// REVIEW \\ Finding Her Luck

Finding Her Luck:
An Orki War Bride Tale
by Isoellen

This doesn’t truly fit into one genre or category, instead it’s a delightful blend of so many things, the best I can do is describe it as speculative fiction. Written very much with a fairy tale feel, it also paralleled fantasy/historical romance, along with elements taken from both SFR and omegaverse.

There is a lot of humour in the story, Corrin had a very droll inner monologue and it lent a delightfully warm air to the tale. I could hear her Nanny uttering those pearls of wisdom, whilst nodding sagely and clucking like a mother hen. These were by parts both incredibly heartwarming and yet also poignant, touching and yet funny. Though the constant reminding that the only luck Corrin had was bad luck did, at times, make it hard to like her relatives. It was definitely a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Descriptions of the main characters are developed gradually over the course of the story and it is apparent, from a sentence quite late in the book, that it was a deliberate ploy. One designed to slowly open our eyes to Urku-ri, his brethren and their world, just as Corrin’s eyes were opened to the possibilities his “ownership” offered. In fact she underwent significant character growth, though I loved that she never lost her spark, the fire in her belly nor her stubborn streak.

Having spent all her life in a backwater village, something akin to an Amish village, and despite supposed education about the wider world, Corrin was very sheltered and naive. She had never experienced what the cities offered, only understanding technology as vague theoretical concepts. The world building was both fleshed out and bare bones, however this is entirely because we view everything through Corrin’s eyes, and she doesn’t HAVE the answers, doesn’t know the information to share with us. The author knew well when to paint in that detail and when to hold back, reflecting Corrin’s ignorance of the wider world.

Finally, hats off to the author for how she took a potentially ugly beast of a male and, through the eyes of Corrin, made him attractive. Even as I read her description and built a mental picture that should have repelled I instead found that the emotions and thoughts of Corrin gave me a massively positive impression of Urku-ri. And my word does she treat us to some scorching hot and erotic consensual sex scenes.

Finding Her Luck is a wonderful and unusual story, well written and entertaining. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Goodreads ~~ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56495246-finding-her-luck

Genre ~~ Fantasy / Science Fiction / Omegaverse

When raiders steal Corrin and the other village women away from their homes, the future looks grim. None of them expect an ancient race of warriors called the Orki to murder the raiders and take the women for their own. Only Corrin would have the poor fortune to be kidnapped twice in one day.
Now, the leader of the brutish aliens has chosen her to be his ‘redress’, whatever that means. With Corrin’s cursed luck, it can’t be anything good.
She should be angry. She should be scared. Instead, what Corrin starts to feel for the Orki is something else entirely. Something dangerous and forbidden. Could this infuriating male be the thing that finally changes Corrin’s luck for the better?


This is an Omegaverse fantasy story featuring scenes with intimate interactions and power exchange, with orc-like aliens set in a world ruled by violence. If you like tame romances, this story is not for you.

// REVIEW \\ Her Broken Alpha

by Isoellen

The perfect soft to my hard, laughter to my growl.

Can I just say, **swoon**?

The author has taken the world of omegaverse, written a grumbly, growly, alpha male who is very VERY much in charge of things but given it softer edges and gentler mores. There are all the expected – required! – elements, such as bonding, knots and slick, but where some Alpha’s seem to be all take and no give, Monster/Darre balanced his domination with incredible caring and gentleness.

His hands were perfection – big and rough. She was small and delicate in comparison. He gave her the gift of feeling infinitely cherished. It made her so happy, she felt as bright as the sun streaming into the room, as if she could glow forever and a day with the feelings he inspired.

Naya could so easily have been a weak as dishwater, doormat type character but somehow she wasn’t. In fact she felt the exact opposite. I found her to be resilient, strong yet flexible, so as to whether the tempest that is her Alpha. I quite simply adored this pair and very much enjoyed their journey.

She ignored him as he growled and snapped at her. She wasn’t one of those betas and drones frightened of his snarls. She’d given him her mark. She’d obey him, but she would not fear him.

The portrayal of their bond was so incredibly well done, not only convincing me of the depth of their feelings but also how perfectly suited they were for one another. Naya had spent her whole life pleasing others rather than being herself, and Monster had allowed a youthful loss to twist and warp his entire being. Together they found healing, found love, found acceptance and found the most wonderful of futures.

