#BookReview #RomanticSuspense #Dark // Vicious Retaliation by C.P. Mandara

Vicious Retaliation 10
Twisted, Dark and Deadly #2
by C.P. Mandara

Well… OK….Yes…….

…….What on earth did I just read?

I can only describe this as James Bond on amphetamine!

Vicious Retaliation is seriously OTT. Not just a little bit either. Massively, hugely, ginormously, utterly and totally, ridiculously pushing the boundaries. And I loved it!!!! In all reality no-one could survive what Mel put Adie through, but that’s the beauty of a book – it’s completely fictional so anything goes. So long as you’re prepared to suspend your sense of reality, then this is an absolutely fabulous read.

This book is the fourth in the Twisted, Dark and Deadly series, and it completely lives up to both of it’s titles. I knew Adie was in for a world of hurt, but the author totally managed to surprise me with the direction the story took, as well as all the little twists and turns along the way. I may choose to not forgive her for that cliff-hanger ending though! This is a series, so you do need to read the first three books (and for the FULL picture I would recommend reading the Special Agent series first as this is where we first meet Adie, Lois and James).

The book contains some pretty dark subject matter, but the humorous inner monologues and crazy quips lighten the atmosphere. I’m not quite sure how Ms Mandara can turn a torture scene into something that feels more like a moment from a rom-com AND write in such a way that you are enjoying things so much you cannot put the book down.

Talking of enjoying things I very much enjoy all things Adie, it should be criminal for a fictional character to charm and turn a girl on as much as he manages to do. He really does prove the saying of you can’t keep a good man down, not-so-little Vlad definitely doesn’t stay down for long! Mel is such a badass and not only is as tough as Lois but she is just as nasty as Adie. I can’t wait for the moment this pair realise that what they feel for one another extends far past mere physical attraction!

If you’re looking for a fast paced, full of action, kinky read with plenty of fun and sex then I do recommend this series.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

BDSM Romantic Suspense

Contains gratuitous violence, humour and sex scene


Melinda Leader is a vicious monster with a score to settle. Okay, I might have tied her down and had a little fun with her. Most chicks dig that, don’t they? Inviting a few friends over to help was probably going a bit too far. Nearly killing her probably didn’t do me any favors, and trying to slit her throat was most definitely a mistake. Oops. We can still be friends after that, right? I’m willing to live and let live. I’m a reasonable kinda guy.

Adrien Dumortier looks very fetching shackled to my wall, especially as he’s naked. Now that I have him exactly where I want him, the fun and games can begin. How do I bring this man to his knees? Your basic run-of-the-mill torture will be too tame for this hardened criminal. I’ll need to be creative. What is the ultimate torment for a man like Adrien? I want to crush him like a fucking parasite – and I’m willing to use any method necessary to achieve my aim. Yep. Anything that fucking works has my vote.

All good men must come to an end. Bad ones, too.

#BookReview #Omegaverse #PNR // Desperate by Eva Dresden

The Cost of Desperation #1
by Eva Dresden  

I can happily report that Eva Dresden is back and she isn’t taking any prisoners. It’s been a little while since her last release and without a shadow of a doubt Desperate was definitely worth the wait.

Currently I hate Beau with a passion. Staking that man over a colony of fire ants before massively disturbing their nest is too good for him. May he perish in the most painful and drawn out of ways. The jury is out on Rey. He’s a decent enough alpha but the sheer fact that he allowed Beau to continue to abuse Devlin sort of soured my feelings for him. However I would be satisfied with applying a cheese grater to his skin before dipping him in a sack of salt.

Now Devin, I had to let go of despising her stupid-to-the-point-of-insanity independent spirit. Yes, I get that you want to make it on your own but girlfriend but we could ALL see how badly on a downward spiral your life was. So do you take a little bit of help from a friend? Oh no! That would be too degrading, instead you sell your body to two alpha’s because, yeah, that makes sense. Once I got over wanting to slap her even more than Beau did, I actually quite liked her. But I prefer my strong females to be clever and sensible, not so stubborn as to appear to have a death wish. Perhaps if we’d had a little more backstory that really explained why she was that way would have allowed me to accept it more easily.

This wasn’t quite so purple prose, though the sex scenes still have a hazy feel, focused more on emotion impact and snatched impressions rather than a clear sequence of events. Many of those scenes are very dubious in consent and quite violent in nature too. As with Dresden’s Omega’s Destruction series, this book is quite disturbing at times and readers should proceed with caution. This also ends on a cliff-hanger, though don’t let that put you off buying and reading this delightfully depraved omegaverse story.

