// REVIEW \\ ISAK & Red by Cari Silverwood

ISAK & Red
by Cari Silverwood

Photo by Daniel Spase on Pexels.com

Wordless, and with her own eyes gleaming a strange darkness as if I’d infected her with my vileness, she trailed after me.
It was just the night time shadows, although the idea of her joining me in my murderous, lecherous world was intriguing.

For those that don’t know, this is the conclusion to the story that began in Used, the book that made suitcases a trigger for me. Whilst this can read standalone, reading it definitely works so much better if you read Used first, imparting a clearer understanding of what went before. There are also references to what (I believe) was a fairly brief scene in Wolfe, but you definitely don’t need to have read that one to follow the plot of this.

Mesmers are men infected by a virus allowing him the ability to control the minds of susceptible women. It also brings out – enhances? – any darkness that resides in his soul, and boy does Isak have an abundance of that. I absolutely hated him by the end of Used, though thankfully he does travel the path to redemption in ISAK & Red. At the start of the book he is still very much a monster, a man with no redeeming features at all. Even his obsession for Red is riddled with evil, with him not truly caring about her welfare at all.

I had taken Red and used her like a toilet roll to assuage desires, then thrown her away until I wanted her again.
A human man was more than lust. Should be more.
Yet the sadism called me.
The blushing reds striping her ass. The minute trickles of blood.
The straining of her mouth and her whimpers as I whipped her then made her come in almost the same second.

As the story progresses circumstances, and a concussion, bring Isak to a new awareness. A new consciousness and conscience – almost. Despite having free reign, the monster in him remains unsatisfied, feels discontent. The world is boring, bland, colourless, an amorphous blur even when he lets his most base, most deviant, most perverted desires run free. So Isak embarks on a journey to regain (some of) his humanity, but it’s a path littered with pain, fear and whippings, well it is if your name happens to be Red.

Don’t. This way lies death.
Did it, though?
Crux point. Pivotal point.
Go this way or go that way.
Is this what I wanted?
I didn’t like the fear I saw in Red. Or the amount of fear to be precise.
I liked fear, just not this stark intensity.
I did not like the me that had made this happen.
Stopping myself though was entirely different.

As some of the old –the real? – Isak emerges, Red finds herself starting to like him. And therein lies a conundrum, after everything he has made her endure – the suffering, the humiliation, the degradation – how can she ever forgive and forget? The scorching hot, kinky sex and mind-blowing orgasms go some way to persuading her, but even that isn’t quite enough to do the job. Red miscalculated in the past, she seriously underestimated the threat Isak posed to her very sanity and wellbeing. Thankfully this is a girl who has learnt from her mistakes, but untangling herself from the web she is caught in will not be easy.

Could the drug do this?
Could it make him think like a normal-ish man?
I did not know. He might by lying.
I wished he wasn’t but wishes weren’t real.

I found myself as easily captured by this story as a woman entranced by a Mesmer. I didn’t want to put it down, mesmerised by the writing and curious as to what would happen next. And I wasn’t ever disappointed. We are given adventure, action, sex, kink and a bad, bad man who is so very good at certain things. Plus a pretty awesome heroine too. For those who don’t mind darker themes in there stories and kink, this is a great story.

Little did she know how close I had come to being bad.
Being good was not easy.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56886195-isak-red

Genre – Erotic Romance with paranormal elements

Burn out the bad to get to the good.
Red belongs to Isak. She has survived and become his talisman, reminding him of what he once was – a vaguely good and normal man – even as he drags her around the world, using her.
He still has the big suitcase and sometimes he needs to see his toy in there.
Holding her hand will never make Red forget the killings, the depravity, the madness. Can a monster ever turn back into a man?
He must be f***ing joking.

Guaranteed to contain dark themes, a HEA, and triggers. The continuing story of Isak and Red from Used.

// REVIEW \\ The Dom With A Safeword

The Dom with a Safeword
(Badass Brats #1)
by Cari Silverwood, Sorcha Black and Leia Shaw

Oh my, I’m not crying it’s just a bit of dust in my eye.

