#BookReview #RomanticSuspense #Dark // Vicious Retaliation by C.P. Mandara

Vicious Retaliation 10
Twisted, Dark and Deadly #2
by C.P. Mandara

Well… OK….Yes…….

…….What on earth did I just read?

I can only describe this as James Bond on amphetamine!

Vicious Retaliation is seriously OTT. Not just a little bit either. Massively, hugely, ginormously, utterly and totally, ridiculously pushing the boundaries. And I loved it!!!! In all reality no-one could survive what Mel put Adie through, but that’s the beauty of a book – it’s completely fictional so anything goes. So long as you’re prepared to suspend your sense of reality, then this is an absolutely fabulous read.

This book is the fourth in the Twisted, Dark and Deadly series, and it completely lives up to both of it’s titles. I knew Adie was in for a world of hurt, but the author totally managed to surprise me with the direction the story took, as well as all the little twists and turns along the way. I may choose to not forgive her for that cliff-hanger ending though! This is a series, so you do need to read the first three books (and for the FULL picture I would recommend reading the Special Agent series first as this is where we first meet Adie, Lois and James).

The book contains some pretty dark subject matter, but the humorous inner monologues and crazy quips lighten the atmosphere. I’m not quite sure how Ms Mandara can turn a torture scene into something that feels more like a moment from a rom-com AND write in such a way that you are enjoying things so much you cannot put the book down.

Talking of enjoying things I very much enjoy all things Adie, it should be criminal for a fictional character to charm and turn a girl on as much as he manages to do. He really does prove the saying of you can’t keep a good man down, not-so-little Vlad definitely doesn’t stay down for long! Mel is such a badass and not only is as tough as Lois but she is just as nasty as Adie. I can’t wait for the moment this pair realise that what they feel for one another extends far past mere physical attraction!

If you’re looking for a fast paced, full of action, kinky read with plenty of fun and sex then I do recommend this series.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

BDSM Romantic Suspense

Contains gratuitous violence, humour and sex scene


Melinda Leader is a vicious monster with a score to settle. Okay, I might have tied her down and had a little fun with her. Most chicks dig that, don’t they? Inviting a few friends over to help was probably going a bit too far. Nearly killing her probably didn’t do me any favors, and trying to slit her throat was most definitely a mistake. Oops. We can still be friends after that, right? I’m willing to live and let live. I’m a reasonable kinda guy.

Adrien Dumortier looks very fetching shackled to my wall, especially as he’s naked. Now that I have him exactly where I want him, the fun and games can begin. How do I bring this man to his knees? Your basic run-of-the-mill torture will be too tame for this hardened criminal. I’ll need to be creative. What is the ultimate torment for a man like Adrien? I want to crush him like a fucking parasite – and I’m willing to use any method necessary to achieve my aim. Yep. Anything that fucking works has my vote.

All good men must come to an end. Bad ones, too.

REVIEW – Erotic Thriller \ Violent Retaliation by C.P. Mandara \ 5 Stars

Violent Retaliation
(Twisted, Dark and Deadly #3)
by C.P. Mandara

That bastard is more cunning than a really cunning fox
who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning
at the secret headquarters of ‘Ban Fox Hunting Forever’.

Just a bit of housekeeping first. This is the third book in an ongoing series which must be read in order. It also ends on a cliff-hanger. Whilst the series can be read separately, since the author has gradually filled in all the details about his background and his history with James and Lois, reading the Special Agent Novels first will provide a fuller picture of Adie, James and Lois’ life in the preceding few months.

I spent the first chunk of this book wanting to smack Adie over the head with a heavy object and to have carnal knowledge of him, in equal measure. He’s an arrogant, selfish, SOB but he’s also a little boy looking for someone to love him. And silly Adie has decided that he is in love with Lois, his former-best-friend’s wife.

My father is legendary.
So am I,
and she’d know if she’d just let me in her pants.

What Adie is actually suffering from is a kind of reverse Stockholm syndrome. Lois is the first non-related woman who has shown him even a little bit of genuine affection. One who has met his kinks head on and has held her own against him. So of course, with no good examples in his life as guidance, he is convinced she is his one and only soul mate. Silly boy.