Had I read this a year or two ago it would have easily hit 5 stars, but my reading tastes have changed, and despite this being just as good as Broken it didn’t quite tick every box for me. I’ve returned to my first loves of fantasy and Sci-Fi, and I felt that Desperate just lacked in the plot department. How many ways can the heroine be abused just wasn’t enough story, despite that having been more than sufficient in Dresden’s previous work. So that was entirely down to me and I won’t hold it against the book.

For those who love dark omegaverse then I highly recommend Desperate to you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Paranormal Erotica

Age 18+, dubious consent, violence, abuse.


The cost of desperation is steep.

A string of failures has brought Devin to her knees. Refusing to ask for help, even when she needs it most, she’s willing to do just about anything. Salvation comes in a newspaper clipping. A job at Wicked, the city’s premiere nightclub. Now she’s caught up in their games, caught between the two Alphas who are much more than mere owners. While one doles out cruelty, it’s the promise within the deep brown eyes of the other that keeps her from running.
They’ve offered her a choice. One that she can’t refuse. If she’s willing to pay the price.

Desperate is Book One in the Cost of Desperation series, a raw and thrilling dark Omegaverse tale. This full length novel contains dark themes and complete power exchange. Scenes are not glossed over, which may be distressing for some readers. This series is set in the same world as the Omega’s Destruction series with many events happening within the same timeline. While it can be read separately, reading both series will give a richer experience.

#BookReview #Dystopian #AlternativeReality // Madness by Paityn Parque

by Paityn Parque

Madness is an imaginative, and at times eerie, alternate reality debut novel by a young adult writer. I generally read adult books, which it wouldn’t be fair to compare this against, so I am slightly out of my reviewing comfort zone. On balance I would say this is a well written and very entertaining story, there were times when I couldn’t read quickly enough, when I was so caught up in the plot that the world around me ceased to exist.

There were other times where slightly confusing phrasing, or the repeated use of a word in quick succession, threw me out of the moment. There were things that were never really explained, such as why Speedy and Jack constantly called Ezra “new fish”. Why did she never question where food came from? However I am fully aware that this very much is judging as if it were an adult book, where world building and character development is very much expected to be complex and deep.

The book explores themes of trust, friendship, and integrity alongside examining some very moral dilemmas. Whilst the book finished at a natural end point in the story, I am hoping this isn’t the last we have seen of Ezra, Jack, Zak, Speedy et al. There is definitely more story to be told yet. Whilst I liked Shadow/Ezra, especially her determination to do good in a place where evil seemed to reign, there were times I wasn’t quite sure that I really knew her. Personally I needed a little more emotion and some inner monologue to round out the story and fill in some gaps. Some scenes felt disjointed and not all loose ends were addressed – though there could be plans to do so in future books!

I have certainly read books by adult authors that were no where near as well written as this one. Bearing in mind that not only is this the author’s first published work but also that she is only mid-teens, then I have to say I am very impressed with what has been produced. This is definitely a book I would recommend to YA readers, as well as the more mature MG reader.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

YA Alternate Reality

Age 13+, Contains some violence

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/58757838-madness

Death is not an escape.

One night Ezra Adkins is brutally murdered in her own home. As she was dying, she expects to wake up in the afterworld. She was wrong.

She loses consciousness and awakens into a horrific game of kill or be killed. Players can be killed an infinite number of times, but the only permanent way out of the game is their actual death by suicide.

Players in the game ruthlessly hunt each other for points, while others kill for fun. Most players have given up on finding an escape from the game and spiral into insanity, killing without reason. It’s mayhem.

Ezra soon learns who to trust and who to hunt down. But as she falls deeper into the game, she starts to lose herself as the bodies pile up. The line blurs between what she’s always known to be right and wrong.

Metal will clash. Blood will spill. Minds will break. And before it’s too late, Ezra must find an escape from the game before she becomes the real enemy.

#BookReview #SpaceOpera #SFR // Andromeda’s Pirate by Debra Jess

Andromeda’s Pirate
Heroes of Andromeda #2
by Debra Jess

Thank you to Netgalley and Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op for providing an arc copy of this book.

