REVIEW – Power Exchange Contemporary Romance \\ Missing Ink – E.J. Frost

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Missing Ink
(Daddy P.I. Casefiles #2.5)

by E.J. Frost

Missing Ink is a lengthy read but time simply flew by when I read it. Brenna/aka DirtyGurl had intrigued me when we saw her in Daddy PI 2.0. though I wasn’t sure if I really liked her or not, though I did love her interactions with Theo. I totally adored her in this book and am glad she didn’t end up with him, because Brenna deserved someone much more honourable than he appears to be.

This is a book of two halves, albeit with a lot of overlap between them. The first part of the story focuses mainly on Bren and Mac’s emerging relationship where, without a shadow of a doubt, EJ Frost completely and utterly convinced me of both the depth and validity of their feelings for one another. The second part focused on several story elements, with the main one being mystery/suspense based.

I totally adored both Bren and Mac, neither was perfect and both had troubled pasts. In fact, for me, Brenna’s teenage wrongs felt more understandable, with Mac’s confessions being the more disturbing in nature. That said, by the time we hear about the sins of his youth, we have learnt what a truly caring and honourable man he now is. His detailed observation of Bren’s reactions, his understanding of her needs, his desire to meet those needs helped him steal my heart.

This felt like a genuine relationship and a real couple. Their dynamic evolved organically, believably and, best of all, realistically. I adored their “real talk” times, I swooned when Mac gave Brenna a safeword for when she felt emotionally overwhelmed. Just the fact that he knew how best to treat her, but didn’t ever presume he knew better than her. The author doesn’t waste time “telling” us how much this pair cared for one another, she showed us continually through all their words, thoughts, deeds and actions. There are a wide variety of BDSM/play scenes, all of which felt integral to the plot and character growth. The sex scenes never felt superfluous, in part because they were an important part of building the D/s dynamic between Mac and Brenna.

A well rounded cast of supporting characters and their interactions with one or both of the mc’s really added depth to the story. I always feel that you only truly get to know a character when you see them in scenes with friends and work colleagues etc. I just felt this had a really good balance of intimate scenes, friends and family scenes and plot building scenes. When I reflect back there are just so many different elements to this story, so much that happened, so many different threads all carefully woven together into an amazing book.

Missing Ink can easily be read stand alone, though it’s very much worth getting to know Logan and Emily in their books! There were also some very minor little story strands that were left hanging loose. Nothing pertaining to Brenna and Mac’s relationship, but rather little segues into the plots of future books. I’m completely hooked on this series and am very much looking forward to where the series will head next. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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A thief.
A bad tattoo.
And a Forever-Dom to the rescue.

Michael “Mac” McNally is drifting. Finished with the Navy, finished with his marriage, Mac is sleeping on the couch of his good friend, James Logan, while he tries to figure out the rest of his life.

Brenna “DirtyGurl” Truelove is lost. Floundering after a series of not-relationships, Brenna can’t find satisfaction in scenes with one-night Doms or in Missing Ink, the tattoo business she’s worked so hard to build.

When the drifter and the lost-girl come together over a bad tattoo, can they build something that lasts among the wreckage of his marriage and her trust in Doms? And can they catch the thief before he destroys Missing Ink?

// REVIEW \\ Daddy P.I. 2.0 by E.J. Frost

Daddy P.I. 2.0
(Daddy P.I. Casefiles #2)
by E.J. Frost

Where to start? This is a long book but never felt looooonnnnnggg, I was shocked when I got to the end! It picks up a few months on from where Daddy PI 1.0 finished, and whilst you could at a push read this standalone, I do recommend reading book #1 first for maximum enjoyment – plus that is a damn good read too. It’s obvious there will be a Daddy PI 3.0, since there are a few loose ends in this. However for those who hate cliffhangers, think of this more like Star Trek films. You’ve got a complete story/adventure within the book, but those characters have more stories to tell.

