REVIEW – Sci-Fi Romance // Ravaged by L.V. Lane

(Mate for the Alien Master, #2)
by L.V. Lane

Ravaged is a light hearted, fast-paced, steamy and fun story which I thoroughly enjoyed. I read this not expecting any great depth or huge complexity of plot, so was able to just indulge myself in a hot and well written alien romance. I haven’t read book #1 and was able to enjoy, follow and understand this one. I do now want to go back and read the first book now!

Quin and Harper are great characters, though I would have liked to see more of Quin and learn more of his background. However, despite the “relationship” between them feeling rather hurried, the author did still convince me of the depth of their connection and feelings for one another.

I would have been good to have had more of Quin and Harper together, rather than mostly dream based encounters. However I knew I was reading a novella, which always involves a compromise, and that it wasn’t going to be able to explore the story in huge depth. So it would be unfair to judge a novella on those properties that make it a novella. Definitely recommended if you want a fun, steamy and quick read.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Science Fiction Romance


Fierce, untamed, and brutal, Quin, the alien ravager, is all these things and more. The kind of alien that wants to claim me and make me into his pet.

One small problem, he’s not real. He’s a character in a book.

None of this matters anymore, for the lines have gotten blurred.  I need to be protected, and my fierce alien ravager is going to protect me.

Publisher’s Note: Ravaged is a dark science fiction romance novella. It contains explicit scenes, triggers, and complete power exchange.

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REVIEW – Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction // Erupting Danger by Grace Hamilton

Erupting Danger
(EMP Catastrophe Book 2) 
by Grace Hamilton

I was totally wowed by Erupting Trouble and will definitely be reading more work by this author. I flew through the book, barely pausing in my reading of it and completing it within a day. Hooked doesn’t even begin to describe the grip this story had on my.

This was by no means perfect, there were certain elements that felt a little glossed over and some situations felt easily resolved, but I simply didn’t care. The writing and characterisation were excellent, leaving me feeling as though I knew the protagonists. The Riley family were an interesting bunch, and how they chose to overcome the obstacles facing them were both interesting and well executed. The timeline was a little vague as were some specifics, for example what did Kathleen and Allison do at night? Did they pass through other towns whilst heading home?

Was the speed with which social norms crumbled believable? I felt it was, we’ve all seen a crowd suddenly turn violent, it doesn’t take much to push some people over the edge. The moral dilemma’s that were faced were fascinating, who knows what we would do to survive in a world gone wrong.

I will definitely be reading the next book – I can’t wait for it to be released!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Dystopian Science Fiction


The lights are out for good…

After an EMP knocked out power around the globe, Matthew Riley and his family are finding their way to survive while realization of their dangerous new reality sinks in. It was a struggle to reunite in the immediate aftermath, but the fallout from the dangerous journey may be even worse.

Other desperate souls are converging on any place that might offer hope, and the Rileys’ hotel in Galena, Illinois, is a prime target. With food running short and medicine almost out, the Rileys will need to find supplies. But they’re not the only ones looking.

While the family works together at the hotel, Matthew’s brother-in-law, Max, works to escape from prison to reunite with his family and the relative safety they offer. But dangerous enemies have their eyes on him and may put everyone at risk.

With resources running out, family is the only bond that can be counted on. But those bonds are strained and frayed as the tensions of the new world begin to pull them apart. How can one family survive when the world has turned upside down?

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REVIEW – Urban Fantasy // A Grimoire for Gamblers by Amanda Creiglow

A Grimoire for Gamblers
(The Trove Arbitrations Book 1)
by Amanda Creiglow

A Grimoire for Gamblers is an enjoyable and well written book. World building was done gradually, maintaining story flow whilst avoiding the pace killing information dump. Written first person and entirely from Elizabeth’s POV this easily held my attention throughout. It perhaps wasn’t the most complex of plots but it worked AND it did still manage to spring a few surprises. The foreshadowing was subtle, I loved that it wasn’t too obvious yet resolutions felt entirely plausible.

Elizabeth is a pretty determined and resourceful heroine, at times she stumbles and there were occasions when she really hadn’t thought things through. As someone new to the world of magic, and one also lacking all the necessary information to make a sound judgement, these errors were not only forgivable but were eminently believable. I’m really quite excited for the next book and can’t wait to see what adventures Elizabeth will face next.

Thank you to Netgalley and Books Go Social for a review copy of this book.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Urban Fantasy


Magic may be secret, but it’ll kill you anyway.