Whilst I like romance in the books I read, first and foremost I want an engaging and action filled story, which I definitely got with Andromeda’s Pirate. The author’s characterisation was excellent with two well rounded complex individuals in Kelra and Darvik, along with a wide ranging and varied cast of supporting characters. The world building was also very pleasing, sufficiently complex and neatly woven into the story so as to avoid the dreaded info-dump. I loved the idea of how the “puppets” were utilised in this story and though that term often felt derogatory to my mind it clearly wasn’t within the universe setting.

Cleverly used foreshadowing allowed for a variety of possible outcomes, so whilst you know that the story will have a positive outcome and HEA the specific journey taken to get you there felt neither predictable or trite. This is a world that I would gladly read more of, I will definitely be exploring the Debra Jess’ previous work. Connecting with Kelra and Darvik was incredibly easy, they were immensely likeable individuals with motivations that made relating to them absolutely effortless.

The emotional aspects of the book would have benefited from being shown rather than told. I need to see how feelings are developing through the emotional, psychological AND physiological impact that results. Descriptions of stomach fluttering, heart pounding, blood rushing moments were sadly absent, which left me having to accept Kelra and Darvik’s feelings for one another as a fact, as opposed to being utterly convinced that they were meant to be. However, for me, this book is still far superior to so many SFR’s where the “alien/space” element could be removed and the story still work. This was very much a space opera story with a side or romance, and if that is your preference too then I highly recommend this book to you.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Science Fiction Romance

Contains some brief sex scene


Darvik Hart is Andromeda Galaxy’s most notorious pirate. Kelra Shade’s reputation for capturing pirates is nonpareil. So why would Kelra offer Darvik a treasure beyond imagination to bring her on board his ship?

After a lifetime of dedicated service to Mantic Corporation’s private navy, Kelra believes she’s earned the right to hunt for the alien that killed her parents. Manitac’s refusal, however, forces Kelra to turn to the only pirate who’s eluded her because his strategic skills are a perfect match with her own.

Darvik refuses to risk his crew’s freedom with another head-to-head battle with the sexy pirate hunter who’s haunted his dreams. Yet he cannot turn down Kelra’s challenge, or the treasure she offers, to help her get revenge on the creature who killed her family.

As they plunge headlong together on a reckless crusade, the lines between hunter and prey become blurred, and a passion ignites between the two of them that threatens to derail their mission as they set the nebula on fire.

If you like Lindsay Buroker, Michael Anderle, or Glynn Stewart, you’ll walk comfortably inside the pages of this galactic sci-fi romance meets space opera adventure.

#BookReview #PNR // Incubus Awakened by Kitty Thomas

Incubus Awakened
(Fated Mates #2)
Kitty Thomas, Zoe Winters  

What’s a girl to do when an incredibly sexy, gorgeous and irresistible incubus is trapped inside the house you’ve just bought? Well Anna fights to resist him and spends the next few weeks trying to find a way to free Luc from the spell holding him in place.

Incubus Awakened is a hot, fun and very charming read, one that surprised me with it’s hidden depths and strong emotions. Luc was a complex individual, one with a dark past and much to atone for. He was also incredibly suave, handsome and endearing with a tongue that proved to be wicked in more than one way!

Amelia’s emotions were all over the place but for me they felt very believable. How could she trust this demon who had the power to seduce her mind, body and soul? Of course she had concerns about whether her feelings were genuine or not. What wasn’t in doubt was how much I liked both main characters and, despite actually being pretty slow burn, how hot the chemistry was between them.

In order to survive Luc must feed from sexual energy on a regular basis, but feeding from one person too often can kill them. So Anna embarks on a series of (mis)adventures in her quest to release Luc whilst avoiding falling totally in love with him. Let’s just say she is more successful in some area’s than others! With a hugely engaging plot, good pace and plentiful twists and turns this book easily held my attention whilst totally entertaining me at the same time.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Paranormal Romance

Age 18+, contains adult sexual content


All he’s asking for is her soul…

After buying the historic home she’s fantasized about since childhood, Anna Worthington discovers she isn’t alone. Luc, a dangerously seductive incubus, has been trapped by a curse for the last fifty years, and Anna is willing to do almost anything to get rid of her problem house guest.
All she has to do is resist him long enough to break the spell so they can go their separate ways. If she doesn’t, she could die. And that would be the best case scenario.

Note: This title was originally published by Zoe Winters (The same person as Kitty Thomas) as Save My Soul, Preternaturals Book 2.) All content from the original book remains the same. This book can be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers, each book has a full and complete HEA.

