Review //\\ Primrose’s Punishment

Primrose’s Punishment
by Katie Douglas

Primrose’s Punishment is a very quick read but was great fun. It is the story of a young girl awakening to her submissive needs and her desire for punishment. There is no sex and in many ways the heat level was quite low, but conversely it felt like quite an erotic read.

There’s a nice bit of story to go with the spankings and canings. I rather grew to like Primrose and would have liked the book to be longer just because I was enjoying reading about her so much. It’s a very low priced book and well worth reading.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre – Erotic Short Story
Goodreads –

Eighteen-year-old Primrose Falstaff is in big trouble. She took something that wasn’t hers.
When she gets found out, she will be sent straight to the headmaster’s office.
Mr. Bythewood doesn’t tolerate any misbehaviour. He will ensure her thorough punishment. He is an expert at correcting the behaviour of the wayward young ladies in his care.
By the time he is done, all of Primrose’s cheeks will be blushing.

Note: This short read is a Victorian Finishing School fantasy involving caning and naughtiness. If such things are not your cup of tea, please divert to the Nordic walking section of the bookshop promptly.

Review //\\ Oath of the Alpha

Oath of the Alpha (Blood Rites Duet #2) by Eva Dresden

His pride fell to ash, the arrogance of his ego dust as he murmured the pleading words against her slack lips. Er’it begged with his heart in a raw ruin within the softness of her palms, his soul hers to do with as she wished if she would but open her eyes. He would no let her go, not now, not ever.

A monumental ending to an epic story

At the end of book #1 I really didn’t care for Er’it, but in book #2 I’m pleased to report that he redeemed himself admirably. And it wasn’t through grand gestures or sweeping statements but in small moments and tiny detail. Aida is a true dichotomy, easily cowed, gentle of nature and delicate as bone china yet also as strong as steel, ready to stand against injustice and to protect others. Together this pair have a connection, a chemistry, a bond that eclipses time and space but is powerful enough to bring about the end of times too.

All along Er’it has been honest in his deadly intentions for Aida. His gods have shown him the way, but that way ends with her as sacrifice. In Rite of the Omega his treatment of Aida was beyond deplorable, it was horrific, inflicting both physical and mental harm. This book begins where that book left us, and whilst it appears that Aida may well have exchanged the frying pan for the fire, it does have some benefits.

A very cleverly woven plot thread, involving Er’it and the sources of his magical power, transitioned what could have felt like an abrupt change in his character, instead affording it a more believable mien. Er’it remained the same growly, hard and demanding Alpha, but with Aida no longer subject to the whims of his vehemence. Still determinedly set on the path ordained by his gods, it made his tender attitude to Aida feel even more cruel than his violent one did.

It took me a long time to appreciate the dreadful sacrifice that Er’it was willing to make for the sake of his people. I was amazed that the author could turn my mind so completely. What at first seemed a selfish choice to me, an evil decision, morphed into the most selfless act of self-sacrifice. A bad thing done for incredibly good reasons, and a choice that would not leave Er’it unscathed.

totally believed in the depth of love this pair held for one another. Felt every drop of blood, bead of sweat and shed tear as though it were my own. This tale is gripping, powerful, tumultuous, heart-rending, intense and prodigious. A book you don’t want to put down, a story you can’t stop reading, a couple you never want to leave behind.

The Blood Rites Duet is one I highly recommend to those who enjoy dark romance, dark fantasy and omegaverse tales.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Oath of the Alpha (Blood Rites Duet #2) by Eva Dresden

Genre – PNR/Omegaverse

Goodreads –

Captive. Sacrifice. Ultimate power.
This is Aida’s life now. Among the ruins of her birthright, the Usurper demands the incredible power she harbors for his own. King Er’it will make of her a bloody sacrifice, vowing to steal the magnificent force of her magic.
Yet they are both torn between bitter hatred and savage need as Aida learns what it means to be free and Er’it swears his oaths. An irresistible bond pulls them closer, growing stronger day by day as they near the ultimate end of their journey.
The great King is as helpless as his captive Omega to deny the claim they set upon each other.
In the end, they must discover if the need for power will succeed or if the heart will triumph.

Review //\\ Shadowlands Sector #2

Shadowlands Sector, Two (Shadowlands Sector #2) by Mila Young

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I thoroughly enjoyed this second installment of the Shadowlands Sector Trilogy. You do need to have read book 1 prior to this, and it does end on the cliffiest of cliff-hangers.

