two alternative endings. See for yourself why fans are saying this makes all the other dark romances look like greyed out shades of fairytales.

Max leads; Lucy follows. How far he’s willing to push her may test both their limits though. With his prize in sight, Max can’t afford to relinquish control now.

Lucy embraces all that Max offers, giving exactly what is demanded of her. How far she’s willing to go in order to please him may have her facing the ultimate True Choices.

NOTE: All the books in this series are available for purchase/download now, so you won’t be left wanting or waiting. This series involves a combination of Domestic Discipline, D/s, and Sm
Now available in paperbook too!


“Lucy, I understand that you’re trying. I know you want to be respectful and you’re figuring out your limits. And I want to help you.” His hand moves my chin gently back to look at him, but his voice is edgier. “Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

He drops his hand and I keep my eyes on him while he continues. “You may ask me to reconsider a decision, but giving me your reasons for wanting me to is tantamount with arguing. Try again.”


What if I couldn’t give him something that he demanded? What if he couldn’t control everything about me? What would happen to us if I couldn’t bend to his will no matter how hard I would try?

I shudder and put my arms around my middle, hugging myself. I’m not ready to face a possible darkened future. A day that I couldn’t give in to Max’s needs.

I shake my head a final time, close my eyes and breathe in normally. I let go of my waist and square my shoulders. But I keep my head down. I’ll do whatever it takes to make Max happy. Whatever is in my power to do.

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5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.

4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.

3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.

2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.

1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.

Review //\\ True #2

True Beginnings
(True #2)
by Willow Madison

I finished book 1, bought book 2, started it immediately and then read it straight through.

So many things to say. So many. I still doubt that this relationship is totally safe. But then I don’t doubt either that it is what Lucy wants, or at least thinks she wants. And I’m pretty sure anyone in a M/s relationship will find me a judgemental a-hole. Whilst Lucy and Max don’t define their relationship in that way he DOES want to control her even down to her thoughts. He doesn’t want her to have any free will other than the will to please and live for him. That scares me half to death and is what makes this both and uncomfortable AND a gripping read.

“I crave your love, Max. I need your love. The pain… is part of your love and I crave it.”

It’s all my fault! If I hadn’t been indecent, if I hadn’t let those men touch me, if I hadn’t gone out to lunch {this is a WORK event} without his permission…none of this would have happened. I berate myself in silence.

Lucy, True Beginnings, True #2

I’ve never really ‘felt’ any romance in either book so far, but this to me is a psychological mind-f**k of a read anyway. One that has you questioning Lucy, Max, the author and your own sanity at times. I’m determined to finish this series over the weekend, as for the first time in a long time I am TOTALLY DESPERATE to know how a story ends.

He enjoys seeing bruises he has made on her – ok I could go with that, but these bruises are on HER FACE. Conversely this means he isn’t ashamed of what he does and therefore in his mind at least it isn’t abuse. It’s part of his control over Lucy. Though at times I got the impression all he wants is a doll who dresses, acts, thinks, speaks and poses exactly to his design. He doesn’t want Lucy. THAT is where my struggle is with Max. And yet I’m still fixated and enthralled by the story – kudos to the author for such great writing.

“…I want to get you to a point that your thoughts are automatically centered on me. And nothing else. And that your behaviour is second nature.”

She’ll make a good wife… with a few more lessons.

Max, True Beginnings, True #2

So there I am hating on Max when he says
“But I don’t want you to be afraid of me truly hurting you. I will never do anything to you.. that can’t heal without damage.” I want to reassure her not frighten her this morning.

So just as I step back from the edge he then tells me
I expect her not to close any doors to me. She doesn’t have the right to privacy anymore.
aaaannnnndddd I’m right back at wanting to suffocate him.

“You don’t have the right to decide what you do, what we do, anymore. I expect you not to make plans again, Lucy. You get my permission first.”

I’ve been controlling and demanding.

“I’ve never lied to her. Lucy knows her place.”

“You belong to me, Lucy. You are mine. And I want you dependent on me.”

There may be times when she is unable to leave the bed after a spanking, legs and ass too swollen or sore.

She knows she can’t argue with me.

Her cries only drive me to want to hurt her more. I stop and take a few deep breaths, she keeps her eyes closed still.

Max, True Beginnings, True #2

Lucy doesn’t help matters either. She has me questioning her sanity on more than one occasion. I never could have imagined him slapping me, let alone me accepting it as punishment for breaking one of his rules. But he did… and I did. And now I’m forever changed somehow. I think and feel differently. It’s all about Max, pleasing him, not disappointing him… not angering him..

