Review //\\ Malicious

Malicious by Alex Grayson and Melissa Toppen

For someone who isn’t normally the biggest fan of New Adult, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book.

If you’ve read Treacherous, then you know who Oliver is. Having NOT read that book I had no idea, but this read very easily as a stand alone romance. In fact I have to mention how cleverly the authors negotiated the story, minimising any spoilers for those of us who haven’t read about Z and Rylee’s love. This did make me really want to pick that one up, though I’m not sure I want to further ding the already slightly dented image I have of Oliver!

As already mentioned, New Adult isn’t particularly a go-to genre for me. I often find the characters either feel too mature, or they are too childish. Oliver and Savannah somehow felt just right. I maybe could have stood for them to be a year or two older, but in the grand scheme of things that’s a fairly minor niggle and purely a personal preference.

There may be those who feel Oliver didn’t earn his redemption enough, there always is in an enemies-to-lovers, but for me the whole story felt natural and believable. From falling in love to hidden secrets and secrets revealed, this story had pace, plot and passion. I was wrapped up in every word of it, not an easy feat when I’m a very picky reader where contemporary romance is concerned.

Having worked with teens suffering from Savannah’s issues, I did feel her ‘recovery’ was a little too quick and easy. However this is a work of fiction, so I could let that go, particularly since she wasn’t miraculously ‘cured’ by Oliver’s love for her. What did really bother me, and is partly why this isn’t quite a 5 star read, is that Oliver didn’t seek any help. That boy has BIG issues and, whilst it might have felt twee had it happened, I feel that BOTH of them needed professional support. Particularly given that Oliver already struggled with his anger and emotions. Given what he discovers about his family during the course of this book, it’s naive to expect him to just somehow get over it all.

But I don’t want to end on a down note because this was a one read, totally surprised by how much I enjoyed it, sexy and slightly angsty book that I am very happy to recommend. 

Title – Malicious
Author – Alex Grayson and Melissa Toppen
Genre – Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Oliver Conley….
The most infuriating man I’ve ever met. He’s crass, selfish, malicious. The worst kind of person. From our very first encounter we were at odds. Standing on opposite ends of the battlefield preparing for war.
He didn’t care for me.
I despised him.
Until one day things started to change….

I didn’t want to want him. Hell, I hated myself for it. And yet, there I was, falling hard for a man I had sworn as my mortal enemy. But as time passed, I started to see him differently. I started to see beyond the perfect exterior he exuded. I started to see him. But how can you truly know someone who’s spent their entire life hiding behind a façade?
Lines are drawn. Secrets are revealed. And when the dust finally settles, nothing will ever be the same again.

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Review //\\ Mister Baller

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Mister Baller by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

A book that makes me both laugh and cry has to be a winner.

Iris and Jude stole my heart in Mister Baller. Their story was simply wonderful, so enjoyable to read. The perfect mix of humour, snark, angst and steam that all blends together to make an amazing love story. I adored Ivy, who was shy but brave and determined, and loved sexy, smooth but also vulnerable Jude.

Cassie-Ann L. Miller writes beautifully, so that you become immersed not only in the story but in the emotions of the protagonists too. I lived the feelings portrayed in this story, I was totally invested in Jude and Ivy, both as individuals and as a couple, cheering them on towards a HEA. Whilst somewhat slow-burn, this is still full of sexual tension and chemistry. An enemies-to-lovers that didn’t have to rely on forced angst to make it interesting, instead great characters and a fantastic story took care of that.

Reading Mister Baller was akin to taking a very pleasant journey, time flew past, there was lots to see and do along the way, we experience a few rough patches but it was all worth while when we got to the end.

Title – Mister Baller
Author – Cassie-Ann L. Miller
Genre – Contemporary Sports Romance
Goodreads –

My college rival. My ex-husband’s best friend.
My new roommate? Oh, boy.

The last thing I want is to rent my spare bedroom to my ex-husband’s best friend. His six-foot-three, dimple-faced, alphahole best friend.
His injured-professional-football-player best friend.
But desperate times, desperate measures, y’know? I can’t afford to hold grudges. These heaping bills of mine won’t pay themselves.
Keeping my distance from my new roommate should be simple enough. I mean, I can’t stand Jude Kingston. Plus, as my ex’s friend, he’s so off-limits he’s virtually radioactive. In any case, Jude promises to stay out of my way. He’s just a broken football hero in need of a quiet place to focus on healing his injured knee and saving his lifelong dream. Harmless, right? Um, not so much…
The man is infuriating. He spends his days parading that shirtless, muscle-bound body all around my house. He insists on involving himself in my private business. He has zero concept of personal space. But he also has this boyish, unintentional charm. And this inconvenient way of repeatedly coming to my rescue. Suddenly, lust is throbbing in every room of this house. Lingering gazes over the dinner table…
Sweaty workout sessions on the living room floor…
Stolen kisses in the moonlit hallways…

I can’t fight these soft feelings growing roots in my belly. Jude is a vine, slowly wrapping himself around my heart. But when a piece of my past threatens his entire future, will our love even stand a chance?

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