She bit her lip hard all the way there, trying not to cry before she was somewhere safe. With a gasp, she rushed into the room. It was empty. A flood of tears erupted, her hands unable to hold them back. Her heart fractured, grinding down into dust. She locked a stall door behind her. The sobs were too loud and she tried to quiet herself – she didn’t want to be the girl that made scenes in public restrooms. It’s okay, it’s okay, she kept telling herself, frantic to calm down before they came looking for her.

The very title hints to the quirky humour in this wonderful, BDSM-themed romance. The book focused more on the emotional and mental aspects of kink, with fairly “gentle” play in most of the sex scenes. Personally I would have liked a few more scenes of them just “being” in one another’s presence, a chance to see the relationship build and their emotions develop. Some of this was done “off page”, and it very occasionally left me playing catch-up on being convinced of the depth of their feelings. However I can’t complain about how the characters were shaped and developed through the story. I’d rather have that personal growth, which is why this still hit 5 stars.

For me, the biggest strength of this book was the realistic feel to the relationship, regardless of it being an MFf one. Something that often leaves me dissatisfied with BDSM romances is how the D/s relationship seems to be the only connection the couple have, or at least the feel that it is more important than the romantic one. The dynamic between Jude, Q and Sabrina always felt natural, always felt real and always felt believable. Each character was distinct, strong, consistent and I loved them all, imperfections included.

She’d always adored the hint of humor in his eyes, and his mouth that turned into a grin at unexpected moments. It made him a man and not just her Dom.

I really appreciated how Jude allowed the girls to be themselves, how these three were a romantic triad as much as a kink one. That being together was the priority, not protocol and calling Jude “Sir”. It felt much more like a sustainable relationship than those found in books by more popular and well-known “BDSM authors”. This was a relationship where there was no attempt to change or alter the sub to fit the Dom(me)’s desires, where the Dom didn’t claim to know the sub(s) better than they knew themselves. (I HATE that trope!!!!!!!) This ticked boxes for me I didn’t even know I had. I have to admit to having previously steered away from ff, but the scenes in this one were incredibly hot.

Q put her hands around Sabrina’s shoulders and tugged her closer. “Thank you for trying to distract Nico.” She lowered her head and kissed Sabrina. Not hard and sexual, just the kiss of a woman appreciating the one who held her heart. As quietly as the sun rising at dawn, he felt peace drift down on them. Magic.

One thing I really do have to mention is how seamlessly the author’s writing and voices blended together. I discovered partway through reading this that each wrote one character, though I still swear blind Cari Silverwood encouraged all the brattiness! I’m pretty certain Q and Sabrina personalities are very much based on the three authors themselves. The story is unlike the majority of books you could read by Ms’ Silverwood and Black. It’s very consensual and contemporary, with quite a gentle feel. That said, it’s full of the snarky humour and great writing that I’ve come to expect from this pair.

We got to see the individual dynamics of the pairs within this triad, and I loved how it never felt as though the third person were being left out. Their presence was felt emotionally and mentally even when they physically could not be present. I bought the box set, so I shall soon be jumping into the follow-up book, and will be interested in seeing how the authors deal with issue of prejudice and family expectations.

When they went out to eat, she could predict what the others would order, they picked off of each other’s plates, and there were so many inside jokes it was like they had their own language. It made her feel important, valued, loved.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre – Erotic Menage Romance


Late at night, on an amateur ghost hunt, Sabrina and her best friend Q are caught trespassing by the gorgeous, blonde Jude. The embers of attraction between them sizzle when they discover Jude’s kinks match their own.
Jude is a Dom on his last summer of freedom before starting the prison sentence that is med school. Q is a bad-ass bi switch who knows what she wants, and for years it’s been her cute, doe-eyed straight friend Sabrina. But the only way into Sabrina’s heart and panties may be with Jude’s fist wrapped in her hair.

Domming the bratty Q and mischievous Sabrina isn’t going to be easy but Jude relishes the challenge. At the end of the summer, will they find a way to stay together when everything is tearing them apart? 

// REVIEW \\ Yield by Cari Silverwood

(Pierced Hearts #5)
by Cari Silverwood

On the coffee table beside the sofa, there were stacks of books. Greedily I perused the spines, reading the titles.
“Pick one.”
My heart thumped harder. How silly, to get excited over a book or two, something that should be my right. How pitiful that I was reduced to this.