Small town mayor’s assistant Elizabeth has enough on her plate grieving her father’s suicide. She doesn’t need his stash of magical knowledge in the attic. She doesn’t need the hidden supernatural subculture of monsters it pulls her into. And she certainly doesn’t need hints that her father’s madness might have been a smokescreen for something far darker.

But uncovering her father’s secrets could be the only way Elizabeth can stop a string of suspicious suicides… if the local wizard doesn’t rip the memories out of her mind, first.

Wizards, right? 

REVIEW – Dystopian Futuristic Romance // The Heir by Elin Peer

The Heir
(Men of the North #14)
by Elin Peer

The thing I most appreciated about The Heir was that this is enemies-to-lovers romance didn’t have any unnecessary, or forced, angst. What it did have was natural conflict, plenty of passion and an engaging plot. The chemistry between Thor and Linea was scorching, and I loved how they fought their feelings, convinced they shared a mutual dislike of one another.

These protagonists were well rounded, believable and easy to connect with and I soon found myself invested in their emerging relationship and feelings for one another. The dynamics of their upbringing gave the story extra depth and meaning. Whilst both have a Motlander mother and N’man father (I loved the NoMo’s moniker) each has been raised in a very different culture. However they still had plenty of common ground, and more similarities than even they perhaps realised.

I would have preferred it had the relationship timeline been a little longer, or we had seen more of them thinking about (obsessing over?) one another in the period between the beach encounter and the trip to France. Whilst I wouldn’t call it insta-love, things did feel a smidgen rushed. However the setting of the International Summit restricted the time period available, so I understand why the author made the choices she did.

Information about previous couples, and the opportunity to catch up with them, was cleverly woven into the story. There was also careful laying of groundwork for the final, and much anticipated, book featuring Freya and Victor.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Science Fiction Romance


The strongest crush can turn into the deepest resentment.

As a young girl, I had a massive crush on Thor Aurelius, the future ruler of the Northlands. That crush died nine years ago when he ridiculed and humiliated me to my very core. Now I resent his arrogant personality and avoid him at all costs.

When Thor disappears to get away from the intense pressure of being the heir to the Northlands, his father asks Linea to use her tracking skills and deliver an ultimatum to his heir.

Linea knows Thor will be furious and blame her as the messenger. She’ll have to face him anyway and prove to herself that she’s no longer a young, infatuated girl, but a strong and unapologetic woman who owns the quirkiness he once ridiculed her for. Problem is that the last time she saw the large and angry Nman, Thor threatened to spank her if she came back. He wouldn’t though… or would he?

REVIEW – Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction // Erupting Trouble by Grace Hamilton

Erupting Trouble
(EMP Catastrophe Book 1) 
by Grace Hamilton

I was totally wowed by Erupting Trouble and will definitely be reading more work by this author. I flew through the book, barely pausing in my reading of it and completing it within a day. Hooked doesn’t even begin to describe the grip this story had on my.

This was by no means perfect, there were certain elements that felt a little glossed over and some situations felt easily resolved, but I simply didn’t care. The writing and characterisation were excellent, leaving me feeling as though I knew the protagonists. The Riley family were an interesting bunch, and how they chose to overcome the obstacles facing them were both interesting and well executed. The timeline was a little vague as were some specifics, for example what did Kathleen and Allison do at night? Did they pass through other towns whilst heading home?

Was the speed with which social norms crumbled believable? I felt it was, we’ve all seen a crowd suddenly turn violent, it doesn’t take much to push some people over the edge. The moral dilemma’s that were faced were fascinating, who knows what we would do to survive in a world gone wrong.

I will definitely be reading the next book – I can’t wait for it to be released!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dystopian Science Fiction


A father with a heart problem and a son determined to get him home…

Matthew Riley wants to believe that people will come together in times of great struggle, but as panic and chaos set in after a massive EMP event, he has to face the fact that the only people he can trust are his family. His ailing father, David, an Army vet, has the skills the Riley family needs to survive in the dark new world, but with no medication for his heart condition on hand, keeping him alive may be an impossible task as they journey home from what was supposed to be a simple day trip.

She’ll keep her daughter safe and reunite her family…

Kathleen doesn’t share her husband’s optimistic view of humanity. When the power goes out during a visit to her brother in prison, she and her teenage daughter will need to find their way out and start the long journey back to Galena, IL, in the hope they can reunite with the rest of their family.

They’ll defend their home…

With the rest of the Riley family gone, it’s up to Ruth and her grandson, Patton, to keep their newly renovated hotel safe for the family they know is coming their way. But food is running low and some see an elderly woman and a pre-teen boy as easy pickings.