I’m not quite sure how Isoellen achieved it, but along with all the omegaverse tropes, this also had strong elements of romantic suspense about it. If you enjoy omegaverse, or are looking to try your first OV book, then this is one I’d happily recommend to one and all.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre– Omegaverse PNR

Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54697656-her-broken-alpha

Naya was a good girl. She never argued or fussed, even when an archaic society demanded she choose a husband and marry.
She had done everything right… Hadn’t she?
So how did she end up here, in the hell they called Sector 2?
Stolen from her home in the dead of night and thrown at the feet of a man that people only dared speak of in whispers, everything has gone horribly wrong in the blink of an eye.
Treachery brought them together, but fate would see them bound.
There was no escaping this crumbling kingdom once the mad monster set his mind, and his heart, on her.

REVIEW //\\ Auctioned Anthology

Auctioned: An Omegaverse Anthology
by Leann RyansMerel PierceV.T. BondsRaevyn LondonL.P. DillonEmma MountfordIsoellen

This is an anthology of quicker reads, ranging form short story to novella length. I have to admit that am very hard to please when reading stories of this type, as my enjoyment comes from connecting with the characters and feeling their emotions. Word count constraints can leave me with a feeling that the story could have just been so much more. So, rather than focus on what was lacking (because I WILL feel that for 99% of short reads) I’m looking for the good, highlighting the positive, since I know I won’t ever feel the same about a short story/novella as I do a novel.

Fight For Her by Raevyn London
3 stars – Liked it.

This is a pleasant, sweet read of an alpha rescuing his mate, and himself, from the slave arena. The conflict is easily resolved, but then this is a short story in an anthology, so there isn’t the time to develop a full depth story. I felt we got to know Ander’s really well, maybe more so than Kasi, both main characters were likeable and definitely had personality.
I found the authors writing voice easy to get along with, it had a nice tone and flow. The story was entertaining, easy to read and I enjoyed it – so job done.

Unexpected Gift by Leann Ryan
3.5 stars – Definitely liked it.

This was a wonderful twist on the usual Alpha-omega story. I really enjoyed this new take on the dynamic, the emotions portrayed and the integrity of Scarlett. Other than the circumstances in which they met, this is one of the most consensual omegaverse stories I have read.
It was a wonderful, warm and light tale perfect to lift the heart and left me wishing it was a full length story. I’d love to have spent more time with this couple.

The Omega Spy by VT Bonds
4 stars – Really liked it.

This is a darker omegaverse, we don’t experience too much of the non-con directly but it does occur in ‘present’ time. This is more akin to the M/f omegaverse stories many of us are more familiar with. It found this to be a really well thought through and nicely plotted story. There was enough world building to draw me in, and I felt as though I knew both characters. Given the limited ‘time’ of a short story, the author managed to pack a LOT in to this. So much so that I would LOVE to see this expanded into a full length story at some point in the future.

Eli’s Hellcat by Merel Pierce
5 stars – It was amazing.

Another really great story, this focused on three individuals, building their characters and connection to each other. The plot was strong, but pared down to allow for the emotion and depth of the story. Merel Pierce writes strong omegaverse stories, this had dark themes, though within the story itself there is nothing that would require a trigger warning.
Every word, deed and action built into knowing and understanding the characters in this story, particularly Lorin and Eli. I would have loved to have spent more time in Magda’s head – I just knew there was so much more to her story than we heard.

Alpha’s Pet by Emma Mountford
3.5 stars – Definitely liked it.

I wish this story had been a little bit longer, there was a lot of plot to get through and I just needed a little more time on them forming a bond/connection. It’s quite a poignant story and has quite an open to interpretation ending, which won’t be for some. I liked Rayne and Elland, I felt as though I got to know them as they are in the now, and the author certainly wrote a story that caught and held my attention.

Proper Behaviour by Isoellen
3 stars – Liked it.

The story of Druku and Niddie was quick and sweet, leaving me wanting to know more about their world. The pace was good and the story flowed nicely. If this was extended to a novella I could see plenty of opportunities for extra scenes that would add extra depth, more understanding and smoother continuity to the story, creating a really great read. However this is still a steamy, entertaining and nicely written story.

An Alpha for Dahlia by L.P. Dillon
3 stars – Liked it.