I’m starting at the end with this review because there are two possible endings to chose from. Both of them were equally wonderful and totally soul destroying. I need a third choice where everything comes up roses, rainbows and prancing unicorns rather than leave me torn between ecstatic and devastated. So I’m stomping my foot at you Cari and demanding you rewrite the book the way I want it, not how you want it. Not really, lol.

“Thank you. I love you when you’re honest. It pleases me. I want you to suck on my fingers whilst I make you come.”
Love. The word fell past me. He dared say that?

I know the author often describes Moghul as the most evil (baddest?) of her anti-heroes, but in some ways I felt Pieter pipped him at the post. Moghul was adept at staying one step removed from the truly bad and depraved stuff. I suppose that I might have had a very different view if he had been more actively involved in the sex slave business during the book, if we had seen him actively trading in innocent girls.

I’d lost my taste for ordering or performing homicide. Guess I’d never had one. With business… I’d just disconnected from what I’d told someone to do. It had been like firing an employee, necessary, nasty, but someone had to make the decisions.

Despite being a sadist with a willingness to ignore the law and any morals, Moghul generally treated Wren with the utmost care. He never really let himself go, didn’t seem to give in to his darkest most base desires, and made sure never to push Wren over her limit. His desire to keep Wren wasn’t normal, or acceptable, in fact it was more than a little sociopathic. However bound up in that very wrong action was a strong desire, a compulsion, to demand her submission but in a way that made Wren happy and content.

For a long time Wren was anything BUT this, and whilst I loved her refusal to give in, to “lose” herself, it did leave me wondering just how the story would evolve. I adored Wren with Glass, but then I also loved her with Moghul, and whilst Glass was a good man willing to do a few bad things, the bad man willing to do good things was infinitely more attractive.

Yield felt as though it delved into the minds of it’s characters a lot more, the focus was on Wren and Glass and Wren and Moghul. I loved Wren’s internal monologues, her soul searching, her pep talks and her justifications. She totally and utterly made this book for me, particularly since she was both innocent and yet complicit at the same time. Without a shadow of a doubt this is my favourite of the Pierced Hearts books.

I could be annoyed with Ms Silverwood because she offered two perfectly amazing endings but neither gave me quite what I wanted (because I’m totally selfish and wanted it all). I loved the dark ending, with the exception of what happened by the pool, just as I loved the other ending with the exception of Chris’s choice. Deciding on my preferred ending is definitely Hobson’s choice because I loved Glass and craved Moghul.

… this book had helped me to see that if I looked beyond the avalanche of his arrogance and sadism and immorality, there had existed a man who had something worthwhile to him.
I couldn’t sum up those qualities, or him, easily, couldn’t put them in a neat box and declare 
there it is, but there was something good beneath the monster.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre – Dark Erotic Romance


The final book in the Pierced Hearts series. This can be read as a standalone book.
Wren, the rich girl with a tainted past, is on a crusade to track down her father’s murderer only to find not one, but two, bad men.
Moghul is a sadistic businessman, with a finger in every kinky enterprise he can get his hands on and a jaded view on life. When his eye turns to Wren, he realizes how dull life has been. He hasn’t tried everything after all. When they can’t say no, things might be more…interesting.
Glass is the dominating ex-SAS soldier. Each man is determined to keep Wren for himself using methods that may be illegal, immoral, or likely to make somebody feel the pain for a long, long time. If you lie down with bad men, be prepared to get up on your knees.

The ending will be the reader’s decision. Give Wren to the dark or to the light, then read the other ending if you wish to.
Mindf**ks included free. This is a dark kinky story and some readers may find it disturbing.

Review //\\ Sacrificed to the Sea by Cari Silverwood

Sacrificed to the Sea
by Cari Silverwood

Due to a complete and utter stuff up by Amazon, this book had to be unpublished and republished. How they made the decision that it belonged in Math text book categories I’m not sure, but when the author asked them to rectify the issue it took repeated emails until they did remove it from Math – and put it into the Religious category instead!

Hats of to Amazon – they really do take the biscuit at times.

Photo by Daisa TJ on Pexels.com

As delightfully dark and depraved as Mesmer.