In a broken civilization the only way to survive is strength in numbers. One family is determined to work together in this new world, but will they be able to defend themselves against desperate survivors?

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REVIEW – Sci-fi Space Opera // Galactic Search and Rescue by Carol Van Natta

Galactic Search and Rescue
Central Galactic Concordance Novella 
by Carol Van Natta

Unusually for me I hadn’t read the blurb before launching into this book.  However it is pretty much guaranteed that a Carol Van Natta book will engaging, fast paced and well written and this one was no exception to that rule.  The author’s world building is very solid, enhanced with believable advanced technology and made colourful with political intrigue.

Taz and Rylando have a rescue mission to complete, lives to save, peril to overcome and innocents to protect.  Great writing soon had me caught up in a plot that twists, turns and has an unexpected sting towards the end.  I quickly found myself warming to Taz, she is an incredibly likeable and well rounded character.  Rylando was also easy to warm to and I very much enjoyed reading their story.

The romance, in this, is very low key with most of the “falling in love” aspects occurring off page.  The adventure – or should that be near catastrophe? – in this story is a vehicle that allows each character to realise the true depth of feelings they already have for the other protagonist.  For me this felt more like a sci-fi adventure with a subtle hint of romance swirled on the top just to add colour to the final product.

Whilst the story can be read stand alone, you are missing out on some wonderful stories if you don’t read the whole series!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dystopian Science Fiction


When an earthquake shakes up a nearby world, can two star-crossed rescuers save an entire community… and each other?

Experienced rescuer Subcaptain Taz Correa hides her wounded heart. A telekinetic tech-whiz recently transferred to the worst Galactic Search and Rescue unit in the galaxy, she’d hoped after her string of epically bad breakups she’d have a fresh start. But when she can’t fight her feelings for her new teammate, she’s terrified her secret affection will show and cost both their careers.

Subcaptain Rylando Dalroinn’s telepathic connection to animals used to be everything. But he has no idea how to admit his growing attraction to Taz, especially as it’s completely against the rules. And when they’re sent as a team of two to help a devastated town, he knows he can’t afford to let his heart’s desire distract him from their dangerous mission.

As Taz works with Rylando and his unusual squad of trained animal helpers to free a desperate group of citizens, she puts her life on the line to protect her partner’s beloved creatures. But when Rylando realizes the people he’s rescuing are more than just innocent victims, he’ll have to throw out the rulebook to save them both.

Can love—and a clever crew of animals—guide the couple out of the rubble and into a future together?

Galactic Search and Rescue is a pulse-pounding story in the Central Galactic Concordance space opera series. If you like lovers in denial, edge-of-your-seat twists and turns, and intriguing psychic powers, then you’ll adore Carol Van Natta’s thrilling tale.

Note: Galactic Search and Rescue first appeared in the limited-edition Pets in Space 5 science fiction romance anthology. The standalone version has been expanded from the original.

REVIEW – Fantasy Romance // Infernal Sin by Ariana Nash

Infernal Sin
(Primal Sin #3)
by Ariana Nash

“See that star there? The brightest one? Brighter than all the rest?”
He saw a whole lot of stars, but there was one to the north that shone steady and true.
“I see it.”
“Seraphim told me if yah fly hard enough an’ high enough, you can reach that twinkly spec.”
Severn was fairly certain that was impossible.
A few miles up and the air became too thin to breathe.
But who was he to argue with Seraphim?
“Yeah?” He side eyed Aerius.
The Rayvern King smirked, and there was a whole lot of feeling in that one smile.
“You got this, Severn, High Lord of Red Manor. No longer lost.”
An unexpected lump of emotion lodged in his throat. He tried to swallow it,
but the damn thing didn’t budge.

Deceit, betrayal, lies, and the pursuit of truth and justice, Infernal Sin by Ariana Nash has it all. It also has some magnificently swoon worthy moments that would melt even the most hardest of hearts, along with passionate scenes so scorching hot I’m surprised my kindle survived the experience.

Severn hands down will always be my favourite character from the series. Who can resist a demon with enough love to bring an angel to his knees? Supremely confident in his demoness (demonity?) but with a vulnerability that made me weak at the knees. I just want to wrap my Severn up in cotton wool and protect him from the big, bad, nasty world. Mikhail I really liked, all that firm angel butt and black feathers to boot, but I would happily get on my knees and worship Severn in any way he saw fit, for the rest of my life.