It’s those last three words that bother me. So often it’s all about Max but then just when I’m back to hating him he does something thoughtful for Lucy. I turn to Max and give him a kiss on the cheek, “Thank you for thinking of this.” I know it’s really his doing. His attentiveness to me, his caring nature, is what I fell in love with first.

No, my old self didn’t have someone who cares so much about me, loves me as much as I love him.

The number of times she flinches when he raises his hand – woah. She is on edge, she is jumpy, she is scared to upset or disappoint him. That is why this doesn’t really sound a healthy relationship. 

I’m afraid to move or speak.

And he told me the next day that was the only chance he was ever going to give me to make a decision for myself. I no longer had a choice of leaving him.
And I knew he was right. My heart no longer had a choice. I’d given in to him…to his anger…to his control…to his love.

Lucy, True Beginnings, True #2


Seriously girl? I’m torn between wanting her to just get the heck out of there and respecting her right to choose that relationship. Particularly as there are times Max’s control really does feel more like abuse. He frequently slaps, pinches and grabs at her. He seems to enjoy thrusting deep enough to hurt her during sex, he twists her wrist at one point, he controls what she is able to wear – even when this leaves her too hot or too cold. How is any of that showing care for her welfare and wellbeing? He gets angry that she “let guy’s touch her” as though she can control the actions of others.

And yet again there are times when he DOES seem to value, care for and put her needs first.

I’m glad that I’m still in control of my anger enough to stop from slapping her as hard as I want to.

My anger is only slightly spent. I am hurt by her betrayals. My anger keeps heating up and I have to breathe deeply to get it under control again.

“But I can’t punish you more… not tonight. You are too swollen already.” Knowing that he’s putting my safety and care ahead of his anger, even in his darkness, tortures me more.

I take aspirin out and walk back to the bed. When she returns I make her take these with the water. We have a long drive today and I don’t want her too stiff to go.

“I want to make everything perfect for you, Lucy”

Max, True Beginnings, True #2

I still like Jake better 

“I don’t want you to get hurt, Lucy, because he thinks it’s the only way to love.” He adds, softly, “You deserve better than that….”

Jake. True Beginnings, True #2

True Beginnings is the second book in a series that includes two alternative endings. See for yourself why fans are saying this makes all the other dark romances look like greyed out shades of fairytales.

Max is all about being in control. It’s the only way he knows how to be. There’s never been a question in his mind about what he wants. Lucy may accept all that he demands, but his true nature could get in the way of their happy-ever-after.

Lucy is head-over-heels in love, but she’s starting to figure out that this relationship may demand more than just the surrender of her heart to make it work. With a man as dominant as Max, nothing less than her absolute submission will suffice. She may not be ready for True Beginnings.

NOTE: All the books in this series are available for purchase/download now, so you won’t be left wanting or waiting. This series involves a combination of Domestic Discipline, D/s, and Sm
Now available in paperback too!


Max has been more attentive than any other guy I’ve dated. He notices everything, keeps an eye on me at all times when we’re together, and always does little things to show me how special I am to him. But his attentiveness also means he has a lot of these pet-peeves. A long list of things he does or doesn’t want me to do. I don’t have to guess how to make him happy. He tells, shows me.

And I have surprised myself with how much I like it this way. He’s in control. I’ve wanted to please him from the beginning. I’ve wanted to follow his little rules and old-fashion-ness to show him how much he means to me. I’ve been proud of being able to do every little thing he’s asked. Since he slapped me, though, there’s also been this element of fear of not pleasing him.

And the depth of my response to that has been the hardest for me to understand. Just looking at the darkened look he still wears now… I know that I can give into these feelings…that I’m safe…to be turned on by his anger, his control.


I put my hand in her hair, give a slight tug, but mostly rub her softness. She’s so small, so soft, so yielding. “I like hurting you, Lucy.” She rubs her head against my hand, the obedient puppy. “I like that you give yourself to me completely. That I can cause you pain and fear…I can make you my good girl again with my belt or my hand…” I lower my hand to her butt. Still a little warm, the pinkness not quite faded. I pinch her lower cheek, not hard, but it’s still tender enough to squeeze the breath out of her. “That’s what punishment does…it makes you my good girl again. You want that, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir!” Her whole body answers, trying to sway closer to me, but not moving from her spot, arms still held tight against her back. 

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5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.

4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.

3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.

2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.

1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.