That’s the trouble with life, though. It is cruel.
It’s mean and heartless, and just when you think you’ve got it all figured out,
it rears up to stab you in the back.

Mel (Ione) is one tough cookie, though by the time Adie’s finished with her she has singed edges and some interesting new body art. And should she get the chance to enact some revenge, that girl is going to seize it with both hands and take her sweet time extracting her pound of flesh. Oh I am looking forward to that possible eventuality.

Whilst Adie and Mel/Ione were playing and having fun, James was having a much worse day, and things weren’t great for Lois either. There is a lot of crazy in the book. It’s like a cross between James Bond and Fifty Shades, with a great dollop of Austin Powers “yeah baby” madness thrown in for the hell of it. At one point I thought the whole book was going to be one scorching hot, erotically charged torture scene, however I was proved wrong when the plot took an abrupt turn, closely followed by lots of fast paced adventure, daredevil motorbike riding, knife throwing and a horny boss. The only downside of reading it was that now I’ve got to wait until the next one releases for another fix of Mel and Adie. Get writing Ms Mandara!

“You’re a f***ing joke, Dumortier.
How is it that you’ve stayed alive this long?”
That is actually a very good question.
“I’ve mostly hidden away in dark, underground caves with really good security.

You should try it sometime.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dark Captive Romance

I have James’ sister right where I want her – screaming my name out and begging for mercy. James is going to piss his pants when he sees the video I’m about to send him. He’ll come running so fast his feet won’t touch the ground.
That’s when I’ll get my hands on his wife. She should rightfully be mine and I always take care of what’s mine.
There’s just one problem – she’s fucking pregnant.

I’ve got less than two days to live. My wife has been kidnapped by a crazy-ass bitch of an arms dealer who plans to put a bullet in her head, and I need to speak to my ex best-friend in order to rescue her. It’s a fantastic plan. He’s in love with her and intends to make her his.
I am going to kill him – if someone doesn’t kill me first.

// REVIEW \\ Dirty Retaliation

Dirty Retaliation
(Twisted, Dark and Deadly)
by C.P. Mandara

Nothing less than compete surrender will do here, and I swear the guy is trying to suck out my soul via my mouth. Jesus. My mind has gone to mush.

I think I’ll leave my review in gifs because words just aren’t adequate enough to do this book justice. It is…

Aide is deliciously vile, depraved, evil and yet also incredibly sexy and immensely attractive. I both hated and loved him in equal measure. The things he dreamed up to do to both Sharkey and to Mel, well…..

Though Ms Mandara deserves a spanking for not leaving poor Lois out of the mix. James/Jake deserves everything he gets, after all he double crossed Adie, but Lois suffered enough LAST time! The book held me spellbound from start to finish. I never knew where the story was going to take me next, I didn’t even know where I wanted it to take me. But every single twist, turn and revelation was perfect and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

OK I lied, I am going to rabbit on about how absolutely fantastic this new series is. I fell in love with Aide in the Special Agent novels, though you don’t need to have read those to enjoy this series. This isn’t stand alone, you need to read Deadly Retaliation first, and this one also ends on a cliffhanger. Back to Adie, who is so damn sexy it should be illegal – in fact he probably is. Adie is not a good man, though he does have a sliver of conscience which he often ignores. Somehow, despite how bad he is, you still can’t help but adore him and his wicked sense of humour.

Thankfully, my voice returns and my anger rockets. “Does it take practice to reach the exalted state of ‘the-biggest-fucking-asshole-in-the-world’, or does it just come naturally? Tell me. I’m genuinely curious to know.”
Adie smiles. If I could knee him in the balls right now, I’d make sure they were permanently relocated to somewhere just below his chin.

Mel is a very typical Mandara heroine – strong, feisty, determined, stubborn but also more than a little messed up deep down. However she is definitely her own person and not only did I adore her but I loved, loved, loved how she and Adie interacted. Hopefully she will get a chance to kick his ass, though not too much because I have a feeling she’s going to want to keep him in one piece so that they can mutually adore one another at some point in the future. It’s going to be a long, sticky, tough, dangerous and difficult road ahead to that HEA and I am totally onboard for the entire journey.