There was a point, fairly early on, where I thought the two main protagonists would spend a chunk of this book apart. And that was a most unwelcome prospect. Thankfully I was quickly proved wrong and instead got to spend time wallowing in the smexiness that is Mikahil and Severn. Please don’t think that the book just consisted of angel-demon hotness. It’s just a wonderful side dish to a spellbinding, twisty and thoroughly captivating story that had me on the edge of my seat.

Finally I have to mention Solo, who definitely requires his own book of angel delightfulness. It will also give Luxen, and maybe even Samiel, a shot at redemption. Because the only thing better than an MM Angel-Demon fest is an MMM one! I also need to know what happens to One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

LGBTQ Fantasy Romance


An angel and a demon fell in love, and the world went to war…

Branded a traitor by his own kind, Severn knows winning demons back will not be easy, but when High Lord Luxen steals Mikhail from his grasp, he has no choice. He’s going to need all the help he can get to find Mikhail, unseat Luxen as High Lord, and build a force to rival the vicious Guardian Angel Remiel’s. Or every last demon will die when the guardian descends on London.

Weakened by his treatment in Haven, Mikhail finds himself at the mercy of the demon High Lord. A sly, powerful concubi demon, Luxen is able to manipulate the minds and hearts of those around him. Including Mikhail’s. Is Mikhail’s love for Severn strong enough to withstand Luxen’s charm? Or will he break, unleashing an ancient god’s terrible vengeance upon them all?

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REVIEW – Contemporary Romance // Black Light: Wanted by Maren Smith

Black Light: Wanted
(Black Light Series Book 22) 
by Maren Smith

She needed to tell him no, for her own sake and survival.
And yet, what finally came pouring out of her was very different.
“I’d like that very much.”
She wasn’t just playing with fire.

She was dousing herself in gasoline first.

This is a touching story of two damaged individuals, one broken in body the other in mind. Together they form a connection, a bond, that brings about their healing, though the journey is a difficult one and there are many bumps on the path to happiness. It took no effort whatsoever to read, in fact I simply flew through the pages and was surprised when I found I had neared the end of this.

From the very first moment he appears in the book I loved Marcus, with all his sexy dominance and tough love attitude. My heart went out to Anna, so broken, despairing and unable to function or to think for herself. Not only had she reached rock bottom she had sunk into the very bedrock below. Yet somehow this damaged young woman turns out to be the cure for a Dom who has lost all his hope. Watching them both find their way back to who they truly are and what they wanted, needed, to be was so heart warming.

The emotion in this book was less in their love story and more about their healing. Anna had already been through so much that we didn’t need any artificially generated angst. It would be easy to assume Anna had latched onto Marcus as a Dom in an “any port in a storm” way. However the scenes at Black Light made it clear that it was the man, not the Dom, who was her anchor. I would have liked to be more convinced that Anna was more independent, more in control of her own life and not just allowing another Dom to run it for her. The timeline jumps, whilst clearly stated, also didn’t help in showing the pair of them building a connection. It fell more into tell than show a few times.

The most emotional scene for me was the reunion between Cynthia and Anna, I didn’t realise how much I needed to see that happen. In fact I would have appreciated more scenes of Anna with other people, especially fellow submissives as well as the other coterie girls. There wasn’t a lot of BDSM play in this, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for the story. Don’t worry though, it still has plenty of hot moments to enjoy!

Whilst this is a stand alone book reading the previous 3 stories, which feature the other three victims of Ethan’s coterie, allows one to build a much deeper understanding of why Anna is the way she is. In Black Light: Brave Anna doesn’t come across all that well, but here we truly get to see the wonderful and caring submissive who just wanted to be wanted and would do anything for her Dom’s approval. TL:DR This is a lovely romance that rounds off this series-within-a-series perfectly.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Erotica BDSM Romance


He had her the longest… he hurt her the most…

Anna “Pony” Mitchell should be dead. Abandoned by her Menagerie sisters and shot by the only man she’s ever loved, now the hospital has declared her “unfit.” She has thirty days to prove them wrong or spend the rest of her life hospitalized.

He lost his leg, his job… and almost his life.

Marcus Hawke knows he’s not much good to anyone anymore, but when an old friend calls in a favor, he doesn’t say no. It’s been years since he’s deprogrammed anyone this badly wounded, but for every inch of progress she gains, he soon realizes he’s got bigger problems. It doesn’t matter what lies he tells himself, she isn’t just a job anymore.