Flog and spank me if I’m wrong, but to me this had quite a different feel to the first book. In that one Emily and Logan were a new couple, just embarking on their relationship, plus for most of it they were on a BDSM holiday cruise. As a result that story had quite a light, playful feel to it, especially since a lot of their scenes involved role play. In Daddy PI #2 things felt more serious, especially their time spent in scenes. I enjoyed how this made the seriousness of their relationship, the depth of it, more emphasised.

It’s as though EJ Frost has read my reviews, looked at everything I disliked in BDSM stories – particularly around Doms – and wrote the antithesis of that here. In this book we have a Dom that CAN’T mind read, that doesn’t know his sub better than she knows herself, that isn’t perfect and intent on constantly pushing her beyond her limits “for her own good”. Logan makes mistakes and – gasp – apologises for them. He shows his emotions. He asks for help. He DOES know and understand his sub, because he doesn’t just talk about needing to communicate, he actually does it. He talks AND listens to his sub. He even has Dom friends who challenge his decisions, rather than a coterie of yes men. The pièce de résistance was when he asked Emily if she wished to add a piece of equipment to her list of hard limits list in case her punishment with/on it had left her scared of using it again.

Emily didn’t ever feel like she was pretending to be a little. She isn’t playing at it, she is living and breathing it. I never once doubted her, nor did I ever find it creepy because whilst she has a child-like joy of life, she also has a very adult sexuality about her.

There were a couple of times when I wanted to immediately shout “unfair” to Emily being punished for not following Logan’s rules. Not when she had been provoked and her insecurities deliberately triggered. However as those scenes unfolded it became very clear how it was much more about Emily feeling the slate had been wiped clean, along with knowing Logan’s boundaries would hold firm, than it ever was about Logan’s disappointment or anger. I loved how EJ Frost subtly wove so much of the psychology of Domination and submission into the thoughts, words and actions of both main characters.

Not once did I feel as though discipline or play scenes were dropped into the book for their salacious appeal or to satisfy the reader, as much as to demonstrate how it connected Logan and Emily on a subterranean-ly deep level. Don’t get me wrong, those scenes were scorching hot to read, but it’s not often a sex scene adds depth, meaning and texture to the story in the way they did in this book.

I highly recommend this book to all DD/lg and romance fans.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Genre- DD/lg erotic romance

A movie star. A stalker. And a Daddy Dom to the rescue.
P.I. James Logan has finally found his perfect submissive in little Emily Martin. He wants nothing more than to enjoy spoiling his babygirl as she adjusts to life with him in New York City. But nothing’s easy when you’re a Daddy.
Logan’s best client, adult movie star Rick Errol, has a stalker, and what starts as an online trolling quickly escalates into attacks that could cost Rick his liberty and his life.
Hunting Rick’s stalker is hard enough, but a Daddy’s work is never done. When Logan’s former flame claims he’s the father of her baby, Logan has to fight for Emily’s trust all over again.
The need to protect those he loves is written on Logan’s heart and soul, but can he protect them all, or will he have to make a terrible choice?

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Six For Sunday – Favourite Colour

Today’s prompt is to share 6 book covers that feature my favourite colour. Part of me wants to say I don’t particularly have a favourite colour – and from my home and my clothing you probably wouldn’t be able to identify one either. I love colour full stop. However there is one colour which ALWAYS catches my eye when I see an item in it, and that’s purple. Hopefully I can find 6 books I’ve read that fit the bill!

Just An Illusion – EP by D. Kelly
A Contemporary Romance that is guaranteed to produce an ugly cry. It isn’t standalone, Just An Illusion Side also Side B must be read first. It is a great NA trilogy.

Black Light: Valentine Roulette by Various
An anthology of BDSM romance short stories. Normally I’m not a big fan of anthologies – I often only read or enjoy a few of the stories. However the Black Light anthologies always have a great cast of authors who produce some scorchingly hot BDSM scenes to indulge in.