And just one last summary gif about this book…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre- Dark, Romantic Suspense
Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55748618-dirty-retaliation
Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08PVRFTSC/

I wasn’t going to hurt her.
If I were a better man, I’d just keep her chained up and then let her go – but I’m not. I’m an animal. I’m a sick and twisted beast that feeds off the fear of others and eats tears for breakfast.
Besides, kidnapping Ione was too easy.
She’s fighting me every step of the way, but she should be careful. That shit turns me on, and I can give as good as I get.
James won’t take long to come to her rescue, though. Right now, he’ll be imagining all the fucking depraved things I’m about to do to her, and that should be incentive enough for him to come running.
I can’t wait to see him on his knees, begging for my forgiveness. He’s not going to get it. He’s got until midday. If he doesn’t show, I am going to hurt her.

Dirty Retaliation is an intense dark romance suspense series. It features a bully alpha male special agent and a female assassin. They are involved in a underground world of organised crime and espionage. These books are dark and horribly twisted. You have been warned!

// Review \\ Deadly Retaliation by C.P. Mandara

Deadly Retaliation (Twisted, Dark and Deadly #1) by C.P. Mandara

Kaboom! Adie Dumortier is back, and he’s definitely taking prisoners.

Conversation is highly overrated, I’m allergic to feelings, and she can have whatever opinion she likes as long as she doesn’t feel the need to share it with me. Generally, she’s gagged, though, so it isn’t a big problem. Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t completely terrible, but Grey was way too normal and a bit insipid for my tastes.

If you’ve read the author’s Special Agent Novel series then it’s very likely that you will already be madly in love with Adie. In Deadly Retaliation the sense of betrayal he feels seems to have unbalanced his ego somewhat.

He’s in parts a lost little boy, looking for love, and a complete and utter bar-steward, determined to wreak revenge on those he considers to have done him wrong. How you can want to both hug and slap a hero at the same time, I’m not sure, but Adie makes me feel extremes of emotion simultaneously. I don’t think there are many of us who would turn down a night with this man – even knowing that it will leave us wrecked.

For the first time in my life I am madly in love with a girl, and I cannot have her. It sucks, but if my love life was a Dyson, it would be one of those top-of-the-range animal and pet hair varieties.

Whilst we have met some of the characters in a previous series, you can jump into the story here. Anything you need to know has been worked into this book, so whilst all the pertinent backstory is covered, it does mean it contain spoilers for that previous series. The book ends on a cliffhanger, though at a natural break point rather than a high octane moment. Written from multiple POV, though mainly we hear Adie’s along with a few chapters each from the women who both would like to have him under their thumb, as well as in their panties.

There is just something about Ms Mandara’s writing that resonates with my id. Her characters charm me, I find her naughty scenes a delightful mix of kink, darkness and scorching heat and there is an undercurrent of tartly sarcastic humour throughout. The pace readily held my attention, as did the amazingly creative, and crazy, plot. I absolutely, totally and utterly recommend this book.

There is a pause that’s as long as an elephant’s fart.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre- Erotic Romance

My name is Adrien Dumortier. My best friend, James Leveritt, has just married the woman I love. That’s not the worst of it. She’s also pregnant with his child. To be fair, the man thinks I’m dead. He was supposed to rescue me from the clasps of my brother, but turned up ten minutes late, so had I not managed to get rid of the bomb that was strapped to my waist, I would now be dead. Thankfully, I am more resourceful than the bastard gave me credit for.
So, how do I get even with someone like that? Not face to face, that’s for sure. The man is black ops trained and knows more styles of martial arts than I know ice-cream flavors. No, I’m going to be a little underhand about this. I’m going to kidnap his sister. Then, I’m going to torture her until she’s screaming down the fucking phone and send him the video. Then, I’m going to mess with his wife.
Buckle up. It’s going to be quite a ride.

// REVIEW \\ Beautiful Tyrant by C.P. Mandara

Beautiful Tyrant
(Enemies to Lovers #3)
by C.P. Mandara

The man is about as much use as the ‘g’ in lasagne.

Harper, Brandt, Gabriel et al definitely saved their best until last!

C.P. Mandara never ceases to amaze me with the unexpected and eccentrically offbeat way her stories evolve. That’s “eccentrically offbeat” in a very mesmerising, amusing and bloody brilliant manner, just in case you wondered. It’s a cliche but it’s also true that I couldn’t put this book down. No I’d not had an accident with superglue, it was the fast paced and exciting plot, the mind-bending twists and the even more amazing characters that had me hooked.