The story picks up right where we left the action in book #1, with the infected attacking the Ash Wolves compound and Meira using it as an opportunity to escape. A third alpha male is added to the mix – it would seem that Meira’s wolf isn’t happy with just 2 fated mates! The scenes between Meira and her new mate are scorchingly hot, and we also get more scenes with Dulsan. I do feel Lucien hasn’t been given his fair share of her time but I did enjoy how Meira’s relationships with all three males have evolved and I liked how their personalities and characteristic have also been developed.

Unlike many reverse harem tales, this had plenty of action and adventure to enhance the story. And with how this book ended – well I can’t wait for book #3.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Shadowlands Sector, Two by Mila Young

Genre – PNR/ RH Shifter

Goodreads –

It’s only a matter of time before I destroy them all…
A raging, bloodthirsty wolf isn’t the only deadly thing inside me. So, I have to do what I’ve always done best. Run.
Leaving my alphas and the first taste of love I’ve ever known is the only answer now.
And even when Fate steps in and puts us all back together, including a sexy new alpha with troubles of his own, I can’t stay. Even though it’s killing me to go.
The pain of being away from them will literally kill me, but no matter what happens to me, I can’t let them pay for my weakness.
I can’t save myself, but I can save them. I can save them from seeing what I will become…
But my dominant alphas are better hunters than I am prey, and they’re determined to keep me…whatever the cost.

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Review //\\ Paris Punishment

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Paris Punishment (Orchid Club #5) by Lila Dubois

I am surprised by just how much I am loving this couple and their story.

Whilst Vivienne still hasn’t completely atoned for her “sins”, or fully accepted her part in the breakdown of their relationship, I do really like her. I am totally invested in Solomon and his HEA, and clearly he wants that to be with his Vivi, so I’m rooting for a reconciliation!

The ballroom scenes were equally sensuous, beautiful and emotional but the one that followed of Solomon watching Vivi sleep – that one was heartbreakingly intense. I find myself totally and utterly convinced about the depth of their feelings for one another.

I’m just glad that, with that ending, the series is complete and I don’t have to wait for the next book! 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Paris Punishment by Lila Dubois
Genre – BDSM Romance
Goodreads –

Solomon abandoned her in Paris, but Vivienne isn’t going to let the only man she’s ever loved walk away without a fight.
She wants closure, he wants her off his island…after they spend one last night as Master and sub.
They’re perfect for one another, and terrible together. They swear it’s the last time, but fate—and a billionaire friend with a private jet—are about to intervene.

Review //\\ Paris Pleasure

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Paris Pleasure (Orchid Club #4) by Lila Dubois

You know how it is, arc books piling up, a neglected TBR list but you spot a book for sale and bingo! suddenly your reading something that wasn’t on your schedule.

It’s my own fault, not only am I a book whore but I’m even more of a book on sale whore! The trilogy was only 99p and no way could I walk on by that bargain. My brain also needed a commitment free read so, after battling through a couple of troublesome arcs, I decided to indulge in a low expectation read. Therefore colour me incredibly surprised when this turned out to be quite an engaging, emotional and utterly captivating read.

Solomon is absolutely to die for, so gorgeously sexy, so stridently dominant and so sweetly caring. He doesn’t make the best of first impressions when he flies all the way to Paris to warn James not to fall in love with Christiana, though he is doing it from the best of intentions. Having been left both emotionally and physically scarred by the one time he fell in love with a sub, Solomon doesn’t want his friend to suffer the same fate.

As the book progressed I fell in love with Solomon, there really wasn’t anything to dislike about him. No wonder that ex-love and sub, Vivi, couldn’t say no to him. You’ve read the blurb, so you don’t need me to tell you that Solomon takes a second chance with the woman who broke his heart. Their scenes together were hot, the chemistry in their own words explosive.

I felt actual BDSM play felt fairly tame, though also entirely suitable for a couple who haven’t done a scene together for several years. It didn’t need intense BDSM, the connection, the emotion and connection between Vivienne and Solomon was all the book needed. By the end of the book I felt totally invested in this couple.

Normally it’s either the male that stuffs up – or at least I feel it is his fault – but this time the fault all lies with Vivienne. I can’t wait to see how she makes things up to Solomon and I will be jumping straight into Paris Punishment! 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Paris Pleasure by Lila Dubois

Genre – BDSM Contemporary Romance
Goodreads –

Once, they were engaged, now they’re enemies. Until they meet again in Paris at a secret BDSM club for the world’s uber wealthy.
They may hate each other for what happened in their past, but their sexual chemistry makes them perfect D/s partners.
When the real world intrudes and the past repeats itself, Solomon has to decide if he’ll walk away from the only woman he’s ever really loved.