Dahlia and Bain’s story is very sweet and cute. The plot was really interesting and had plenty of great ideas, though some of them had to be a little rushed in order to fit it all in. This is another story that I could picture being extended into at least a novella, if not a full length story. There was an element of tell, not show, about this story, I particularly felt this more towards the end.
My preference is for emotions/feelings etc to be demonstrated through description rather than statement, one puts me in a characters head, the other feels like a script being narrated. That’s a personal preference though, and as far as characters and storylines go I did enjoy this. 

Crown jewel of the Rathsima Empire. Home to the finest flesh markets in the galaxy.
To be featured in a market square auction during the Unity Festival meant only the highest class of clientele would have the opportunity to bid.
It was a reassurance that meant very little to the men, women, and aliens who were forced onto that stage and made to listen as the crowd decided how much – or little – their lives were worth.
The most one could hope for was a merciful owner.
But what if they found their mates instead?
This fabulous group of authors has joined together to bring you an Omegaverse/Sci-Fi crossover anthology filled to the brim with all the dark and naughty fun you’ve come to expect from these genres. All kinds of unique relationships between dynamics can be found within, as well as a variety of orientations.
One thing they all have in common?
That Alpha growl.
Join Leann Ryans, Merel Pierce, Raevyn London, Isoellen, L.P. Dillon, Emma Mountford, and V.T. Bonds for a sexy ride through the lives of the men, women, and aliens who pass through the Rathsima Flesh Markets – But don’t wait too long, this anthology is only available until July of 2020!
This book is set in a world where criminal and questionable behavior is prevalent. There will be strong language, violence, and the occasional scene of assault that may trigger some readers. You may cringe, you may cry, you may rage, but if you can bear to fight through that darkness, HEA’s (for most) wait for you on the other side. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.You have been warned. 



by Isoellen

Sasha’s situation has reached critical mass.

Her mother is dying, and her step-father Merrick is a jackal waiting to stake his claim the second she is legal. In her world, Sasha is promised a choice. But if Merrick gets his way she will be married before anyone can protest against it.

Desperate to secure the futures of herself and her workers, Sasha makes a dangerous gamble… She seeks out Constantine Kane, the most feared and respected man in the 12 Sectors.

Sasha has made her choice… Will it be one she lives to regret?

Warning: This dystopian romance explores 18+ themes including scenes of violence, sexual content and power exchange. 

This is a great omegaverse read, especially for a debut novel.

Towards the lighter grey end of the “dark spectrum”, Choosing Her Alpha is a great addition to the omegaverse genre. The sex is all consensual, though there are a few scenes of violence and a near miss scene. Isoellen has created a dystopian future that reminded me a little of that in the O’Kane series of books by Kit Rocha. I’m not suggesting any copying, this is definitely it’s own book and a really great one too. Several friends had recommended this book as one to read, and since it was in KU I decided to give it a try. I’m so happy I did because this proved to be a very captivating read, I really didn’t want to put this one down.

It’s pretty difficult to do anything other than adore Sasha, a strong and determined girl who cared about those around her. In a world where fertile Omega’s are already quite rare, she displays gifts that truly set her apart. This is one area that I would have liked to have seen more detail on, or to have it play a more significant role in the story. In fact there were a couple of different plot strands that allowed a more detailed picture to be painted of Sasha’s background and life, but that didn’t really add to the story going forward.

Whilst the members of Kane’s harem weren’t the nicest of females, I liked that the author didn’t go down the route of all other females being nasty and bitchy to the heroine. In fact there is a good blend of supporting characters to give the story extra depth.

The story is quite slow burn, we have to wait a fairly long time for the first sex scene between Kane and Sasha. There was just so much great story within the pages that I didn’t miss them. In fact I felt it made the relationship between Kane and Sasha feel more believable. There was also some necessary world building that took place in this time.

The epilogue is written from Kane’s point of view with him reminiscing over certain events, allowing us to understand his actions and reasoning. Whilst it was really good to understand some of his motivations and feelings, in future I would love the author to have both point of views scattered throughout the book. It doesn’t have to be a 50/50 split, but including it more frequently does allow us the reader to form a deeper bond with both characters.

This is an author I will most definitely be keeping track of and reading in the future.

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Choosing-Her-Alpha-Isoellen-ebook/dp/B082VH1D6F

Available in Kindle Unlimited