I only have one dissatisfaction with this book and it’s that Ms Silverwood didn’t make it over 500 pages! I adored Raffaela, Wolfgang and all the things siren, kinky and dark, so much so I would happily have stayed in this world. What you will get, by reading Sacrificed to the Sea is a wonderful story. One that is sprinkled with kink and covered in darkness to provide a rich and tasty tale of immorality and perversion.

Given that the story contains a siren/mermaid, it had a very “real world” feel to it, which added in to the darkness of the story. In fact this felt very similar too, whilst being absolutely nothing like, Mesmer . To me it was fresh, different, captivating and amazing. It had emotions aplenty, an intriguing plot and was so hot you could fry eggs on it. I found myself sinking (pun intended) into the pages of this book from the very first paragraph, swept overboard by a ravening storm of epic proportions.

Whilst it didn’t have the humour that has been prevalent in recent work by the author, (nor required it) this was full of irony. It also carried quite an emotional impact, yanking at my heartstrings more than once. Raffaela’s loneliness and Wolfgang’s sense of loss both had me blinking back tears. The pain of having to sacrifice everything to get their heart’s desire, of doing that and still not being able to achieve their dreams…. oh boy did that stab me in the heart.

An eternity seemed to have passed since she’d truly conversed with a man. Loneliness had whittled away at her soul.

Some of you may (snigger) be shocked by a certain scene between Raffaela, Wolfgang and a firearm… it certainly takes kinky improvisation to a whole new level. It also epitomised the wild and feral connection this pair shared. And just how damn dirty the sex is! Not that one would expect anything different from Ms Silverwood , the crazy, filthy smut is why we’re here after all. Well that and those very unexpected plot twists that she throws in, that make you go “oh” that part was foreshadowing and smack your head.

“Tell me,” she said to distract herself. “What did you do that was so wrong?”
“I cannot say. I will not. But it was terrible. I lost sight of my humanity. Not sure I ever had any.”
She shook her head in disbelief.
“Sometimes…” Wolfgang lifted her hand and pretended to count her fingers, pressing each one upward, stroking them. “I think you may be more human than I am.”

Falling in that grey area of whether it is a long novella or a short novel, this is a fairly quick read but one that will stay with you way past reading the last lines. Whether out of shock or amazement depends on your tolerances but I certainly loved every single word of it.

This quote – there were tears!

He blew a last kiss into the wind. “Find the edge of the world for me, find dragons and whales. Pet the seals in Antarctica. Swaying palms, coral reefs. Everything I cannot see.”
His imagination went elsewhere for a while as he stood there, pants soaked, waves shushing against him.
This was the hardest thing he had ever done, and that was saying something. Such suffering and pain he had, once upon a time, seen and caused, and yet this was the hardest ever.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Genre – Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55357638-sacrificed-to-the-sea

A Dark Tale of Vengeance.
Wolfgang’s lover has been dragged into the sea by something that should not exist.
Stalking the beaches with night-vision goggles yields the answer to the mystery – a mermaid. He traps her and plans to dissect and kill her. Conflicted by unexpected morals, he releases her into his pool then leans on the glass to watch her swim. The undulations of her naked body fascinate him. When he takes her in his arms and she shifts to human form, revenge slips away…

Raffaela is the captive of a man who evokes a passion she thought lost to loneliness centuries ago. Can this truly be love? Yet nothing is what it seems to be. Wolfgang is not an innocent. He has done bad things. Many. Bad. Things.
When the Ravening calls and her craving to kill returns, which of them will prove to be the real monster?

Review //\\ Make Me Yours Evermore

Make Me Yours Evermore
by Cari Silverwood

Photo by Oliver Sju00f6stru00f6m on Pexels.com

Oh my lord I believe I may have fallen down a dark, dark rabbit hole straight into a very depraved Wonderland.

I enjoyed Take Me Break Me and Bind and Keep Me, in which both Kat and Chris have fairly minor roles. Book 2 in particular had some darker aspects, though the situation in that book happened more by accident than design. However Make Me Yours Evermore totally bypasses ANY sense of morality and dives straight in at the dark end. On a side note this book can be read stand alone.