This was the book where I fell in love with Gabriel, and where he found that gooey, soft centre that we all knew he possessed. He’s still a sadistic alpha-hole but one that you worryingly find quite attractive and appealing. Especially once you compare him to the unhinged malevolence that is Mal. These two are cut from the same cloth, but it’s the tailoring of the outfit crafted from that fabric that makes all the difference.

Is it me, or are we going around in circles? Why won’t Mal take no for an answer? I seem to be a homing beacon for psychopaths.
His question hangs in the air between us like an STD, because Mal’s sure he’s got it, and I sue as hell don’t want to touch it. I don’t have the energy to lie to him any more , either. Still, I guess I can give him a weak smile. Sell the lie, Harper. Sell it good.

How I can be reading scenes of torture and terror and laugh at the sarcasm and irreverent humour is testament to the superior writing of this author. That or I’m just a twisted saddo, but I prefer to believe it’s the first option. The lies, the secrets, the hope offered, the nightmare promised, the pain, the joy, the horror and love, the bluffs, the double bluffs are piled one atop the other until your head is spinning in the best possible way.

Whilst there is foreshadowing, it is very lightly done, so there is no guessing as to just what exactly will transpire next. However all the shock reveals and gob-smacking twists worked . I’ve read plenty of stories where the big twist was obvious from chapter 2, and others where the twist required a sudden influx of never previously mentioned characters or facts to work. It’s rare for me to genuinely feel surprised by a twist and yet know that all the hints were there just waiting to be woven together. C.P. Mandara has that ability in spades.

This ending gave me everything I wanted, including the requisite HEA, a scorching hot sex scene (I’m still wondering just how big that butt plug was) and an epilogue to go to heaven on. I adored this trilogy and highly recommend it to all those who love a good dark romantic suspense with a generous dollop of kinkiness in it. In fact I already want to re-read the whole thing because I was in such a rush to read it all I’m bound to find even more amazingness to absorb from within it’s pages. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre- Erotic Romantic Suspense

Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55050165-beautiful-tyrant

Brandt and Gabriel have me tied down on the bed. While Mal points a gun at them, they’re going to mess with me a little. Gabriel looks almost gleeful at the prospect, Brandt not so much. It’s too bad. He might as well get his kicks where he can.
After Mal’s finished with them, hopefully he’ll find something unpleasant for them to do. He always needs a patsy to murder someone or other. My fingers are crossed that the pair can find an opportunity to run and get out of this mess. That’s what I’d do if I had the chance.
Unfortunately for me, my last few days are to be spent at Mal’s warehouse. The Airfix King is about to take his superglue addiction out on me, before he chops me up into little pieces and leaves me for dead.
This is probably not the time to wish I’d killed myself earlier, right?

// REVIEW \\ Beautiful Torture by C.P. Mandara

Beautiful Torture
(Enemies to Lovers #2)
by C.P. Mandara

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Oh you have no idea how much I want to kill you, Harper. The good news is, I’m going to show you, as soon as I can get myself in that cosy little cell of yours.

This story is intense, dark, powerful, erotic and, at times, gut-wrenchingly emotional. Once I started reading there was absolutely no chance I was going to put this down. Not even when I was sat on a fairly busy tram on my way to work with some guy possibly reading over my shoulder and judging me for the absolute (and delightfully so) filth that I was reading. Mind you at least that embarrassment took my mind of whether he was also breathing Covid-19 germs on me.

So much happens in this book, we get to meet Gabriel, we find out about Harper’s past, Brandt has more revelations than the bible and we end on cliffhanger that I’m only bearing because the final instalment is already out! If I had to describe the book in one word I’d probably settle on depraved, but a good kind of depraved that some of us with very twisted mores seem to enjoy.

Harper is the toughest heroine, she never lost her will to protect Brandt even at the cost of her own life and sanity. She withstood batterings both physical and emotional and still came back for more. Well not so much as came back as was dragged back and locked up but – eh – semantics. Brandt really is quite a sweetie deep down, a sweetie with a sadistic streak a mile wide, but also with a good heart… somewhere.