Review //\\ In A Haze

In A Haze by Jade C. Jamison

My mind is also in a haze – I think it’s because I was still reading this at well gone 1 am last night!

In A Haze isn’t my usual sort of read, it has more of a suspense feel than it did romance, but I really enjoyed it. Anna wakes up one day with no memory of who or where she is, though that subconscious memory tells her she is in some sort of hospital, and has been for a while. I was quickly engaged, wanting to know more about her and soon found myself invested in her story. The book is written entirely from her viewpoint, normally I prefer dual but because of the storyline it worked for me on this one, to the point that I didn’t really notice until just now!

In terms of solving the mystery of Anna, felt the plot moved with a good pace and it easily held my attention. There are several surprises and twists along the way, none of which were obvious or easy to guess in advance. Whilst some problems felt easily overcome, the author did world build to provide reasons/evidence for them and so I found myself readily accepting those elements of the story.

I fully believed in the attraction between Anna and Joe, they definitely had great chemistry and we are treated to several hot scenes. I maybe wasn’t quite as convinced that it was love, though in part that was due to where we picked the story up. It did feel a little “insta-love” but the strength of the story and suspense elements meant that it didn’t bother me in the same way it often would.

If you like a well written mystery/suspense story, with a romantic element, then I recommend this book to you. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

In A Haze by Jade C. Jamison

Genre – Romantic Suspense
Goodreads –

What if waking up was like being reborn?
The first question I ask upon awakening is where am I?
The second is who am I?
The bare walls, the locked doors, and the glazed eyes of so many people around here tell me I’m in a psychiatric hospital. But why am I here?
I begin discovering answers with the help of fellow resident Joe, a man I’m falling in love with. But as I find clues to the mysteries of my past, I wonder if I can trust him or any of the professionals supposedly here to help me as I begin to uncover the ugly truth underneath this haze they’ve submerged me in.

Or, when I wake up tomorrow, will this all be forgotten again?

Review //\\ Black Light: Valentine Roulette

Black Light: Valentine Roulette

This is an anthology of short stories, all based around one event at the BDSM club featured in the Black Light series. I read the book back in 2018 but didn’t review it back then, and since I seem to be an a re-read streak I indulged myself by reading individual stories in between arc reads and other reads. Even though I have a mountainous TBR list of unread books.

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Broken by Renee Rose – 4 stars

Slave to pain (aka Jennifer) and Master D scene together at Black Light each week. But that’s all Jennifer will ever allow them to be, ships that pass in the night, no attachment, no emotion, no connection, despite the fact that his brand of sadism is a perfect fit for her mile wide masochistic streak. Jennifer has barriers so high Master D will need a miracle to break them down but first he needs to win her on a spin of the wheel.

They spin three kinks, age-play, whipping and anal-intercourse. Don’t be put of by the age play, it isn’t really any more than her using the word Daddy, and if you skip this one you will miss a wonderfully intimate portrait of a man using dominance to release a sub from years of unhappiness and pain.
I liked that Jennifer and Master D already had a connection, it made the scenes more intense and I found I easily believed in the depth of their feelings. I remember first time round finding the level of sado-masochism in this hard to handle, but I’ve now read so much more that it no longer makes me cringe. It’s not my kink but I understand the beauty of the dynamic. This is one scorching hot read, and a great opening story.

Revealed by Livia Grant – 3.5 stars

I love Khloe and Ryder, and have read all their stories though I’d actually forgotten this one where they first met. I really felt a huge emotional connection to Khloe, reading about her pain and loneliness was like hearing it from a friend. The girl who seems to have it all has nothing at all. Her emotions were heartbreaking to read about.

There is some intense medical play, plus two other spins that gave us some scorching hot scenes to observe. My only issue at the end was that Ryder’s play felt far too hard core for a total newbie to the scene to handle. It was addressed at one point, and yes this is fiction, so perhaps others found it easier to let go. Personally it felt that, along with boundaries being severely pushed, believability was also being pushed too.

However this was more than made up for with the intensity of the connection between Khloe and Ryder. He went from zero to hero during the story, with the way he saw the true Khloe and what she needed. Though that ending is quite tough. If I hadn’t been aware of what the future had in store for this pair it would really have been a bitter pill to swallow. Thankfully it’s very much a sugar-coated one.