I’m pleased I took a break between reading books 2 and 3, because my love for Klaus and Jodie might have altered my perception of this one. I might not have disapproved of Chris quite so much and found as much empathy for Kat. Chris uses the flimsiest of excuses, or at least fairly convenient circumstances, to take do something very, very bad. Only you know what they say about the best laid plans…

There might be those who find Kat too much, maybe too bitchy and belligerent (I’m always surprised by that – as though an alpha male is so wonderful a woman should be perfect at all times around him). I really, really liked her. To me her actions were those of a strong woman, determined to not be broken by the situation she finds herself in. I loved how she, along with Andreas, had more effect on Chris than he did on her.

I’ve felt recently like I’m suffering from dark-lag, no longer seeing the depravity and horror that others did. Well hot diggity dang, in this one I felt every single moment of the corrupt degeneracy of morals and the total lack of compassion or humanity demonstrated by Chris. I was shocked by the immoral and debauched desires that he not only gave free rein to, but considered his by right. I cheered every single time Kat fought back, supported every rebellion, commiserated when her libido ruled her mind. Especially since her feisty attitude led to ever more inventive punishments and humiliations. Never was a book more NSFW than this one!

Added in to all the hot kink and general steamy smexiness was an intriguing plot and some very unexpected twists. I loved every word, page and paragraph of the book, it dragged me out of a reading slump, fizzing my brain and enervating my reading mojo. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre – Dark BDSM Menage Romance

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18518593-make-me-yours-evermore

This book is part of a dark kinky fiction series and may disturb some readers.
Taking what you want may come at a terrifying price.
Chris calls his darkest, nastiest fantasy into the light of day when he has to kidnap Kat to save a friend. For years, he’s wanted to bring her to her knees.
But claiming her draws attention. Andreas wants to save Kat, until he sees her response to raw male dominance. More dangerous are the human traffickers, who regard the acquisition and selling of women as a very high stakes business. And they’re watching. Everything.
Death. The perversion of love. The loss of freedom. Sometimes there is no choice.
Also contains one Dom gone bad who believes obsession means never having to say you’re sorry.

Photo by Anderson Miranda on Pexels.com

Friday Book Blogger Hop

 The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer @ Crazy-For-Books. It is now hosted by Billy @Coffee Addicted Writings. Each week the hop will start on a Friday and end the following Thursday. There will be a weekly prompt featuring a book related question. The hop’s purpose is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to your own blog. 

Today’s question is
“Do you read books by authors from outside your country?
Any book recommendations?
Also, if non-US/UK, could you name one author/book from your country?” (submitted by Kristin @ Lukten av Trykksverte)

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

First of all thank you to Kristin for a really great discussion starter! So, yes I do read books by authors from outside my country. I’m UK based and actually read very few UK authors, though I do read some. For me I read mainly US, Aussie, Canadian and NZ authors, though I am currently beta reading for a French author and recently finished beta reading for an author whose first language is Spanish.

Personally I find the Aussie and New Zealand authors have a voice more in tune with my own English one. Colloquialisms, dialect and figures of speech are much easier to translate or are even ones that I use, sometimes it feels as though American English is a completely different language!

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

So for non-US and non-UK authors I would recommend Cari Silverwood, Sorcha Black, Cassie-Ann L Miller and Nicolina Martin.

30 Day Challenge

Day #22 – In Your Top Ten Faves

Today’s choice is really, really easy to make. A book in my Top Ten Faves is Rough Surrender by Cari Silverwood. Though I’m not normally a fan of historical romances, this is one that I happily made an exception for. It’s a gentle, consensual foray into a power exchange relationship and includes some rather innovate uses of household items as BDSM toys.
I fell in love with the sexy Leonhardt and the adventurous Faith and highly recommend this amazing romantic suspense.

30 Day Book Challenge

Day #12 – Sci-fi with Robots

So I could talk about the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, along with The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe, Life The Universe and Everything and So Long and Thanks For All The Fish. I mean how cute was it that mice and dolphins had a supercomputer built that we called Earth? I could tell you that the answer is 42.

However I actually want to feature my co-favourite author, because in the world of SFR, far too many authors write about dominant blue/purple/red/”insert colour of your choice” humanoid aliens who capture/buy our hapless heroine and spank her bottom every time she doesn’t act in the way they desire. Frankly if you’ve read one of those books you have pretty much read them all, and whilst the odd one is fine for when you want a smutty read, they don’t really offer a great deal of meat to chew on.