Deacon by Kit Rocha
A hot SFR set in a dystopian future and featuring alpha males and equally strong females. This is a follow on series to the steamy adventure that is the O’Kane series. Whilst each book can be read standalone, it is one of those series’ that is best read in order.

Resistance by Pippa DaCosta
The sixth book in the science fiction/space opera 1000 Revolutions series, this can NOT be read standalone. It is a totally captivating series that will give you all the feels.

Reign to Rule by Zoey Ellis
This is third “Reign to” book and part of a fantasy omegaverse series that must be read in order. I would recommend reading the Crave trilogy first, for background, though Reign is set on a different continent and this trilogy can be read separately.

Daddy PI by EJ Frost
A DD/lg story that is one of the best kink books I have ever read. The attention to detail is fantastic and the author cleverly weaves in consent and discussions without making the book feel like an instruction manual. One of my favourite reads of 2020.

Review //\\ Daddy P.I.

Daddy P.I. by E.J. Frost

Wow, this is quite a story and I really enjoyed it. It felt far more honest and ‘real’ than so many of it’s genre.

This is my first E.J. Frost read but it won’t be my last. In Daddy P.I. she created two amazing characters and a story that just got better and better. It’s quite a long book but not once did I get bored or put it aside (well apart from when I eventually got too tired to keep my eyes open any longer!).

There was one scene right at the very beginning that was, to paraphrase Emily, “a little icky” to read. In fact had I not promised a friend that I would read this book, it might have been enough to put me off. It’s a fairly controversial memory by the Dom, Logan, and whilst nothing really untoward happens, it will push buttons and boundaries for many. I urge you to push through this very tiny part of what is a great story. It IS pertinent to the plot and goes a long way in showing how deep a connection Emily and Logan have. When I first read it I considered contacting the author and suggesting it was too much, but it didn’t take long for me to realise just how important it actually was.

The book is quite unusual in that we meet the pair a week into their relationship. This wasn’t an issue in any way because we still get to see Emily and Logan both grow within their relationship and the dynamic they forge together. I loved that Logan was on as much of a learning curve as his little girl, maybe more of one. He wasn’t some super know-it-all-already all powerful Dom. He made mistakes, owned them and made sure not only to NOT repeat them but also to learn and grow from them. So refreshing and yet it made him so much more likeable too.

Emily is a little, but she isn’t a colouring in and playing with dolls little, it’s more to do with the power exchange. I loved the role play scenes, it isn’t something I’ve read much of before but they were both entertaining and surprisingly hot. In fact we are treated to some really amazing, very well thought through and engaging play scenes, some public and some private. We learn each public scene is discussed and agreed upon in advance, then discussed/evaluated again afterwards. Again it gave a level or realism sadly lacking in many BDSM novels. Yet it avoided sounding preachy or like a manual, it blended seamlessly into the story and felt a natural and organic progression.

With the book being long, there are also plenty of non-play opportunities to both learn about our two protagonists, to experience their developing relationship, to see them both grow as individuals and a couple, to meet some great side characters and to enjoy a back plot too. Emily and Logan are a very easy to fall in love with and I can’t wait until the next book is out. 

And a Daddy Dom to the rescue.

Former Naval officer James Logan is used to being in charge, both in his personal life and his new career as a private investigator. When he’s hired to investigate the suspicious death of a passenger on an alternative lifestyle cruise, Logan swaps his gun for a flogger. All he needs is a good cover, and he knows just the sub to provide it.
Author Emily Martin is no stranger to the lifestyle; she’s a veteran of emotionally unavailable Masters and see-you-later sadists. However, Logan’s no weekend Dom, and his dedication to being her daddy could just convince Emily to give full-time power exchange another try.
But there’s no chance for a happily-ever-after with a killer at large. When the chase turns lethal, Emily must call on every ounce of courage to save her daddy.

Because a Little takes care of her daddy, too.