Wet by Jennifer Bene – 5 stars

Sienna so beautifully portrayed the lack of worth those of us with self esteem issues can suffer from. A sub willing to forego aftercare and any real affection because she wasn’t worthy of it. Alexander, of course, was the uber confident and in charge Dom with a liking to be called Daddy and a craving to push his sub’s buttons. Written so well, he induced shivers down my spine.

Ms Bene pushes our boundaries, and poor Sienna’s, with a terror inducing scene of water-based breath play. As someone who struggles to get their face wet in the shower, this both horrified and thrilled me in equal measure. It was certainly hot. Communication is vital to any BDSM scenes, so Alexander was determined to push until the very tongue tied and shy Sienna let go and talked. I can totally empathise with her when she struggled with answering his questions

There was no script for this interaction, no easy answers, she had to fucking talk to him, and that was the problem.

You either know, or you don’t know, that terrifying hot-cold feeling of opening your mouth and having a totally blank, panic filled mind. Because whatever you could say they will obviously find boring and not be interested in. It was both hard to read Sienna in those moments and uplifting too. I love that the author gives her characters real flaws that resonate with many readers.

Given that the majority of this scene wasn’t overtly sexual in nature I was amazed by how incredibly intimate it felt. A part of me did feel that Alexander overstepped the boundaries in demanding personal information from someone who he had no long term commitment with, but without it we wouldn’t have had such an amazing story.

Unmasked by Lee Savino – 2.5 stars

Whilst this story didn’t have quite the emotional or ‘kink’ impact of other stories in the book, I appreciated how it examined the feminists dilemma of submitting to a man. Chessie and Kane were both easy to like characters, though neither really captured my heart if I’m being honest.

Kane did seem to take extra care with Chessie since she was yet another “totally new to the scene and never tried it before” submissive. However I would have liked him to remind Chessie of her safeword/signal given that very fact. I also felt the ‘nasty/jealous sub’ moment was not only cliched but fed into that cliche of having to have a rival and bitchy female in the story.

Unraveled by Addison Cain – 2 stars

This was one of those books that I enjoyed well enough as I read it, but mental cogitations after the fact saw it mimic the title and unravel somewhat. The ‘hero’ of the story not only isn’t the Dom that the heroine plays Valentine Roulette with, but their relationship prior to the night had been toxic. So it made believing that they had any sort of feelings for one another very difficult. All three characters also had personality defects, and not in a good way.

Klara was brilliant in that she had taken on huge responsibilities at a very young age. She was so tough and strong, when life kicked her in the lady balls she pulled up her big girl pants and kicked it back twice as hard. So it made my wonder why she would burn her bridges by not giving adequate notice to her employer. Nor did I believe that employer held enough sway to get her blacklisted by his competitors.

For an ex-military man, Spencer was a childish, whiney bottom-hole whose behaviour was as far from professional as it was possible to get. Self-centred to the nth degree he didn’t deserve Klara in any way shape or form.

And Will, I kind of liked him until their last scene where he deliberately pushed Klara beyond her breaking point, despite knowing she was totally inexperienced and that she was unlikely to safe word until he took things to the extreme. He even acknowledge that the play wasn’t ‘sane’ because Klara had felt forced into taking part. He knew that and still continued. He also knew, from the previous scene, where her breaking point was and he stomped right over it. At that point I wasn’t sure who was the most despicable male, him or Spencer. The only way either man would ever get any sympathy from me was if I threw a dictionary at their conceited, idiotic heads.

Unbroken by Maren Smith – 3 stars

This story is less about the BDSM play and much more about the two protagonists, Abby and Newton, connecting. This really left me in a quandary because I loved the depth it gave the story, and you could really see not only the characters grow but also the fledgling connection start to bloom. However it meant, for me, that it lacked that sizzle that I want from a BlackLight book but overall the pros and cons are balanced.

I did like both characters and enjoyed the story, it was also a nice change of pace to give the book some balance. Extra points were earned for the pair NOT being madly in love with one another at the end of the story!

Bared by Measha Stone – 4 stars

I’m a real sucker for second chance, so this was already going well with me. Add into the mix a heroine who hid her vulnerabilities behind a hard as nails exterior and an amazing Dom who was determined not to let her run away a second time, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

They spin humiliation, but don’t worry, it never felt too much or too over the top. In fact it was very gentle in those terms. However Dane does lay bare all of Riley’s insecurities and fears, pushing her to truly accept her submissive nature. Yes he pushes her, and pushes her hard, but he is there every single step of the way, ready to catch her should she fall and always, always giving her the strength and support she needs.