One author who jumped onto that bandwagon is Cari Silverwood. Her SFR’s are sexier/kinkier versions of the stories I read back in the 90’s. One of her favourite things to include is a robot/AI of some description. The first one to capture my heart was the purple elephant-like robot in Acquired Possession. My favourite was the little mousebot in Condemned.

Book Blogger Hop

Friday Book Blogger Hop – Top Books on your TBR

Thank you to Billy @Coffee Addicted Writer for hosting this weekly blog hop. This weeks prompt is “What are the top books on your TBR pile?”

There are over 700 books on my TBR list so trying to chose a couple might induce slight hysteria. However what I will do is talk about a couple of favourite authors whose back catalogues are currently on my TBR list. These are sort of my top priority To-Reads, along with recently purchased books.

Pippa DaCosta

I’ve read the vast majority of the work by this author, whose works are either fantasy, urban fantasy or science fiction. I’ve read several different series’ of hers, but have only dipped a toe in the water of her Soul Eater series. I’ve read book 1 but there 6 more books that I need to devour.

The Soul Eater Series by Pippa DaCosta

Urban Fantasy
“They call me devil, liar, thief. In whispers, they call me Soul Eater. They’re right. I’m all those things—and more.”
Kicked out of the underworld and cursed to walk this earth for all eternity, Ace Dante finds solace in helping others avoid the wrath of the gods.

Cari Silverwood

Another author whose work I have mostly read. I need to complete her Pierced Hearts series along with reading a few co-authored books. Goodness knows why it’s taking me so long because I absolutely LOVE Cari Silverwood’s writing. Her humour and her likes mesh so perfectly with mine that I enjoy every single word.

The Pierced Hearts series by Cari Silverwood

Dark BDSM Romance

The Pierced Hearts series is my journey into the dubious consent and capture fantasy genre.

So that’s my sort-of answer for this week. Top of my TBR list are authors rather than specific books!

Top 5… Books with Morally Grey Characters

Top 5 Books With Morally Grey Characters

Top 5 is a weekly meme hosted by Devouring Books – do visit them as a thank you for running it! It’s a great way to find even more gems to add to your TBR mountain.

There are three simple rules –

  • Share your top 5 books of the current topic– these can be books that you want to read, have read and loved, have read and hated, you can do it any way you want.
  • Tag the original post on Devouring Books.
  • Tag 5 people.

Morally grey characters are my favourite type of antihero (or heroine), narrowing the list down to just 5 will be a tough call! A dark romance isn’t dark without at least one character with questionable ethics. And if there’s one think I love it’s a romance that is wrong in all the right ways.

1 – Ryke, Branded Possession by Cari Silverwood

If this was a contemporary romance, based on Earth with Ryke as a human, I would consider him morally depraved and somewhat evil. He carries an air of menace and dark about him, exploiting the attraction between Gio and himself in order to manipulate her. However, since this is based in another universe I really liked him instead. In all probability I would run screaming in the opposite direction if I met Ryke, but my word he did some hot things to Gio!

Title – Branded Possession (Machinery of Desire #3)
Author – Cari Silverwood
Genre – Erotic Science Fiction Romance
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39668394-branded-possession

Humans are precious on Aerthe.
Except for Gio.

Gio has killed. Now she is to be broken by Ryke, the King’s Own Lawgiver, a hooded, scarred man who exterminates people as if they were insects underfoot.
She will pay for her sins with her body, spill her secrets, and sob out her misery on Ryke’s spears.
The man has his ways. Though he reserves special treatment for his females, no one has ever escaped being broken. Clinging to hope, Gio prays she can still save her people.
But is there more to Ryke than torturer extraordinaire? Does a heart hide beneath the cold exterior?

Deep in the Underdeck of the royal landship, Ryke and his new toy, Gio, will wrestle with secrets from his past and maybe, just maybe, discover a way for his despicable people to salvage what’s left of themselves and find peace on Aerthe.
Inspired by the Gor series by John Norman

2. Sophia, Bedroom Hymns by Morgan Reeves

Sophia is the victim of a despicable crime but throughout it all she strives to be anything but a victim. The world she was dragged into made her behave well outside the bounds of the law and societal norms but my word she is one of my favourite bass-ass heroine. She is ‘da bomb’, with an steel core forged from the trials of both her childhood and her ‘training’ to be a slave.