That is, if Harper was ever planning to talk to me, and I’m not convinced that she is. The girl is a shadow of what she once was, and now I’ve seen her up close I realise she’s not in a good way. Has she been mistreated? Or was it fear that made her lose all weight? She deserves to suffer. I can tell myself that, over and over again, but it doesn’t change the fact that I care about her.

Gabriel though, Gabriel is in a league of his own and you really don’t want to be on the opposing side because he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. It’s rather quite bad news for Harper that the other side is exactly where she is. It wasn’t too bad when it was the other side of some steel bars, but Gabriel isn’t the kind of man to let that stop him, because as far as he is concerned Harper is a rival and she needs to suffer.

I know now that it won’t be Brandt who ends me. Our connection is too strong. Gabriel, on the other hand? He’s more than capable of it, and perhaps I’ll even enjoy myself as he extinguishes what little light is left within me. I’m not even sure I care any more. I’ve been waiting for this for so long, it’s almost a relief that it’s finally here. I just want this over with. I don’t want to live in fear any longer. I don’t want to be hungry. I don’t want to be poor. Most of all, I don’t want to be in love with someone who will never look at me the way I look at them. All other pain dulls in comparison to that one.

The sexy scenes really shouldn’t have been so erotic given the very dubiousness of their consensuality, but that’s the way (a-huh a-huh) I like it. There’s only one thing worse than being sexually tormented by a psychopath and that’s being sexually tormented by a psychopath who is so hot and sexy he’d melt your panties, if you were fortunate to be wearing any in the first place.

There were parts that made me giggle, and parts that had me wiping away a tear or two, and of course there were parts that had me hot and bothered by their sheer eroticism. The writing, plot, characterisation and pace were executed to an incredibly high standard, creating a book that held me spellbound from start to finish.

What does that leave? I can’t even strangle him with my panties because I’m not wearing any.
If I die in this cell because Brandt got one of his psychopath prison buddies to babysit me, I swear I am going to kill him. Fine. Haunt him.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre- Erotic Romance
Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53451795-beautiful-torture

Harper left me to rot in jail for a crime that she committed. I was put away for five years. During that time, there was only one thing that got me through the night – the desire to get even.
It was all too easy to kidnap her. She’s now locked away in my basement awaiting her punishment. I intend to find out by any means necessary why she lied. If that means hurting her, so be it. She’s put me through more than any man should have to cope with in a lifetime, so a little payback is only fair.
If she were my only problem, life would be peachy, but my parents are giving me hell. They’re trying to force me into marriage, and wriggling out of that will be a full-time job.
I’ll get what I want, eventually. Everyone has a breaking point – and Harper will be getting close to hers shortly. That’s a promise. 

30 Day Book Challenge

Day #21 – Unbelievably Steamy

There are two authors I read who write very steamy stories. Emily Tilton’s books are very much erotica, but the book’s I’m featuring today have an excellent story and romance too.

The first few books in The Pony Tales Series, by C.P. Mandara, would probably class as erotica. They describe Jenny Radcliffe’s fall down the rabbit hole into the world of BDSM and Pony Play. A non-consensual experience but one that eventually has a HEA.

Review //\\ The Velvet Collar

The Velvet Collar (Pony Tales #9/Velvet Lies #3)

I don’t think even in my wildest dreams I could have ever imagined such a conclusion to this series. Was it a little OTT? At times yes, but in a wonderful way that just made you smile, or cringe, wince and take panicky breathes. I loved this book, I loved this series, so much so that a little part of me wants to take a few minutes to mourn it’s end.

If you haven’t read this series, and you love a good kinky romantic suspense, with a fair dollop of wit and humour, then I do highly recommend it.  Ms Mandara’s mind is incredibly devious, twisted and sinisterly kinky. I wanted Kyle and Michael to face some retribution, but that??!!! My word it takes the word revenge to a WHOLE new level. They deserved it, maybe, no definitely, but I’m with Mark, someone else can make that decision.

We get some seriously erotic times again, before the story takes a darker turn and we get some breathe play scenes that would have been scorching had it been consensual, or even had it been at Leyland’s hands.  (I missed him sooo much. He really, really needs his own book!)  However since it was Kyle at the helm, things were never going to go well. Yes, I’m starting to think Laurel’s idea’s weren’t so horrific after all.