When Dane got Riley to wash the word she wrote about herself off of her arm, I wasn’t sure whether to sob or swoon.

Stripped by Sophie Kisker – 3.5 stars

I really enjoyed this story, though it did stir a bit of conflict inside me. I admired that Sari made the decision she did (in the bathroom) though I could equally understand why Adam was upset by it. I didn’t agree with his “special” comment, that’s a very male perpetuation of a problem that has been around for a long time.

I felt we spent more time in Sari’s mind during the story, which was great because the author really showed us what some peoples submission looked like. I found her thought process and decisions to be fascinating and enlightening. It wasn’t the steamiest offering in the book but it was a well written and very entertaining story.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title – Black Light Valentine Roulette
Author – Various
Genre – BDSM Erotica/Romance

Three hours. Four hard limits. Eight sexy stories.
Are you brave enough to spin the wheel?

Black Light is the most exclusive BDSM club in Washington, D.C. and for one night they’re changing the rules of play to entertain their members with a game of chance – Valentine Roulette. Challenge and adventure awaits as these sexy dominants spin to win their submissives, and the subs spin to choose how they will play. Their prize if they last the night? One free month at Black Light, and for some of our daring participants… even a chance at love.

Review //\\ Collaring His Cadet

Collaring His Cadet by Claire Thompson

I seem to have been on a re-read bent of late. This book is one that, for some reason, I suddenly felt a need to give a second go. I’m so glad I did because I felt like I got so much more out of it this time around.

I appreciated the story more for the personal growth of the heroine, Remy, than the romance. In fact the romance part for me was a little rushed and a little more tell than show, which is why it got 4 rather than 5 stars. Though Eric is one hot, sexy but also very caring Dom, so who wouldn’t fall for him super quickly? I’m glad this wasn’t insta-love, the couple did spend time building a connection with one another, though mainly “off-screen”.

In my original review I didn’t mention that we don’t meet the heroine until roughly half way through the book. It feels like a spoiler, and I’m still unsure, however I know this is something many readers want to know about as it is a game changer for some. So in the first part we see Remy discover (uncover?) her submissive desires and undertake some challenging training as a novice in the slave corps.

I reminded myself of Amelia’s admonition that, even if I didn’t like what a particular trainer was doing, I could still draw submissive satisfaction from service for its sake.

I did have a few “issues” with the slave corp, NOT with the book though, let me make that perfectly clear right now. I really enjoyed this book, especially as of those issues was actually addressed, later in the story, by Eric.

My first concern was over trainees working with trainees. The wannabe Dom’s learnt their art on the novice subs. Yes there was a highly experienced master/mistress in attendance BUT this didn’t really make sense. It felt like the blind leading the blind a little. An experienced sub would have been able to offer as much guidance to the trainee Dom as their mentor would, as well as be able to understand and follow instructions more easily. A trainee/novice sub could so easily be traumatised by a bad experience with an inexperienced Dom. Given all the tenets of SSC and RACK, plus the military side of things, I’m not sure I bought that (very minor) aspect of the story. Or should I say, I felt the corps wasn’t well run.

He shook his head. “I’ve talked to other people in the Slave Corps, both Doms and subs, and I have to say, I don’t really get the reasoning behind that kind of slave training they do. It almost seems like they want to make the slaves less mindful of themselves and their motivations rather than more so. It’s like they want the slave to ignore their own feelings…. The act of submission has to be a complete experience. I don’t just want your body – I want your emotions.”

The second part was the lack of genuine SSC within the corps, which also links back to concern #1. However this WAS highlighted by Eric, so it was a deliberately poor representation of the BDSM community. As a novice, Remy was put through some very intense scenes with no discussion of hard and soft limits, though we did get a safe word. I was surprised the corps managed to keep any subs interested with their lack of aftercare and their seeming disregard of the sub’s side of the experience. Perhaps being a cadet and used to following instructions that push both physical and mental limits, made the sub’s more adept at coping with their treatment. Callus is too strong a word for it but it definitely lacked any real regard of their wellbeing.

I loved how Remy used this experience though to learn about herself and her wants. She pushed through some scenes that, whilst she would not have chosen them, helped her to find her limits and herself as a sub. Seeing her grow into her submissive desires and wants was the best part of the book for me.