He wants her…

But after all she’s been through, she deserves better than what a half-man can give.

She wants him…

But after all he’s been through, he’s made it clear he’ll never be her dom.

For two people at rock bottom, there’s only one choice left to make: Do they help each other heal… or drown?

REVIEW – Fantasy Romance // Midnight Fae Academy #4 by Lexi C. Foss

Midnight Fae Academy
Book Four
by Lexi C. Foss

This was a very enjoyable and satisfying conclusion to Aflora’s story, one that held my attention and had me wondering what would happen next. There are several shocking events in this book with Constantine showing just how ruthless he is, how willing he is to go to ANY lengths necessary, in order to gain more power and control.

I’m not going to talk much about the five main characters, since this is book #4 of a series that must read in order, but I do need to mention that I loved how we saw them growing both individually and as a mating circle. Shade in particular comes into his own in this book, whilst the alpha power battles between Zakkai and Zeph proved to be both amusing and hot!

I did find myself skimming several (ok most) of the sex scenes. My focus was on the ascension trials and whilst some of the sex allowed bonds to develop between the men, for me they detracted from the plot. At times it also felt as though those trials were resolved a little too easily, I like my battles to be epic, fantasy is the driving element for me, romance less so. However other readers will be more into the sex and love part and this definitely fulfils those needs extremely well.

At first there appear to be a few lose ends, but a rather intriguing epilogue promises a whole new “hell-fire” series to enjoy!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance


Welcome to the Midnight Fae world.
It’s bloody.
And led by an ancient vampire who needs to die.

My days as a pawn in this war are over. I’m taking over as queen on this board, and in my version of the game, everyone bows to the queen. Even Constantine Nacht.

He thinks he’s clever by roping me into these ascension trials, all meant to kill me and my mates. But I’m going to prove him wrong.
We’re stronger than he thinks. And we’re going to make him bleed.

Earth Fae are all about life. Midnight Fae prefer death.
I’m a mixture of both. So let’s see what happens when life marries death, shall we?

Hand over my crown, Constantine. It’s time for you to kneel for your queen.

Author’s Note: This is the conclusion to the dark paranormal “why choose” Midnight Fae Academy series. It’s strongly recommended that these books be read in order.

Acknowledgements –
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REVIEW – Contemporary Erotic Romance // At His Mercy by Claire Thompson

At His Mercy
Masters Club Series – Book 1 
by Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson sure does know how to write a scorching hot tale and At His Mercy didn’t disappoint! Not only do the BDSM scenes in this have enough heat to warm a small city, they are also powerful, intense and boundary pushing. The author clearly knows one end of a flogger from another and writes with authority on this subject, always ensuring a well rounded read.

The prose flows smoothly, and given that some of the scenes involve intense bondage the logistics of limb placement always worked well. It is a masterpiece of consensual BDSM play, well written with nicely rounded characters. I did struggle with Cameron’s weathervane behaviour, changing direction depending on which way the wind blew, though the author did account for this later in the story. I would have liked to have seen him have to work a little harder at earning Jess’ trust back, because his treatment of her was very hot and cold. He felt almost un-Dom-like a few times, but he does acknowledge this so kudos to the author for that.

For me there were times when the story lacked the emotional depth I wanted, but it didn’t prevent me from enjoying what is overall a great read.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

BDSM Erotic Romance


Intense. Exclusive. Invitation only. Do you have what it takes to be a pleasure sub?

Masters Club, a private BDSM venue for serious players, is perfect for Dom Cameron Lord, who gives the kink lifestyle everything he’s got—except his heart… When he witnesses a lovely sub girl enduring a botched scene at a NYC public club, he sees her potential. She’ll make an excellent addition to the Masters Club. But as he steps closer, he recognizes her…and all bets should have been off.

Aspiring young attorney Jess Cooper gets her release at the BDSM clubs around town, where she enjoys letting her inner sub fly. There’s nothing better than to be naked and bound, a stranger in black leather behind her wielding a whip. It’s the perfect anonymous relief from a stressful workweek. Until her worlds collide when Mr. Lord, the super sexy partner at her firm, watches her from the sidelines.

Any hope that he hadn’t recognized her with her clothes off vanishes the very next day at the office. No, he doesn’t say a word about what he saw. His invitation says it all…

At His Mercy is the first book in Claire Thompson’s new BDSM Romance series—Masters Club. If you enjoy powerful alpha men who aren’t afraid to take what they want, but give so much in return to the women they fall for, then this series is for you.

Then she’s faced with a choice…