A part of me would have liked to see some consequences for Albrecht, given that they knowingly had unwilling participants there. Michael being the owner felt like a little bit of a lose end BUT I loved this too much for it to matter, in the end. I know this book has been out a while, but could we have a bonus epilogue of Michael’s downfall, and some tormenting of him and Kyle? Pretty please??? 😉😁

The writing is excellent, the plot rattles along at an almost break neck speed, though not so fast that you get left behind. It slows nicely for all the important parts (yes I do mean the sexy times) so that we can enjoy the delightful torment that Mark inflicts on Jennifer. Whilst the previously mentioned OTT parts of the story enable a somewhat easy resolution – though not easy from Mark and Jenny’s point of view, more from an author side of things – I felt it fitted well with the whole larger than life feel of the book. Anything else would have felt far too tame, boring and uninspired.

I’m hoping the final “Beautiful” book won’t be too much longer because I’m not planning on re-reading #1, reading #2 (which I already own) and I know I’ll be desperate for the ending, once I do.

Title – The Velvet Collar
Author – C.P. Mandara
Genre – BDSM Romantic Suspense
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44639143-the-velvet-collar

I made a bet with my newlywed submissive wife. I told her that if she could behave herself impeccably for a week, she could wear the trousers for a day. That included being able to dominate me. The bet was almost guaranteed to be impossible to achieve, and yet somehow she did it. It looks like I’m in for a fun night, doesn’t it?
If that wasn’t bad enough, Kyle has been spotted near our home. It scares me. I can feel the net closing in, and I’m still no closer to unravelling the pieces. We need to figure out what Redcliff wants, and fast. In order to do this, I’m going to have to talk to my mother-in-law, who still isn’t speaking to me. I have no idea what her problem is. She tried to kill me, not the other way around…

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday Turns 10!

I’m joining in with That Artsy Reader Girl and her meme, Top Ten Tuesday. It’s a very Happy 10th Birthday to this meme, so the floor is open for the choice of topic.

I was considering using the very first prompt ever, but my childhood was a loooong time ago, and I’m not sure I could remember all of my favourite books, so have decided to pick my favourite 10 books of the year so far.

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Do you have a top ten to share? Let me know and I’ll come by and comment.

Review //\\ The Velvet Caress

The Velvet Caress by C.P. Mandara

I’m currently re-reading/completing the Pony Tales series and I don’t know why I only gave this four stars last time because I adored every moment of this book. It’s a lot less steamy and erotic than the previous books though we do get one heck of a sensuous scene towards the end. The reason for the cooler feel is because this book really allows us to know and fall totally in lust love with Mark. Oh my word he totally and utterly earned his redemption here. I would have loved being a fly on the wall of Sophia’s dungeon!

The story moves on at a good pace, with more intrigue thrown into the mix, more peril, a life-threatening danger for Mark, and an unexpected visitor. I adored Leyland, he wasn’t quite the butt-hole I judged him to be in The Ties That Bind. We saw glimpses of a less bad man in The Velvet Chair but in this we see a man who is as devious as Mark, but who doesn’t take himself as seriously. The scenes of him with Marianna were delightful and one day I’d rather like Ms Mandara to consider giving them a book of their own.

I utterly enjoyed every single word, line, paragraph and chapter. Totally recommend this series to those who enjoy BDSM accompanied by a good story and can’t wait to read The Velvet Collar, though will be sad to have to say goodbye to Mark and Jennifer.

Title – The Velvet Caress
Author – C.P. Mandara
Genre – Erotic Romantic Suspense
Goodreads –

When one lie is shattered, another begins.
My wife is on her deathbed and I’ve barely been married a day. The poison she took was meant for me. I should be the one lying in a hospital bed looking as though each moment might be my last. The guilt I feel is indescribable.

It’s a bit too late to realise I’m in love with Jennifer. I’ve screwed the poor girl over so many times she can barely stand to look at me. Every time I come near her she flinches, and I can hardly blame her. All I know is that I need to make this right. I owe her that much.
I used to be good at delivering the impossible, but this time I’m not so sure. The odds are not stacked in my favour.
Losing isn’t going to be an option, though. If I lose her, I lose everything…