#BookReview #Omegaverse #PNR // Forbidden by Liliana Carlisle

The Alpha Collectors #2
Liliana Carlisle
Photo by Ana Maria Moroz on Pexels.com

Amelia is a Beta suffering from a mysterious and debilitating disease. Jakob is the sexy alpha who, despite playing havoc with her libido, relives her symptoms. The trouble is Jakob is a Collector and his fight to eliminate the shadowy group who kidnap and sell omegas to the highest bidder puts Amelia at risk.

Forbidden is a high heat, fast paced and entertaining read. I found both characters likeable and was definitely invested in them finding their HEA with one another. The main protagonists were well crafted and had depth whilst a good range of secondary characters added colour to the story. The authors voice is smooth and very readable, her writing style very quickly drew me in and easily held my attention throughout. The chemistry between Jakob and Amelia is scorching hot and I definitely felt the passion and depth of feeling they had for one another.

The plot really unfolded in the second half of the story, with almost non-stop action. Whilst the pace was still good in the first half, personally I felt there was a prevalence of sex scenes that took away somewhat from the story. There were some missed opportunities for other interactions between the protagonists. For example in one of Jakob’s internal monologues he thinks –

“I crave our late-night talks and finding out more about who she is. And in turn, I open up to her, telling her about my past…..
….. I tell her everything and she accepts it all, willingly.”

Had we been party to one of these conversations – particularly one of the baring of souls and secrets – it would really have elevated this book to a very high standard.

Whilst the storyline touches on the topic of sexual slavery, it doesn’t travel very far down that path and their are no detailed scenes of abuse. However my tastes run quite dark so do be aware that my “tame” can be as much as others enjoy! In this case there are mentions of violence, kidnap and assault, though no sexual assault.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Science Fiction Romance

Age 18+, Contains adult themes


I should tell him no…

This is wrong.
He’s an Alpha. I’m a Beta.
Our path only leads to heartache.
But his body, possessiveness, and passion fuel my obsession as we consume each other.
I’ve willingly thrown myself into the arms of a Collector, consequences be damned.
But we’re on borrowed time.
If I’m not careful, he’ll ruin me.
But maybe I want to be ruined.

Forbidden is the second standalone book in The Alpha Collectors, a M/F Alpha/Omega Romance series that features Knotting, Heats, and Ruts, with a guaranteed HEA.

#BookReview #ContemporaryRomance // Claiming Cleo by Claire Thompson

Claiming Cleo
(Master’s Club #2)
by Claire Thompson

Having met Cleo in At His Mercy I was very much looking forward to reading her story and I wasn’t left disappointed. Claiming Cleo can very much be read standalone, though I do recommend book #1 in the series too! Whilst this features a Master/slave type relationship it didn’t feature the level of TPE I’ve witnessed in some M/s stories. Cleo retained a level of autonomy and independence and we were repeatedly reminded of how she also held the power to stop everything should she need or want to.

The main theme of this second chance story was communication and Ms Thompson demonstrated good character growth in this respect for BOTH parties involved. Whilst there were no huge surprises or twists I felt the story didn’t need them, as the focus remained purely on this couple learning to trust and commit, and for Cleo to truly let go and submit.

The backstory of each main character gave credence to their actions and the journey they took during the story felt very believable. We are treated to some incredibly hot BDSM scenes, some of the sex scenes in the second half were more vanilla but this only strengthened the story for me, since you could see a life time relationship developing. We didn’t just get told this couple had a deep connection and great chemistry, we were shown it again and again in a very believable way. A particular strength, more noticeable in that second half, was how this explored the mindset and trust of an M/s relationship.

In short this is another well written, well thought through story of romance within a kink relationship.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

BDSM Romance

Age 18+, Contains adult situations


Cleo’s got a secret heartbreak, one she flew across the world to forget.

Now he’s found her, and he’s determined to claim her for his own…

Cleo Chapman serves as a dedicated slave at the pleasure of the Doms at New York’s exclusive Masters Club. But even moving a continent away from the Dom who so casually rejected her isn’t enough to mend her shattered heart.

Jack Hartford spent two years coming to grips with a tragedy that left him a young widower at loose ends. Finally ready to engage in life again, his memories of Cleo draw him back to her, only to find she’s gone. Yet, no matter how he tries, he can’t put the charming, sexy girl out of his mind.