Title – Bedroom Hymns
Author – Morgan Reeves
Genre – Erotic Romance
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36110296-bedroom-hymns

They took me, broke me, remade me in their image. I am branded by their twisted ambitions; martyred by their greed. They ground me down until I was everything they wanted and more, and at the end I thanked them for it.
Jackson. Dominic. Cole.
They forced me to love them, and then they cast me aside like yesterday’s trash. But they taught me to be the best. So that’s exactly what they’ll get. Because in the end… Revenge is sweeter than love.
And they’ll never see me coming.

3. Synek AND Iris, Syn by London Miller

Syn is one of the most violent, crazy and messed-up of heroes, but at the same time you just can’t resist him. I totally bought into his character and loved him. I felt the background on how Iris had become a bounty hunter was a little vague, but I still really liked her, she was a strong, independent and no-nonsense woman. Syn and Iris worked so well as a couple. They had enough in common to understand each other, whilst being different enough that together they formed a perfect whole.

Title – Syn (Den of Mercenaries #6)
Author – London Miller
Genre – Organised Crime/Romantic Suspense
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38100623-syn

Synek ‘Syn’ Jøsson has never been anything more than a jaded, broken man trying not to lose himself in his darker urges, but sometimes, the need to do something reckless proves too strong.

Every job brings Iris Adler one step closer to the vengeance she swore against the men that murdered her father, so when she‘s tasked with finding a man that’s as terrifying as he is tempting, she refuses to back down.
Two broken people searching for a way out of the darkness.
One impossible relationship they never saw coming.
Nothing proves more complicated than love in all the wrong places. 

4. Toby, Fools Paradise by Lilliana Anderson

Toby is the oldest brother in a family of career criminals. It’s the life the brothers were born into and they have never had a choice about it. I had been a little in love with Toby since we first saw his hidden heartache in Fool Me Twice, Book #1 of the series. In each successive book we’ve caught glimpses of a man who constantly puts his family before his own happiness. So this book was going to go one of two ways……… I was going to be broken in the best possible way, or I was going to be hugely disappointed. Thankfully I loved it.

Title – Fool’s Paradise (Cartwright Brothers #5)
Author – Lilliana Anderson
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42248462-fool-s-paradise

My job had a very specific goal: I found people who didn’t want to be found and delivered them to whoever employed me. After that, well, I tried not to think about what happened while I spent my money on things that made me happy. Resorts, men…I lived life by the seat of my pants because I never knew where I’d be the next week, or who I’d be looking for.
When the head of a lesser-known criminal family hired me to find her son, I wasn’t sure what I was walking into. I had his photo, so I knew the man was hot with a capital H. But I expected the usual agitated scumbag I normally went after. Not some guy running a fishing charter and looking like he didn’t have a care in the world.

I might have been curious. I might have gotten a little too close. I might have done a lot of things I shouldn’t have. Things that could get me killed this time. But hey, life wasn’t always about making the right choices. It was about making good ones.
And Toby Cartwright was a great choice.

5. Christian, Redemption by Nicolina Martin

Christian is all things bad, yet somehow through his unrelenting misery and pain, the author gives us a glimpse of who he could be. She allows us to begin to forgive the monster who made the wrong choice and begin to love the man who will do anything for those he loves. He isn’t a good or nice man, he is violent and threatening and comes very close to murdering the heroine.

Title – Redemption (Russo Saga #4)
Author – Nicolina Martin
Genre – Dark Romantic Suspense/ Mafia Romance
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49220632-redemption

Redemption: Part one in the Savage duet.
Killing her wasn’t supposed to be complicated.
Drug Kerry Jackson and get rid of her, that was his simple task, but he screwed up everything. Unable to resist the enticing young woman, Christian seduced her and fell hard. Then it all went to hell. She beat him at his own game and disappeared without a trace. No one crossed a Russo and got away with it.
Night after night, their steamy encounters melted her will and twisted her mind. Then Christian Russo turned out to be her worst enemy. He robbed Kerry of her innocence, stole her trust, and made her life a living nightmare.

A second encounter would be fatal. For one of them. And Kerry was determined that it wasn’t going to be her.