TAMED by Kallista Dane & Kate Richards

Tamed, by Kallista Dane & Kate Richards, is my favourite of the Centauri Captives series so far.

Whilst Tamed can very much be read as a stand alone, I do think reading the two previous books (especially book 2) will enhance the experience. With each new book we learn more about the Centauri as a race, more about the corruption on Earth and also about the threat posed by the Rydek. Whilst there is good world building, and an explanation of why Xia is on-board an alien space ship, this is a shorter read (novella length), so both are limited. 

I LOVED that Xia was a warrior, unwilling to bend or kow-tow even in the face of adversity. Biding her time until the moment was right. It was so good to see a strong female remaining strong, she might submit to Joran but she was never going to be a submissive and obedient female. Joran’s thoughtful responses to Xia, and his burgeoning respect for her made this a really wonderful love story too. He was an overbearing as at first, but by the end of the book I loved them both. 

For a novella this managed to pack in plenty of action both in bed and out of it! There are some hot scenes both in Joran’s cabin and in other rooms of the spaceship not to mention some actual action and adventure segments too. I really do recommend this series, especially if you love hot dominant alpha male aliens!

PS Their skin changes colour and they have extra ‘features’ that bring great pleasure – what more could you want?

AMAZON – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TXKQ9R7/

RAVISHED by Kallista Dane & Kate Richards

4.25 Stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I’m so glad I stuck with the series because I enjoyed this so much more than book 1.

Ravished drew me in from page one and never let me go! There were times when I wanted to smack Dylos in his overbearing face, but most of the time I wanted to trade places with Trina and have me some masterfully dominant alien loving. The characters were nicely rounded and I definitely felt as though I ‘knew’ them.

This had the same great story idea’s as book one but took the story so much further, showing the deepening bond and connection between Dylos and Trrreeena (I loved that little touch!) This is really shaping up to be a very hot alien captive romance series, with a nice swirl of darkness in the centre. The plot was well paced, easily holding my attention and with enough depth to really make the book enjoyable. There were some very sweet touches, especially the pet names and tomatoes, and more of the world building that I enjoyed in the last book.

I can’t wait for Joran’s story and even though we barely met him in this book I sense sparks and spankings galore between him and his human ‘breeder’! I hugely recommend this series to all those who love a great alien/sci-fi romance.

I was an old-fashioned girl, saving myself for Mr. Right. 
Now, I’m the property of an alien warrior—and he’s determined to make me his mate.

An unknown enemy destroyed Arythios, killing every living creature on the planet. The only survivors of their race are an elite band of male warriors who were away on maneuvers when the attack occurred. 
Vowing to track down and crush the enemy, they turn to the Interstellar Federation for help. Instead of aid and shelter, they are given a handful of females from a minor planet called Earth. 

Arythios is no more. We’re the only survivors. Though I’m still grieving the loss of my mate, it’s my duty to claim one of these primitive aliens as my own. Mate with her and produce offspring to save our race from extinction. They’re uncivilized, but I’ll train mine to be properly submissive. 

To my dismay, the alien female I’ve chosen is stubborn and defiant, often in need of stern punishment. I’ve tried to keep her at a distance, but her virginal innocence stirs my loins, awakening a savage hunger I thought was as dead as my world. 
And her beautiful soul has touched my heart. 

After I refused the advances of one of the most powerful leaders on Earth, he locked me up until I’d agree to participate in his kinky sex games. When his wife found out, she insisted I be sent far away. So he added me to what he said was a diplomatic mission to another world. 

I woke up on an alien warship staring into the eyes of a hulking gray-skinned warrior who says I’m now his property. He’s ordered me to call him Master and obey his every command. When I don’t, he punishes me. 

He can be kind, too—and he makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. But he’s an alien from another world. How can someone so wrong be the right one for me? 

Centauri Captives is a brand new sci-fi romance series from USA Today Bestselling Authors Kallista Dane and Kate Richards featuring masterful alien heroes and captive Earth women they take as mates in a desperate attempt to save their race from oblivion