When he tracks her down, Cleo’s cool reception cuts him to the quick. The submissive passion that once burned so brightly in her soul is now barely a flicker…at least for him. Challenged and intrigued, Master Jack refuses to let anything stand in his way. But can Cleo trust that he desires more than just her submission this time? Because she wants it all—heart, body and soul.

Claiming Cleo is the second book in the Masters Club Series. Though each novel can be read as a stand-alone, reading the series order will enhance your experience.

If you enjoy powerful alpha men who aren’t afraid to take what they want, but give so much in return to the women they love, then this series is for you.

#BookReview #UrbanFantasy // Twisted Pretty Things by Ariana Nash

Twisted Pretty Things
Shadows of London #1

Ariana Nash

Fans of Ms Nash will probably know she also writes under the name Pippa DaCosta. This book is the perfect fusion of both those halves, a fast paced story that is chock full of surprises, intrigue and lies. All the passion and heat of the AN name blended with the world building and complexity of PDC books. This had the best of everything the author has to offer and was a 5 star read for me the entire length from start to finish. I am totally enraptured by the series already and cannot wait for the next book to be released!

Dom, our slightly tarnished hero, will absolutely steal your heart, which will then be repeatedly battered as he rebounds from learning one shocking/crushing/terrible secret to another. Hindsight had me spotting all the foreshadowing and clues that had been cleverly woven into the story, but I never ONCE guessed at the myriad of the twists and turns as I was reading this.

Just as I thought the story was complete the author threw in that little twist, right at the end. Because she is cruel and relishes her power to torment us all. Added in to all that were hints of a love triangle – and please don’t ask me to chose between EITHER of those two delicious morsels of untrustworthiness. Oh yes, we can’t leave it at Dom being used and abused by life, downtrodden and outcast because he is a latent. Oh no, we have to have two extremely hot “possibles” messing with his libido, head and heart, both of whom are keeping secrets from him, lying to him and manipulating him for their own ends.

I am totally hooked on this series, are Hollywood and Kempthorne good guys doing bad things for good reasons or bad guys who are good at lying? Oh the dilemmas and conundrums that this pair elicit. There is also the fact that the author’s long term plans for these men has me more than a little worried, she has a track record for being mean not only to her characters but also us poor readers. My mind is spinning and whirling with all the possibilities, dreading she might pull a Nye, or a Brendan or even a Julian move in a future book, just for the fun of shattering my poor heart.

If the words “Urban Fantasy” and “M/M” set your heart and mind aflutter then you definitely need to be reading this series. Oh and when you do you will fully understand why I couldn’t resist this final gif…


Rating: 5 out of 5.

MM PNR Romance

Age 16+ MM Sex scenes, profanities

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55244683-twisted-pretty-things

Something wicked is moving in the shadows of London…

In the underground world of glitzy illegal auctions, fast cars, and stolen magical artifacts, John “Dom” Domenici knows he’s out of his depth. But he needs the job at Kempthorne & Co like he needs to breathe. The alternative—going back to the organized crime gangs of London’s East End—is unthinkable.

So when Alexander Kempthorne, boss of Kempthorne & Co Artifact Retrieval Agency, wants him on a special case to track down an illegal artifact dealer, Dom can’t say no.

It shouldn’t matter that Kempthorne’s world is full of deadly secrets. It shouldn’t matter that the billionaire is sexy as sin, and it really shouldn’t matter how there’s an American agent stalking Dom, an American who knows more than he should about Dom’s case, including the real reason Alexander Kempthorne hired Dom.

The only thing that really matters to Dom is solving the case and finding the artifact dealer. Because there are worse things in London than a conflicted billionaire and a trigger-happy American. Something wicked is stalking London’s streets, and if Dom doesn’t stop it, its shadows will rise and consume them all.

REVIEW – Historical Romance // The Newspaper Man and Bedelia

The Newspaper Man and Bedelia
Come Sundown #3
by Stevie MacFarlane

TL:DR – An enjoyable warm hug of a read that will let you happily pass a few hours and leave you feeling content with the outcome.

Both Bedelia and Thorn were characters I could warm to, Bedelia in particular was rounded and had depth. Personally I would have liked a couple more chapters from Thorn’s viewpoint, so that I could really get a feel for his personality, but what I did see I liked. There was a lovely chemistry between this pair though of course it’s very slow burn/low heat due to the historical setting. I also loved their verbal sparring, Thorn did seem to respect Bedelia’s independent spirit and need to be somewhat autonomous.