Overall Eric is great, but he did lose a few points for me when he pushed Remy’s limits so much SO QUICKLY. It wasn’t the pushing per se, so much as the fact that they hadn’t had chance to scene together before and therefore learn one anothers “tells”. I enjoyed how it was an exercise in trust and submitting for Remy, but I struggled to believe that Eric knew her physical and emotional responses well enough. Yes he was an experienced Dom but he wasn’t experienced with Remy.

The TL;DR summary is that I enjoyed this story, particularly Remy’s submersion into submission, loved her and Eric and do recommend it.

Title – Collaring His Cadet
Author – Claire Thompson
Genre – BDSM Romance

Bondage, discipline, sadomasochism… Masters and slaves, whips and chains… What have I gotten myself into?
My name is Remy, Cadet Remy Harris, and I always show the world my tough-girl side—ready, willing and able to beat any guy at any challenge. When I enrolled at a venerable Southern military college, I never dreamed I’d be inducted into the secret BDSM society that pervades the campus and military at every level.

My submissive fantasies explode as I’m drawn into a dark, edgy world of erotic servitude, training and punishment. Whipped, bound, caned, used and controlled—each new experience pushes my masochistic boundaries, but the yearning in my submissive soul remains. Though I’m assured the Slave Corps is the be-all and end-all for serious slave girls, my doubts and questions linger. Maybe I just don’t have what it takes for true submission?
Then I meet Him…

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Review //\\ The Devil

The Devil (Devil Series #4) by Raven Steele

What a really epic ending to a great series.

The Devil
 is book #4 in a series and cannot be read standalone. It’s written first person, from both Lucian and Eve’s point of view, allowing us to get a real insight into the characters and their motivations. The story is fast-paced with lots of “mini-battles” on the way to the big showdown. And even that didn’t go as expected and threw further twists into the story.

My attention was readily held by the book, the writing flows so well and it was easy to follow the action. It wasn’t until I read the “End of Book Stuff” that I discovered Liam, LLona and May feature in a separate series. I have to admire how well the author wrote these characters into this book, I picked up everything I needed to know without their being an enormous information dump.

The Devil Series is a great urban fantasy series. It’s suitable for mature teens through to adults and will leave you wanting to read the rest of the author’s books!

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Title – The Devil
Author – Raven Steele
Genre – Urban Fantasy
Goodreads –

Our souls are connected. Not even fate can break it.”
The Devil’s Soldier is dead. But he left devastation in his wake. The world has changed. Eve has changed. Demons plague her mind and soul.
I try to hang onto her but she disappears. Becomes someone else. So she can forget. And now I’m on the hunt. But I’m not the only one.
The President and the DSRD also want her.
But what they don’t realize is she is MINE.
I will protect her at all costs, even against herself. For she is my soulmate, bound to me by order of the moon and stars. God help anyone who stands in my way.

This novel was previously published under Rachel McClellan and includes new content.

Review //\\ Final Chance

Final Chance by E.B. Roshan

This wasn’t like my usual reads, but it was strangely compelling. The world building was quite loose, for want of a better word. It’s a contemporary setting with a fictitious country, though there wasn’t really any detail on the cultural backgrounds of the two ethnic groups involved. It certainly captured my attention and I happily read it in one sitting.

A part of me wanted the author to have gone into more detail over how and why Preen and Rama first embarked on a relationship.  (There was a very brief intimation towards the end of the book.)  Though on reflection I like that the author didn’t direct us in this way. It allowed us to make our own decision, rather than sway our opinion. This was very much written as a story but in a nonpartisan way, there was no bias, no leading us to favour one side over the other.

There are some very powerful messages within this story, along with heartache, mystery and personal growth. I found Preen to be a strong and determined character. Yes she was sometimes the fool that rushed in where angels feared to tread, but at 18 years old she was allowed to be impulsive and naive. I liked Preen, she had made a commitment to Rama and was determined to honour that promise, regardless of the difficulties it might cause.

This is very much NOT my usual style of read, both in genre and structure. I clearly need to cast my net further as I did enjoy it. It was a poignant and hauntingly beautiful story and I will definitely read more work by this author.

Title – Final Chance
Author – E.B. Roshan
Genre – War/Military Suspense

Three months have passed since Preen learned that her husband, Rama, was captured and killed by a rival militia. Now the pieces of her shattered life are falling back into place. It’s getting easier to breathe again. Preen finds herself smiling over her daughter’s antics. She’s engaged to her wealthy, handsome cousin, who loved her long before Rama stole her heart. Then, late one night, Rama calls. He asks Preen to come back to the dangerous city of Dor, back to the life she thought she’d left behind forever… 

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