Whilst I very much enjoyed this story (and the 3 stars is NOT a negative review on GR, it actually DOES mean “liked it”) it felt very insta-love, which isn’t a trope I care for. The main reason for that was that we didn’t actually get to see many scenes of Thorn and Bedelia interacting together, particularly not in a romantic way. Given that Thorn took offence that Bedelia wouldn’t share her friend’s secret with him during only their second interaction, it left me feeling as though the emotions were a little rushed.

A large chunk of the story focused on Bedelia, Kate and Carrie Ann working together to make Bedelia’s dreams come true. I loved these scenes, they were my favourite part of the book, and the vast majority were important in both developing the plot and in growing Bedelia’s character. It was also great to see that Carrie Ann hasn’t lost her wild streak or sass and I wouldn’t have wanted to have lost this part of the story. Had some of the later chapters and events – for instance Thorn’s attempts to make Bedelia jealous – been covered in the same depth this would definitely have been closer to a 5 star read for me.

I did find the ending satisfying and absolutely adored the epilogue.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Wild West Historical Romance


A new romance is heating up the old west. Secrecy, rivalry, and jealousy may be the death of it. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Can they survive the flames?

Bedelia Longmore had resigned herself to becoming the town spinster. Always in a hurry, she looked the part most afternoons appearing frazzled, her hat perched slightly cock-eyed on her head. Being an old maid did not bother her, and Biddy was certainly capable of making her mark on the world. She quickly determined she would publish Centerville’s first newspaper. She began to plan accordingly.

Successful reporter Thornton James arrived from Topeka with a plan. He, too, was looking for a place to begin his publishing career. A chance meeting with Bedelia Longmore was an unexpected stroke of luck. She knew everyone, their habits, their preferences and clearly more than she revealed regarding their personal lives.

“Mr. James, you never did say what you were planning to do here in town,” she said breathlessly.
“I guess I didn’t,” he admitted with a smile. “I plan to start Centerville’s first newspaper. I really must hurry if I’m going to make my appointment at the bank.”

Bedelia watched him until he was out of sight as though glued to the boardwalk. A newspaper! He was the reason the bank had denied her a loan that very morning! Damn, she’d given him far too much information and unwittingly passed on some of her best ideas! Hell’s bells.
Let the competition begin!

REVIEW – Paranormal Romance // Blood Lust by Kitty Thomas

Blood Lust
Blood Lust #1-3
by Kitty Thomas & Zoe Winters

Blood Lust is a trilogy of novellas, interlinked via the female protagonists. These are much lighter reads than one would normally associate with the name Kitty Thomas , though they still demonstrate the same high quality of story telling that her books contain.

These felt like the PNR equivalent of a cosy mystery – fun, quirky and steamy reads with a good pace, interesting plot and great characters. I would have liked to have seen more of Greta in Charlee’s book, given how close this pair are meant to be, but that is pretty much the only “complaint” I have. I loved how towards the end of Claimed we started to see more depth to Jane, whilst in Mated we get to truly know and understand her. Cole was definitely my favourite hero, he was an alpha without the arrogance that often comes with the role.

Each story had it’s own individual feel, in part due to the very different heroines. The heroes were delightful, totally alpha and more bad boy than truly bad. Because there was a lot of plot to fit in, the relationship does move at a rapid pace, though I still found myself rooting for a HEA for each of these amazing couples. A definite must read for those who love a fun PNR read.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance

Age 18+, Contains some violence and consensual sex scenes


The blood is everything…

Cat shifter blood is sought after to enhance spells and potions, but due to a quirk of her birth, Greta’s blood is potent enough to kill for. When she learns she will be sacrificed, Greta is forced to ally herself with Dayne, the dangerous local sorcerer, and the only person strong enough to protect her.

Charlee wakes in a strange bed without any memory of who she is. All she knows is that a man who claims to be a doctor and is there to help her, doesn’t seem to want to let her go. And maybe this is just her imagination, but does he have fangs?

Jane isn’t a vampire, but their blood runs through her veins, making her a target for those who resent a human being “kindred”. When she’s given to the leader of the werewolf pack to satisfy a gambling debt, she discovers her blood has a far greater impact on her destiny than she ever could have imagined.

NOTE: This title was originally published by Zoe Winters as Blood Lust (Preternaturals Series book 1). All content from the original remains the same.